With one of the best US VoIP services, you won’t have to worry about call charges for customer support or connectivity issues when running your business. By switching to a virtual phone number, you’ll be able to place calls anywhere in the world and delegate tedious communication tasks to save you time and improve your customer service.

With a decision this important, finding the best virtual phone number service provider is no simple task. To help you on your hunt, we’ve reviewed the market’s best US virtual phone number providers. Our top pick is none other than the mighty Ooma, but read on for our reviews to learn how Ooma compares to other leading VoIP providers.

Our Top Pick for the Best US Virtual Phone Number: Ooma

Sure, all the ten tools we’ve picked carry features that can up your business’s ROI, but we’re confident that Ooma is the best of the bunch.

Here are the standout features of Ooma:

  • Ooma acts as a unified communication platform. Reach out to your customers through phone or text and manage it all with Ooma. 
  • The Ooma admin portal gives you complete control over all aspects of your business communication from one platform.
  • Manage all the texts you get from different communication channels in one place with Ooma’s integrated Business inbox.
  • Ooma guarantees 99.9% uptime and a highly responsive and friendly customer support team.

Best US Virtual Phone Number Services | Top 10 Shortlist

We’ve ranked the market’s best virtual phone number US (US VoIP) solutions based on functionality, value for money and scalability, customer support, and user reviews, amongst others. Here’s how each one fared when compared:

  1. Ooma — The best for free calling within the US, with strong features for voicemail-to-email transcription and call monitoring.
  2. Vonage — One of the best US virtual phone numbers, which offers unlimited calls and detailed analytics, making it ideal for personal or office use. Great unified communication platform.
  3. Grasshopper Top pick, with lots of options, great mobile apps, and helpful support – and which is quick to set up and great for automated greetings.
  4. RingCentral Office — Popular provider with comprehensive features across texts, faxes, and HD calls, and which is recommended for call recording.
  5. MightyCall — Service that’s ideal for call screening and which provides toll-free and local numbers. Robust options for custom greetings and call routing.
  6. Phone.com — A reasonably priced option that excels in call forwarding and voicemail tracking and that offers advanced call management capabilities.
  7. Sonetel — Leading firm with great global call forwarding features that comes with a free phone number and the capacity to handle 60 simultaneous calls.
  8. eVoice — Virtual landline provider that supplies free local and toll-free numbers and options for conference calls, call routing, and call center management. 
  9. Google VoiceFree US virtual phone number provider with no limits on use and superb spam detection features. Great for home and work.
  10. 8×8 — Affordable VoIP solution that’s perfect for meeting recording, with a wide-ranging feature set covering everything from chat and video support to visual voicemail.

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The Top US Virtual Phone Number Providers | Reviewed 

This is where we dive into the details of our top 10 picks for the best virtual business phone numbers in the US. We discuss their USPs, pricing plans, advantages, and limitations.

1. Ooma — The Best for Free Calling Within the US

Ooma strives to always keep you connected to your customers, irrespective of where they are. Getting started with Ooma is pretty easy. For instance, they have a live chat support system that helps you through the buying stage.

Even post-purchase, Ooma ensures you have a pleasant experience through its free shipping and activation service, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Best Features:

Here’s what we love about Ooma:

  • Free US Calling — Make as many calls as you want within the USA at no extra charge. All that you have to pay for is the service taxes and fees, wherever applicable.
  • Pure Voice Technology — Ooma’s pure voice technology ensures you get a better connection, clearer audio, and fewer call drops.
  • Backup Number — A backup number ensures that in case your internet is down, you still keep receiving all calls on your second number.
  • Second Line — With Ooma’s second line, you can use the same phone system to take another call, even when you’re on a different call.

More information about Ooma:

Best For Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription  Toll-free Numbers Pricing 
Free US calling 1. Backup number

2. Second line

3. Pure voice technology

Yes Yes On request


Ooma reveals its pricing only on request.


