VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that enables you to make and receive phone and video calls over the internet instead of landlines. While it’s more affordable than traditional landlines, you may still have to pay extra if you need more phone numbers or advanced features. 

You may be wondering if there is a way to avoid additional costs and choose the cheapest VoIP phone service with so many options on the market. 

To help you save your time and money, we’ve gathered our favorite cost-effective VoIP providers and explained what kind of companies they fit best. Vonage is our top overall choice because of its low price and feature-rich business VoIP platform.


10 Cheapest VoIP Phone Services for 2023

With VoIP providers, you can have the tools you need for internal and external business communications without breaking the bank. Several cheap VoIP business phone service providers offer low-cost features such as phone calls, SMS texting, team chat, voice conferencing, and so much more. 

Here are the ten best cheap VoIP phone service platforms that cater to all types of companies:

  1. Vonage — Cheapest VoIP Phone Service 
  2. Ooma — Cheapest Residential VoIP Phone Service 
  3. RingCentral Office — Great VoIP phone service with diverse features
  4. Mighty Call — Perfect VoIP platform for small and medium-sized businesses
  5. Nextiva — Great for VoIP functionality 
  6. DialPad — Excellent VoIP for AI tools
  7. Intermedia Unite — Outstanding VoIP solution for integration
  8. 4Com — Top VoIP service for small businesses that prefer flexibility
  9. BT — Best VoIP phone service for remote workers
  10. 8×8Cheap business VoIP phone service 

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Cheapest Phone Services for 2023 Reviewed

This section will analyze each VoIP system in detail, including its advantages and disadvantages and what kind of businesses should use it. 

1. Vonage — Best Overall VoIP Phone Service 

Vonage is the best cheap VoIP service

This New Jersey-based VoIP provider was among the first to offer cloud VoIP phone service to residential customers in 2004. This company provides unified communications services to businesses of all sizes and is an excellent starting point for those looking for a VoIP provider.

Vonage’s most notable features are video conferencing, unlimited calls, text messaging, well-made mobile and desktop apps, multiple integrations, and team collaboration. 

Aside from that, the cloud network it is based on is available 99,999% of the time, offering highly reliable uptime. As a result, any service issues will not impede work. Plus, this platform utilizes several tools that minimize the risk of call dropping or data loss. It is a scalable solution that adapts as your business grows.

However, the more fancy features you add, the pricier it gets. Vonage offers three plans — Mobile, Premium, and Advanced. The first one is quite affordable (starting from $14.99), making Vonage the cheapest VoIP phone service on the market. It’s also the best non-fixed VoIP service. All packages come with unlimited calls and messaging services and mobile app access. But you’ll have to opt for an upgrade to gain access to features like a conference call with over 100 users.

Since Vonage doesn’t offer long-term contracts or annual plans, you must pay for your business phone service monthly. Service plans like this offer flexibility for companies unwilling to commit for a long time, but they are not ideal for organizations that want to save annually.

Many users are satisfied with Vonage’s guided setup, which makes it easy for even inexperienced users to get the hang of both apps — mobile and desktop. Plus, in case of any issues, there is a toll-free number to reach its customer support. 

Provider Starting cost Features Maximum user number Free trial  Support
Vonage $14.99 per user per month Mobile app, 99,999% uptime,

unlimited calls, robust integrations

1–99 14 days 24/7 in-person assistance


  • Exceptional call quality
  • Knowledgeable, helpful support
  • Plenty of features
  • Well-made desktop and mobile apps
  • Extensive Microsoft Teams integrations
  • Simple setup and user-friendly interface
  • One of the best unlimited VoIPs in the UK


  • Limited video conferencing features

2. Ooma — Cheapest Residential VoIP Phone Service 

Ooma is the cheapest home VoIP service

Ooma is a cloud-based software platform founded in California in 2004. It provides VoIP phone services for small and enterprise businesses. Aside from that, the company also sells Wi-Fi business phones and Internet Protocol and provides residential services.

Ooma offers a three-tier business phone service — Ooma Office, Ooma Office Pro, and Ooma Enterprise. The basic plan caters to small businesses of up to ten people with features like calling, faxing, texting, virtual receptionist, and call forwarding. 

Fast-growing companies may outgrow these tools quickly. Thus, they’ll have to upgrade to gain access to more advanced features, like analytics, intelligent call routing, and other software integration. The basic plan doesn’t require a contract, and the users can pay a monthly subscription. However, that is not the case with other Ooma’s plans. 

