Matchday 3 of the Premier League kicks off at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and the Spurs will be looking to grab another win against Wolves. After a dramatic end to a 2 – 2 draw at Stamford Bridge, Conte and his boys will be more than ready to battle it out with Wolves on their home ground. 

Football fans living in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the US can watch Tottenham vs Wolves live from their countries. However, Premier League fans staying abroad either permanently or temporarily will have a hard time watching the match. Luckily, this article will put you through the easiest way to watch Tottenham vs Wolves from anywhere in the world using a VPN. 

How To Watch Tottenham vs Wolves From Abroad

Whether you are staying abroad either for business or pleasure, watching Tottenham vs Wolves seamlessly is only possible using a VPN. As experts in the field, we believe Surfshark to be one of the best VPN services to watch Tottenham vs Wolves live. The following is a simple step-by-step on how to install a VPN service; 

  • Step 1 – Install a VPN (we recommend Surfshark): Create and register an account with Surfshark, and install the app on your device. 
  • Step 2 – Choose a Server: Once installation is complete, select a server in your preferred country. 
  • Step 3 – Create an Account with your Preferred Streaming Channel: No account with a streaming platform? Visit your preferred streaming platform’s website and create an account. 
  • Step 4 – Start streaming Tottenham vs Wolves: Once the account is created, you’re set to watch Tottenham vs Wolves free online. 

Step 1: Choose a VPN

To have unrestricted access and a hitch-free streaming experience watching Tottenham vs Wolves, you will have to set up a decent VPN provider on your device. By setting up a VPN app on your device, you will be able to skip geo-restrictions set up by many streaming platforms. One of the best VPN providers that help to achieve that is Surfshark

1. Surfshark – The Best VPN To Stream Tottenham vs Wolves

As regards the best VPN providers available on the market, Surfshark ranks top courtesy of the wide variety of amazing VPN services and tools it provides to its clients. As things stand, Surfshark has set up one of the largest networks of servers compared to other VPN providers. It takes pride in establishing approximately 3,200 servers across 90 countries to facilitate smooth accessibility. Surfshark logo

The remarkable VPN features and tools provided by Surfshark include; 

  • A dedicated IP address.
  • Manual server selection
  • A prime locking option
  • Incredible streaming speed

Surfshark, an affordable VPN for streaming

With Surfshark effortlessly providing these tools and services, its clients are assured of an unrestricted and seamless experience watching Tottenham vs Wolves. Asides from the incredible features listed, Surfshark also guarantees smooth access to numerous sports channels like Sky Sports, BT Sports, TSN, Optus, and many more. This provides Surfshark clients the luxury of streaming multiple games and other sports besides football.

Another feature of Surfshark worth mentioning is its cheap subscription options for its amazing devices. The pricing is very affordable and it’s categorized based on subscription length. 

The pricing includes; 

  • 1 month – $12.95 per month 
  • 12 months– $3.99 per month 
  • 24 months – $2.49 per month.  

Finally, Surfshark also offers its clients a 30-day money-back guarantee which enables them to test out its services at zero cost for 30 days. 

What we like:

  • Fast speed 
  • 30-day Money-back guarantee
  • Affordable subscription plans 
  • 3,200 servers across 92 countries 

2. NordVPN 

In need of another alternative to Surfshark? NordVPN is also a great choice of VPN provider. It is a direct rival to Surfshark, offering healthy competition to provide the best VPN services to potential clients. For us, this qualifies NordVPN as one of the best VPNs available on the market. 

PureVPN devices

Presently, NordVPN boasts of having the largest network of servers with more than 5,000 servers established in over 50 countries. This large fleet of servers allows its clients unrestricted access to numerous sports channels. 

NordVPN also offers distinct and incredible VPN services and tools such as six simultaneous connections, and a WireGuard technical solution that guarantees amazing speed and splitting tunnel options. These services facilitate vast flexibility and accessibility to NordVPN clients all over the internet. 

Talking about accessibility, NordVPN delivers free access to sports channels like SkySport, ESPN, TSN, and BBC iPlayer. Regarding pricing, NordVPN subscription plans are quite fair. The VPN provider offers one of the most affordable pricing for each of its subscription plans. The subscription plans are tiered and priced based on the extra features offered. The subscription plans are Standard, Plus, and Complete. 

 The pricing includes; 

  • Standard – $11.99 per month 
  • Plus – $12.69 per month 
  • Complete – $13.99 per month. 

That’s not all, each of the subscription plans comes with massive discounts. Although, the discount is only triggered when clients subscribe to the 2-year duration plan. Lastly, NordVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee allowing its clients to tear out its services at zero risk.

Step 2: Install Your VPN

Ready to try out the amazing features of Surfshark? The next step to take is to download and install the Surfshark app. To do this, go to the Surfshark official website, find the “Get Surfshark” icon, and click on the icon. The resulting page should take you through the first stage of the registration process. 

