It’s no secret that the internet has revolutionized how we communicate. With features like video calling and messaging, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and family across the globe. But when it comes to choosing the best internet phone service, what’s the best option? 

To help make that decision, we’ll take a look at the top ten internet phone services for 2024 and compare their features. So whether you need to find a new provider for your startup, midsize business, enterprise, or something completely different, read on for some helpful tips.

Best Internet Phone Services: Top 10 for 2024

The internet has made it possible for us to be in contact with anyone, at any time, no matter where we are. Online phone service is one of the best options, as it lets you make and receive phone calls from anywhere using any device connected to the internet.

However, you can find many internet phone services these days and get mixed feelings about which one to choose. That’s why our team inspected the best ones with utmost care and paid particular attention to all the relevant features, prices, customer support, and more. Finally, our selection came down to the top ten best internet phone services in the US:

  1. Vonage — Best internet phone service 2024 with great features for home and business usage, including unlimited calls, texts, and messages and robust analytics.
  2. Ooma — Great solution for small businesses with lots of powerful communications tools, including a virtual receptionist service, voicemail-to-email transcription, and call monitoring.
  3. Dialpad — AI-based service that offers unlimited calling, SMS, and video meetings as well as features like call forwarding, smart analytics, and CRM integration.
  4. RingCentral — Top internet phone provider for midsize to large companies that offers a wide range of useful add-ons and integrations and options for everything from faxing to texting to HD video calls.
  5. AXVoice — Perfect pick for startups with cheap plans, HD call quality, enhanced voicemail, and a great money-back guarantee. No hardware needed.
  6. Google Voice — Ideal option for Google Workspace users with free US calling and texts, voicemail transcription, spam protection, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  7. Grasshopper — Best internet phone service for entrepreneurs, which is quick and easy to set up, provides easy number porting, and has great round-the-clock customer support.
  8. Microsoft Teams Phone — Great service for Microsoft Teams users, providing an all-in-one app for chat, calls, and meetings and including call transfers and call queues.
  9. Mitel — Top phone service for remote workers, with a visual call flow editor, CRM integrations, PBX features, wide-ranging compatibility, and numerous integrations.
  10. 8×8 — Strong budget internet phone service that offers unlimited calling, call quality tracking, call routing, visual voicemail, and smart spam protection.

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Top Internet Phone Services Reviewed

If you know nothing about internet phone services, the first thing to note is that they rely on VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. This modern technology represents a blend of classic landline phone calls and internet communication solutions and, as such, has many advantages over traditional telephone services.

Internet phones are often cheaper than traditional ones. Still, besides their price, users often want them to provide HD call quality, functional features like conference calls and sending text messages, compatibility with different devices, around-the-clock customer support, and more. Regarding all these factors, we’ve found the best internet phone services and reviewed them in detail below.

1. Vonage — Best Internet Phone Service 2024

Vonage is the best overall internet phone provider

When it comes to the best internet phone service in 2024, Vonage came on top after an in-depth analysis. The simplicity of its interface and ease of use are the first things that will amaze you since a complicated internet phone service is not appealing. The setup is guided with detailed instructions and how-to videos, so you can get started quickly even if you’re not a tech mage.

Vonage offers more than 50 communications features that are flexible and compatible with a variety of apps and tools you probably already use. You can organize Vonage meetings and communicate effectively with your staff and customers, sort important messages in your Business Inbox, and run the entire system using a unique Admin portal.

Vonage’s call management is a breeze, as you can block a caller, put it on hold, get call logs, and much more, depending on the purchased package. Moreover, Vonage often discounts its services, so you can get it for a much better price than the original one if you buy it at the right moment. It’s also one of the best VoIP home phones in Canada.

The service is available on desktop and mobile devices through apps that hold all the features together. This way, you can make calls and complete numerous other tasks on your home or company desktop computer and smartphone and tablet whenever you’re away.

Price From $19.99 per line per month
Toll-free numbers Yes
Voicemail transcription Yes
Support Email, live chat, phone, knowledge base
Top features Vonage Meetings
Admin portalBusiness Inbox


  • 50+ features for both admins and users
  • Free trial
  • Great API integration


  • Complicated contact imports
  • Expensive extra features

2. Ooma — Great Internet Phones Solution for Small Businesses

Ooma is the top solution for small businesses

Although Ooma also offers an Enterprise solution, it’s praised for its package targeting small businesses and households. In fact, it’s one of the best VoIP services for home. Apart from a straightforward design, Ooma enables its users to completely customize their phone system and make it perfect for their needs.

