Want to connect with more people to help grow your business? We think there are few business owners who would say, “No” to that! You’ll want to be sure to always have your business card handy. But it is not enough to just have business cards with you. They have to have the right information on them. Without this information, they simply aren’t doing their job. So if you’ve ever wondered how to create a great business card, I’m going to tell you!

The best way to contact you is one of the most important things you’ll want to include on your business card. Most of us include a variety of ways to get into contact on our business card. But you’ve got to make it clear which one is the best way. Because even if you tell someone in conversation which one is best, they probably wont remember. The top way to contact you should be in larger font size than the others and as close to your name as possible. Whether you want people to call you on your cell or to send you an e-mail, this should be crystal clear to them when they read your business card.

What you do should also be clear when we look at your business card. Now that sounds very simple, but hear us out: because some people make their business cards very “cookie cutter” and don’t provide enough information. It is one thing to say you are an electrician. It is another thing to say you are a licensed and bonded electrician with 20 years of experience and then to list some of the most popular brands of appliances you have fixed. This will “spark” in someone’s mind when something breaks that they should call you to fix that brand. They also will feel very secure knowing you are licensed and bonded, knowing they can trust you. So don’t just leave it at a job title, sell yourself a bit and tell us why we should pick you vs. six other people or small business owners with that same industry or niche.

Do you offer something special about your service? Do you offer a warranty or is someone on-call to fix things on the weekends or in the evenings? Do you handle rush orders with 24 hours notice? Do you cater parties? If you do something special – and are good at it – you should mention this on your business card. Chances are people will call you and place orders for this special service. There are many delis around but not all of them deliver. There are lots of small restaurants but not all of them cater parties. There are many plumbers but not all of them have someone available to fix something on the weekends.

Don’t forget to include your website, social media and LinkedIn URLs. This will encourage people to connect with you at these sites. If you have a newsletter at your website, you can mention it on your business card. Keeping in touch with new contacts via social media can be a great way to nurture these contacts – but don’t leave it at this.

Another thing to include on your business card is what you are proud of about your business. If you are a family owned business, a second or third generation family business. If you have had your business in the same town or state for a long time. If you have owned your business longer than 5 years. These are all excellent accomplishments and things to be proud of.

Your business card can help to attract new business. While it is small, it can be powerful and quite useful. Put your business card to work for you and your company today!