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NASA Launches Mission to Quadrillion-Dollar Asteroid, Signaling Great Progress in Asteroid Mining

NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX have partnered to make history as the pair intends to launch a solar-powered spacecraft…

Lloyd Rick
July 20, 2023
Space & Science

Architects Are Taking Tips From Termites To Cut Out A/C

Architects are designing buildings to imitate Termite mounds, using the brilliant design to cut down on cooling and heating…

Henry Stater
May 30, 2023
Space & Science

US Deadly Animal Disease Lab Placed In US’ Agricultural Heartland, Sparking Lab Leak Fears

Experts are worrying about the potential of a lab leak from a new US Lab designed to study deadly…

Henry Stater
May 28, 2023
Space & Science

NASA Pays 5-50 Times More Than Private Sector For Similar Rocket Engines

NASA spends $100 million per RS-25 main engine, which is 5-100 times more expensive than comparable rocket engines from…

Henry Stater
May 27, 2023
Space & Science

Scientists Used AI to Discover New Antibiotic Effective Against Superbugs

A groundbreaking AI algorithm was used to discover a new antibiotic that can kill drug-resistant bacteria called superbugs. The…

Henry Stater
May 26, 2023
Artificial Intelligence

Gene-Editing Startup Pairwise is Making Mustard Greens Tastier With CRISPR

Pairwise, a revolutionary gene-editing startup, is leveraging CRISPR technology to alter the genetic code of vegetables, enhancing their taste.…

Henry Stater
May 17, 2023
Space & Science

Webb Telescope Finding Could Be a Major Step in Search for Alien Life

One of the greatest scientific tools of our age, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), has made another monumental…

Henry Stater
May 12, 2023
Space & Science

First Approved RSV Vaccines Could Save Hundreds of Thousands of Lives

In a landmark move, the Food and Drug Administration of the US approved the first vaccine designed to prevent…

Henry Stater
May 5, 2023
Space & Science

How to Watch This Weekend’s Orionid Meteor Shower

A spectacular celestial show will be lighting up the night sky this weekend. The Orionid meteor shower is expected…

Alan Draper
October 21, 2017
Space & Science

NASA Discovers 7 Earth-Size Planets Orbiting A Single Star

Astronomers have discovered seven new Earth-size planets orbiting a single star 40 light-years away. Part of the TRAPPIST-1 system…

Jay Leonard
February 22, 2017
Space & Science

Juno’s Jupiter Mission Fails

The Juno spacecraft, launched by NASA in 2011, and entering the orbit of Jupiter, the solar system’s largest planet…

James Spillane
February 19, 2017
Space & Science

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