Ooma has a mobile app providing its users with a business phone number to make calls. For HD video calls on your desktop app, you need to subscribe to the Pro plan. Ooma also finds a place on the list of the best VoIP business phone service in the world.

This company lets you use your analog desk phone and a physical fax machine, provided that you purchase additional hardware and convert them into IP devices. You can make toll-free calls, but the price will depend on the incoming call volume and your subscription plan.

Setting up the Ooma Office takes around 20 minutes, but if you have any issues, you can contact their support available 24/7. 

Provider Starting cost Features Maximum user number (base level) Free trial  Support
Ooma $19.95 per user per month Mobile app, conferencing, virtual fax, virtual receptionist  10 30 days 24/7 phone support and live chat, knowledge base


  • No contract required for small business plans
  • Can be used with existing analog phones
  • Easy setup 
  • Good call quality
  • Encrypted calls on the Ooma network


  • Small businesses may outgrow basic plan capabilities
  • Toll-free service costs extra

3. RingCentral Office — Great VoIP Phone Service With Diverse Features

RingCentral Office has various features

RingCentral is another California-based communication platform specializing in VoIP services. This provider offers a suite of impressive features for VoIP and collaborative purposes. 

In addition to extensive calling features, RingCentral integrates with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, and many CRMs, and provides users with AI-enhanced video captioning. Furthermore, subscribers can hold video conferences, access free phone numbers, receive voicemail transcription, voicemail to email, receive automatic callbacks, send SMS messages, and monitor their calls. This is why this vendor is considered a UCaaS (Unified Communication-as-a-Service) provider.

Users will be happy to know that all four RingCentral MVP subscription plans provide unlimited calls and messaging, video meetings, audio conferencing, and document sharing. Furthermore, businesses can receive real-time analytics and reports on quality-of-service based on the plan they choose.

RingCentral MVP is an easy-to-use platform that appeals to both small businesses and large companies. Aside from all the features, the company also offers a mobile and desktop app that lets you participate in conference calls, manage faxes online, and make and receive calls.

RingCentral’s entry package may be more expensive than its competitors, but it boasts more features. 

Provider Starting cost Features Maximum user number

(base level)

Free trial  Support
RingCentral Office $29.99 per user per month Mobile app, team messaging, video conferencing 1–20 30 days  Live chat, knowledge base, app integration


  • Excellent video conferencing feature
  • Numerous add-on apps
  • AI-backed transcription and call analysis
  • Enhanced collaboration capabilities
  • Secure global PBX services in over 40 countries


  • Limited report customization
  • No 24/7 technical support at entry level

4. MightyCall — Perfect VoIP Platform for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

MightyCall is the best VoIP for small and medium-sized businesses

MightyCall is a virtual phone system with many tools and integrations that make it stand out from the competition. It’s one of the cheapest VoIP phone services for small businesses wishing to ditch traditional landlines.

MightyCall excels at providing essential features like a virtual number, auto-attendants, device support, and call routing. Aside from Android and iOS smartphone apps, this vendor also supports desk phones which can be used with existing IP phones.

Furthermore, Mighty Call offers a number of impressive features, including a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which ensures uninterrupted service. Additionally, there are call recordings, voice-to-text, third-party integrations, and unlimited calls and messages. It has an intuitive app, which is why it finds a place on the list of the best VoIP apps of the industry. 

Users can choose between three packages, each increasing in features and price based on the number of people. For instance, if your team has high call volumes, it is best to look at the upper-tier packages.

Provider Starting cost Features Maximum user number

(base level)

Free trial  Support
MightyCall $24 for 2 users  99,999% uptime, unlimited calls and SMS, mobile app, conference calls 2 7 days 24/7 phone assistance, live chat, ticketing system, knowledge base


  • Clever answering rules
  • Demo available
  • Internal messaging options
  • Dial-by-name directory with all plan tiers
  • Voice-to-text transcription


  • IP phones support only above base tiers
  • International numbers pay extra

5. Nextiva — Great for VoIP Functionality

Nextiva is excellent for VoIP functionality

Headquartered in Arizona, Nextiva is a cloud-based VoIP provider offering a full range of voice, messaging, and video tools. 

The company offers plans for large and small businesses that include unlimited video calling and internet fax, unlimited calling in the US and Canada, iGoogle and Outlook contacts integration, and a toll-free and free business phone number. With Nextiva, teams can communicate, collaborate, view videos, and use desktop and mobile applications. 

