While developing a new product is exciting, it’s crucial to carefully plan the development stage via a comprehensive product roadmap. Doing so will help you forecast the approximate release date and also mark the progress of the various development stages, helping the entire team stay in the loop.

But, with so many options out there, it’s often hard to know which tool is right for you. To help, we’ve reviewed our top 11 agile product management tools with a stellar roadmap feature to simplify product developments and releases.

Our Top Pick for the Best Agile Product Management Tool: Monday.com

While all the tools on our list will help you put your product roadmap agile game on the right track, Monday.com is the best of them all according to our testing.

Here are the standout features of Monday.com:

  • Readymade kanban board templates help you get started from day one, even if you do not have a project view template of your own.
  • Monday.com comes with an amazing integration capacity and powerful automation feature, making managing your workflow easier.
  • Monday.com is also popular for its speedy team communication and collaboration features.
  • Real-time actionable insights help you make informed decisions and know exactly where your project is headed.

The Best Agile Product Roadmap Tools for 2024: Top 11 List

Here’s a list of the best tools for incorporating product roadmap in agile:

  1. Monday.com: Best Agile Product Roadmap Tool Overall
  2. Trello: Ideal for Beginners
  3. Smartsheet: Best for Workflow Automations
  4. Zoho Sprints: Excels in Creating Sprints
  5. Teamwork: Must-have for Grouping Your Team
  6. Airfocus: Excels in Adaptability 
  7. ProdPad: Known for its Now/Next/Later Roadmaps
  8. ProductPlan: Perfect for Idea And Feedback Management 
  9. Bitrix24: One-stop Online Workspace
  10. Wrike: Known for Cloud Storage
  11. Roadmunk: Ideal for Custom Design

The Best Agile Product Roadmap Tools for 2024: Reviewed

This section comprises detailed reviews of our top 11 picks for the best product roadmap tools. We discuss each tool’s best features, pricing, advantages, and limitations, leaving no stone unturned to bring you a fair and trustworthy analysis.

1. Monday.com: Best Agile Product Roadmap Tool Overall


Monday.com is a flexible online working platform designed for teams to come together and work remotely. Unlike other similar tools, Monday.com does not strictly classify itself as a product management or team collaboration tool; you can use it for whatever your business needs.

It comes with a detailed dashboard that is dynamically updated with insights from your team’s performance and progress made on the job at hand. Managing a remote team and accomplishing projects within deadlines has never been easier.

Best Features

Here is what we love about Monday.com

  • Kanban Templates: The easiest way to create functional roadmaps is through the ready-made kanban board templates offered by Monday.com. As a matter of fact, Monday.com is the best Kanban software.
  • Better Communication: With seamless integration via business communication channels and a transparent view of everybody’s progress, your team communication will be prompt.
  • Real-time Insights: Real-time updates across your organization and insights show you where you stand and how far you are from the ultimate goal.
  • Task Dependencies: Product development often consists of many interdependent tasks. But with Gantt charts, you can create transparent timelines and manage the task dependencies efficiently. 

More information about Monday.com:

Best For Pricing  Project Views Free trial/Free Plan Refund/Money-back
Team collaboration and Kanban templates Starting at $8/seat/month Board, Gantt charts, list view Free plan Within 30 days of purchase 


Here are the plans offered by Monday.com

  • Individual 
  • Basic: $8/seat/month
  • Standard: $10/seat/month
  • Pro: $16/seat/month 
  • Enterprise: Custom 


  • Readymade kanban templates
  • Real-time insights and updates 
  • Seamless team communication 
  • Compatible with many other business tools


  • No specific features for project development 

2. Trello: Ideal for Beginners


If you are looking for something simple yet efficient, try Trello. Its unique interface is already designed to resemble a roadmap with multiple boards and categories to track every stage of a product development project.

Another great feature is that Trello brings your team members onboard where they can be assigned to the task. You can also leave detailed comments, attachments, and extra notes on each card for your team to understand their job better.