You can choose the number you want, a local or toll-free number. Furthermore, if you already have a phone number all your customers know and don’t feel like changing it, you can port over it and make calls as usual. This will save you the trouble of reaching out to everyone you work with and informing them about your new contact details.

By purchasing the basic plan, you’ll get HD voice calling technology, free 911 calls, a virtual receptionist, a functional mobile app, and several essential features. If you decide to upgrade your version, your life will become even easier, thanks to exceptional tools like voicemail transcription, three-way conferences, a backup number, video conferencing, and more.

One of the best Ooma features is the one called Ring Groups. This particular feature enables a small company to group all its extensions and have them ring simultaneously whenever a call is received. When that happens, any employee who’s free can take the call using whatever suits them best.

Price From $19.95 per user per month
Toll-free numbers Yes
Voicemail transcription Yes
Support Email, live chat, phone, FAQ section, Ooma Office Brochure
Top features Virtual receptionist

Ring groups

Call park


  • Existing number available
  • Easy setup
  • iOS and Android mobile app
  • Best internet phones for small businesses


  • Possible crashes on mobile app
  • Upgraded plans necessary with advanced features 

3. Dialpad — Smart AI-Based Solution

Dialpad is a great AI-based solution

As technology evolves and moves toward embracing the assistance of artificial intelligence, it is only a matter of time when we’ll get an internet phone provider fully powered by AI. If you’ve been waiting for it to appear, this may be your lucky day since Dialpad is the best internet phone provider with AI-based technology.

Dialpad has integrated built-in speech recognition and developed specific Voice Intelligence through natural language processing. While you take or make your calls and complete other tasks, your virtual assistant will take notes and have them delivered ASAP, with the most important details highlighted.

With this cloud-based service, you can enjoy unlimited calling and messaging, unknown number identification, custom voicemail greetings, call forwarding, and exceptional voicemail transcription. The solution integrates easily with various other systems like Microsoft Office and Google Workspace, while more advanced plans allow you to combine it with many other services and apps like Salesforce, Zapier, Slack, HubSpot, Zendesk, and others. Its comprehensive range of features has also made it one of the best VoIP providers in Australia.

Price From $15 per user per month
Toll-free numbers Yes
Voicemail transcription Yes
Support Live chat, knowledge base, community forum, phone
Top features Voice Intelligence

CRM integration

AI-powered analytics and call management


  • Useful features in the basic plan
  • Integrations with many popular CRM solutions
  • Unlimited calls and texts


  • Extra costs for every additional number 
  • Live support available only on working days for basic plan users 

4. RingCentral — Top Internet Phone Provider for Midsize to Large Companies

RingCentral is the best internet phone provider for midsize to big companies

If you own a midsize business with aspirations of becoming an enterprise soon, you need a good internet phone service, and you need it now. RingCentral is an ideal solution for this business size according to both its price and robust feature selection.

Although it’s not the most affordable provider on the market, it’s definitely not very expensive considering its features and the number of users it includes. Unlimited calls across US and Canada are included even with the basic plan that can cover up to 20 users. Unlike some other internet phone solutions, RingCentral’s essential plan covers voicemail transcripts and enables you to revise your messages in the form of a text.

Yet, for a growing midsize business, the standard plan would do the trick as it allows up to 100 users and an additional set of features for a tiny price difference. Aside from these two, you can also get a premium or ultimate plan that has literally everything you need for uninterrupted communication.

Price From $19.99 annually or $29.99 monthly
Toll-free numbers Yes
Voicemail transcription Yes
Support Knowledge base, live chat, community support, phone support, support case
Top features RingCentral Rooms

RingCentral App

Visual voicemail and voicemail-to-email


  • Integrations for popular apps
  • Unlimited calls for US and Canada with all plans
  • Free trial available


  • No support for basic plan users
  • No free international calls 

5. AXVoice — Perfect Internet Phone Service for Startups

AXVoice is the perfect pick for startups

When you land on the official page of AXVoice, you’ll see separate tabs for residential and business phone services. However, one plan that’s located between these two targets small businesses, making it an ideal option for startups from our perspective.

This plan offers great features and doesn’t require special hardware to offer the best internet phones. Also, AXVoice allows users to keep an existing number, but when starting a new business, it’s perhaps a better idea to get new contact details only associated with your firm-related communication.

