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How do competitive companies achieve success in modern business? Depending on who you ask, that question could probably compel a long, complicated response. On the other hand, the answer could also be short and simple.

We’re now living in an Idea Economy where success is defined by the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition.

Meg Whitman, Chief Executive Officer, HP

The concept of Idea Economy and Disruption is, if you think about it, at the core of most successful business endeavors in the current economic and technological environment. After all, the definition of entrepreneurial success is literally what Ms. Whitman said: taking an idea, making it a reality faster than the next guy and using it to disrupt the status quo.

That last point is key. Making a ripple is not enough. In order to get people interested, that idea has to make the kind of splash that comes from a well-executed cannonball.

That is the idea behind the new short-film series, “Welcome to the Idea Economy,” from HP MatterWatch Now.

HP Matter is, in its own words, “a digital magazine where the brightest minds in business share their perspectives on a technology-driven world. HP Matter puts a spotlight on the opportunities that exist for those who can transition from traditional IT Infrastructure to the New Style of IT and showcases the technology and the thought-leaders that are changing business as we know it.”

The short-film series, directed and written by award-winning filmmaker Alison Klayman, is a visual representation of how the concept of Idea Economy and Disruption are used right now. Here are a couple examples:

The rest of the films can beseen at HP Matter, but before you go, tell us: how do you see the Idea Economy at work?