To learn loads more, check out our in-depth Trello review.

Best Features 

Here is what we love about Trello:

  • Timeline View: Trello’s timeline view helps you figure out at what pace each project and task is progressing so that you can plan your week accordingly.
  • Calendar Integration: Don’t want any unpleasant surprises? Integrate your Trello account with a third-party calendar app of your choice and record every upcoming deadline and event on the shareable calendar.
  • Actionable Insights: Know everything that is going on in your organization and make informed decisions with Trello’s actionable insights. 
  • Trello Map: Trello map is a premium feature that allows you to sort your cards based on location.

More information about Trello:

Best For Pricing  Project Views Free trial/Free Plan Refund/Money-back
Beginners Starting at $5/user/month Board, list, map, timeline Free plan Custom policy


  • A free forever plan 
  • Standard: $5/user/month
  • Premium: $10/user/month
  • Enterprise: $17.50/user/month 


  • User-friendly 
  • Actionable insights
  • Affordable plans 
  • Default roadmap view


  • Limited features compared to other tools

3. Smartsheet: Best for Workflow Automations

Smartsheet Project Management Software

Smartsheet lets you align work, people, and technologies across your organization. It enables you to create spreadsheets for each project, automate update requests, share files with coworkers, and set up critical paths and task dependencies. 

Smartsheet’s strongest suit is its flexibility and customizability. You can leverage hundreds of professionally-made templates in the tool’s library and adapt them to the nature and scale of your projects, or create your spreadsheets, dashboards, Gantt, calendar, and timeline views from scratch using custom forms. 

This lets your team move with agility by simultaneously ensuring everyone’s up-to-date with the status of each project and task and has quick and easy access to the latest versions of all crucial documentation.

Best Features

Here are the key features Smartsheet offers for agile teams:

  • Activity Logs: See every change made on every spreadsheet, dashboard, and report. You can also apply filters to see changes made on a particular project, or by a specific team member. This is of tremendous help when it comes to tracking version history and updates made. 
  • Workflow Automations: You can connect if/then statements to specific triggers in an easy-to-use visual view to automate the bulk of your manual work. This includes everything from update and approval requests to daily reminders, email notifications, and time tracking approvals.
  • Task Dependencies: Smartsheet lets you create critical paths for each of your projects, set up and view task dependencies, and leverage Gantt charts and timeline views to ensure optimal resource utilization.
  • Integrations: Smartsheet natively integrates with over 70 apps, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, G-Suite, Dropbox, etc. You can also utilize the Smartsheet API to integrate it with other tools and apps you’re using. 

More information about Smartsheet:

Best For Pricing Project Views Free trial/Free Plan Refund/Money-back
Workflow visualization and automation Starting at $7/user/month Spreadsheet, Gantt chart, Timeline, Calendar, and List views Free forever plan Within 30 days of purchase


Here are the pricing plans offered by Smartsheet:

  • Free: For a single user and up to two editors
  • Pro: $7/user/month
  • Business: $25/user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom


  • Hundreds of templates for spreadsheets, dashboards, and reports
  • Advanced workflow automation
  • Built-in time tracking and resource management features
  • Fully customizable and easily scalable


  • Has a steep learning curve

4. Zoho Sprints: Excels in Creating Sprints


Product development is not an overnight project. It takes countless days and numerous stages before you can finally create a product ready for the market. When the project is lengthy and complicated, it’s natural for your team members to lose sight of the whole picture. That’s when you can make things a little easier by using Zoho Sprints.

It helps you break down your projects into small, doable, time-bound tasks, which together form the greater picture. It’s one of the best collaboration tools for project management for your team to adopt a collaborative work approach. 

