Living in the Digital Age has made numerous technologies indispensable to our daily lives, and mobile phones are at the forefront of the technological race. 

As a result, our smartphones are packed with private information and financial data. But are they protected? Unlike computers, our mobiles leave the safety of our home networks quite often. So, your sensitive information is more likely to be intercepted or hacked.

VPNs for Android devices encrypt web traffic and conceal it from prying eyes. Interested in browsing the web from the UK on your Android device using a VPN? Read on to find the top VPNs in the UK for Android devices.

10 Best VPNs for Android UK for 2024

Once you’ve decided to start using VPN for Android, it’s time to find a provider that suits you. However, the choice is not easy. The market offers numerous solutions with nuanced differences you might not catch at first glance. 

To help you out, we’ve given our team of experts the task of finding the best VPN apps for Android UK 2024 companies. They’ve researched the market, leaving no stone unturned, and come up with a top 10 list. You can find the list and their primary qualities below. Have a look:

  1. NordVPN — Best VPN for Android UK 2024, with more than 5,000 servers across 60+ countries, offering fast connections, a double VPN, and a no-logs policy.
  2. Surfshark — Easy-to-use service, which is fast and affordable, comes with great security tools, and allows unlimited connections.
  3. ExpressVPN — Top pick for new users, with high-speed connections, strong customer support, and multiple layers of privacy protection.
  4. Proton VPN — Best free VPN app for Android, which is fast, safe, and reliable, and which comes with a host of features to ensure secure, private browsing.
  5. CyberGhost — Reliable solution for gaming, torrenting, and streaming, with robust encryption and a generous money-back offer.
  6. Private Internet Access — An intuitive service with powerful encryption, an adblocker, and lots of options for customization.
  7. Hotspot Shield — Easy-to-use app, with broad global server coverage across 85 countries and 115 locations and extensive tools for accessing streaming services.
  8. IPVanish — Top provider with advanced encryption, lots of customization options, fast download speeds, and great apps for Android and iOS.
  9. StrongVPN —  An affordable VPN for Android, which is intuitive, simple, supports 12 connections at once, and which has apps for most major platforms.
  10. Atlas VPN — An ideal choice for beginners, that’s intuitive, comes with advanced security and privacy features, and allows unlimited bandwidth and devices.

Top VPNs for Android in the UK in 2024 — Reviewed

Now that you’re familiar with our top 10 best VPN for Android UK 2024 list, it’s time to dig a little deeper. Our experts had a look into each of these providers, tested their features, explored their characteristics, and considered their pros and cons. 

They’ve summarized their research into ten mini-reviews for your convenience. The reviews provide a short analysis of each provider and list their main traits, advantages, and disadvantages. 

We’ve featured all our best VPN for Android UK 2024 reviews below. Feel free to go through each of them to find the best solution for your needs.

1. NordVPN — Best VPN for Android UK 2024

NordVPN is one of the industry’s most respected and recognizable brands and also rated as the best VPN for the UK, according to our experts. It currently boasts more than 10 million users worldwide and has over 5,000 servers in around 60 countries. It’s easy to use and covers up to 6 connections from one account at once. 

NordVPN uses NordLynx — an upgrade on WireGuard — that offers a stable and speedy connection that reaches up to 760 Mbps. The solution allows you to unblock a wide variety of streaming services and apps, from YouTube to HBO Max – making it a contender for best VPN for Android for streaming.

NordVPN is the best for Android

NordVPN has many strong points, but its specialties are safety and privacy features. The provider owns and operates many servers and uses state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption. 

This combo builds an impenetrable wall of security, but NordVPN goes a step further. It has several additional protection tools on offer. For instance, its Threat Protection can scan your downloads for malware, and its Double VPN can route your traffic through two extra servers.

Number of servers 5,000+
Number of countries 61
Max number of devices supported 6
US speed range 220–760 Mbps
UK customers Yes
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Price 2-year plan: $3.99/mo
1-year plan for $4.99/mo
1-month plan for $11.99/mo


  • Ease of use 
  • Numerous domestic and worldwide servers
  • Fast native protocol
  • Impressive security features
  • 24/7 live chat customer support


  • Renewal prices on the higher side

2. Surfshark — Fast, Affordable Easy-to-Use Service

Surfshark is one of the best VPN services for 2024, as well as a close runner-up to NordVPN. If you’re looking for a user-friendly VPN tool for Android, this is the way to go.