  • Less call dropping
  • Better voice quality
  • Instant second-line connection
  • Money-back guarantee


  • The features on the basic plan are pretty limited

2. Vonage — One of the Best US Virtual Phone Numbers

Vonage has one of the largest networks of virtual calling in the world. With more than 100,000 active users and over 1.15 million developers, they are constantly evolving to meet your growing needs. It’s also one of the best VoIP home phone providers in Canada.

What makes Vonage a popular choice among new business owners is its reliability. They guarantee close to 99.99% uptime and a stellar customer support team always at your service. 


Best Features:

Here’s what we love about Vonage:

  • Unified Communication — Vonage serves as a unified platform for business communication, allowing you to reach out to your customers through text, video conferencing, or even call.
  • Video Collaboration — Speaking of video calls, Vonage has made accessing HD video calls a breeze with their Microsoft Team integration.
  • Admin Portal: With the Vonage Admin Portal, you get a bird’s-eye view of your organization, helping you manage all communication mediums better.
  • Business Inbox — Why waste your time juggling multiple platforms to meet your customers when you can get all messages from every platform directly in your Business box

More information about Vonage:

Best For Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription  Toll-free Numbers Price
Video collaboration 1. Unified communication

2. Video collaboration

3. Admin portal

Yes Yes Starting at $19.99/month


Here are the plans offered by Vonage (pricing is based on a per-user basis):

  • Mobile — $19.99/month
  • Premium — $29.99/month
  • Advanced — $39.99/month


  • Trusted by industry leaders
  • Integrated business inbox
  • Unified communication platform
  • Admin portal for better management 


  • Needs to improve its online chat system

3. Grasshopper — Top Pick with Lots of Calling Features, and Great Automated Greetings

As a business owner, you have a plethora of tasks on your to-do list. So, you shouldn’t have to manually manage calls and texts between your customers and agents. Mundane tasks like these can be easily simplified with tools like Grasshopper. 

The best thing about Grasshopper is that it gives your business a professional look. With features like custom greetings and toll-free numbers, you come across as much more reliable and authoritative. This is perhaps why it’s one of the best VoIP for small businesses.


Best Features:

Here’s what we love about Grasshopper:

  • Different Types of Numbers — Whether you need a toll-free number, local number, or vanity number for your business, Grasshopper has a wide range of options to choose from.
  • Automated Greeting — Automated greetings will keep your customers engaged while you are on another call and take them to the right agent who can answer their queries.
  • Number Porting — You don’t have to get a new number. With Grasshopper, you can simply port your existing number into the new virtual phone system.
  • 24×7 Customer Support — Grasshopper has one of the broadest ranges of customer support available through multiple networks like phone, email, chat, Facebook, and Twitter. 

More information about Grasshopper:

Best For Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription  Toll-free Numbers Price
Automated Greeting 1. Diverse number of options

2. Automated greeting

3. Number porting

Yes Yes Starting at $29/month


Here are the plans offered by Grasshopper:

  • Solo — $29/month
  • Partner — $49/month
  • Small Business — $89/month


  • Free trial
  • Virtual faxing 
  • Diverse number options 
  • Available in mobile apps


  • Cannot send the same message to multiple people at the same time unless it’s a group text

RingCentral Office is another great choice to simplify your daily business communication over text, call, or video conferencing. The tool works for small teams with members as less as 20 to large organizations that need limitless user access.

RingCentral Office is packed with every contemporary feature you will need to jazz up customer communications, including advanced services like call log reports, unlimited online fax, quality of service reports, etc. 

RingCentral Office

Best Features:

Here’s what we love about RingCentral Office, also one of the best VoIP providers in Australia:

  • Call Recording — One of the most popular features of RingCentral Office is call recording. Get everything your customers have to say on record to prevent any contradictions in the future.
  • Hot Desking — Surely, you wouldn’t want one agent occupying your company’s entire phone system. Instead, use hot desking to make phone lines portable. All that your agent has to do is enter their extension code to turn any RingCentral device into their own phone line.
  • Real-time Analytics — Real-time analytics give you insights into everything going on in your company, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  • Voicemail to Text — Isn’t it tiring listening to voicemails play back-to-back? RingCentral Office will make it easier for you by transcribing them to text instead. 

