Technological improvements when it comes to improving the officiating in sports are always a mixed bag. The NFL has highly embraced replay while MLB has stated this season they are not looking to add any replay to improve the accuracy of the umpiring. FIFA for many years has been against adding replay, specifically when it came to instituting goal-line technology. That all changed Thursday when FIFA announced they will initially be adding goal-line technology for use in the Club World Cup, and if it is successful, then it will be used for the 2013 Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup.

Hawk-Eye Technology: High-speed Cameras Provide Instant Replay

Two different technologies have been approved, according to a CNN report and both will be used in different capacities going forward. “Hawk-Eye” uses high-speed cameras and triangulation to determine if the ball crossed the goal line. It has already been used widely in international tennis and cricket tournaments. “GoalRef” uses a microchip that is placed inside the ball and uses magnetic waves to determine if the ball has crossed the goal-line.

This news should come to the relief of many soccer fans around the world. It seems very misguided to not provide fans with the best and most accurate product that can be provided when the only drawback is potentially offending a handful of referees and umpires. Leagues are starting to realize this and FIFA made a significant statement today with their announcement.

MLB, it’s your move now.

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