bellatorAs we covered, last week Bellator MMA has been working hard on bringing in big names from the UFC like Randy Couture. However, now we have learned they have added more big names like Greg Jackson, Frank Shamrock, and Joe Warren for their new Spike reality TV television show. These guys will work as coaches and trainers on a new reality TV show named, “Fight Master: Bellator MMA” which will premier this summer.

What we have learned about the show is that these guys will run their own fight camps with up to 32 new fighters with the ultimate winning fighter winning $100,000 along with a chance to fight in a Bellator tournament. The twist is that the fighters themselves will be able to pick and choose who they train with instead of the coaches choosing them.

They also announced that Couture will be on another series called “MMA Rescue” where he will go in and try to turn around a failing gym. Couture has years of training in this area with his widely successful Extreme Couture gyms flourishing in the past 5 to 10 years. So, Bellator will certainly be using the Couture name a lot in order to grow their market share away from the UFC.

You can find out more details here at Yahoo News: