Adrian Peterson’s demands to be immediately reinstated by the NFL could be decided over the next two weeks after the NFL Players Association filed an expedited grievance on his behalf Monday.

According to ESPN, representatives for Peterson charge “explicit language in a signed agreement” from Sept. 18 stipulates that Peterson would be immediately reinstated once his legal woes were resolved. The Minnesota Vikings star pleaded no contest last week to misdemeanor charge of reckless assault involving his four-year-old son. As part of the plea deal, Peterson was sentenced to probation and ordered to serve 80-hours of community service.

Given Monday’s NFLPA filing, Peterson will be granted a hearing over the next seven days and an independent arbiter will render a decision within five days from than. ESPN adds the league formally started a review of Peterson’s case under the league’s personal conduct policy on Thursday. In the meantime, he remains on paid leave from the Vikings.

“We have received the NFLPA’s grievance on behalf of Adrian Peterson,” the NFL said in a statement. “We have honored our commitment to Mr. Peterson and the NFLPA not to process or impose any discipline until the criminal charges pending in Texas were resolved. When Mr. Peterson decided not to contest criminal charges, we promptly advised both him and the NFLPA that we were prepared to consider what, if any, discipline should now be imposed under the personal conduct policy.”

League officials added representatives for Peterson have yet to comply with a request made of them to submit information related to his case for scrutiny.

“We have not received any of the requested information, but remain prepared to schedule a hearing and make a determination as quickly as possible based on as much information as available,” they added in their statement.

[Photo Credit: Joe Biewala]