Let’s establish some perspective for this post: I’m a Denver Broncos fan! We had one of the highest profile quarterback controversies in recent NFL history when Tebow leap-frogged Brady Quinn and wrested the starting position from the incumbent Kyle Orton. If you love reading about QB controversies, improbable playoff wins, and maybe even tying it all into your social media and leadership efforts, you may enjoy these posts:

But enough about my Denver Broncos with the MVP candidate Peyton Manning and possible defensive player of the year in Von Miller – let’s talk about this year’s highest profile QB controversy: Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick for the San Francisco 49ers! We have a lot of football fans at Mantis, so we like to do Pulse Analytics data collections on all of the NFL teams (OK, we also track NBA, NHL, and MLB too). Here are a few screenshots this morning after the 49ers lost to the Rams. Click on the images to see a larger picture.

Let’s start with an overall trend analysis over the last month – notice that big spike in negative sentiment after the loss to the Rams!

NFL San Francisco 49ers sentiment analysis using Pulse Analytics

If we drill down on Sunday’s mentions, we can see the individual tweets, Facebook statuses and Google+ posts. If we wanted, we could go look at earlier dates and navigate directly to blogs – or review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor – to get fans’ more detailed impressions that prompted blog posts and reviews. Notice that this screenshot also shows the power of an influencer. In this case, San Francisco Chronicle’s writer Eric Branch tweeted about a play – and was promptly retweeted by several followers.

Mantis Pulse Analytics sentiment analysis of the San Francisco 49ers

We will wrap up this post by drilling down on an individual tweet in the Pulse Analytics Map view. Jim Harbaugh coached Alex Smith to be a game manager, and then he went with Colin Kaepernick because he thought he was the hot hand that could do more with his athleticism. Now, folks want Kaepernick to be a game manager…and does anyone remember how well Alex Smith played (passing and scrambling) in the playoffs last year?

Pulse Analytics Map View while monitoring mentions of the San Francisco 49ers

So, how do you weigh in on this NFL Quarterback controversy? What would sentiment look like for your favorite NFL team? I know the Broncos are flying high right now!

Note: These Pulse Analytics collections are for demonstration purposes only and do not imply client relationships between Mantis and the teams mentioned. The collections are tracking a subset of keywords and topics for the NFL teams, and they are intended to illustrate just some of the cool features in Pulse Analytics. Schedule a demonstration if you would like to see what consumers are saying about YOUR brand, and come engage with us on the Pulse Analytics Facebook Fan Page.