Bill Nye The Science Guy Debunks DeflateGate Defense

Bill Nye the Science Guy debunked Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s scientific defense of DefllateGate on Sunday. During an interview with Good Morning America, Nye said Belichick’s explanation made no sense.

Belichick tried to explain how the balls used by the Patriots in last week’s championship game against the Colts may have become deflated during a press conference on Saturday. Reportedly, 11 of the 12 balls the Patriots used during the game were not inflated to league-required limits. The Patriots beat the Colts 45-7.

Both coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said they no idea what happened to the balls during the game.

Belichick defended, “Now we all know that air pressure is a function of the atmospheric conditions. It’s a function of that. So if there’s activity in the ball relative to the rubbing process, I think that explains why, when we gave them to the officials, and the officials put it at, let’s say 12.5 (PSI), that once the ball reached its equilibrium state it was closer to 11.5.”

Bill Nye the Science Guy said this DeflateGate theory didn’t make sense because rubbing the football wouldn’t change the pressure. During the interview, Nye held up an inflation needle and said that was how you could really change the pressure.

The Super Bowl will take place on Feb. 1 at 6:30 p.m. EST.

After Bill Nye the Science Guy debunked Belichick’s DeflateGate theory, he said later in the interview, “I cannot help but say…Go Seahawks!” The Science Guy was a longtime Seattle resident, so hopefully his explanation wasn’t based on his own bias.

[Photo Credit: NASA HQ PHOTO]