LinkedIn, which has over 774 million users, has been crowned the most successful site for generating leads. LinkedIn’s professional community includes a large number of educated and employed individuals. Their users are more business-oriented. A premier platform for lead generation, website traffic growth, and content marketing success. However, many marketers may find it challenging to master without the help of tools. Today, I have compiled a list of the best tools for LinkedIn success.

Our Pick for the Best LinkedIn Tool 2024: Dux-Soup

  • LinkedIn is the best place for professionals to connect with other professionals. This is done by connecting to other users via their contact list and using the LinkedIn messaging system. Unfortunately, not everyone has hours to spend going through this process every day. Dux-Soup helps automate this process by visiting profiles on your behalf.
  • Beyond that, it also maintains customer data while taking notes on metrics to help you manage your efforts all in one place. This is especially useful for businesses that are only just starting. The analytics software considers all of the data you input and lists profiles that may interest you.
  • Furthermore, Dux-Soup also helps with lead generation by taking the lead when looking for prospects, endorsing their skills, and sending targeted messages. The app takes over the LinkedIn process and allows you to focus on the important stuff.

Best LinkedIn Tool: Top LinkedIn Automation Tool for 2024

  1. Dux-Soup – Best LinkedIn Tool to Automate Profile Visits
  2. LeadFuze – Access Over 200 Million Professionals
  3. Leadfeeder – Find Conversion-Ready B2B Prospects
  4. – Gather Complete Information from Your Leads’ Social Media
  5. Social Pilot – Automate Posting to All Social Platforms
  6. Crystal – Predict Customer Personalities
  7. Datanyze – Promote and Sell Based on Prospect Tech Choices
  8. IFTT – Automate Third-Party App-Driven Tasks
  9. SalesLoft Prospector – Integrate All Sales Tools
  10. LinkedIn Sales Manager – Custom Lead Recommendations

Best LinkedIn Tools for 2024: Find a Linkedin Automation Tool

LinkedIn tools can be helpful for several reasons. Whether you’re looking to find new customers, improve your B2B sales efforts, or get more of your existing customers to spend more money, the best tools can help generate more leads and increase sales. To help you make better decisions about where to spend your time and money, here are some of the best LinkedIn tools available today:

1. Dux-Soup: Best Linkedin Automation tool for Profile Visits

Dux-automated Soup’s lead generation connects you with prospects, validates LinkedIn profiles, and quickly sends messages to engage leads. Depending on your plan, lead generating can take several forms. You can use Dux-Soup to create more leads faster and reach more prospective clients. It doesn’t waste time on those who don’t fit the bill.

Special Features:

  • Prospecting – Dux-Soup searches relevant LinkedIn profiles. It sends them automated messages that you can tailor so they don’t seem like they’re from a computer. Furthermore, it also automated connection requests.
  • Outreach – Dux-Soup’s labeling feature comes in handy here. It keeps track of prospects so you can follow up later and remain in touch. In addition, dux-Turbo Soup’s levels have an automatic follow-up. This function immediately starts outreach without manual labor.
  • Filtering – Filter by job seekers, influencers, premium members, and other keywords on LinkedIn. These criteria help you find the best candidate for the position. You may also filter tagged profiles and go back to the ones you liked. Its structure keeps everyone you care about close at hand.
  • Organization – Using Dux-organizing Soup’s tools, you can skip profiles you’ve seen. As a result, it saves time that may be spent developing new relationships or maintaining old ones.
  • Collect Information – You may download profile information to make finding and sharing information more accessible. For example, you may search for candidates using categories, notes, career and education background, etc.


There are three price tiers at Dux-Soup, each featuring a variety of packages. Designed for any organization trying to enhance lead generation, Users may customize the program to match their specific needs.

  • Starter – Choosing Starter is free but limited. 
  • Pro Dux – $11.95 per month
  • Turbo Dux – $41.25

2. LeadFuze – Find 200 Million Professionals to Connect With

LeadFuze gathers professional data worldwide to keep you up to date. Get complete access to anyone’s contact information in your target market and build whole lead lists. Then, using your workflow tools, automate email outreach, LinkedIn tasks (connection requests and messages), direct mail, and other activities.