You can call both landlines and mobiles across the US and Canada and use up to 200 minutes to make deals and negotiate with your customers. This may not sound like much, but it’s more than enough to set the pillars of your future enterprise through call-forwarding options, conference calls, voicemail access from any device, and several other tools.

Price From $14.99 per month
Toll-free numbers Yes
Voicemail transcription Yes
Support FAQ, email
Top features Failover

Enhanced voicemail

Conference calling


  • HD call quality
  • Cheap plans
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Extra fee for 911 calls for small business plan users
  • No live chat

6. Google Voice — Ideal Option for Google Workspace Users

Google Voice is compatible with Google workspace

When you see the starter price for Google Voice, you’ll probably wonder why we didn’t recommend it to budget users. Yet, if you pay attention to the service’s name, you’ll note that it’s directly connected to Google Workspace, making it one of the best internet phone providers for Google Workspace fans.

The $10/month plan will get you free calling to the US and Canada, free texts, voicemail transcription, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and a few other features that make this deal amazing for such a tiny compensation. 

The main advantage of Google Voice is that it pairs perfectly with your Google account and makes your communication even easier, both within and outside your team. Connect it to all the parts of Google Workspace, such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, and everything else that belongs to the Google package, and no details about or from any call will be left unattended.

Price From $10 per user per month
Toll-free numbers Yes
Voicemail transcription Yes
Support Live chat, FAQ, phone, contact form
Top features Personalized voicemail

Spam protection

Storage and management of voicemail transcripts in you email


  • Easy integration with Google Workspace
  • Free calls and texts in US and Canada
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android


  • International locations not included in Starter and Standard plans
  • Only beneficial to Google Workspace users

7. Grasshopper — Best Internet Phone Service for Entrepreneurs

Grasshopper is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs

If you’re your own boss and don’t need an internet phone for many people, you can pick Grasshopper with its basic subscription created for one phone number and three extensions. Through this service, you can add a virtual business phone line to your personal phone so you don’t have to buy any additional equipment unless you don’t want to. 

In terms of available features, Grasshopper isn’t as astonishing as some better-rated internet phone solutions. Yet, if you don’t need a separate phone to handle your businesses just yet, its features are sufficient to make your life much easier. Most importantly, you’ll get unlimited calls and texts, call management tools with all the common options, and access to customer support around the clock.

While you won’t have any analytics to rely on, you’ll get Grasshopper for a really good price and even get a chance to try it for free. The setup is very easy, and the solution comes with apps for both iOS and Android devices, aside from the regular desktop service, so you can hop anywhere and work from there without any issues.

Price From $26 per user per month
Toll-free numbers Yes
Voicemail transcription Yes
Support Live chat, knowledge base, phone, email
Top features Custom greetings and extensions

VoIP + WiFi calling

Business texting


  • Quick and simple setup
  • No additional device requirement
  • Free trial available for all plans


  • Possible phone bugs
  • Simplistic features

8. Microsoft Teams Phone — Great Service for Microsoft Teams Users

Microsoft Teams Phone is the best option for Microsoft teams users

Numerous offices worldwide have based their business operations on Microsoft solutions, and with the arrival of Microsoft Teams, the entire organization has become even easier. To make the picture complete and establish easy communication between associates, partners, employees, and customers, Microsoft introduced a new tool — Microsoft Teams Phone.

The new phone service enables users to communicate via any device wherever they are and have clear, high-quality sound at all times. Obviously, the main benefit of the Microsoft Teams Phone is that it’ll integrate with Microsoft Teams naturally and makes communication easier and cheaper. 

The features include call forwarding, transferring, blocking, parking, and delegation. You’ll have voicemail service at your disposal and auto attendants that you can program and set custom office hours, holidays, and out-of-office hours. 

One of the key features of this service is Presence, which shows users’ real-time availability, so you can transfer calls to anyone available to handle the matter at that very moment. 

Price From $8 per user per month
Toll-free numbers Yes
Voicemail transcription Yes
Support FAQ, chat, email, phone
Top features Multilevel auto attendants

Call transfers

Call queues


  • Custom pricing
  • Around-the-clock customer support
  • All-in-one app for chat, calls, and meetings
  • Best for Microsoft Teams users


  • Additional license purchases for phone service in some plans
  • Not beneficial for non-Microsoft service companies

9. Mitel — Top Internet Phone Service for Remote Workers

Mitel is the top phone service for remote workers

Mitel is a cloud-based phone service provider for remote workers who often move from one place to another. Since you can’t bring your entire office with you every time, the least you can do is invest in a service that’ll help you stay connected with your closest partners and customers regardless of where you are.