Surfshark’s users have access to around 3,200 servers in 65 countries and can use its services from an unlimited number of connections. Its Android app is known as one of the best on the market when it comes to functionality. It’s easy to get the hang of and simple to use on a daily basis. It even has customizable features that’ll make your life easier. For example, one allows users to skip a few steps when setting up.

#It is also one of the best VPNs for firestick in the UK which allows you to to unlock any country-specific Netflix library.

Sufrshark One VPN is easy to use

This VPN offers a WireGuard-powered connection that reaches 790 Mbps. It can unlock all apps and streaming services your heart desires, from Japanese Netflix to Canadian Disney Plus. So, it’s an excellent choice if streaming is one of the primary reasons you want a VPN.

Surfshark also has a few great security features up its sleeve. Its members can count on AES-256 encryption, split tunneling, kill switch, multi-hop, and several static IPs to keep them safe. On top of that, this VPN service uses private DNS and offers a GPS location spoofer.

Number of servers 3,200+
Number of countries 65
Max number of devices supported Unlimited
US speed range 90–790 Mbps
UK customers Yes
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Price 24-months plan for $2.49/mo
12-months plan for $3.99/mo
Monthly plan for $12.95/mo



  • Straightforward Android app
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Reliable unblocking features
  • Various security tools
  • Affordable pricing


  • Independently audited privacy policy

3. ExpressVPN — Top Pick for New Users, with High-Speed Connections

ExpressVPN takes the third spot on our best VPN for Android UK 2024 list for several reasons. However, its security features were what impressed our experts the most. 

The provider uses AES-256 encryption, fantastic kill switches, an underrated open-source Lightway protocol, excellent third-party security and privacy policy audits, split tunneling, leak protection, and more.

Express VPN has the best security

ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers in 160 locations across 94 countries. It offers a highly-functional Android app with one of the most comprehensive interfaces you’ll find out there. The app is filled with handy tools like a configurable toolbar that provides a shortcut to your favorite sites.

The connection speeds peak at around 630 Mbps, just below the previous two competitors. It also stacks up well against its competition in terms of unblocking streaming services and apps. So, you’ll have no trouble accessing Netflix, Amazon Prime, or BBC iPlayer from abroad. It is one of the best VPNs according to Reddit users for 2024.

Number of servers 3,000+
Number of countries 94
Max number of devices supported 5
US speed range 375–430 Mbps
UK customers Yes
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Price 1-year plan for $8.32/mo
6-month plan for $9.99/mo
1-month plan for $12.95/mo


  • High-quality security features
  • Numerous server locations
  • Well-engineered mobile app
  • Consistent unblocking services
  • 24/7 live chat customer support


  • Costly pricing plans

4. Proton VPN — Best Free VPN for Android

Users searching for the best free unlimited VPN for Android devices might be interested in Proton VPN. This solution’s free version has passed many of our tests with flying colors.

Proton VPN currently has over 1730 servers in 63 countries. You can access as many as 23 of them for free without worrying about bandwidth limits. Proton offers a stable connection you can use on up to 10 devices at the same time, which is a record on our list so far. 

Proton is the best free VPN Android

This VPN provider also has a lot to offer in terms of security and privacy. It uses WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols in combination with its VPN accelerator tool. Its multi-hop solution routes traffic through extra servers, and its kill-switch feature guards users’ identities. This solution even comes with several Secure Core servers in special locations if you ever feel you need extra security.

Proton’s unblocking services are up to industry standards, too. Our team was able to unlock exclusive content from a variety of countries around the world. However, you should know this service is not included in its free plan.

