If you want to increase the profit you are making of off Jiu jitsu equipment, then the first thing you want to look at is where you are ordering your stock from. If you are not getting your product factory direct, or at the very least from a true wholesaler, then you are loosing room to make a higher profit margin. Many companies call themselves wholesalers, but in reality they are many steps removed from the factory that the items were made in. A true wholesaler buys direct from the factory in mass quantities, and then they turn around and sell you large lots of the product at a markup from their cost.

Many people who call themselves wholesalers however, buy from real wholesalers and then turn around and sell you even smaller lots of the product at a high markup. If you are not making enough of a profit off your equipment, then you should research your supplier a little better. If you can get closer to the original source of your product, then you will get a better price, so you can more money off of each unit you sell. The best way to source your product, if you can, is to locate the factory it is made at and buy directly from them. This may require buying a much larger lot of items at once.

If it would be impractical for you to order the size of lot that would be required to order directly from the manufacturer, the next best thing is to find a true wholesaler that already buys the factory’s massive lots and then buy a lot size that works for you from them. Just because your supplier calls themselves a wholesaler doesn’t mean that they really are. A little research here can pay off big times in your profits.

A real wholesaler is going to charge a bit more than the factory, but they will still charge much less than someone a couple more steps down the ladder. Again, you may have to buy more pieces of product at once, but if your already overpaying for the pieces your buying , the cost difference may not end up being much. If you can manage to buy your product for less, then you can make a higher profit without ever having to raise your prices on your Jiu Jitsu equipment.