Even if you’re more into hybrid work now, Mitel will manage to follow and take care of all your calls and video communication in the best way possible. You won’t miss anything if you’re out of the office since your iOS or Android device can receive or decline calls, record them, or do whatever you find necessary via Mitel phone service.

Finally, you should know that Mitel plans to join forces with RingCentral MVP, one of the industry’s best-rated internet phone services. This is a big enough proof that Mitel has only the best intentions for its users and wants them to have the best internet phones available today.

Price From $25.49 per user per month
Toll-free numbers Yes
Voicemail transcription Yes
Support Phone, email, MiCloud Connect
Top features Visual Call Flow Editor

CRM integrations

PBX features


  • PBX features available with the basic plan
  • Available on numerous devices
  • Possible app integrations


  • Not the cheapest solution
  • Confusing website navigation

10. 8×8 — Best Budget Internet Phone Service

8x8 is the top budget internet phone service

Even though the best internet phone providers often require a slightly bigger investment in exchange for decent features, 8×8 is here to prove everyone wrong. This web-based phone service is ideal for companies or individuals with a limited budget as it offers a fantastic package for a rather small price.

The basic plan is a small business phone system with unlimited calling, chat, and video conferencing. You can enjoy the benefits of auto-attendant, visual voicemail, advanced call management, file sharing, and instant messages. As for video communication, 8×8 allows transcribing meeting recordings, content sharing, and audio-visual conferences for up to 100 people.

Now, with such an amazing catalog of options for the cheapest plan, you can imagine what benefits you’ll enjoy if you level up and purchase a more expensive one. The list of features is not the only thing that will expand once you go for an upgrade — you can also communicate with more countries than ever before.

The service is protected by the latest security measures, policies, and procedures, so you’ll never have to worry about potential eavesdropping. And on top of its more than reasonable price, 8×8 offers a free trial, so you can pick the perfect plan and enjoy an active connection at all times with 8×8’s 99.999% platform-wide uptime SLA.

Price From $15 per user per month
Toll-free numbers Yes
Voicemail transcription Yes
Support Cloud contact center, live chat, knowledge base, contact form, phone 
Top features Auto-attendant

Intelligent call routing

Video conferencing


  • Free trial available
  • Affordable paid plan
  • Unlimited communication with the basic plan


  • Frequent system issues
  • Slow customer support response time

Best Internet Phone Services Compared

For a better visual representation of all prices and features of the best internet phone providers, we’ve created a table with relevant data. Here you can easily compare any of the mentioned services and see which one is perfect for your organization.

Price Toll-Free Numbers Voicemail Transcription Support Top Features
Vonage From $19.99 per line per month Yes Yes Email, live chat, phone, knowledge base Vonage Meetings,
Admin portal,Business Inbox
Ooma From $19.95 per user per month Yes Yes Email, live chat, phone, FAQ section, Ooma Office Brochure Virtual receptionist,

Ring groups,

Call park

Dialpad From $15 per user per month Yes Yes Live chat, knowledge base, community forum, phone Voice Intelligence,

CRM integration,

AI-powered analytics and call management

RingCentral From $19.99 annually or $29.99 monthly Yes Yes Knowledge base, live chat, community support, phone support, support case RingCentral Rooms,

RingCentral App,

Visual voicemail and voicemail-to-email

AXVoice From $14.99 per month Yes Yes FAQ, email Failover,

Enhanced voicemail,

Conference calling

Google Voice From $10 per user per month Yes Yes Live chat, FAQ, phone, contact form Personalized voicemail,

Spam protection,

Store and manage voicemail transcripts in you email

Grasshopper From $26 per user per month Yes Yes Live chat, knowledge base, phone, email Custom greetings and extensions,

VoIP + WiFi calling,

Business texting

Microsoft Teams Phone From $8 per user per month Yes Yes FAQ, chat, email, phone Multilevel auto attendants,

Call transfers,

Call queues

Mitel From $25.49 per user per month Yes Yes Phone, email, MiCloud Connect Visual Call Flow Editor

CRM integrations

PBX features

8×8 From $15 per user per month Yes Yes Cloud contact center, live chat, knowledge base, contact form, phone  Auto-attendant,

Intelligent call routing,

Video conferencing

How Do Internet Phone Numbers Work?