Number of servers 1,730+
Number of countries 63
Max number of devices supported 10
US speed range 360–670 Mbps
UK customers Yes
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Price Free plan forever
2-year plan for $4.99/mo
1-year plan for $5.99/mo
1-month plan for $9.99/mo


  • Excellent free plan with unlimited bandwidth
  • Scores of special features
  • Solid security solutions
  • High connection speed
  • Good streaming results


  • Money-back guarantee only applies to unused subscription time

5. CyberGhost — Reliable Solution for Gaming, Torrenting, and Streaming

Halfway through our best VPN for Android UK 2024 list sits a provider with more than a decade of experience in the industry — CyberGhost. Time has done wonders for this provider in terms of features and service quality.

CyberGhost’s server coverage surpasses its competitors by a wide margin. This VPN offers over 8,000 servers in around 90 destinations around the globe. Its servers have stable and fast connections you can use on up to seven devices simultaneously. Plus, according to our tests, its connection speed reaches up to 800 Mbps. 

CyberGhost has fantastic features

CyberGhost’s security features don’t disappoint either. Its users can pick between WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols, take advantage of auto-connect for unsecured WiFi networks, and enjoy tight AES-256 encryption security. They can also access apps using split tunneling and avoid VPN blocking with the random port feature.

This solution comes with a plethora of special features, too. The list includes ad and malicious content blockers, domain fronting features, dedicated streaming tools, and others.

Number of servers 8,000
Number of countries 90
Max number of devices supported 7
US speed range 145–850 Mbps
UK customers Yes
Money-back guarantee 45 days
Price 3-years plan for $2.23/mo + 4 months free
2-year plan for $3.25/mo
1-year plan for $4.29/mo
1-month plan for $12.99/mo


  • Straightforward interface
  • Feature-rich solution
  • Plenty of servers
  • High connection speeds
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


  • No security audit

6. Private Internet Access — Intuitive Service with Powerful Encryption

Private Internet Access (PIA) is part of the same company group as CyberGhost and has a similar track record. The provider excels on many fronts, but its strongest suit is its server coverage.

PIA currently boasts a vast network of over 30,000 servers that extends across 77+ countries. So, it beats all other VPN solutions on our list in terms of accessibility. This network makes PIA a good choice for users looking for specific geo-locations, as they’re likely to find them here.

PIA servers have pretty stable connections, but their speeds are average compared to the competition. Their download speed ranges around 320 Mbps, which can be problematic when downloading large files or gaming. Nevertheless, it won’t slow you down if you’re streaming or browsing the web.

PIA has the best server offer

Like its sister provider, PIA uses two protocols to protect its users — OpenVPN and WireGuard. It also offers ads, malware, and tracker blockers, a dependable kill switch, port forwarding tools, and several other helpful security features. Additionally, its Android app has an ioXt Alliance certificate, which confirms its compliance with industry standards.

Apart from these features, PIA’s Android app offers numerous special tools, an informative website, and efficient customer support.

Number of servers 30,000+
Number of countries 77+
Max number of devices supported 10
US speed range 70–320 Mbps
UK customers Yes
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Price 3-years plan for $2.03/mo + 3 months free
1-year plan for $3.33/mo
1-month plan for $11.95/mo


  • Great server coverage
  • Well-engineered app
  • Numerous configurable features
  • Good security tools
  • Solid streaming results


  • Average connection speed
  • Security audit in development

7. Hotspot Shield — Easy-To-Use App with Great Tools for Accessing Streaming

HotSpot Shield is another rather famous brand on our best VPN for Android UK 2024 list. Its services meet all industry standards, while its streaming features surpass them.

Our team had a whale of a time when testing Hotspot Shield’s streaming services’ unblocking tools. This VPN solution has a specialist location for each country. The feature allows users to unblock any streaming service — from Netflix to Prime — in record time.

Hotspot Shield is best for steraming

Hotspot Shield VPN for Android has over 1,800 servers across 85 countries and 115 cities. While these numbers are modest, all servers are stable and work well. The app is also well-organized and easy to use. It comes with numerous features that other platforms don’t offer. For instance, you’ll be able to adjust your app to filter out sites that don’t work with VPNs and keep your internet running smoothly.

Hotspot Shield still uses Catapult Hydra — its custom protocol. As a result, its connection speeds are not the highest on the market. So, if this is something you value most in VPNs, you might have to choose another provider.