More information about RingCentral:

Best For Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription  Toll-free Numbers Price
Call recording  1. Real-time analytics 

2. Hot desking

3. Voicemail to text

Yes Yes On request


RingCentral Office reveals its pricing only when you request a quote.


  • Call recording on demand 
  • Seamless voicemail-to-text transcription
  • Real-time insights enable informed decision making
  • Add unlimited users to your RingCentral account


  • Only one user can monitor the chats for a given phone line

5. Mighty Call — Ideal for Call Screening, Toll-Free and Local Numbers and Great Features

Mighty Call’s virtual number service can connect to any device of your choice and not just traditional phone systems. This gives you the freedom to work from anywhere you want without worrying about missing important customer calls. 

Mighty Call is best known for its world-class data security. They only use Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers to keep your personal information safe. Along with that, Mighty Call also adds an extra layer of security with a premium SSL certificate and 256-bit encryption. 


Best Features:

Here’s what we love about Mighty Call:

  • Custom Greeting — Want to customize your auto-greetings to match your brand’s tone? It’s now possible with Mighty Call, and that too, in just a few clicks. 
  • Music on Hold — You cannot help putting customers on hold at times, but at least you can make that experience a tad bit better by adding soothing music on hold.
  • Business Hour Call Routing — Don’t make it impossible for your customers to vent outside your business hours. With Mighty Call, you can either direct calls post business hours to voicemail or any other number of your choice. 
  • Call Screening — Mighty Call gives you the liberty to choose which call you want to take right away and which you want to go to voicemail, thanks to its call screening feature.

More information about Mighty Call:

Best For Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription  Toll-free Numbers Price
Call screening 1. Business hour call routing

2. Music on hold

3. Custom greeting

Yes Yes Starting at $12/user/month


Here are the plans offered by Mighty Call:

  • Small Teams: $12/user/month
  • Business: $15/user/month
  • Enterprise: $150/month


  • Multi-level IVR
  • Auto receptionist 
  • Unparalleled security 
  • Offers toll-free as well as vanity numbers


  • Poor customer support 

6. Phone.com — Reasonably Priced Option Excels in Call Forwarding

Phone numbers are an integral part of your brand identity, and that’s why it’s important to have one that resonates with your brand’s authority and professionalism.

The first thing you want to do is get a professional business number, like a toll-free or local number, instead of your personal number. Phone.com can help you with that. 

The best thing about Phone.com is the flexibility it brings to your business. You can keep your business local or globalize it — Phone.com has what you need to achieve your goals.


Best Features:

Here’s what we love about Phone.com:

  • Easy Setup — Setting up Phone.com takes less than an hour. Once you choose a preferred phone number from their database, simply download the app and share basic information about your business with Phone.com to get started.
  • Automated Attendants — This feature greets your callers even when you are busy and guides them to the right agent based on their needs. 
  • Call Forwarding — Not ready to take a call on your current line? Simply forward it to any number of your choice and speak from wherever you choose.
  • Call Notification — Each time you get a call, you can also simultaneously get an email or text notification with the caller ID, the dialed number, and the call time.

More information about Phone.com:

Best For Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription  Toll-free Numbers Price
Call forwarding 1. Automated Attendants

2. Call notifications 

3. Call forwarding 

Yes Yes Starting at $11.99/user/month


Here are the plans offered by Phone.com:

  • Basic — $11.99/user/month
  • Plus — $15.99/user/month
  • Pro — $23.99/user/month


  • Advanced call management 
  • Call analytics 
  • Call waiting and notifications 
  • Works for local as well as global businesses


  • Screen sharing isn’t allowed on mobile devices 

7. Sonetel — Leading Firm with Great Global Call Forwarding Features

When running a business, it helps to have a local number that comes across as reliable to your customers. Customers often perceive international numbers as fishy and unsafe, ruining your chances of building a good relationship with them. 