Special Features

  • Market and Account-Focused Lookups – LeadFuze allows you to search for leads based on markets and accounts. Consequently, you may locate leads in specific jobs and trades that perfectly match your requirements.
  • Double-Verified Emails – LeadFuze lists each email twice. This stringent screening process avoids email bounces.
  • Outreach Integration – In addition to CRM functionality, LeadFuze can synchronize with email outreach tools such as Mailshake. With these, you may send email campaigns without having to enter each email address and contact information.
  • Automate List Building – Fuzebot, your personal AI assistant, powers LeadFuze. It diligently and appropriately generates your lead lists. Fuzebot will search the web for potential clients based on your parameters.
  • Boost Sales – The company delivers highly-targeted b2b sales lead research, allowing your SDRs and strategists to thoroughly investigate and obtain vital data.


LeadFuze offers a fantastic deal for new clients. You can head to their website and claim 25 free leads before committing to a paid plan.

  • Starter – $132 per month 
  • Scaling – $447.30 per month
  • Custom  – Tailored for enterprises who want a more personalized experience

3. Leadfeeder: The Ultimate Resource for Easy-Converting B2B Prospects

A website visitor tracking software, Leadfeeder helps businesses enhance sales and marketing ROI. Like Capacent, Eventbrite, and Cision, many respected organizations rely on this software’s powerful lead filtering, lead creation, lead scoring, and automated reporting features.

Special Features

  • Google Analytics Integrations – The program is a top-rated Google Analytics application that generates free sales leads. Users may gain insights by using Google Analytics to generate leads.
  • MailChimp Integration – Leadfeeder integrates with MailChimp, allowing users to track website visitors after sending an email. Then they may begin dialogues using behavioral intelligence.
  • Robust Filters – The platform allows you to create and save strong feeds like businesses from a given country, a specific webpage, or an AdWords operation.
  • Collaborative Tools – Leadfeeder promotes collaboration and streamlines workflow. For example, if your sales reps are only responsible for a specific product or region, the app will easily assign suitable prospects.
  • Efficient Updates – Leadfeeder updates the list of leads, letting you know if a company is interested in your service. So you can take action.


Leadfeeder follows a lead-based pricing hierarchy. In addition, there is a trial, which may be helpful if you want to see if it works.

  • 200 Unique Leads – $59 per month
  • 400 Unique Leads – $99 per month
  • 1000 Unique Leads – $169 per month
  • 3000 Unique Leads – $299 per month

4. Collect Information From Your Leads’ Social Media Accounts crawls social media accounts and displays similar ones elsewhere. Export and save interest profiles. This tool will benefit job seekers, sales associates, recruiters, and entrepreneurs.

Special Features

  • Email – automatically shows you social media accounts connected with any emails you receive from your prospects. 
  • LinkedIn – The Chrome extension shows you which social media accounts your connections are most active in!
  • Twitter – lets you collect information from Twitter accounts, including their websites and other social media platforms.
  • Save and Download Contacts – Export the contacts you’ve saved. This is useful for organizing and filtering them in Excel or making email lists. In addition, these contacts may be loaded into your email marketing plan and used to generate targeted messages.
  • Chrome Extension – makes it easy to access information without leaving your current browser tab. All you need to do is click the extension button, and all the information will be there for you to see.


Discover,ly is completely free to use.

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail: Best Linkedin Scheduling Tool

SocialPilot is one of the most economical LinkedIn marketing solutions. Developed to help professionals maximize their marketing efforts, you can use the app to upload posts to social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

Special Features

  • Automated Posting – Social Pilot automates posting to social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It supports TikTok and Instagram, but it doesn’t post automatically – it just sends you alerts.
  • Content Recommendations – A remarkable aspect of SocialPilot is its industry-specific article recommendations. SocialPilot will create a list of content based on your keywords. Then, if you think the information is relevant to the audience, you can schedule it.
  • Reporting and Analytics – SocialPilot provides marketing statistics for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google My Business. Instagram’s absence is noticeable and will impact businesses that rely on this social network for their marketing.
  • Ease of Use – SocialPilot has a good user interface. It’s easy to set up and link several accounts with a few clicks.
  • Excellent Customer Support – SocialPilot directs all questions to their email address or knowledge base. They usually react within a few hours with a solution or just a link to a FAQ page on the resource group.