Best Features 

Here is what we love about Zoho Sprints:

  • Better Communication: Zoho automatically notifies your team about important changes and allows you to comment on others’ tasks which fosters transparency and better team communication.
  • Better Transparency: Comprehensive timelines and project status give you a bird’s eye view of the project workflow and possible hurdles.
  • Faster Releases: Zoho Sprint understands everything that comes into play when releasing a product. That’s why it helps you bring together your code repositories and CI/CD tools and release reports instantly.
  • Timeline Management: Compare your actual timeline with your original timeline and get an estimated release date based on average velocity.

More information about Zoho Sprints:

Best For Pricing  Project Views Free trial/Free Plan Refund/Money-back
Creating sprints Starting at $6/month Board, list, custom Free plan Not available


Along with a free plan, Zoho Sprints offers a standard plan for everyone starting at $6/month, which increases with your team size. 


  • Customizable pricing 
  • Best for bigger teams
  • Better team communication 
  • Helps you manage your timeline better 


  • You cannot restore individual deleted items

5. Teamwork: Must-have for Grouping Your Team


The best thing about Teamwork is that it not only simplifies product development and team collaboration for you, but it will also ensure that the two parties can seamlessly communicate — in case you’re working with a client.

Teamwork, one of the best project tracking software, is loaded with some of the best project management features like automatic time tracking that ensures every single working minute is tracked. This simplifies growing your business and making the maximum revenue from your work.

Best Features

Here is what we love about Teamwork:

  • Workload Capacity: Check the workload capacity and availability of your team at a glance so you can assign upcoming tasks accordingly.
  • Time Tracking: Automatic time tracking helps you calculate the hours spent on each stage of product development. These reports will come in handy during invoicing or budgeting. 
  • Team Creation: Want to group your employees for complicated tasks? Teamwork simplifies teaming up employees as well as clients for better collaboration.
  • Integrated Team Chat: Don’t waste your time juggling third-party team chat applications. Teamwork offers its own integrated team chat feature.

More information about Teamwork:

Best For Pricing  Project Views Free trial/Free Plan Refund/Money-back
Grouping employees Starting at $10/user/month Scrum, kanban board, Gantt charts Free plan Not available


Here are the plans offered by Teamwork:

  • A free forever plan 
  • Deliver: $10/user/month
  • Grow: $18/user/month
  • Scale: Custom pricing 


  • Generous free plan 
  • Helps with billing and invoicing 
  • Simplifies creating teams and groups
  • Perfect for client communication


  • It does not work offline

6. Airfocus: Excels in Adaptability


Airfocus is a dedicated product development and management platform that not only helps you create a perfect roadmap for the development stages but goes a step further and helps you understand your user needs and curate a winning strategy.

Airfocus understands that every company has different needs. That’s why it has developed the world’s first and only modular project management platform where you can start with its ready-made templates and scale and grow as you like.

Best Features 

Here is what we love about Airfocus:

  • Multiple User Roles: Want to manage the access levels of individual users? Create multiple user roles and customize their permissions accordingly.
  • Unlimited Workspaces: If you are working on multiple projects at the same time or even if you have multiple teams working on the same projects, Airfocus lets you create unlimited workspaces to manage them individually.
  • Data Encryption: Whether your data is in transit or simply stored on Airfocus servers, it will be 100% encrypted at all times.
  • Adequate Integrations: Make your workspace fully functional by integrating with necessary applications such as Slack, Azure, or Zapier.

More information about Airfocus:

Best For Pricing  Project Views Free trial/Free Plan Refund/Money-back
Adaptability  Starting at $15/editor/month Roadmap, table, chart, board 14-day free trial Within 30 days of purchase 


Here are the plans offered by Airfocus:

  • Essential: $15/editor/month
  • Advanced: $49/editor/month
  • Pro: $89/editor/month
  • Enterprise: Custom


  • Free demo
  • Keeps your data safe 
  • Adequate integration options
  • Perfect for bigger, multi-functional teams 


  • Very expensive, especially for smaller companies 

7. ProdPad: Known for its Now/Next/Later Roadmaps


ProdPad is another popular online tool exclusively designed for product development. It helps you ideate and brainstorm, followed by mapping out the stages of the product followed by a simple feedback system.

