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My first blog was a LiveJournal that I started in July 2001, just as I was about to start college. Over the years, I’ve also engaged in my blogging “hobby” on sites like Xanga (remember that?), Blogspot, and, finally, WordPress (my favorite).

The hobby that I began as an 18 year old is now what I do as a career, and I’ve been pleased to see how far blogging has come in those years. Whereas it was once considered a glorified open diary, today it’s widely considered to be a bona fide means of reporting and disseminating news. Indeed, some of the world’s most visited websites are blogs.

Most notably, the tools that bloggers use have really evolved over the years. Bloggers often work remotely, creating their articles and reporting from the field, submitting their work across cities, states, and countries. Advancements in cloud technology have made it possible for them to communicate with their head offices and fellow bloggers, and do their jobs in a more effective manner, thus maximizing the impact their blogging makes. Let’s take a look at some of the best tools available.


Bloggers’ lives have been made infinitely better by the rise in cloud technologies available to them. With more ways to streamline productivity, they’ve been able to make more of an impact.

As a result, blogging has gained a lot of respect and credibility in the world of journalism. But there was one tool we were still missing: cloud printing.

Whether you’re at BlogWorld and you want to print off some resources that you’ve found or you’re out in the field researching a story and want to print your notes, sometimes it’s nice to give your eyes a break from the screen and have a physical copy of your resources.

Printing for bloggers has always, until now, involved the simple act of remembering to print. It sounds simple, but it’s easier said than done. You forget to email yourself the files or you end up squinting at your phone to read your notes and you never remember to print.

Canon’s  PIXMA MG7120 is the perfect printer for bloggers because you can print from anywhere to anywhere. When you download the PIXMA Print Solutions (PPS) app on your phone, you can access a range of cloud apps available, including Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Photobucket, and Flickr. When you connect to your accounts within the PPS app, it takes one quick tap to print all the notes you need for your story or all the conference pictures (and presentation slide snaps!) that you want to keep. And you can do it from anywhere.

The short version: If you’re looking for a printer made for creatives — and even more so for those who are frequently away from their desks and operate in a truly remote and mobile fashion — you won’t be disappointed with this printer. You’ll always have the documents you need when you need them, waiting for you on your printer when you get back. And you’ll never be disappointed with the image quality on pictures that you print.


Evernote is one of the best, most versatile tools that a blogger can use. To start, it allows you to keep multiple notebooks. If you freelance for a number of different clients, this is especially helpful.

The notes are dynamic, so you can add links or use the web clipper to grab text and citations from websites, but you can also add images and voice notes. Evernote will sync across all your devices, so if you’re out in the field reporting, you can snap some pictures with your smartphone and get a quote with the voice memo, then add those directly to the notes from your phone. When you get back to your office and open up the Evernote desktop app, everything from your phone will be right there.

It’s also a great tool for collaboration, whether you’re working with a remote editor or a co-writer for a project. You can share notes with others and allow them to make edits, so it’s great as a collaboration tool. You can even email your notes directly from the app.

The short version: Evernote is an indispensable tool for bloggers, providing the versatility that we need to gather, organize, and share our notes, quotes, and ideas.


Emailing files can be tedious and troublesome. Files can be too large, emails can get lost somewhere in spam filters or cyberspace, or it could be hours (or days!) until the person who needs to see your files actually gets around to opening the emails.

Dropbox simplifies file share. You can share documents and folders with your team so that, no matter where they are, they always have access to your “home files.” I’ve personally used it to access preferred blogging templates and other files from freelance clients, as well as to submit final article drafts.

Dropbox will also sync across your devices, so it’s a great way to be able to manage your files as a remote worker.

The short version: If you find it difficult to keep track of what was submitted to whom, or if you have a hard time remembering which device you were using when you saved a certain file, Dropbox is for you. File management made easy.


Bloggers, what cloud tools do you use to increase productivity and maximize the impact of your blogging efforts? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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