Surfshark Pricing

On the registration page, you will be prompted to fill in your data and then make corresponding payments. The Surfshark official website features multiple payment methods to ease payment for subscriptions. The payment methods available on the website include; ACH transfer, Google Pay, crypto payment, debit/credit cards, and so on. Once payment is successful, you can then download and install the Surfshark app on your device. 

Surfshark VPN

Concerned about the app’s compatibility with your device? That shouldn’t be a source of worry. The Surfshark app is compatible with popular and common operating systems like Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows. Once you’ve successfully installed the app, open the app and choose a server.  

Step 3: Go To The Streaming Channel Of Your Choice 

After you must have confirmed that installation is smooth and you’re actively connected to a server, you are set to watch Tottenham vs Wolves. All that’s left to do is open your streaming platform and turn to the sports channel that will be airing the match. 

Fortunately for Premier League fans, Tottenham vs Wolves will be airing live on multiple sports channels across several countries. 

How To Watch Tottenham vs Wolves Live Stream In The US

Premier League fans residing in the United States can watch Tottenham vs Wolves live on the 20th of August 2022 on NBC Sports. Another streaming channel option is Peacock Premium which charges $9.99 per month to have access to its streaming services. 

How To Watch Tottenham vs Wolves Live Stream In The UK

Tottenham vs Wolves will kick off at exactly 12:30 pm UK time on the 20th of August 2022. Fans residing in the UK can watch Tottenham vs Wolves live on BT Sport. If you are not subscribed to BT Sports, you will need to pay a monthly fee of £25 to get access to the channel. 

The BT Sport Monthly Pass will give you full access to BT Sport Channels which include BT Sport ESPN, BT Sport 1, BT Sport 3, BT Sport 2, and all live events on BT Sport Extra and BT Sport Ultimate. 

A great deal right? Although, if you are not residing in the United Kingdom, you can still stream Tottenham vs Wolves using an Ideal VON provider like Surfshark

How To Watch Tottenham vs Wolves Live Stream In Canada 

Canadians can watch Tottenham vs Wolves on Fubo TV. DAZN previously streamed all the premier league matches of last season in Canada but this year’s license has been awarded to Fubo TV. This latest action although having resulted in a minor increase in subscription fees from CAN$20 (DAZN,) to CAN$24.99 (Fubo TV) per month. 

The $24.99 pricing is for the Essentials plan, which offers clients access to all Serie A and Premier League matches. In addition to that, subscribers will have access to 29 other channels including MLB Network and BeInSports. Meanwhile, the Premium plan ($39.99) gives subscribers access to 20 additional entertainment channels which includes all channels accessible on the Essentials plan. 

How To Watch Tottenham vs Wolves Live Stream In Australia 

Aussies can watch Tottenham vs Wolves live on Optus Sport. All Premier League games of 2022/23 will be streaming live on Optus Sports in Australia. You can gain access to the sports channels with your smartphone or tablet, Chromecast, and/or Apple TV. To have access to Optus Sport, you will have to pay $24.99 AUD per month. Although you have a chance to qualify for a huge discount if you opt for a one-year subscription plan which goes for AUD 199 per year.

Presently not in Australia? You can still watch Tottenham vs Wolves from abroad using good VPN providers like Surfshark.

How To Watch Tottenham vs Wolves Live Stream In New Zealand 

Football fans residing in New Zealand can stream Tottenham vs Wolves live on Sky Sports. If you are not subscribed to the channel, you will have to pay about $60.98 NZD every month to gain access. You can also choose to pay for the Sky Sport Now service, which gives you access to only Sports channels at a cheap rate of $19.99 per week, $39.99 per month, or $399 per year. 

Residing outside New Zealand? You can still watch Tottenham vs Wolves from anywhere in the world by using one of the best VPN services such as Surfshark.

Tottenham vs Wolves Preview

After last week’s drama at Stamford Bridge, Tottenham will be looking to replicate their dominant home win over Southampton against Wolves. Although, Wolves are more of a difficult team to crack. 

Tottenham vs Wolves

However, for Tottenham, the first two games of 2022/23 of the Premier League have been quite encouraging. The dominant nature of their game against Southampton and the dramatic draw against Chelsea shows a confident Tottenham team. 

Most importantly for Spurs, there’s now a general belief that the team has enough technical players to break down lesser teams. With Richarlison and Son on the Wings and Harry Kane leading the offense, Tottenham is considered a formidable team this season. 

The contrast between the first two match fixtures by Tottenham will certainly have pleased Conte, a coach who is known to instill both tenacity and guile into his team. In anticipation of the match, Tottenham is a clear favorite but they also will be weary of dropping any points against Wolves after Chelsea’s drama. 

For Wolves, the plan will be to take advantage of any weakness Tottenham would show during the match while keeping their defense as tight as possible. The last match against Tottenham last season saw Wolves earn a 2 – 0 win after keeping their defense tight. Will they be able to replicate last year’s result, tune in to find out!


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