The pain of an accident at work can just be the beginning. Depending upon the severity of the accident and your injuries, personal injury can go on to have far greater repercussions for an extended period of time. It is at this point that personal injury claims can come into their own and provide you with much needed compensation to help you cope.

Personal Injury lawyers are an essential part of this process in order to negotiate an agreement with your employer; the process of negotiating a settlement is itself very complicated and as such a solicitor with experience of personal injury claims can be invaluable in securing the maximum amount of compensation. Part of their responsibility is an initial consultation that will determine your eligibility to make a personal injury claim; claims focus on a variety of factors and having a basic knowledge can help you decide whether or not to approach a solicitor for dedicated advice and assistance.

Fundamentally, there must be some breach in protocol on the part of your employer in order for you to claim compensation for any accident at work. Did your injury occur due to a breach of an agreed health and safety agreement? Did it occur in breach of your contract? If the answer to either of these is yes, then you have some grounds for claiming compensation from a negligent employer as these can be seen as contributing to your injury. It is important to note that you yourself won’t be required to have a detailed knowledge of any contractual or technical data; breaches in health and safety agreements are often very clearly observable, leading to preventable injuries at the fault of the employer. These health and safety regulations should have been made clear to you prior to attempting any potentially hazardous task and, provided you followed the guidelines, any subsequent injury that occurs can potentially be traced back to the employer.

What will also be helpful is for you to have assessed the scope of your injury, not just in terms of personal pain and discomfort, but also in the impact it has had on your life. If an accident at work has left you unable to walk or caused a significant level of incapacity, you are likely eligible to claim for a greater amount of compensation. Some claims may require a medical examination if the solicitor feels this is appropriate and it is important to bear this in mind; if your injury has required you to visit a professional medical practitioner then potentially you can claim compensation. You will also be required to provide your own account of the accident at work which will be subjected to scrutiny during the legal procedure, clarity in explaining the circumstances that caused the injury, along with the impact the injury has had on you, are all vital factors in claiming compensation.

If at this stage you feel that you have suffered an accident at work in which:

– The employer is in breach of an agreed health and safety protocol.
– Your injury is impacting negatively on your lifestyle.
– The personal injury was not your fault.

Then there could be some benefit in contacting a specialist personal injury solicitor who is able to review all of the factors and prepare a case to claim compensation through court.

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