Aside from its user-friendly platform, Nextiva is also known for its 99.99% uptime, which means that you can expect nothing less than HD call quality and crisp, clear conversations.

The company is quite generous regarding the video conferencing feature, which is included in all Nextiva plans. As for plans, all three are relatively flexible and boast fantastic features that will provide your business with the necessary VoIP services. 

Furthermore, Nextiva is an entirely cloud-based service that works with any VoIP phone. 

Provider Starting cost Features Maximum user number

(base level)

Free trial  Support
Nextiva $23.95 per user per month Mobile app, conversational AI, team chat 1–4 7 days Live chat, knowledge base, ticketing system


  • Strong team collaboration tools
  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • Unlimited voice and video calling
  • Excellent call management features
  • Voice-to-email notifications


  • Short free trial
  • Pricey top-tier plans

6. Dialpad — Excellent VoIP for AI Tools

DialPad is perfect for AI solutions

Another cheap VoIP phone service, Dialpad, offers a user-friendly interface compatible with many desk-based phones, perfect for remote working. Besides being a cloud-based business communication platform, it incorporates artificial intelligence (AI).

With Dialpad VoIP, you don’t have to switch applications to call, message, and video — you can do it all from one place. Plus, it supports the hybrid work environment, which means you can install it on any smartphone or PC. 

Since the platform is AI-powered, collaboration, such as transcribing calls and making meeting notes, is more efficient. Features you can find include unlimited calling and SMS, voicemail transcription, call forwarding, and numerous third-party integrations (Google Workspace, MS Office 365, and Slack). 

Dialpad offers three plans, all incorporating AI for improved customer productivity and interaction. The Standard plan is quite budget-friendly, starting from $15 per user. If you’d like more advanced features like customization using API or Webhooks or adding more participants, you’ll have to choose a pricier package. 

In addition to its comprehensive integration and AI abilities, Dialpad offers easy usage and low prices.

Provider Starting cost Features Maximum user number

(base level)

Free trial  Support
Dialpad $15 per user per month Unlimited video meetings, unlimited calling and SMS, voice intelligence 1 14 days Live chat, knowledge base


  • All plans incorporate AI
  • Affordable base plan
  • Accessible from multiple devices
  • Use your pre-existing phone number
  • Robust integrations


  • Extra cost for faxing
  • Base plan supports one office location and no desk phones

7. Intermedia Unite — Outstanding VoIP Solution for Integration

Intermedia Unite has fantastic integrations

With its cloud-based Unified Communications, email service, and file sharing, Intermedia Unite VoIP solution caters to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. One of its best VoIP services is the cloud-based PBX which simplifies VoIP and video conferencing.

Furthermore, Intermedia’s powerful integration features facilitate the use of third-party apps and software, such as CRMs, Microsoft Outlook, Office and Teams, Slack, and Google Suite. Plus, all the productivity features are integrated within the platform, so scheduling meetings is effortless.

Despite its limited call monitoring capabilities, Intermedia Unite offers a wide array of other features, such as voicemail transcription, electronic faxing, automatic callback, voicemail-to-email, and video conferencing. This provider also offers toll-free numbers for an additional fee. 

There is room for improvement regarding syncing contacts from Microsoft or Google applications, as this is done via a mobile app.

Finally, with Intermedia Unite’s VoIP solutions, companies can get started easily and take full advantage of all this VoIP solution offers with its intuitive and integrated platform.

Provider Starting cost Features Maximum user number

(base level)

Free trial  Support
Intermedia Unite $27.99 Mobile apps, unlimited calling, team messaging, call history 5 No 24/7 phone support, live chat, email, knowledge base


  • Wide array of features
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Reliable with uptime agreement
  • Full-fledged PBX system available via the cloud
  • Robust third-party software integration


  • Limited call monitoring features
  • Slightly more expensive than other options

8. 4Com — Top VoIP Service for Businesses That Prefer Flexibility

4Com offers the utmost flexibility

Aside from being a leading VoIP service, 4Com offers the latest tech Samsung phones suitable for many businesses. This company was founded in Dorset, UK, in 1999 and currently boasts an 8,000-user base.

Its best-seller phones come from the HiHi series, and the team behind it takes care of the installation and training to ensure you reap all the benefits they have to offer. Plus, other phone systems can be tailored to your business needs. 

