Unlike in the NBA, the highest draft pick always goes to the worst team in the league from the previous season. Although teams never admit it, if there is someone really promising coming up in a draft they might lose a game, or two, on purpose in order to secure the pick. So, does a team throw an entire season for Stanford’s Andrew Luck?

This season, there are several teams that have already started out slow, and their fans are actually (I know it seems impossible, but it’s true) rooting against their own teams. This is the case for Seattle, Denver (guess they jumped off the Tebow bandwagon pretty fast), Kansas City, Minnesota, Jacksonville, Miami and (you won’t believe this) Indianapolis. The 0-3 Miami Dolphins are the frontrunner in the race thus far, and the fans couldn’t be happier about it. One Miami fan even started a twitter handle called @SuckForLuck. The creator of the handle is “imploring the Miami Dolphins or the terrible NFL team of your choice to tank for the #1 overall pick.”

Is Luck really THAT good?

There have been plenty of quarterbacks that have gone as the first pick and haven’t really panned out. For example: Jeff George, David Carr, Tim Couch and Carson Palmer. Although none of those guys were complete busts (with the exception of maybe Couch), they certainly haven’t performed like some of the other quarterbacks that preceded them as #1 picks (i.e. Michael Vick, John Elway, Peyton Manning, Drew Bledsoe, etc.). So, is there a chance that Luck could be the next Tim Couch? All the experts say it isn’t likely.

Luck’s old coach at Stanford (Jim Harbaugh) has had nothing but extreme praise to heap on his old QB. He often cites a touchdown-stopping hit that Luck laid on USC safety Shareece Wright in the 2009-2010 season. Wright scooped up a Cardinal fumble and thought he had a clear lane to return the turnover for six points. However, Luck stopped Wright’s advance with a monster helmet blow right to Wright’s chin that knocked him so violently that Stanford fans just about lost their minds.

So, really, how good is Luck? In his sophomore season (last year) he completed 70 percent of his passes and threw for 32 touchdowns (which broke John Elway and Steve Stenstrom’s record of 27). Furthermore, he was Stanford’s second-leading rusher last season. Luck is tough. When they have to scramble, most quarterbacks head straight for the sideline for a modest three, or four, yard pickup. However, Luck will run right at safetys and linebackers to pick some extra yards; he is a monster competitor.

When it comes right down to it, any respectable NFL coach won’t throw a single game. Every team plays to win, and fans would do well to remember that. Certainly, Luck is one of the best prospects at the quarterback spot since Eli Manning (and he’s better than Eli).

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