Adidas has created a new match ball for Euro Cup 2012 in order to erase memories of the failure that was the Jabulani World Cup 2010 ball. The esteemed soccer company has reverted back to its roots in continuing the popular line of TANGO match balls with its new TANGO 12 for the Euro Cup.

An editorial columnist for the Daily Mail and former Liverpool footballer, Jamie Redknapp, recently tested the ball with great success. The ball has been designed to never lose its shape and rewards players accurately and controllably when struck properly (a big knock on the Jabulani ball).

Redknapp explained, “Having tried this ball…I think flair players will see their skills rewarded and I don’t think it’ll misbehave too much for goalkeepers and defenders.”

The TANGO 12 is comprised of a 32-panel construction, allowing for the ball to keep its shape through the rigors of a season. The prototypes went through hundreds of hours of testing in wind tunnels, with robotic kicking trials and on-field demonstrations by current and former players.

Hopefully the goals at the Euro Cup continue to be the results of masterful precision by Europe’s best players and that the ball remains a secondary reason for the spectacular shots.

If you are interested in buying the Adidas Tango 12, you can buy the Official Match Ball here and the replica ball here.

Additional Adidas Tango 12 Video:

Adidas Tango 12 Material Features | Patrick Thomas CEO of Bayer MaterialScience

Adidas UEFA EURO 2012 Match Ball

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