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The 2015 NBA offseason has followed a script that would make Judd Apatow jealous.

Following the LaMarcus Aldridge sweepstakes that culminated with the All-Star power forward landing in San Antonio (and the Spurs’ ongoing dynasty), DeAndre Jordan stole the spotlight during the league’s “Moratorium Period.”

He waffled on his verbal agreement to join Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks, so Doc Rivers, Chris Paul, Paul Pierce, J.J. Redick and other representatives of the Los Angeles Clippers reportedly traveled to Jordan’s Houston home as a last-ditch effort to recruit him back to LA. It worked.

Free agency has been a source of intrigue, comedy and outright confusion this year. So as the final agreements start to trickle in, it’s time to grade each team’s offseason moves.

Note: Draft picks will not be included as part of the offseason team grades—only signings and trades. Players listed with an asterisk by their name are believed to wind up in said category: Arrivals, Departures and/or Retained.

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks | PointAfter

Arrivals: Tiago Splitter, Tim Hardaway Jr.
Departures: DeMarre Carroll, Pero Antic, Elton Brand*, John Jenkins*
Retained: Paul Millsap

Although losing DeMarre Carroll after the best season of his career is unfortunate for the Hawks, ATL did manage to find a poor man’s replacement (with potential) in Tim Hardaway Jr.

Add Paul Millsap’s return to Atlanta on top of the salary dump trade that netted the Hawks Tiago Splitter, and there’s a lot to like about this offseason even though Carroll is Canada-bound.

Grade: B+

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics | PointAfter

Arrivals: David Lee, Amir Johnson
Departures: Brandon Bass,
Retained: Jae Crowder, Jonas Jarebko

This was a genuinely lukewarm offseason for the Boston Celtics. Adding David Lee while only giving up Gerald Wallace is a good move, as is signing Amir Johnson, but what’s the endgame here?

On paper, the Celtics may be slightly improved (especially if their first-round draft picks pan out), but remaining in the middle of the NBA pack (and the late lottery) is never the best option.

Grade: C+

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets | PointAfter

Arrivals: Thomas Robinson, Steve Blake, Shane Larkin
Departures: Mason Plumlee
Retained: Brook Lopez, Thaddeus Young

Mason Plumlee had a solid run in Brooklyn, but the Nets are clearly poised to embrace Brook Lopez as the cornerstone big man moving forward. Additions of potential-packed youngsters like Thomas Robinson, Shane Larkin and even rookie Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and BKN is doing the best it can without the promise of draft picks.

Grade: B+

Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets | PointAfter

Arrivals: Jeremy Lin, Nic Batum, Jeremy Lamb, Spencer Hawes
Departures: Lance Stephenson, Gerald Henderson, Noah Vonleh, Mo Williams, Bismack Biyombo
Retained: Al Jefferson

The Hornets finished dead last in three-point percentage last season (31.8 percent), so the primary objective entering the offseason was to add shooting. Outside of first-round pick Frank Kaminsky, Charlotte went out and added Nic Batum, Jeremy Lamb and Spencer Hawes (via trade) and, most recently, Jeremy Lin through free agency.

All four of those guys can shoot from the outside, and while that’s not an indicator that the Buzz will be improved, it addressed a huge weakness on the roster.

Grade: B+

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls | PointAfter

Arrivals: N/A
Departures: Tom Thibodeau (coach)
Retained: Jimmy Butler, Kirk Hinrich, Mike Dunleavy, Aaron Brooks

By ensuring Jimmy Butler’s return following a breakout year, in addition to keeping Dunleavy and Hinrich, the Bulls are poised to run out essentially the exact same roster as last season.

Incoming rookie Bobby Portis should help matters, but really Chicago was handcuffed by its own cap situation. Re-signing Butler was the best case scenario.

Grade: A-

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers | PointAfter

Arrivals: Mo Williams
Departures: J.R. Smith*
Retained: Kevin Love, Timofey Mozgov, Iman Shumpert, Mike Miller, LeBron James*, Tristan Thompson*, Matthew Dellavedova*

You certainly can’t say that Dan Gilbert is afraid to spend money. Luxury tax implications aside, it appeared as though Cleveland was prepping to get the gang back together and compete for a title once again. A major sticking point, however, is Tristan Thompson.

Reports initially indicated that the offensive-rebound machine had agreed to an $80 million extension, but those talks have since fallen apart. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported via Twitter that LeBron James doesn’t intend to initiate negotiations with the Cavs until the Thompson deal is done, so we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Grade: TBD

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks | PointAfter

Arrivals: Wesley Matthews, Jeremy Evans
Departures: Monta Ellis, Tyson Chandler
Retained: J.J. Barea, Raymond Felton, Charlie Villanueva

The Mavericks were on cloud nine when it appeared as if DeAndre Jordan was going to join their cause, but that elation swiftly devolved into agony when DJ backed out of his verbal agreement and returned to the Clippers.