However, the platform is not ideal for remote working environments because it only works through these phones, and employees can’t use their own devices. That said, these softphones are cost-effective enough to provide each employee with an individual handset. 

4Com offers a variety of features to its users, including VoIP call recording, video conferencing, on-hold marketing, geographical and non-geographical numbers, voicemail, and more. In addition, HiHi devices allow businesses to upload their CRM and social media apps, enabling them to manage these functions wherever they go.

4Com’s VoIP service charges a flat rate of $0.0050 per minute for all calls. There are, however, different rates for calls depending on their destination and duration.

It’s also worth noting that 4Com does not offer fixed package prices. Instead, the provider works with the client to create a quote and determine which features are needed and what the client’s business needs are.

Provider Starting cost Features Maximum user number

(base level)

Free trial  Support
4Com Not available Call management, call recording, on-hold marketing 3–10 Not available 24/7 phone support, knowledge base


  • A range of call features available
  • High number of positive customer reviews
  • Offers a choice of on-premise and cloud-based systems
  • Fully managed service
  • Call recording


  • No pricing information available
  • Limited number of minutes you can use per month

9. BT — Best VoIP Phone Service for Remote Workers

BT is best for remote workers

Being one of the leading UK telecommunications providers, BT boasts a range of services, including cloud, broadband, mobile, and networking. The company covers everything from small businesses to large enterprises. 

To meet the needs of enterprises of different sizes, BT offers three packages, each of which can be customized to include the features users need. Because of this, BT charges based on usage, making their packages more affordable. It is no surprise that this solution is one of the cheapest VoIP phone services available. However, users will still need to sign a contract for their chosen package over a 12- or 24-month period. 

BT VoIP provides its users with a suite of features. CRM integration, audio and video conferencing, voicemail transcription, call monitoring and recording, 3-way calling, and virtual geographical numbers are some of them. 

This company has an extensive FAQ section in case of any issue, or you can reach the support through its live chat. Further, you can also file a complaint on the complaints page or call the service team available during business hours. 

Provider Starting cost Features Maximum user number

(base level)

Free trial  Support
BT Not fixed — Based on individual client needs Unlimited call minutes, video conferencing,  1–249 No Phone support, livechat, knowledge base, email


  • Convenient for mobile and home workers
  • Plenty of system features
  • 24/7 technical support 
  • Experienced phone system
  • Broad choice of phone systems


  • Prices are not available for all packages
  • Poorly rated on certain sites

10. 8×8 — Cheapest Business VoIP Phone Service

8x8 is the cheapest business VoIP phone service

This California-based business phone company was founded in 1987 as a semiconductor firm and later began offering VoIP services. Its client base consists of more than 2 million users in over 160 countries. 

The company offers a system that combines video conferencing, messaging services, and audio phone calls.

With seven plans, 8×8 has something for everyone, from the cost-effective 8×8 Express to the enterprise-quality X-Series. Business owners customize subscriptions so employees can access features relevant to their roles.

The great thing is that the entry tier plan ($15) is feature-rich and comes with an auto-attendant, caller ID, voicemail, conference bridge, and unlimited calling. On the other hand, the X Series (starting from $24) plans offer more advanced options, including unlimited international calling, voicemail transcription, Microsoft Teams, ZenDesk and CRM integrations, and more. They are more suitable for call centers because they come with center analytics, post-call surveys, and skills-based routing.

Regarding customer service, 8×8 provides live chat support and an extensive knowledge base. Despite the lack of phone support, 8×8 has an excellent mobile app that keeps your workforce connected. Thus, users enjoy the ease of maintaining collaborative efforts across teams and countries. This is another reason why 8×8 is among the best VoIP for small businesses

Provider Starting cost Features Maximum user number (base level) Free trial  Support
8×8 $15 per user per month Auto-attendant, intelligent call routing, mobile app, video conferencing 10 30 days Live chat support, knowledge base


  • One of the best internet phone services
  • Inexpensive Base-level Express
  • Compliant with multiple privacy standards
  • Unlimited calls to dozens of countries
  • Easy setup for mobile and desktop users
  • Lots of features in the base offering


  • Video conferencing sessions limited to 100 participants
  • 24/7 service restricted to higher tier-plans

Cheap VoIP Providers: Comparison

To give you a better insight, we have put together a table of the cheapest VoIP phone service providers’ specifics in one place. We have inspected their essential features such as starting price, prominent characteristics, maximum use number on an entry-level, free trial, and customer support. 

