Are you an Arizona Cardinals Fan? Hey, me too! Yes, I’m sorry for both of us.

Things kind of went downhill ever since Kurt Warner left us. I realize that something like that is to be expected, Warner was a Hall of Fame Quarterback–and a Super Bowl Champion. He could find Larry Fitzgerald like no one else can (still). I remember he even ran for a first down in the Super Bowl, but we won’t talk about that game….it still makes me sad.

The year after with duds like Max Hall and John Skelton, Arizona fans needed someone to put their faith in. The organization chose the best option that was available–Kevin Kolb. Let me get this out right now: I believe in Kevin Kolb. I know he hasn’t been able to win a game for Arizona down the stretch, but he is a talented, young quarterback and has a lot of upside.

As the games have been progressing, Kolb has been able to find Fitzgerald for good looks (he had 100+ receiving yards in the most recent game against New York). I suppose the only receiver problem that Arizona has is that the other receivers don’t get quite as many yards (not that everyone can just BE Larry Fitzgerald, but you know what I mean).

Also, the games have all been close. Arizona has not yet lost in a blowout yet, and they have played fairly good teams thus far. Granted, losing close games (all of which they had the lead in at one point) is never fun, but it is encouraging that the Arizona Cardinals has the potential to win games. They just need to kick it into that next gear (both offensively and defensively) for the rest of the season. In short, when the Cardinals get a lead, the defense HAS to hold it. After the defense holds it, the offense needs to keep their foot on the gas. RUN THAT SCORE UP!

Sure, it hasn’t been the year that fans were expecting. I think it’s a bit early to be calling into sports talkshows and saying that Kolb is a bust; he isn’t. I have no idea why Cardinals fans are expecting some magical transition from worst-to-first. Give Kolb some time, give him some faith, and I think he’ll turn the season around for the team. Mark my words!

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