The constantly changing IT industry means that roles and job descriptions evolve as well as salaries. Robert Half recently released their 2013 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals, including current salary ranges for a range of technical job descriptions.

Here’s a top 10 chart rundown of the best-paying tech jobs in the country.

10. Solutions architect

$110,000 – $140,000

Responsible for determining the technical requirements before designing the necessary hardware and software ecosystem to meet the present and future needs of the business.

9. E-commerce manager

$110,000 $150,000

Today, most retail businesses operate partially or entirely online to reach the growing number of internet shoppers worldwide. E-commerce is therefore a highly competitive space, creating demand for specialised skills to drive those online strategies.

8. Infrastructure architect

$110,000 – $150,000

So you have a room full of servers, a sack full of business software and bits of technology linking them all together. Now what? The infrastructure architect determines just how all of these components work together to achieve the most stable, reliable and powerful infrastructure possible.

7. Infrastructure manager

$120,000 $150,000

While the infrastructure architect may focus on a single project, such as a data centre migration or initial build, the infrastructure manager handles the ongoing day-to-day responsibilities of maintenance, upgrades and keeping everything humming along. Sometimes, the infrastructure manager and architect may be the same role.

6. IT manager

$120,000 – $150,000

Larger businesses will have an IT manager below the CIO to implement the decisions made in the boardroom. Smaller businesses may only need an IT manager, working below a single boss. The IT manager has a broad set of skills, drives the technical team and liaises with vendors.

5. Enterprise architect

$130,000 – $150,000

More than just a technical role, the enterprise architect provides the business logic for processes across the enterprise, as well as the infrastructure or technical requirements required to manage change and bring order to complexity.

4. Program manager

$140,000 – $180,000

Senior to the various project managers, the program manager is responsible for managing the technical projects within the context of a single, consistent program and ensuring the right outcomes are achieved. This often involves detailed understanding of each technical project to resolve conflicts or overlaps within the context of the wider business.

3. Development manager

$130,000 – $165,000

Responsible for getting the product out the door while satisfying the technical and procedural needs of the various stakeholders within an enterprise. The development manager ensures the final product is what the customer demands while meeting the needs of the business.

2. Business intelligence manager

$150,000 – $185,000

Data is the most valuable asset a business has. The business intelligence manager drives insights, identifies opportunities and guides decisions by extracting reports and analysing those mountains of consumer and industry data.

1. CIO / IT director

$200,000 – $300,000

Naturally, the number one salary goes to the person in charge. Not a role you can specifically train up for or target through specialisation, instead it is a destination based on your success in some of the other roles on this list.

Potential CIOs not only possess the proven skills and experience, but also have a wider business awareness that allows them to identify opportunities, deliver business outcomes and drive the future of the organisation, not merely implement the demands of the day.

Wondering where to aim for in your career? If salary is an important sway, it’s good to see how the numbers stack up.

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