The best invoicing app for small and medium businesses

With the boom in the volume of orders, the service of generating an error-free and complete invoice has become indispensable. It is vital that a specialized and up-to-date tactic be taken to make the invoicing procedure error-free and quick.

However, with the availability of various invoice creation (and automation) tools in the virtual space, it can be hard to find one suitable for your needs. With this quick guide, we’ll give you a rundown of the top invoice tools on the market today.

Why You Need an Invoicing App

Rather than employing multiple people to generate a professional invoice for every bill, it would be more efficient to use one of the tools outlined here to streamline the process. Here’s why you should have an online invoice tool: 

Expansion in Deals

As a company, the notion of continually developing new methods to increase your client base and turnover margin can’t be ignored or delayed.

Depending on the demand for your product or service and the size of your client base, the profit margin can be improved considerably with personalized discounts or free offerings for a specific purchase amount.

Client Interfacing

The company doesn’t need to maintain a single department for knowing the penchant of the clients and their choices for any product.

With the help of improved professional invoice generator software, the selection profile and choice criteria of the client could be easily construed and utilized to assemble better products and personalized services.

Increase in Customer Volume

For the customer, providing a correct and detailed bill for the service provided without any miscalculation goes a long way in their choice of a company or product.

With one of these tools, you’ll have the means to create professional invoices in a matter of seconds, plus you’ll be able to push invoices out quicker to keep customers happy and focus on more pressing tasks that aid in the expansion of your business.

Easy International Business

Conducting trade across international borders must take into account the existing export and import duties, the entry taxes, or the other charges present as per the law.

There’s also the conversion rate among different currencies to be considered when devising an invoice for an international customer. With a detail-oriented app like the ones below, you’ll be able to ensure you meet these criteria — and as is commonplace with these apps — automatically have these details inputted for you. 

A Brief Analysis of the Best Invoice App Solutions

The World Wide Web is crammed with app developers and is one of the largest sources of free invoice generator software in the world. There’s certainly no shortage of companies providing online invoice development services.

Here are some of the market’s leading invoice creation tools that you should consider for your next invoice.


Bonsai is a popular small business solution that’s phenomenal for invoice creation and automation. From automatic payment reminders and accruing late fees to partial payments, attachment locking, and more — Bonsai has it all, and more.

Bonsai — The best invoicing app

However, what we love most about this invoicing tool is that you get a boatload of free invoice templates for various industries — simply customize it, and you’re good to go. Besides this, these templates have integrated payments, and the app supports global payment options — a win, win for you and your customers.


QuickBooks by Intuit is one of the most famous invoicing and accounting apps for small businesses, and it’s also regarded as one of the best.

QuickBooks invoicing app

This app can streamline your business by connecting your business bank account and automatically handling your finances — ultimately improving the accuracy of your books and eliminating the concern you’d have with human error with manual data entry.

With a price of £15.00 a month, this app can display and update your invoice in a single dashboard, automate your invoice-sending process, and show you the incoming cash flow impact.


FreshBooks is adept specifically in tracking invoices, plus it’s phenomenal for time and expense tracking too. It’s known for being a go-to solution for small businesses and freelancers alike.

FreshBooks' online invoicing tool

There’s an option of adding your company logo to the invoices, and they can be sent over e-mail or as a hard copy, and with the Plus plan, you can send up to 50 invoices a month for $25 — of course, you get loads more than just invoicing for this. 


Wave is equipped with an easily operable interface and many important invoice preparation features. Customizations along with column editing, creating repetitive invoices, and setting reminders are a few of the many features available with this app.

Wave | Free invoicing app

The best part of about Wave is that it’s completely free. Only on request for the features of payment, payroll, and premium support, do you pay an appropriate fee for the app.

Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is a phenomenal app for invoice creation. It offers you a 14-day free trial period to test out the app and offers you the means to create unlimited invoices and credit notes, plus unlimited estimates and purchase orders. 

Moon Invoice app

On top of this, the app also offers an expense tracker, recurring invoices, online and manual payments, and loads more. On top of all of this, multiple bills can be synced into one device for complete invoice preparation.


InvoiceBerry is relatively simple and is devised ideally for small and micro trades.

Invoice Berry invoicing tool

The user interface is equipped with the required functionalities and doesn’t contain any unnecessary features. The app offers 15 templates for your perusal, which will simplify and speed up your invoice creation process.

On top of this, it can also send reminders to customers for payment and even reply with a thank you note upon receiving it. The best part is that the free version supports up to 3 clients, but for up to 35, you’d need to opt for a paid plan at $15/month.

Final Thoughts

Offering customers and potential customers professional invoices will improve your brand’s image and help you easily onboard and retain customers for repeat business.

Plus, automation is a lifesaver for every business — with one of these tools, you’ll be sending invoices out quicker, getting paid quicker, and spending less of your time chasing late fees.

Professional. Easy. Cheap. Try Bonsai now to see what their invoicing solution can do for you.