Now it’s genuinely unclear who will start at center for the Mavs next season.

Grade: C (though it’s hard to fault them for trying and almost succeeding)

Denver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets | PointAfter

Arrivals: Mike Malone (coach)
Departures: N/A
Retained: N/A

Nothing newsworthy to note here, as the Nuggets made no new signings. Their only free agent at the moment is young shooting guard Will Barton, who will likely wind up returning at some point of the free agency process.

On the whole, Denver’s offseason was bland and exactly average. Hence the grade.

Grade: C

Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons | PointAfter

Arrivals: Ersan Ilyasova, Marcus Morris, Aron Baynes, Danny Granger, Reggie Bullock
Departures: Greg Monroe, Caron Butler, Shawne Williams
Retained: Reggie Jackson, Joel Anthony

Acquisitions of Ersan Ilyasova and Marcus Morris make a ton of sense for a squad coached by Stan Van Gundy. The mustachioed Van Gundy brother loves outside shooters, and those two forwards can really shoot the rock.

Losing Greg Monroe was already viewed as a foregone conclusion when his skill set failed to jell with Andre Drummond. Ilyasova can act as an instantaneous replacement at the 4. The biggest head-scratcher is Detroit’s decision to re-sign Reggie Jackson to the tune of $80 million.

Jackson was quite good with the Pistons—averaging 17.6 points, 9.2 assists and 4.7 rebounds per game—but rewarding him on the basis of a 27-game sample size is a gamble, in addition to being an overpay.

Grade: B-

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors | PointAfter

Arrivals: Gerald Wallace
Departures: David Lee
Retained: Draymond Green, Marreese Speights, Leandro Barbosa

The reigning champs took care of business in free agency by retaining Defensive Player of the Year runner-up Draymond Green, in addition to two free-agent role players—Speights and Barbosa.

The one eye-opener was swapping D-Lee for “Crash” Wallace. Lee has been on the trade block for a while now, but he still meant a lot to G-State’s depth. If Wallace gets rejuvenated by the opportunity to play for a winning team, though, he could also be an asset.

Grade: A

Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets | PointAfter

Arrivals: N/A
Departures: N/A
Retained: Patrick Beverley, Corey Brewer

Josh Smith and Jason Terry are still in limbo, but Houston will (at the very least) retain Patrick Beverley and Corey Brewer.

The two-headed monster of James Harden and Dwight Howard will continue to be the catalyst for success, but those guys still need the complementary pieces (and perhaps even a superior No. 3 option) to contend out west.

Grade: B

Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers | PointAfter

Arrivals: Monta Ellis
Departures: David West, C.J. Watson, Roy Hibbert*
Retained: Lavoy Allen, Rodney Stuckey

The Indiana Pacers appear to be making a stark shift in basketball ideology. The departure of David West and reports that Roy Hibbert will be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers—coupled with Indy’s decision to sign ball-dominant 2-guard Monta Ellis—signals that the Pacers want to change from big and defensive, to small and scoring-oriented.

Look for Paul George to be playing a lot of power forward next season. The lack of rim protection will likely keep Indiana fighting for a low playoff seed.

Grade: C+

Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers | PointAfter

Arrivals: Lance Stephenson, Paul Pierce, Wesley Johnson,
Departures: Matt Barnes, Spencer Hawes
Retained: DeAndre Jordan

J.J. Redick told Bleacher Report radio that the team’s free agency deserved an ‘F’ grade when all signs pointed to the Clips missing out on DeAndre Jordan.

Fast-forward less than 48 hours from that point, and the Clippers (fair or foul) convinced the big man to stay in Hollywood. Their offseason grade could justifiably have been an F if DJ pulled the trigger on his move to Texas, but his cold feet means LA had one of the best offseasons of any team.

Grade: A- (would have been an A if it didn’t take two go-rounds to woo DeAndre)

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers | PointAfter

Arrivals: Lou Williams, Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert*
Departures: Jeremy Lin, Wesley Johnson, Ed Davis, Carlos Boozer*
Retained: N/A

After coming up empty on recruiting Jimmy Butler and LaMarcus Aldridge, the Lakers were forced to deviate. They ended up with Lou Williams and Brandon Bass—each a homeless man’s version of the bigger names.

To be fair, Williams (reigning Sixth Man of the Year) and Bass are both solid role players. But they’d be better fits as guys to round out a contender, not as backup plans for a losing team trying desperately to return to prominence as soon as possible.

Even if the Hibbert trade goes through and he plays well, it simply isn’t feasible for this roster to make the playoffs in the Western Conference. As long as Lakerland is a loser, it will have lost its luster among free agents (how’s that for alliteration?).