One of our favorite things about ProdPad is that it can integrate with business tools you are already using, so you don’t have to switch platforms or import massive amounts of data.

Best Features 

Here is what we love about ProdPad:

  • Now/Next/Later Roadmaps: The Now/Next/Later road map lets you clearly categorize your product development stages into tasks that can be addressed later and tasks that require immediate attention.
  • Backlog Views: Worried about running late? You can now check all your backlogs multiple times to be on time.
  • Idea Management: ProdPad offers a dedicated space for you to manage all your ideas in one place.
  • Feedback Management: ProdPad is one of the few platforms that helps you collaborate with your clients online and take their feedback on all of your ideas through their platform.

More information about ProdPad:

Best For Pricing  Project Views Free trial/Free Plan Refund/Money-back
Now/Next/Later roadmaps Starting at $20/editor/month Kanban boards & charts  At Least 7 days  Not available


Here are the plans offered by ProdPad:

  • Roadmaps: $20/editor/month
  • Ideas: $20/editor/month
  • Feedbacks: $20/editor/month


  • Uniform pricing 
  • Safe space to manage ideas 
  • Seamless feedback management 
  • Instant integration with other business apps 


  • The roadmaps (especially the bigger ones) can be difficult to navigate sometimes 

8. ProductPlan: Perfect for Idea And Feedback Management


ProductPlan is a dedicated roadmap platform that brings your team together and helps you streamline your workflow so that your product development cycles are shorter and on time. 

Its roadmaps are 100% customizable, allowing you to design them the way you want. Also, designing roadmaps on ProductPlan is extremely easy. It has a drag-and-drop builder where you can select and position roadmap elements.

Best Features 

Here is what we love about ProductPlan:

  • Unlimited Roadmaps: Create as many roadmaps as your product needs and share them with unlimited users.
  • Data Security: ProductPlan keeps all your data secure with SOC 2 certification and advanced security protocol. 
  • Private Links: Sharing your roadmaps outside the ProductPlan interface is easier than ever with its private URL feature.
  • Custom Views: ProductPlan’s custom view feature allows you to filter out unwanted users and allow only a select few to view your content. 

More information about ProductPlan:

Best For Pricing  Project Views Free trial/Free Plan Refund/Money-back
Idea & feedback management  Starting at $39/user/month Roadmaps and tables  14-day free trial Not Available


Here are the plans offered by ProductPlan:

  • Basic: $39/user/month
  • Professional: $69/user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


  • Zapier integration 
  • Unlimited roadmaps and viewers 
  • Multiple Export Capabilities 
  • A portfolio view of roadmaps 


  • The basic plan comes with very limited features


9. Bitrix24: One-stop Online Workspace


Bitrix24 is your ultimate online workspace. Everything you will ever need to develop a product successfully, be it work time tracking and absence management for employees or multiple task views, task automation, and time tracking, is available with Bitrix24. 

One of Bitrix24’s standout features is project management. Plan every cycle of your product development in detail, lay it out on road maps, and collaborate with your team members all through one application — Bitrix24.

Best Features 

Here is what we love about Bitrix24:

  • Unlimited Users: Bitrix24 is one of the few platforms that do not restrict how many users you can have on board; add as many as you want.
  • Work Group: Seamlessly invite external members for a particular task and create separate workgroups, all in just a few clicks.
  • Team Video Call: If you want to communicate with your team better, try Bitrix24’s HD video calling feature even in their basic plan. 
  • CRM Integration: Since Bitrix24 offers multiple services, you can also integrate your project management interface with the CRM wing.