Number of servers 1,800+
Number of countries 85
Max number of devices supported 5
US speed range 300–310 Mbps
UK customers Yes
Money-back guarantee 45 days
Price Free plan forever
Premium yearly plan for $7.99/mo
Premium Family yearly plan for $11.99/mo


  • User-friendly interface
  • Great streaming results
  • Good server variety
  • P2P support
  • Available free plan


  • Connection speed on the lower side
  • No security audit

8. IPVanish — Top Provider, with Advanced Encryption

IPVanish is a VPN provider with a decade of experience and a solid reputation. It offers a wide array of quality services and handy features, but it’s best known for its speed.

IPVanish used to rely on the OpenVPN protocol for a number of years, so its speed wasn’t the best. Nevertheless, the company’s recent decision to switch to WireGuard was a game-changer. This provider now has one of the fastest connection speeds on the market. It peaked at an impressive 890 Mbps on our US line.

In addition to its speed, IPVanish offers a variety of other benefits. Its members can connect to over 2,000 servers in around 50 locations around the world, including China. You can make the most of its offer because this VPN solution doesn’t limit the number of allowed simultaneous connections.

IPVanish is the fastest VPN

IPVanish’s Android app is packed with features. It has a map interface, individually selectable servers, graphs with rolling speed data, split tunneling tools, and much more.

These tools add to the app’s functionality but also clutter its interface. If you’re a fan of a minimalistic look, IPVanish might not be the best choice for you.

Number of servers 2,000+
Number of countries 50
Max number of devices supported Unlimited
US speed range 290–930 Mbps
UK customers Yes
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Price Yearly plan for $3.99/mo
Quarterly plan for $5.32/mo
Monthly plan for $10.99/mo


  • Amazing connection speed
  • Good server variety
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Variety of features
  • Zero-logs policy


  • Cluttered interface
  • Not the best streaming results

9. StrongVPN — Most Affordable VPN for Android

StrongVPN is a California-based company that’s grown into a well-known brand over the last couple of years. If you’re looking for good value for your money, this VPN is the way to go.

StrongVPN boasts an average-sized server network with 950 servers in more than 30 countries. The solution also comes with a feature that can choose the nearest server with the least traffic automatically. So, you won’t have to waste time searching for the best option manually.

Strong VPN is budget-friendly

A large part of this provider’s focus is on its security features. It uses military-grade security — AES 256-bit encryption and owns all its servers, making them more secure. Its users are protected by features like kill switch, split tunneling, leak protection tools, and a zero-logging policy. Plus, they get to use 250G of secure cloud storage from SugarSync regardless of the pricing plan they choose.

StrongVPN works with as many as six protocols. You can choose between WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, SSTP, IPSec, and L2TP, depending on what your needs are. The service even recommends the protocol that suits your device best if you’re unsure what to pick. 

Number of servers 950+
Number of countries 30
Max number of devices supported 12
US speed range 190–600 Mbps
UK customers Yes
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Price Annual plan for $3.66/mo
Monthly plan for $10.99/mo


  • Straightforward interface
  • Good server coverage
  • Numerous security features
  • Various protocol options
  • 250G secure cloud storage


  • Average connection speed
  • Weaker streaming service unblocking tools

10. Atlas VPN — Unlimited Bandwidth and Devices, Ideal For Beginners

Atlas VPN is one of the smallest companies featured on our best VPN for Android UK 2024 list. Its size makes it a perfect solution for those who’ve never used VPNs before and would like to give them a try.

Atlas VPN covers around 36 countries and offers over 750 servers. It’s not the most extensive network we’ve reviewed in this list, but it’s more than enough if you’re new to VPNs. Our tests showed the connection was stable across all servers with little to no buffering. Its premium plan allows users to connect to them on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

Atlas VPN is best for beginners

Atlas offers two protocols — WireGuard or IKEv2 — both of which work on its Android app. The company seems to be working on introducing more protocols in the future, so you can look forward to that. Until then, Atlas’s zero-logs policy, 256-bit encryption, reliable kill switch, and several leak protection tools should be enough to keep you safe.