On the other hand, a local number builds trust and makes your customers feel comfortable about calling you. If you want to build a thriving community relationship, get your very own local business number from Sonetel.


Best Features:

Here is what we love about Sonetel:

  • Free Phone Number — With every Sonetel account, you get a free phone local phone number of your choice. 
  • Global Call Forwarding — It allows you to forward your calls to any number of your choice anywhere in the world.
  • Simultaneously Calling — Sonetel offers a unique feature that allows you to manage up to 60 calls at the same time.
  • Call Queues — Manage multiple calls efficiently by queuing customer calls and attending to them all chronologically.  

More information about Sonetel:

Best For Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription  Toll-free Numbers Price
Global call forwarding  1. Free phone number

2. Call Queues

3. Simultaneous calling 

No Yes Starting at $1.79/month


Prices start at $1.79/month. Reach out to the Sonetel sales team for more details.


  • Free phone number 
  • Technical support 
  • Simultaneous calling
  • Global call forwarding


  • The mobile application could use some improvements 

8. eVoice — Virtual Landline Provider Supplying Free Local and Toll-Free Numbers

eVoice is not just a virtual phone number service; it’s a modern way of doing business. Wherever you go, eVoice provides you an opportunity to stay connected with your customers and team all day long. 

The best part about eVoice is that it’s pretty convenient to set up. You neither need any special hardware system nor are you restricted by any contract. Simply create your account, download the mobile app and get going.


Best Features:

Here’s what we love about eVoice:

  • Conference Calling — Why limit your communication capacity to one-on-one when you can bring in more attendees and address them all at once with conference calling?
  • Voicemail-to-Text — Voicemail-to-text is a unique feature that transcribes your voicemails and automatically sends you the gist over emails or text messages.
  • Call Routing — Call routing allows you to create as many routing rules and schedules as you want to forward your calls at different times of the day.
  • Sequential/Simultaneous Ring — The Sequential and Simultaneous Ring feature gives you the option to notify each device and agent about an incoming call either sequentially or all at once so that you never miss a call.

More information about eVoice:

Best For Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription  Toll-free Numbers Price
Sequential and Simultaneous  Ring 1. Conference calling

2. Call routing

3. Voicemail-to-text

Yes Yes Starting at $14/user/month


eVoice has simple standard pricing:

  • Monthly: $14/user/month
  • Annual: $12/user/month


  • No contracts
  • No hardware needed
  • Never miss a call again
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Sometimes messages might not show up in the message center

9. Google Voice — Free US Virtual Phone Number Provider

Google Voice is a totally free virtual phone number service that helps you connect to your team and customers all over the world at no additional cost.

Just like all the other tools of Google, Google Voice too is backed by the tech giant’s superior customer support and unmatchable reliability. One of the best things about Google Voice is that it can be used for business purposes as well as for personal needs. 

Google Voice

Best Features:

Here’s what we love about Google Voice, the best free virtual phone number provider:

  • Versatile — Whether you are working on your laptop or need access through your phone while on the go, Google Voice works equally well on both devices. 
  • Voicemail Transcription — Why waste time hearing voicemails on a loop when you can simply read the crux of each message through Google Voice’s voicemail transcription?
  • Call Forwarding — Forward your calls to any number you want in a few clicks to ensure you never miss a call again.
  • Spam Detection — Google Voice is highly efficient in detecting spam. On discovering unwanted callers, it will allow you to block them.

More information about Google Voice: 

Best For Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription  Toll-free Numbers Price
Spam detection 1. Versatile connectivity 

2. Voicemail transcription

3. Call forwarding

Yes Yes Free


Google Voice is completely free to use.