Internet phone numbers are a cheaper alternative to traditional phone numbers and work by using the Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. With VoIP, your voice is converted into digital signals and then transmitted over the internet, allowing you to bypass the costly traditional telephone network. 

Internet phone numbers also offer numerous other features, such as caller ID, call forwarding, and voicemail. You will need a broadband internet connection and/or a VoIP adapter to use an internet phone number. Once you set them up, you can make and receive calls just like you would with a standard phone. Plus, since internet phone numbers aren’t tied to a physical location, you can use them from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Using an Internet Phone Number

An internet phone number can be a great asset for any business, whether a startup or an enterprise. Perhaps most importantly, an internet phone number can offer a more professional business appearance. It offers a number of advantages over a traditional landline and even your personal mobile device, and we covered the most important benefits below.

Lower Costs

If you’ve checked the price fields in our tables for each internet phone service, you could’ve noticed how affordable they are. Remember that most include unlimited calls and texts within the US and Canada, which is great as these calls from your regular phone could cost a fortune. Plus, many VoIP providers offer toll-free numbers, so you can give your business an even more polished look.

Increased Mobility

Internet phone services are also great if you’re looking for the best internet phone app to make calls and host video conferences. In fact, these apps enable taking care of your communication from any device and never miss a call again. Moreover, customers will appreciate being able to reach you even if you are located in another city or country. 

Enhanced Features

Internet phones have spectacular features you won’t get with your regular phone service provider. While you might be used to blocking and forwarding calls, putting them on hold, and doing other things, you’ll also get some handy features like voicemail transcription, call park and queue, group calls and meetings, and much more. The features depend on the provider you select, so make sure to think twice before taking your pick.


You can set your company apart from the competition by customizing your internet phone service. Record a greeting message specific to your firm, plan call transferring, and make the communication fit you and your business’ needs.

Better Communication

Whichever system you use for your workflow organization, an internet phone number will significantly improve it in every way. You’ll make communication between your employees and customers seamless and manage your calls and video meetings seamlessly and quickly. The need to use numerous solutions for calls, chat, video calls, and other necessary tasks will vanish once you choose the best internet phones for your company.


In addition, an internet phone number can be easily integrated with other business tools, such as your website and CRM system. This can help streamline your communications and make it easier to provide excellent customer service.

How to Choose the Best Internet Phone Service for You

When it comes to choosing an internet phone service, you’ll want to focus on a few things. By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure to choose the best internet phone service for your needs. Let’s go through the most important ones so you can decide on your internet phone service without stressing about it too much.

Focus on Features

First, consider what features you need. Do you need unlimited calling and texts or free international calls? Will you benefit from voicemail transcription? Is Caller ID really necessary or would you rather have a solution for spam calls? Once you’ve determined which features are most important to you, you can start narrowing down your options.

Sound and Video Quality

Next, take a look at the quality of the service. How clear is the audio quality? How often do calls drop or get disconnected? If the service supports video calls, you should also pay attention to the quality of that part of the equation, along with the uptime SLA.

Apps and Integrations

Using a service that has the best internet phone app is highly beneficial in the modern business world simply because you can’t be constantly glued to your desktop computer. This will allow you to stay in touch with everyone, reply promptly to all messages, and take calls in and out of the office. Additionally, if you’re already using certain apps and services for your business, make sure that your new Internet phone supports integration with all of them.

Value for Money

Even if the money isn’t the problem for your company, there’s no reason to throw it around on overpriced phone services. Therefore, you should always check how much the internet phone service costs and what it offers for that price. Many internet phone services offer competitive rates, but read the fine print to ensure there are no hidden fees.

How Much Do Internet Phone Numbers Cost?

Overall, internet phone numbers are all but expensive these days. As you can see from the tables above, basic plans start from less than $10, and they can go up to a few dozens of dollars. It all depends on the kind of service you need, the number of users you’d like to include, the features you’d like it to have, and similar details.

Conclusion: What is the Best Internet Phone Service for 2024?

If you want to improve your business image and communication efficiency, an internet phone number is definitely worth considering. We believe Vonage is the best option on the market at this time due to its competitive price, simple setup, more than 50 great communication features, and a free trial that will enable you to test all we wrote about this fantastic service.

If you believe another internet phone service from our list is a better choice for you, then feel free to follow your guts and get the one that’ll help your business the most. It goes beyond the doubt that all of them are great, so you just need to find your peas in a pod.


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