Do you wish to gain expertise in archery sports? Originated in the later Paleolithic period, this game has undergone evolution down the years. It is unwise to think that it is just a simple game only played with bows and arrows. On the contrary, an archer has to develop skills to excel as a performer. Besides, knowledge of modern devices and techniques is necessary if an archer wishes to gain an edge over his competitors. Do you still want to know more? Here are a few interesting facts about archery that you would like to be familiar with.

Design of recurve bows

In the modern Olympics, recurve bows might look hi-tech and chic and it is inspired by archery design that dated back to more than three thousand and five hundred years ago.

Book on Archery

Toxophilus, the first book on the archery sport was written by Roger Ascham. It was in the year 1545. Roger coined the term Toxophilus from two words in Greek language. In Greek, these words mean lover of bow. Toxophily is the term used to denote science of archery.

First use of bows or arrows

In 2340BC, the Babylonians first used arrows as well as bows for warfare activities.

‘Robin Hood’ technique

If one arrow hits another one dead on and then splits it or even embedded inside it, it is known as Robin Hood.

Another name of crossbow arrow

Archers use crossbow arrows for launching projectiles and it also has trigger as well as stock just like rifle. This type of arrow is called quarrel 9 or a bolt.

Clout Archery

In this outdoor archery game the archer throws arrows at greater distance. He or she shoots nearly six arrows and then when the person signaled proceeds to next target. This type of archery comprises thirty six arrows.

Archery in Olympics

In 1900 Olympic Games, the archers used live pigeons as their targets. When the archers focus to a target almost ninety meters away, size of target is just like size of thumbtack being held just at an arm’s length. There are different classifications for the Olympic sports like cycling, gymnastics and swimming but there is only one classification for this type of sport.

Popular archers

Lottie Dod was the winner of Wimbledon’s female singles for five time between 1887 and 1893. He was a golf champion and also won silver medal in Olympic archery sports event in 1908. Oscar winner Geena Davis ranked twenty-fourth in United States archery championship for women in the year 1999.

Archery as national game

Archery is the national sport of the beautiful country of Bhutan.

Women archers

Archery was the sole sport in the Olympics where female sportsmen would participate. Later, women participated in swimming as well as track-cum-field sports events in 1912 and 1928 respectively.

In the year 1908, Sybil “Queenie” Newall, a famous archer from Great Britain, was the oldest female to win individual gold medal during Olympic Games. Since the year 1896, more than one hundred and twenty archers who won over 180 medals were more than fifty years old. At the year of sixty three, a woman archer namely Eliza Pollock won a gold medal and then two bronze medals in the archery sports in 1904 Olympic sports.

Archery’s theme song

It is important to note that theme tune of archer namely Barwick Green was composed by famous composer Arthur Wood. Do you know that it was played for more than 76,000 times? Later in the year 1972, The Yetties, a famous English folk group, recorded another wonderful tune.

Archery as art form

A conventional form of archery namely Kyudo is considered to be an exclusive art form in Japan.


Learn about the interesting facts that you would like to know about this stunning archery game.

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