Cheap VoIP Service Provider Starting cost  Features Maximum user number (base level)  Free trial  Support
Vonage $14.99 Mobile app, 99,999% uptime,

unlimited calls, robust integrations

1–99 14 days 24/7 in-person assistance
Ooma $19.95 per user per month Mobile app, conferencing, virtual fax,  virtual receptionist 10  30 days 24/7 phone support and live chat, knowledge base
RingCentral Office $29.99 per user per month Mobile app, team messaging, video conferencing 1–20 30 days  Live chat, knowledge base, app integration
MightyCall $24 for 2 users  99,999% uptime, unlimited calls and SMS, mobile app, conference calls 2 7 days 24/7 phone assistance, live chat, ticketing system, knowledge base
Nextiva $23.95 per user per month Mobile app, conversational AI, team chat 1–4 7 days Live chat, knowledge base, ticketing system
Dialpad $15 per user per month Unlimited video meetings, unlimited calling and SMS, voice intelligence 1 14 days Live chat, knowledge base
Intermedia Unite $27.99 Mobile apps, unlimited calling, team messaging, call history 5 No 24/7 phone support, live chat, email, knowledge base
4Com Not available Call management, call recording, on-hold marketing 3–10 Not available 24/7 phone support, knowledge base
BT Not fixed — Quote based on individual client needs Unlimited call minutes, video conferencing  1–249 No Phone support, live chat, knowledge base, email
8×8 $15 per user per month Auto-attendant, intelligent call routing, mobile app, video conferencing 10 30 days Live chat support, knowledge base

How We Evaluated the Best Cheap VoIP Services

Considering that a quick Google search gives you thousands of VoIP providers, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. This is why we evaluated many of them, and here are the criteria we used that can help you choose the right bang-for-your-buck VoIP provider.


When choosing the best cheap VoIP phone service, call quality is the first thing we consider. Thus, one should not settle for anything less than high-quality audio. Great VoIP providers offer HD quality audio that is on par with or better than traditional landlines.  

Total Cost

Since the total price is not only what the VoIP service advertises, we also check whether the additional add-on features, one-time charges, and various miscellaneous features are included in that cost. The monthly bills should be consistent every month, as no one likes surprises along the way. 


Although VoIP services are now more reliable than they used to be, we still check and make specific inquiries about each provider. They need to have a plan in case of an emergency or disaster and be able to assist you if your phone line goes down.


Another essential aspect when inspecting a cheap VoIP provider is the number of features it offers. Some may include unlimited local and long-distance calling, while others may add softphones, IVR, virtual fax, auto-attendant, and mobile-app calling to their list of services. 


Since cheap VoIP providers need to ensure they make a profit, it would be a big mistake to cut corners on something as important as security. We ensure every VoIP service offers encryption for all data and complies with national and international security standards, such as CCPA and GDPR. 

Technical and Customer Support

Service provider customer service availability and reputation mean a lot, primarily if your business relies on communication. Thus, we check the vendor’s responsiveness and how many channels it offers for communication. 

Plans and Third-Party Support

Most service providers offer a slew of plans to choose from. We inspect them and ensure you can select the right one for your business. If a vendor offers multiple subscription plans, it caters to different budgets, and the higher the chances for you to find the one that suits you best.

We also check if a vendor supports third-party systems like CRM and ERP. A reputable VoIP provider should work with your existing tools and then support other smartphone apps, mobile devices, and third-party SIP hardware. You may not need additional features today, but what about tomorrow?

Track Record

As a general rule, a service provider’s reputation and service quality increase with the time they’ve been in business. Although there are exceptions, people generally trust those that stick around. 

Unified Communication 

Unified Communication (UC) has become something most businesses gravitate towards. This refers to joining all your communication channels in one place, including phone calls, texts, instant messages, etc. We also ensure that a provider offers this option since it facilitates the work immensely by preventing employees from switching between multiple apps. 

Is VoIP Cheaper Than Using a Traditional Landline?

VoIP services are becoming the standard for business and consumer communications, and naturally, the call cost is a big deal for both. Thus, it is impossible to avoid asking ‘’Is VoIP cheaper than regular phones?’’ 

The answer is “Yes.” This is because VoIP requires no separate hardware or systems but only an existing internet connection. VoIP eliminates call charges and line rental, making it significantly less expensive than traditional landlines. Additionally, VoIP also includes free minutes, reducing the cost associated with a landline even further. 