More information about Bitrix24:

Best For Pricing  Project Views Free trial/Free Plan Refund/Money-back
Diverse set of features Starting at $49/user/month Gantt charts & Kanban boards Free plan Not available


Here are the plans offered by Bitrix24:

  • A free forever plan 
  • Basic: $49/user/month
  • Standard: $99/user/month
  • Professional: Custom pricing


  • One-stop online workspace platform 
  • Add as many users as you want
  • Unparalleled team communication features 
  • Seamlessly invite external members for a task


  • Lacks an idea management platform

10. Wrike: Known for Cloud Storage


Wrike is one of the most adaptive and versatile product management platforms designed to create transparent workflows with maximum clarity and zero obstacles. With your workflow organized, your team’s productivity and work efficiency naturally increase, which in turn helps your brand grow.

Wrike’s popularity also stems from the fact that it’s an extremely beginner-friendly agile product management software. Moreover, it also ensures that interested people get to know the software in and out through life demos and product tours before investing. 

Wrike is also one of the best Gantt chart software in the industry.

Best Features 

Here is what we love about Wrike:

  • External & Internal Collaborators: Collaborate with your internal team or invite external users to join you for a project; Wrike is open to all.
  • Report Template: If you don’t want to turn in a messy report or waste your time on creating the perfect report all by yourself, Wrike’s report templates are perfect for you.
  • Cloud Storage: Wrike not only integrates with cloud-based storage options like Dropbox or Google Drive but also offers cloud storage space ranging from 1-5GB or more for every user.
  • User Group & Permissions: Want to manage who gets to access your content and to what extent? Create custom user groups and manage their access permission from the main admin dashboard.

More information about Wrike:

Best For Pricing  Project Views Free trial/Free Plan Refund/Money-back
Cloud storage Starting at $9.80/user/month List, board, table, Gantt chart Free plan Custom policy


Here are the plans offered by Wrike:

  • A free forever plan 
  • Professional: $9.80/user/month
  • Business: $24.80/user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing 


  • File & video proofing 
  • Custom user groups & permissions
  • Cloud storage for every user
  • Real-time insights and report templates 


  • Limited filtering options

11. Roadmunk: Ideal for Custom Design


Roadmunk is an end-to-end product roadmapping tool. From bringing your ideas to life to taking in feedback from your clients, it’ll help you navigate every stage of agile product management. All you have to do is focus on what you want to build, and Roadmunk will supply you with professional-grade, ready-made roadmap templates. 

You can also invite as many viewers as you want on board to work with you on your product development roadmap, even if you are on their basic plan. If you are looking for a tool that exclusively offers a diverse range of roadmap templates, Roadmunk is perfect for you.

Best Features 

Here is what we love about Roadmunk:

  • Unlimited Roadmaps: Roadmunk does not put any restriction on the number of roadmaps you can create; design as many as you need. 
  • Feedback & Insight Collection: It helps you collect all your client feedback and insights in one place to help make better strategies.
  • Custom Design: Personalized designing lets you choose your own color palette and design the roadmaps any way you like.
  • Customized Training: Some of the premium plans come with onboarding assistance and software training directly from the Roadmunk team.

More information about Roadmunk:

Best For Pricing  Project Views Free trial/Free Plan Refund/Money-back
Custom designing  Starting at $19/month Roadmaps 14-day free trial NA


Here are the plans offered by Roadmunk:

  • Starter: $19/month
  • Business: $49/editor/month
  • Professional: $99/editor/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing 


  • Unlimited roadmaps
  • Diverse pricing options 
  • Feedback & insight collection
  • Onboarding support and training 


  • Needs better collaboration features 

Best Agile Product Roadmap Tools: Comparison Table 

Do you find scanning the details of as many as ten reviews of equally adept software time-consuming? Do you need a quicker way to arrive at a decision regarding which is the best agile product roadmap tool for your needs? 

The below table highlighting all the major differences across parameters like pricing, project views, availability of a free trial, etc., is exactly what you need!