Grade: C

Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies | PointAfter

Arrivals: Matt Barnes, Brandan Wright
Departures: Kosta Koufos
Retained: Marc Gasol, Jeff Green, Beno Udrih

While the Kings swiped Koufos on a four-year, $33 million deal, Memphis went a cheaper (and arguably smarter) route by signing Brandan Wright to act as backup big man for three years and $18 million.

The Grizz also added Matt Barnes, a no-brainer to fit the “grit-and-grind” mentality, and retained Marc Gasol, Jeff Green and Beno Udrih. A lot of teams in the Western Conference got stronger, but don’t overlook the Grizzlies.

Grade: A-

Miami Heat

Miami Heat | PointAfter

Arrivals: N/A
Departures: Michael Beasley
Retained: Dwyane Wade, Goran Dragic, Luol Deng

Pat Riley’s Heat managed to bring back D-Wade (one-year deal), Goran Dragic (five years, $90 million) and Luol Deng (exercised his player option).

Having not lost anyone of substance, it would appear that Miami had a very successful offseason. And while that’s quite true, it also didn’t bring any new arrivals to the fold outside of the draft. Continuity and health will be the two most important factors determining Miami’s success next season.

Grade: A-

Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks | PointAfter

Arrivals: Greg Monroe, Greivis Vasquez
Departures: Jared Dudley
Retained: Khris Middleton

Greg Monroe is a polarizing talent. Fans either love his potential as a young big man, or point to his utter lack of shot-blocking prowess as a deal-breaker.

Both sides have a solid argument, but it’s possible both would also agree that his move to Milwaukee is a great fit. With complementary defenders like Michael Carter-Williams, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the re-signed Khris Middleton locking down the perimeter, Monroe’s lack of rim protection won’t be as big of an issue. Moving forward with that young core has to have Bucks fans excited.

Grade: A-

Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves | PointAfter

Arrivals: Nemanja Bjelica
Departures: Gary Neal
Retained: Kevin Garnett, Chase Budinger

Aside from re-signing Kevin Garnett to act as a sage veteran for the youngsters on board, the Minnesota Timberwolves didn’t do much of anything in free agency.

The injury-prone Budinger will be back after exercising his player option. Minny also acquired 6’10” Euroleaguer Nemanja Bjelica, but it’s impossible to know if he’ll flourish in the NBA (at least he’s a bargain at three years and $11.7 million).

Karl-Anthony Towns remains the biggest prize, but we’re not grading teams based on the draft.

Grade: C+

New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans Pelicans | PointAfter

Arrivals: N/A
Departures: Jimmer Fredette*, Norris Cole*
Retained: Omer Asik, Alexis Ajinca, Eric Gordon, Dante Cunningham

Signing Anthony Davis to a fat extension was, without question, in the Pelicans’ best interest. Signing the tandem of Omer Asik and Alexis Ajinca for a combined $80-plus million was not.

Asik has proven himself as a durable, rim-protecting center. He’s among the best in the business at staying straight up and not fouling when opponents enter his domain. However, he’s also a hopeless offensive player who can’t make free throws—making him a liability in crunch time.

Ajinca’s huge physical presence is a nice thing to have, but he isn’t even as skilled as Asik. New Orleans should have decided to pay one of the two, since Davis will likely be playing center a lot more often under head coach Alvin Gentry.

Grade: C+

New York Knicks

New York Knicks | PointAfter

Arrivals: Arron Afflalo, Robin Lopez, Kyle O’Quinn, Derrick Williams
Departures: Tim Hardaway Jr., Jason Smith, Andrea Bargnani*
Retained: N/A

To Phil Jackson’s credit, he actually managed to scrounge up a lot of talent and potential this summer for relatively cheap deals compared to the new norm.

Afflalo for two years, $16 million; O’Quinn for the same dollar amount over four years; former No. 2 overall pick Derrick Williams for $10 million…not too shabby. Elite stars are never going to be attracted to a dumpster fire of a basketball situation, but the Zen Master kept his cool and may have found some diamonds in the rough.

Grade: B+

Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder | PointAfter

Arrivals: N/A
Departures: N/A
Retained: Kyle Singler, Enes Kanter*

In typical Thunder fashion, they stuck to their guns of making small tweaks rather than splashy signings.

To this point, Kyle Singler was signed to a five-year, $25 million deal (which seems a tad on the long side), and that’s it. Enes Kanter should be back barring a sudden change of events, and while that’s not a great haul, it’s not necessarily a failure—especially for a team that already has Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.

Grade: B-

Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic | PointAfter

Arrivals: C.J. Watson, Jason Smith
Departures: Kyle O’Quinn
Retained: Tobias Harris

Much like the Timberwolves, the Orlando Magic didn’t move the needle much in free agency. The key distinction, however, is that the Magic retained a young stud in Tobias Harris, rather than a washed up veteran in KG.