  • Superior spam detection
  • Cheap virtual phone number service
  • Works for personal as well as business needs
  • Works on the web as well as on a smartphone
  • Backed by Google’s flawless service and reliability 


  • Text messages don’t link to your phone number; they just link to the app

10. 8×8 — Affordable VoIP Solution, Perfect for Meeting Recording

Trusted by more than 2 million businesses, 8×8 is that reliable service provider everyone can rely on; beginners or industry leaders. Their features and services are pretty encompassing, ensuring you don’t have to look for any other service to meet your needs.

Perhaps this is why it’s also one of the best virtual landline UK providers.

The best part about this cloud-based virtual phone number provider is its massive integrative capacity. By collaborating with tools like Zoho, Salesforce, and Microsoft teams, it integrates your workflow into one single platform.


Best Features:

Here’s what we love about 8×8:

  • Content Sharing — Sometimes, you need more than just a call to appease a customer. If this is the case, 8×8’s instant content sharing will be your friend.
  • Meeting Recording — Too much information in one meeting? Record the meeting on 8×8 and use its auto transcription feature to create notes instantly.
  • Team Messaging — Don’t want to go through the hassle of individually texting all your team members? Use the team messaging feature to keep every customer service agent on track. 
  • Add Up To 100 Users — 8×8 allows you to invite up to 100 people in every audio or video call. If you need a tool to host a large meeting, look no further than 8×8. 

More information about 8×8:

Best For Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription  Toll-free Numbers Price
Meeting recording  1. Content sharing 

2. Meeting recording

3. Team messaging

Yes Yes Starting at $15/user/month


Here are the plans offered by 8×8:

  • Small business phone system — $15/user/month
  • Voice, video, and chat for teams — $24/user/month
  • Advanced call handling and analytics — $44/user/month


  • Affordable plans 
  • Instant content sharing
  • Meeting recording and transcription
  • Unlimited calling based on the plan you choose 


  • Customer service needs to understand the different time zones before contacting a user

Best Virtual Phone Number Service USA | Comparison Table

Say you don’t want to go through every detail of all the ten virtual phone number providers we have picked. In that case, the following table, with brief yet crisp comparisons across parameters like USPs, pricing, toll-free number, and voicemail transcription, is for you:

Software Best For Top 3 Features Voicemail Transcription  Toll-free Numbers Price
Vonage Video Collaboration 1. Unified communication

2. Video collaboration

3. Admin portal

Yes Yes Starting at $19.99/month
Ooma Free US calling 1. Backup number

2. Second line

3. Pure voice technology 

Yes Yes On request
Grasshopper Automated Greeting 1. Diverse number of options

2. Automated greeting

3. Number porting

Yes Yes Starting at $29/month
RingCentral Call recording  1. Real-time analytics 

2. Hot desking

3. Voicemail to text

Yes Yes On request
Mighty Call Call screening 1. Business hour call routing

2. Music on hold

3. Custom greeting

Yes Yes Starting at $12/user/month
Phone.com Call forwarding 1. Automated Attendants

2. Call notifications 

3. Call forwarding 

Yes Yes Starting at $11.99/user/month
Sonetel Global call forwarding  1. Free phone number

2. Call Queues

3. Simultaneous calling 

No Yes Starting at $1.79/month
eVoice Sequential & Simultaneous  Ring 1. Conference calling

2. Call routing

3. Voicemail-to-text

Yes Yes Starting at $14/user/month
Google Voice Spam detection 1. Versatile connectivity 

2. Voicemail transcription

3. Call forwarding

Yes Yes Free
8X8 Meeting Recording  1. Content sharing 

2. Meeting recording

3. Team messaging

Yes Yes Starting at $15/user/month

What is a USA Virtual Phone Number, and How Does it Work?

A USA virtual phone number is just like any other local US phone number but has no physical lines or SIM cards associated with it. It is a cloud-based service that offers flexible communication and advanced privacy.

It provides an opportunity for the users to receive or make calls to any desired phone number, irrespective of the location. 

Virtual phone numbers are an excellent option to stay connected on the go without restricting yourself to a physical location or specific device. All you need is an internet-enabled device to receive or make calls through a virtual telephone number. 