Software Best For Pricing  Project Views Free trial/Free Plan Refund/Money-back
Monday.com Team collaboration and Kanban templates  Starting at $8/seat/month Board, Gantt charts, list view Free plan Within 30 days of purchase 
Trello Workflow visualization and automation Starting at $5/user/month Board, list, map, timeline Free plan Custom policy
Smartsheet Beginners Starting at $7/user/month Spreadsheet, Gantt chart, Timeline, Calendar, and List views Free plan Within 30 days of purchase
Zoho Sprints Creating sprints Starting at $6/month Board, list, custom Free plan Not Available
Teamwork Grouping employees Starting at $10/user/month Scrum, kanban board, Gantt charts Free plan Not Available
Airfocus  Adaptability  Starting at $15/editor/month Roadmap, table, chart, board 14-day free trial Within 30 days of purchase
ProdPad Now/Next/Later roadmaps Starting at $20/editor/month Kanban boards & charts  At Least 7 days  Not Available
Product Plan Idea & feedback management  Starting at $39/user/month Roadmaps and tables  14-day free trial Not Available
Bitrix24 Feature diversity Starting at $49/user/month Gantt charts & Kanban boards Free plan Not Available
Wrike Cloud storage Starting at $9.80/user/month List, board, table, Gantt chart Free plan Custom policy
Roadmunk Custom design Starting at $19/month Roadmaps 14-day free trial Not Available

What is An Agile Product Roadmap Tool?  

Sure, the ultimate result you’re striving for will have numerous benefits for customers, but without an exact path to getting there, you’ll waste a lot of money and time in the process.

By clearly communicating the most efficient method from the beginning of the project, you will synergize your team’s efforts and obtain exceptional outcomes. That’s where roadmaps come in!

They help you see your project’s objectives and describe your overall strategy as a set of connected activities. An agile product roadmap tool outlines your company’s strategy for recognizing a strategic product vision.

Additionally, it describes how a specific product is likely to change, work with stakeholders, and generate revenue. Product owners use roadmaps to describe their products’ expected functionality and identify possible release dates.

In an agile setting, change occurs quickly and frequently, so the roadmap must be able to resist these changes and adapt to the project. This makes an agile product roadmap more complicated than a typical product roadmap.

Note that you also have the option to produce an internal or external roadmap depending on how you will use the roadmap. An agile product roadmap tool outlines a product’s executive strategy as well as its general objectives.

Product roadmap software solutions commonly provide the following features, though they may vary depending on the platform.

  • Collaboration: Offer comments, review and share roadmaps with internal and external stakeholders, and chat with other team members to discuss concepts and problems.
  • Product Portfolio Supports: Create roadmaps for products, allocate tasks for the product life cycle to various teams, and monitor progress using a single interface with color coding to show status.
  • Workflow Management: Create new workflows for multiple products, including records for their features, releases, initiatives, requirements, and goals, or change the ones that already exist.
  • Task Management: Drag and drop things to create task lists, order tasks according to priority, and monitor progress using personalized time frames for each month, quarter, or sprint.
  • Planning Boards: Establish product planning boards where teams may discuss new projects, share ideas, and decide which product elements to deploy first.
  • Template Management: Predefined visual roadmap templates to aid in the creation of product launch plans, diagrams, release plans, marketing plans, and product development timeframes.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Combine different roadmap views for data analysis to create and share reports using charts, pivot tables, graphs, and lists.
  • Third-party Integrations: Data can be shared with other issue-tracking, project management, and document-sharing platforms via open APIs and built-in integrations.

Does My Business Need an Agile Product Roadmap Tool?

A product roadmap is an indispensable agile development tool for any company that wants to keep creating a competitive product. The Agile roadmap enables teams to concentrate on the big picture, challenging conventional agile resources and techniques.

When participating in dynamic and competitive scenarios, you cannot work with a static plan. In these situations, an agile roadmap is ideal. Here are a few benefits you can expect:

  • They give your team guidance. 
  • They ensure that all the team members are on the same page regarding product priorities. 
  • They provide consensus-building and feedback so all team members and stakeholders can buy into the procedure.
  • They examine every phase of the product journey to spot any gaps.