Watson is a solid backup point guard and Smith is a passable big man, but Harris is the true prize of Orlando’s offseason. Now they just need him (and the other young guns) to develop.

Grade: B-

Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers | PointAfter

Arrivals: Nik Stauskas, Carl Landry, Jason Thompson
Departures: Thomas Robinson, Jason Richardson*
Retained: N/A

Philly didn’t do much in free agency, but it did fleece Sacramento of a former lottery pick (Stauskas) so the Kings could overpay Rajon Rondo.

It did take on the less-than-savory contracts owed to Landry and Thompson, but the 76ers are still thinking long-term now anyway.

Grade: B-

Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns | PointAfter

Arrivals: Tyson Chandler
Departures: Marcus Morris, Reggie Bullock, Danny Granger, Marcus Thornton*, Gerald Green*
Retained: Brandon Knight

If only the Suns had been able to beat out the mighty Spurs in the chase for LaMarcus Aldridge. They would have been seen as the biggest free agency winner by a wide margin.

Instead, as the Spurs are wont to do, they beat Phoenix in the head-to-head duel.

Phoenix still came away with former DPOY Tyson Chandler and re-signed Brandon Knight, but breaking up the Morris twins for an Aldridge deal that didn’t happen is a tough pill to swallow.

Grade: B+

Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers | PointAfter

Arrivals: Ed Davis, Al-Farouq Aminu, Mason Plumlee, Gerald Henderson
Departures: LaMarcus Aldridge, Nic Batum, Wesley Matthews, Robin Lopez
Retained: N/A

Oh, Portland.

The starting five of Damian Lillard, Wesley Matthews, Nic Batum, LaMarcus Aldridge and Robin Lopez is long gone. Now the franchise point guard will be surrounded by Gerald Henderson, Al-Farouq Aminu, Ed Davis and Mason Plumlee.

You could argue that Plumlee is better than Lopez, but those are downgrades across the board otherwise.

Grade: D+

Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings | PointAfter

Arrivals: Rajon Rondo, Kosta Koufos, Marco Belinelli,
Departures: Nik Stauskas, Carl Landry, Jason Thompson
Retained: Omri Casspi

In terms of the deals Sacramento signed: Koufos > Rondo > Belinelli.

Koufos was snatched up at a relative bargain. Rondo’s one-year, $10 million deal doesn’t make much sense, but there’s still that slim (okay, very slim) chance that he’ll return to All-Star form. Belinelli’s contract isn’t egregious, but the Kings could have just kept and developed Stauskas as a three-point shooter. All in all, this was just an odd offseason that snowballed after the Kings missed out on big names like Wes Matthews.

Grade: C-

San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs | PointAfter

Arrivals: LaMarcus Aldridge, David West
Departures: Tiago Splitter, Cory Joseph, Marco Belinelli, Aron Baynes
Retained: Kawhi Leonard, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Danny Green

The Spurs surrendered a lot of depth this summer, but the payoff appears to be well worth it. San Antonio traded away Splitter to free up cap space to sign Aldridge (which the Spurs succeeded at doing). David West hopped on board for the veteran’s minimum because he (like so many others claim to do) cares only about winning a title.

Losses of Joseph, Belinelli and Baynes in addition to Splitter is a minor concern, but the star power of Aldridge and West does a great job negating that. As far as the Internet is concerned, “Championship is Coming.”

Grade: A+

Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors | PointAfter

Arrivals: DeMarre Carroll, Cory Joseph, Bismack Biyombo, Luke Ridnour (for now)
Departures: Lou Williams, Amir Johnson, Landry Fields*
Retained: N/A

While other teams were tripping over themselves to get interviews with the LaMarcus Aldridge, the Raptors quietly put together a solid offseason haul.

Carroll is the headliner coming off a career year, but the defensive chops of Biyombo and breakout potential of Toronto-native Cory Joseph makes things all the more intriguing.

Grade: A-

Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz | PointAfter

Arrivals: N/A
Departures: Jeremy Evans
Retained: Joe Ingles

Utah already has a solid young core in place, so the front office essentially just twiddled its thumbs during free agency.

Keeping Joe Ingles and letting Jeremy Evans walk? Sure, why not.

Grade: B

Washington Wizards

Washington Wizards | PointAfter

Arrivals: Jared Dudley, Gary Neal, Alan Anderson
Departures: Paul Pierce
Retained: N/A

Losing Paul Pierce as the title-tested veteran in D.C. is a bummer, but Washington can move forward with a trio of savvy vets: Jared Dudley, Gary Neal and Alan Anderson.

Drew Gooden and Keven Seraphin are still in limbo, but the Wizards rebounded nicely from The Truth’s departure to LA.

Grade: B

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