To avail of this service, you have to sign up with a USA virtual phone number provider. Once signed up, you will be assigned a local virtual phone number. All incoming calls to this virtual number will be transferred to your desired telephone number.

As a result, your personal number remains hidden, and your caller gets a sense of calling a local number. 

Why Use a US Virtual Phone Number? 

Here are some reasons to use a US virtual phone number: 

Cost Savings

Virtual phone numbers eliminate the need to establish an extensive network of phone lines, hardware, and related structure. With this service, all you have to pay is an affordable monthly subscription fee and some internet-capable devices.

In return, businesses can connect their team, clients, and customers on the go. 

Fortunately, this service is highly flexible in terms of pricing. You can select the “pay-as-you-use” model per your needs and budget. Furthermore, virtual numbers significantly reduce international call costs. 

Productivity and Flexibility

Whether you are working remotely or traveling, you can catch up on all-important communication or calls via virtual phone numbers. Earlier, people used to wait at their desks for hours to receive that important business call.

Now, virtual phone numbers can forward your calls to any internet-capable device. 

So, you do not have to tie yourself or your team to a specific location or device for effective communication. This service is specifically designed to encourage businesses that rely on a remote workforce. 

Enhance Local Presence

The prime benefit of using a virtual phone number is getting a local USA phone number without a physical address over there. Today, this service is a lifesaver when every business is on the hunt to enhance its local presence. 

Moreover, customers get a sense of satisfaction when contacting a local business. Also, local calls are less likely to be missed by customers compared to international calls. Overall, this service significantly improves the trust factor among the local community. 

Creates a Professional Image

No matter how small your business is, you can make it look bigger and more professional through virtual phone numbers. At the cost of peanuts, you can set up exclusive lines for different departments and divert all calls to a single number.

So, whenever your customers call, they get a professional response while you save money and resources.  

Personal vs. Professional

The talk of the town today is maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The top brasses of any organization often struggle to achieve this goal. With a virtual phone number, you can easily separate your personal and professional life. 

Based on your working hours, transfer the calls to different numbers or receive vital communications through voicemail. So, you need not be available 24×7 on the phone to stay up to speed with important communications. 

Privacy and Security

Virtual phone numbers are exceptionally beneficial for small businesses or sole proprietors who do not want to share their personal numbers or do not have a physical address. 

You can link any number with a virtual phone number without revealing your identity. Furthermore, as this service is cloud-based, it keeps your business’s sensitive data safe from cyberattacks.

Access to Advanced Integrations and Services

As per your chosen subscription plan, you can access robust integrations and features of virtual phone numbers. This includes auto-attendant, voicemail, online faxing, call recording, and SMS.

Some plans also offer audio and video conferencing options. Such features have it in them to make the daily operations of your organization more seamless and effective. 

What is the Best US Virtual Phone Number-Free Service?

Vonage is the best virtual phone number provider in the US. Its superior voice quality and 99.9% uptime are some of its most attractive features. It also supports calls from over 85 countries and comes with affordable subscription plans.

We have included it in the Free segment because it offers a handsome free trial and an even better money-back guarantee scheme.

Moreover, you can easily sign up for a free trial on their official website or mobile app, not to mention that it also has a money-back guarantee scheme, allowing you to experiment with it before committing to it for the long term.

Plus, the whole process of getting a USA virtual phone number through Vonage takes only 5 minutes. 

What is the Best Free Virtual Phone Number App?

Grasshopper is the best free virtual phone number app you can use to manage your business calls on your phone from any location. It is suitable for budding and small businesses. Easy to set up, the provider offers toll-free, vanity, and local numbers. 

With this app, you can separate business and personal calls from the same device. Further, it comes with a range of advanced features, such as call forwarding, SMS, WiFi calling, automated greeting, and voicemail.

What is the Best Virtual Phone Number for Business?

Ooma is the best virtual business phone number provider in the US. Each subscription plan for businesses comes with premium features at a highly affordable price. You can easily connect to your teams, clients, and customers through multiple devices, and that too, on the go.