For instance, your sales team might use your roadmap to answer inquiries from potential customers regarding upcoming releases. Your Customer Success team might want to follow up on a customer’s feature request. The roadmap may need to be viewed very differently by each team.

They give development teams a seamless and cooperative planning process while upholding the stakeholders’ expected strategic goals and product vision.

Additionally, the adaptability offered by agile product road mapping delights clients by reliably catering to their changing whims, demands, and preferences. Although project roadmaps are excellent, building one from scratch can be challenging.

An agile project roadmap software can make your job easier while allowing your team to perform at its peak. With the appropriate product roadmap software, you can get all of the benefits without the trouble of creating a spreadsheet.

What Are the Benefits of Agile Product Roadmap Tools?

An efficient product roadmap software will save you time, assist you in creating project goals, make your life as stress-free as possible, and optimize your management processes. Here are some of the main advantages an agile project roadmap tool can provide for you and your team.


Most project roadmap tools and software include extra features to improve user experience and promote efficient management. Road mapping tools are superior compared to standard spreadsheets, from highlighting comments to enabling you to prioritize activities and create visual plans.

Outline Your Project Goals

The primary objective of a project roadmap is to establish project objectives before scheduling your kickoff meeting and developing your project plan. Your road map helps you understand where you are currently and where you are ultimately going. 

Having your project objectives outlined early on will help you develop clarity and achieve your goals, even while it won’t contain many specifics about how you’re getting there.

Sharing and Communicating

It makes no difference whether you want to communicate internally or externally; it only makes it easier to explain your strategies, vision, and goals to others and get everyone on the same page. 

With a road mapping tool, you can share your strategy with the rest of your company or externally with partners, users, and other stakeholders to help everyone understand where you’re going and the objectives you’ve established.

It can be beneficial for the development teams to know what and why they will work on creating a product. 

Aesthetics and Intuitive UI

Aesthetics are sometimes overlooked in many technical applications, but visualization tools must also be visually appealing. Your team will respond favorably to a seamless, attractive roadmap instead of a clumsy design with a boring theme. 

Most roadmap software and solutions include incredibly detailed and attractive roadmap designs to ensure you can convey the most information possible without any problems. These tools’ user interfaces are straightforward and require little prior training.

Highlight Focus Area

Knowing where the journey leads and what the objectives are for each of your products is crucial. A roadmap enables you to stay on course and accomplish your goals.

Visual roadmaps with objectives and results foster a shared knowledge of desirable customer-focused and organizational outcomes among all stakeholders. Roadmap visualization can be a powerful tool for encouraging teams to focus on and prioritize the most relevant tasks to the organization.

For this, consider an outcome-oriented roadmap focused on the issues and outcomes your team seeks to address with your product. For example, your goal can enhance product use and acceptance, boost sales conversions, decrease user task completion times, or save costs.

Promote Transparency

An agile team will call a spade a spade, and having a roadmap helps teams keep communication transparent throughout their project. It maintains transparency regarding the specifics of the product and the projected completion date.

In an agile setting, where change is a constant, route mapping facilitates updating and sharing of plans. As a result, road mapping and agile methods support each other to ensure the success of a product team.

A roadmap can also be a helpful project-tracking tool since it makes it possible to keep track of milestones and ensure on-time delivery.

Embrace Fast-Paced Changes

An agile product roadmap is the best option for teams using the agile methodology for its flexibility. Agile can also describe a wide range of industries and tasks since it’s an all-encompassing term. 

Undoubtedly, each team operates distinctly. However, teams working in an agile environment should expect the following:

  • Operations in short cycles
  • Preparedness for accepting and implementing the changes
  • Quick changes 
  • Working on the feedback
  • Multiple checkpoints for evaluating your feedback and work

Because of this inherent flexibility, you must respond immediately to the changes. An agile product roadmap is effective in this situation since it does not set strict deadlines for your work.

