A curated list of 21 Indian Twitter accounts that one should follow during the ongoing ICC world cup Twenty20 in Srilanka, 2012.

Cricket is a religion in India! The excitement turns into sheer madness when it is the T20 world cup and that too in the subcontinent. Today TV is not the only source of entertainment, Twitter has become another platform for discussion and information. During or after the game, you will always find the excitement still buzzing on Twitter. So we thought of curating a list where you can find all the action, gossip, etc. from the Indian dug out. However, there is a #wt20 hashtag Twitter page created by Twitter which takes care of the entire event.

We have curated some very interesting 21 Indian twitteraties into the list who breathe and analyze cricket. The selection is not based on number of followers but on the content (creation and curation) and who provide more than the ball by ball update. So the idea is to list all the witty and insightful tweets that will either make you smile or increase your knowledge about the game.

1. Ayaz Memon: A lawyer by qualification, is also known for his love for the game. @cricketwallah with a fan following of more than 79,000 followers, the tweets created and curated are both interesting and insightful. If you think cricket is your religion then you should be following him on Twitter.

There may be others too, but two guys I know who have been rooting for Bhajji even when he was down & out are Dada Ganguly & Ravi Shastri…

— Cricketwallah (@cricketwallah) September 23, 2012

2. Harsha Bhogle: A well known personality in the cricketing world for his knowledge though he never played for India. Not that @bhogleharsha‘s 461K fans are minding it on Twitter. Harsha may not be that witty but he brings the flavor of T20 into those 140 characters.

3. Sanjay Manjrekar: Remembered more for the time in commentary box but was also in the limelight with the bat. With 96K followers, @sanjaymanjrekar brings his knowledge into his tweets for the ongoing T20 world cup.

4. Aakash Chopra: More than 109K fans, this ex-cricketer is quite popular for his witty tweets. Not to forget that @cricketaakash who is an author also brings in a mix again in creating content and sharing really interesting tweets too. Definitely you shouldn’t miss this guy on Twitter.

5 bowlers? 3 spinners? Which batsman to be left out? Batting order? Questions that will keep us busy till the 28th. :) Good problems to have

— Aakash Chopra (@cricketaakash) September 23, 2012

5. Mohandas Menon: @mohanstatsman with 11K followers is not a cricket celebrity but he is the stats man of cricket. His stats knowledge makes him stand out on Twitter and the below tweet would tell you what will you see in your timeline if you follow him:

India has never dismissed or restricted any T20I team for less than 100. Lowest by Zim 111/9 (20 ov) at Harare, 12-6-2010 #IndvsEng #WT20

— Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) September 23, 2012

6. Anand Vasu: @anandvasu, Managing Editor at @wisdenindia has his love for cricket embedded on his timeline. Tweets are witty and might be little dipped in Old Monk for his 2K followers at times.

7. Rajneesh Gupta: Another statistician who is crazy about numbers and cricket. With more than 1K fans, @rgcricket is a twitter account to be followed and you get all answers to your queries.

MS Dhoni – with today’s match vs Afghanistan – has become the first player to captain his team in all four T20 World Cups! #WT20

— Rajneesh Gupta (@rgcricket) September 19, 2012

8. Arun Gopalakrishnan: @cricarun is a man of lot of traits and one of them is his pure love for the game. Another statistician and a cricket umpire has managed grab more than 1K followers on Twitter. His tweets are simple and from the heart which will make you a fan atleast on Twitter.

9. Shamya Dasgupta: @shamyad author of Bhiwani Junction and a senior editor at Wisden India is a pretty active man on Twitter and conversations are simply flowing. Some of them are not that easy though but then you won’t mind on Twitter right.

10. S Rajesh: Crickinfo and stats has turned a perfect combination for this management graduate who has more than 7K followers. Follow his tweets at @rajeshstats to know more the quality of content he shares on Twitter.

Zimbabwe have lost 17 out of 21 T20 games. Their win-loss ratio of 0.17 is the worst. South Africa’s 1.87 is the best bit.ly/S5MGqy

— S Rajesh (@rajeshstats) September 18, 2012

11. Ramesh Srivats: With 55K followers @rameshsrivats surely has wit in his blood. Even though he talks about all trending things in India but then his wittiness for cricket is not less and surely not to be missed.


12. Srinivas Bhogle: Cricket analytics is what you get when you follow @bhogle. With more than 4K followers, this man knows what to give to his followers on Twitter.

13. Fake IPL Player: Does this Twitter account need any introduction? Well, not at least for the 13K fans it has on Twitter! Follow @_fakeiplplayer to laugh your mind out.

A sold out match in the #WT20 gets rained off. I think this is guerrilla marketing for the movie KLPD.

— Fake IPL Player (@_fakeiplplayer) September 22, 2012

14. BCC! : @BoredCricket with more than 5K followers this Twitter account is sure to be followed again for its witty tweets. Not that regular but the quality of wittiness is there.

15. Nitin Sundar: Witty and love for the game is what you are served when you follow @knittins. With more than 2K followers, I am sure that the followers are really not disappointed with such funny tweets.

In the off side, first there is God, then there is Ganguly, and then there is Kohli’s purple patch. #wt20

— Nitin Sundar (@knittins) September 23, 2012

16. Cricket Bakchod: The Twitter handle @CricketBakchod sums it all. Should we tell you more! Want to die laughing then you should follow this account.

Now we know why Gandhiji insisted on SPINNING charkha against England #WT20

— Cricket Bakchod (@CricketBakchod) September 24, 2012

17. Gaurav Kalra: CNN IBN sports editor with 18K followers is rocking on Twitter. Funny and insightful tweets are to be followed if you follow @gauravCNNIBN.

18. Alternative Cricket: A laughing riot Twitter account about WT20 stats and banter on cricket. @AltCricket just talks about cricket and the 14K followers are definitely having a ball by ball fun. A must follow if you love cricket and gossip. 19. Jatin Sapru: @jatinsapru the ESPN-Star Sports & Star Cricket presenter has his own charm in his tweets. With 1K fans, the tweets are not that witty but are interesting and insightful. Check the below tweet:

Talk of work ethics… Rahul Dravid pops into the production room to go through the recorded show to get feedback and improvise..#truelegend

— jatin sapru (@jatinsapru) September 23, 2012

20. Mr Cricket: @hemangkbadani a former Indian cricketer if you might remember, if not then you can follow his tweets. Have a weightage and has got more than 1K fans. Check one of his tweets and you would know what I mean.

Ashwin looks so comfortable in this format not too sure of bhajji.maybe a bad game but what I saw was lack of idea and ability from bhajji

— Mr cricket(@hemangkbadani) September 17, 2012

21. Thejas C Balaraman: @Jazz_CB tweets about his love for the game and not about Jazz as he says in his Twitter bio. Runs interesting and serious conversations. An account to be followed.


Hope you have fun following them or better pull them in a list or subscribe to the list created by us to avoid flooding your timeline. Do let us know if we have missed out any exciting twitteraties that fall in our criteria.