All you have to do is sign up—for free—with Ooma, choose a virtual phone number, and download its app. Ooma empowers you to make or receive calls through any desktop, landline, or mobile. It offers both local numbers and toll-free numbers.

Also, the subscription comes with an additional 35+ features, including call recording, advanced call routing, voicemail transcription, and call forwarding. 

What is the Best Free Virtual Phone Number For Call Forwarding?

Phone.com is the best free virtual phone number for call forwarding in the US. You can easily assign users and phone numbers to your Phone.com business account. Its seamless call forwarding feature and crystal-clear voice quality keep you connected no matter where you are. 

Furthermore, what makes it different from other providers is its scalability. You have the liberty to choose the add-on, depending on your needs and business’s size. In addition to call forwarding, it offers all advanced features pivotal to your business success, such as voicemail, call recording, video conferencing, and transcription. 

What is the Best Free Virtual Phone Number for Verification?

RingCentral Office is the best free virtual phone number for verification. Apart from advanced collaboration features, it seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms, not to forget that you can also build custom workflows as per your business requirement through their APIs.

The automated account verification feature of RingCentral Office is useful for both small and large businesses alike. This feature, in conjunction with other advanced RingCentral Office features, delivers great customer experiences. 

How to Set Up the Best Virtual Phone Number in the US? 

Getting set up with one of the best VoIP services in the US is easier than you may think. Plus, with leaders like Ooma, it simply couldn’t get any easier. To help, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on getting started with Ooma:

Step 1 — Purchase an Ooma VoIP Router

ooma review home screen

Visit the Ooma website by clicking the link down below. From there, you’ll want to choose a Business or Residential plan based on your needs. For the sake of this review, we’re going to choose Residential, but the Business process is similar.

From the home page, head on over to the Shop tab at the top of the page and select “Home Phones.” Ooma’s “Telo” service is free to use, plus you can upgrade to “Telo Air” for Wi-Fi connectivity.

The LTE package does require a subscription fee, but it’ll work even through power outages thanks to a battery backup system.

ooma price plans

From there, you can pick the Ooma devices that suit your needs, but you’ll need to buy at least one Ooma router to use the service. We recommend you take advantage of their bundled Handset deal, so you have devices to test the service with.

Remember, Ooma comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ooma review handsets deal

Purchasing a handset through Ooma is a painless process; all you need to do is choose where you want your Ooma Telo sent and enter some basic payment details. Best of all, it’s free shipping.

You can also send the devices back to Ooma if you decide you want to use their 30-day money-back guarantee.

ooma purchase screenshot

Shipping can take several days, depending on your location, but once you have the Ooma device in your hands, the rest of the process takes minutes to complete.

Step 2 — Register Your Ooma Device

Before you can use your Ooma device, you’ll need to register it to activate the subscription plan. Ooma is free by default, but you’ll have to enter some basic details about your usage before you can get started.

To register your Ooma device, go to “Login” on the homepage and then select “My Ooma Telo”. You’ll be taken to a login page, from there you’ll have to click “Activate my new account” to get to the registration page.

ooma review activation process


The activation code is located on the bottom of your Ooma router, which is helpfully pointed out during the activation process.

After this step, you’ll be asked to enter some basic details about your location and billing if you’re going with one of Ooma’s paid plans, but it’s all pretty straightforward.

Step 3 — Figure Out Your Needs and Follow Their Guide

Finally, you’ll want to decide on everything you need to set up based on your plan and business needs. There are hundreds of different options, which would be hard to cover in a single guide.

Once you’re done with the setup phase, all you have to do is add your optional extras, download the mobile app, and you’re ready to get calling!

Since there’s a plethora of different options and systems, you can use Ooma’s comprehensive support section to guide your use of the software. If any part of it confuses you, don’t worry. Ooma has a 24/7 support team on hand who are always ready to help you.

