It’s no secret that golf isn’t the most popular sport for ladies to partake in. However, there are some females who brave the holes with much success and enjoyment. It’s surprising that more women aren’t taking part in golf as there are many opportunities and benefits that the game of golf presents, aside from the sense of achievement of scoring the first hole in one.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Aside from the enjoyment of playing the actual sport, the surroundings on golf courses are often very relaxing and peaceful. This makes golf the perfect game for “getting away from it all”. Often in rural settings, there’s plenty of nature and often breath taking scenery. Whether the course is in the middle of a park or along the coast with sea views, the atmosphere is perfect for a day of relaxation.


Men often play golf with groups of people they are friends with, making it a great opportunity to socialise. A round of ladies golf could be the perfect way to keep in touch with friends and catch up on the latest gossip. The peaceful surroundings make golf courses perfect for casual chatter whilst waiting for the next hole to free. Taking up golf after moving into a new area can be a great way to meet the locals too.

Holidaying/Travel Opportunities

Golfing holidays are incredibly popular, whether they take golfers abroad or to a new course in their homeland they can be the perfect getaway retreat. More experienced golfers may travel all over the world to enter different competitions and tournaments – allowing them to experience many different countries as they progress in the sport. Furthermore, long relaxing weekends at a golf spa hotel can relieve the stresses of everyday life and can even pave the way for a girls’ holiday!

Health and Fitness

In order to be able to play an effective game of golf, a certain level of health and fitness is required. Golfing can be an excellent way to keep in shape without vigorous workouts and drastic diets, many golfing websites offer warm-up and fitness techniques to help aspiring golfers. Some female golfers recommend yoga as an effective warm-up in preparation for a round of golf. Alongside with the social benefits, golf can be an excellent way to remain trim without breaking too much of a sweat.

Before taking to the course, new lady golfers must ensure they have the correct golf equipment tailored to their ability. Custom fit equipment is available at most online golf equipment sites, often accompanied with reviews from other golfers.