This provider has a free VPN for Android plan on offer, so you can test its service without investing a cent. However, you should know that this plan includes most but not all of the features we discussed above. For instance, it has a daily data cap of 2GB and offers no streaming service unblocking tools.

Number of servers 750+
Number of countries 36
Max number of devices supported Unlimited
US speed range No result
UK customers Yes
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Price Free plan forever
3-year plan for $1.99/mo
1-year plan for $3.29/mo
1-month plan for $10.99/mo


  • Easy-to-use app
  • Stable connection
  • Free plan
  • Solid security features
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections


  • Small server network
  • Daily data cap on free plan

Best UK Android VPN Services: Comparison

Best UK VPN of 2024 Cheapest paid plan (renewal price) Free plan? Money-back guarantee Devices supported
NordVPN £2.49 (for a two-year subscription) No 30 days Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux
UltraVPN €2.65 (for a two-year subscription) No 30 days Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
CyberGhost VPN £1.7 (for a three-year subscription) No 45 days  Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, TVs, Linux, gaming consoles
Proton VPN €4.99 (for a two-year subscription) Yes 30 days Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux
StrongVPN £2.78 (for the first year of the two-year subscription) No 30 days Windows, Mac, Android, routers
ExpressVPN £5.59 (for a 12-month subscription) No 30 days Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, FireOS and Linux
IPVanish $3.99 (for a 12-month subscription) No 30 days  Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and FireOS 
Surfshark One £1.79 (for a two-year subscription)  No 30-days Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux
ZenMate £1.59 (for a two-year subscription) Yes + a 7-day free trial for paid plans 30-day  iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, browsers
Atlas VPN £1.46 (for a two-year subscription) Yes 30-day  iOS, Windows, Mac, Android

What Is a VPN for Android?

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are tech solutions whose primary function is to protect your internet activity from cybercrime. They do this by routing all your web traffic through their network of secure servers and scrambling it with advanced encryption tools. In this way, they prevent third parties from tracking or monitoring your online activity and accessing any of your private information. 

Besides this function, VPNs can also help you get access to geographically restricted content. They allow you to access their internationally-located servers to use apps or watch content blocked in your country.

VPNs used to be available only for desktop computers. However, an increasing number of VPN companies are now offering their services in an Android app format, as well. These apps carry all features their desktop counterparts do and provide an excellent way to keep your mobile data protected.

How to Use a VPN on an Android Phone in the UK?

If this was your introduction to VPN technology, it might appear too complex for you. However, these apps are designed for everyday use, so they’re pretty easy to set up and navigate. 

We’ve screenshotted our way through the process of setting up and using NordVPN. You can follow the steps in our guide below to help you do this yourself.

1. Open your Google Play Store, enter NordVPN into the search engine, and tap the Install button.

Download the app from PlayStore

2. Launch the app and tap the Sign Up or Log In button, depending on whether you already have a NordVPN account.

Sign up or log in

3. Pick a plan if you’re signing up or enter your account credentials if you’re logging in.

Pick a plan

4. Connect to a NordVPN server by entering the desired country’s name into the search bar, selecting the country from the list, or using the Quick Connect feature. If you’re looking for a specific city, tap on the three dots next to a country’s name on the list or input it into the search bar.

Choose a specific city Connect to the VPNUse a search bar

5. Navigate to the Setting section on your profile to learn more about NordVPN features and adjust them according to your needs.

Explore the VPN

6. Leave the app and continue browsing the web, using apps, or streaming content.

Conclusion: What Is the Best VPN for Android in the UK?

After in-depth research and analysis, our team of experts has concluded that NordVPN is currently the best VPN for Android in the UK. NordVPN is a well-known brand with a proven track record and millions of customers worldwide. Its extensive server network spans numerous locations and delivers stable, secure, and fast connections to its users. On top of that, its app is well-designed, easy to use, and filled with helpful features. 

You can learn more about NordVPN in our best VPN for Android UK 2024 review or simply give it a try. The provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can test the service for free. Don’t miss the chance to secure your mobile activity with the leading provider on the market today.


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