What Types of Virtual Numbers Are Available in the USA?

There are four types of virtual numbers available in the USA, including:

Toll-free Numbers

Identified by 1800, 833, 844, 866, and 888 dial codes, USA toll-free numbers let customers contact businesses free of cost. In addition to businesses, government organizations also use toll-free numbers.

It’s not the callers but the receivers (businesses) that bear the costs of toll-free calls. These numbers are not tied to any geographical location. 

National Numbers

Also known as non-geographic numbers, national numbers offer connectivity throughout the US at the price of local phone calls. Unlike geographic numbers, national numbers are not tied to a specific local area.  

Geographic Numbers

Geographic numbers are area-specific and can be identified by the designated dial code for the local neighborhood. Like national numbers, callers are charged local rates while dialing geographic phone numbers. For instance, New York has 347 dial codes, and Los Angeles has 213. 

Having a local telephone creates a local identity for your business and enhances the call pick-up rate. Customers get a sense of satisfaction knowing they are dealing with a local business. This is why businesses choose geographical numbers over other types of virtual numbers. 

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Virtual mobile numbers tag along with pretty much similar features as other number types mentioned above, except that here you get a 10-digit virtual mobile number in place of a landline number.

In addition to call forwarding and associated features, you will also get the option to receive text messages (SMS).

How to Choose a USA Virtual Phone Number? 

Here are the factors to consider before locking in on a virtual phone number US:

Value for Money

Most businesses use virtual phone numbers to cut costs associated with communications. So, the provider you choose should offer a wide range of features at highly competitive prices. 

Although small businesses can survive with basic features, a larger company needs more advanced features, such as call forwarding and voicemail-to-text.

Auto Attendant 

With this feature, customer calls are answered automatically, and calls get diverted to the concerned department based on their preferences. Automated call attendants and segregation help save time, resources, and money. 

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is one of the most basic features of any virtual phone number. The provider should effectively reroute the incoming calls to defined phone numbers. Moreover, since it is a cloud-based service, providers’ uptime matters the most.  

Voice Quality

At the end of the day, what really matters is the quality of the calls you make and receive. Crystal clear voice quality must be at the top of your priority list when filtering the best virtual phone number providers in the US. 

Besides, the voice quality will also depend on the kind of internet connection you have, so we recommend investing in a speedy and unwavering Wi-Fi.

Phone Numbers

A competent virtual phone number provider will extend to you the option to choose from different types of virtual phone numbers, namely toll-free, geographical, and mobile virtual numbers. Also, an option to add users and desired phone numbers at no or meager cost. 

Call Conferencing and Recording

Some providers, like Vonage, offer a call conferencing option for up to 100 people. This feature is helpful in conducting virtual meetings and conferences. Similarly, larger companies can look for video conferencing options when selecting the best USA virtual phone number.

On-demand call recording is beneficial for training and record purposes, and the analysis of such recorded calls will bridge knowledge gaps of the customer support team, thereby building stronger business-customer relationships.

Voicemail to Email

Get the voicemails from callers delivered to you or any concerned team members on the virtual phone number provider’s app, online, or by email. This way, you will never miss essential communication while you are away. 

In addition to these features, also look for: 

  • Extensions: Three or four-digit direct-dial extensions
  • Multi-platform: Desktop and mobile app
  • Call menus: 3-way calls, IVR, and other call options
  • Custom greetings
  • Call stackings
  • Text messaging

Conclusion: What’s the Best US Virtual Phone Number?

You can pick any of the tools mentioned above and get a virtual phone number, and you can expect a positive impact on your business.

That said, if we had to single out a particular US virtual phone number provider, it’d be Ooma, a provider that offers a comprehensive range of features in affordable packages.

It has an intuitive admin portal, allowing you to overlook everything, a Business box that stores all critical communication in a single place, a 99.99% guaranteed uptime, impeccable video collaboration features, and last but not least, a loyal customer base of over 100,000 users.

Try it now risk-free with the solid 14-day free trial.


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