What Is the Cheapest VoIP Phone Service?

If you need VoIP phone service just for yourself, no provider compares to Google Voice’s free plan. Google Voice will provide one number and one phone line, which is ideal if you are a solopreneur. The provider also offers a paid plan, but considering the quality, we didn’t include it in our top ten picks.

Furthermore, the free plan won’t get you any advanced features, such as hold music, auto-attendant, call handling rules customization, or anything like that. You will still receive the essential features free of charge — calling and texting. 

What Makes the Cheapest VoIP Provider? 

The benefits of using VoIP over traditional phone service are extensive, so it’s no wonder many people are switching to using VoIP solutions. We have compiled a list of factors that make the cheapest VoIP service. Yet, users should know that the more features they have, the more expensive the service will become. 

Cheap Calling Fees (National and International)

The main advantage of the cheapest VoIP phone service is the low cost of national and international calls. Each vendor will strive to give you better rates than competitors, which you can usually find on their websites. Therefore, before making any calls to a specific country, it is a good idea to check with each provider to see who offers the cheapest per-minute rate. 

Unlimited Calling

When you subscribe to VoIP, you can call any number in any country without overage charges. You don’t have to pay for separate landlines since the calls are routed through the internet. Consequently, companies can call any number outside their local area. This feature benefits businesses by lowering costs by up to 60% compared to landlines. Unlimited calling plans are the cheapest VoIP per minute because they always cost the same.

Reliable Service

With so many cheap VoIP services on the market, you need to separate the wheat from the chaff and choose a service that is reliable and trustworthy. You should pay attention to how long the provider has been in business and read the reviews and feedback about it on the internet. Only then you’ll have a clear picture of the reliability of the vendor and its services. 


A VoIP contract is one of the best ways to find the cheapest VoIP service. One benefit of longer contracts is that monthly rates will be lower. Thus, to get the best VoIP deal, you’ll need to sign a long-term agreement. 

Cheap vs. Expensive VoIP: Which One Should I Use?

You’ll stumble upon multiple ads offering the cheapest VoIP business phone services. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t get expensive. In fact, many budget-conscious companies usually upgrade their VoIP services, as it can be beneficial in the long run. 

As with everything, the price depends on the fancy features you want to include. Some of them are: 

  • Analytics — You can reduce operational costs and increase customer satisfaction by analyzing data. You can use analytics to assess everything from agents’ performances to call volume to customer satisfaction. 
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) — IVR is an automated system that your customers get once they get in touch with you. In addition to saving your company money, your customers can resolve most problems themselves without speaking with anyone.
  • Auto-attendant — When a call comes in, the auto-attendant routes it to the appropriate person. By using this feature, you will receive fewer spam calls as robots cannot dial specific numbers to route to specific locations.
  • Visual voicemail — Listening to your voicemail is also a major waste of time. The visual voicemail feature allows you to receive voicemail transcriptions on your device. 

If you want to keep it less expensive, you can stick to the basic plan, where you can expect to get international and national calls, instant messaging and SMS, conference calling, voicemail, and a few more features. 

The choice between the least expensive and most advanced version depends on your business’s unique needs. 

Cheapest VoIP Phone Service for Home

Aside from offering its small business VoIP solution(Ooma Office), the company also provides a residential VoIP appliance. 

Ooma (Residential) offers the cheapest residential VoIP phone services. There are three devices to choose from — Ooma Telo Air, Ooma Telo, and Ooma Telo 4G. These low-cost devices are located between your internet router and your phone, making installation simple.

Want to know more? Read this VoIP guide to discover everything you need to know or find out more about residential VoIPs here. 

Cheapest VoIP Phone Service for Business

8×8 is the cheapest business VoIP phone service. Its affordable Express plan provides many features that businesses can use without upgrading. A great thing about the Express plan is that it keeps things simple with a fixed rate per user. This means you can begin saving immediately and not after expanding your staff.

Conclusion: What Is the Cheapest VoIP?

Vonage wins first place in the cheapest VoIP phone service battle. It is an all-in-one Voice-over-IP with excellent entry-level plans designed for businesses that wish to switch to a cloud-based communication system. By offering separate purchases for additional features, Vonage ensures that its users only pay for what they need. 

But since every business is different, we suggest checking out the rest of the nine VoIP phone services from our list. We hope our extensive review can help you pick the one that first meets your needs and budget.


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