To help your team develop realistic sprints, you might keep the dates of an agile roadmap monthly or quarterly. A Statement of Intent may be included in some roadmaps, but it never limits how changes are implemented.

A Statement of Intent is helpful for some teams, but frequent deadlines are crucial for other groups to stay on course. Either is achievable on an agile product roadmap, depending on your workflow.

How We Evaluated the Best Agile Product Roadmap Tools?

Most agile product roadmap tools offer similar features — more or less, including workflows, customizable templates, task lists, and visualization. In this section, we’ll go over the factors we considered to evaluate the best roadmap tools.


The needs of your firm are particular to you; therefore, any roadmap tool you use should consider that. For instance, some businesses favor using branded colors on their roadmaps. Do you find this necessary?

Not every team member must have the ability to change the roadmap. Does a road mapping tool make it simple to set access controls and enable view-only access? What about feature requests and customer feedback?

Will your road mapping tool require a means to organize external requests and feedback? Don’t accept less: a solid road mapping tool will meet your specific requirements.

Third-party Integrations 

An excellent product is created through staff feedback, collecting information, and consumer opinions from various sources.

When shopping for product roadmap software, make sure it connects with your existing collaboration, project management, CRM, social networking, and other tools. Additionally, check for software programs with APIs for connecting to other applications.

Mobile App Accessibility

Product managers have a lot to do and frequently need to communicate with stakeholders around the globe. Product roadmap software that includes a native mobile app allows you to monitor status, modify tasks, track progress, and send communications while on the go. 

Look for solutions with mobile apps that function on all widely used operating systems, including iOS, Windows, and Android.


Product roadmaps include sensitive information about your business and your products, the information you don’t want to get into the hands of your competitors.

To have complete control over how and when you distribute your roadmap, choose a road mapping application that requires a private link or secure login that takes data security seriously.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Since 41% of product managers update their roadmaps monthly, you should know all about a road mapping tool’s functionality and usability before jumping in to use it.

Consider how often you’ll want to get the information updated. How long do you expect it will take to update your roadmap? If you’re not careful, some tasks on the roadmap may take a lot of time. 

You can save time and streamline procedures by selecting a road mapping system that interacts smoothly with the technologies you and your team are already familiar with.

Common Agile Product Roadmap Tool Examples

Your product roadmap is an excellent tool for communication and, therefore, must be visually appealing and convey a narrative to people who access and view it. 

The days of displaying roadmaps in Excel and PowerPoint are long gone. Making roadmaps using outdated technologies is time-consuming and challenging to update compared to cloud-based alternatives. 

There are many tools on the market that can assist you in creating the best roadmap possible for your requirements. Examples of product roadmaps include:



Monday.com is an excellent tool for creating a personalized project roadmap. You may make stunning roadmaps using an intuitive UI. It’s a comprehensive project management tool appropriate for both small and large enterprises in any industry. More than 100,000 teams from all around the world rely on Monday.com to manage their projects.



Trello is a popular project management tool known for its boards’ customizability, which gives you enough liberty to make a basic roadmap. Trello’s free version might be all you need for making simple internal roadmaps.

Its collaboration features are its strongest suit — sharing your Trello roadmap with different team members or stakeholders is straightforward.

Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints is a well-known cloud-based product roadmap solution. The solution offers features such as user dashboards, scrum boards, timers, reporting, and timesheets and is designed for agile teams.

Additionally, native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are available for accessing Zoho Sprints. The solution has a monthly subscription price and provides email, user community, knowledge base, and online help from support.

Conclusion: What is the Best Agile Product Roadmap Tool?

While all the 11 tools on our list are effective and have specialties suited for particular business needs, Monday.com clearly emerged as the best of the bunch during our testing.

It comes with real-time insights, Gantt charts & Kanban boards, and features for close-knit and transparent communication. What makes it a must-have though is its 30-day money-back guarantee on top of a free forever plan, not to mention that its most basic paid plan starts at as low as $8 per month. 


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