Social Pilot offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required.

  • Professional – $25 per month
  • Small Team – $41.66 per month
  • Agency – $83.33 per month
  • Enterprise – this plan is custom-priced, so you need to contact sales for more information.

6. Crystal: The Personality Platform for LinkedIn

Crystal is a patented personality detection system developed in the Harvard Innovation Lab with the claimed goal of bridging the gap between social science, technology, and communication. According to Cultured Digitally, it assists businesses in better understanding how people engage and how they want others to communicate with them.

Special Features

  • Email Personality Checker – Crystal has a “personality spell checker” that sets her apart. When you create an email, this Chrome extension analyzes it and proposes ways to make it more “simpatico” to the recipient.
  • High Accuracy – According to University of Maryland professor Jennifer Golbeck, personality inference tools are roughly 75% accurate. Crystal says its accuracy estimate is based on how much data is publicly accessible for a specific person.
  • Hints – You learn how to work with someone and best to communicate with them. This includes social media and other internet communication channels, per Fast Company.
  • Crystal for LinkedIn – When viewing a LinkedIn profile, click the Crystal emblem to see that LinkedIn user’s entire personality profile on, in which you’ll learn the best approach to engage with that person based on their distinct personality.
  • Crystal for Gmail – To avoid email miscommunications, if you use Gmail, you may immediately plug Crystal into Gmail for quick recommendations on how to connect effectively with the person you’re contacting.


Crystal offers a free personality check on their website. However, if you want more robust predictions, you can look at its paid plan.

  • Premium – $49 per month billed annually.

7. Datanyze: Best Free Linkedin Prospecting Tool  for B2B sales

Datanyze may be useful to web technology businesses wishing to track their offerings. Sales intelligence and lead creation software examine millions of websites and technologies. Datanyze allows users to set up custom alerts and notifications when prospect websites change web technologies.

Special Features

  • Track – User-selectable Datanyze technology suppliers show customers which technical solutions websites have started or stopped using. They may do this with both their suppliers and competitors.
  • Research – Users may obtain up-to-date data on the market, social activity, staff number, Alexa traffic rank, and corporate income of the websites they follow using Datanyze Track.
  • Prospects – The sales prospecting browser add-on may be helpful to users. To find the correct person to approach, the user can search for their email address.
  • Salesforce Integration – With Datanyze’s Salesforce interface, you can export contact with a click of the mouse. Salesforce automatically fills in the prospect and contact details for the user.
  • Custom Alerts – Users of Datanyze can configure alerts and notifications for certain web technologies that are activated or deactivated on a website.


  • Nyze Lite – 10 credits per month for free
  • Nyze Pro – 90 credits per month for $55 per month

8. IFTT: Automate LinkedIn Tasks

IFTTT is the global leader in connection. We assist over 700 worldwide businesses in transitioning their products into integrated services, lowering development costs and increasing compatibility and lifetime value. In addition, IFTTT is the low-code option for establishing your integrations. 

Special Features

  • Create Applets – You may utilize an applet made by someone else or create your own in IFTTT. If you want to add an applet to your LinkedIn account, the first search for the service or subject you wish to link.
  • Mobile Apps – IFTT offers mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices, making it easier for users to access its tools on the go.
  • No Code Needed – Third-party applications for Google, Windows, iOS, and Android are available. It’s simple and requires no prior coding knowledge if IFTTT supports the associated applications. IFTTT users may also program their apps to do specific tasks.
  • IFTT and Alexa – IFTTT is more popular with Amazon’s Alexa speech assistant. These applets primarily focus on IoT use cases like managing smart home devices using voice commands sent to Echo and Echo Dot speakers.
  • Accessibility – Thousands of functions and triggers are now available. You may choose from over 600 applications and devices with weekly service improvements. To create basic apps, use the open API. To promote applets and services, use marketing and branding tactics.


IFTT is completely free to use. However, you can subscribe to its paid plans for better functionality.

  • Pro – $5 per month
  • Pro+  – $10 per month

9. SalesLoft Prospector: Streamline Sales Engagement

SalesLoft is a web-based platform that aims to boost sales productivity and profits. It allows sales teams to track sales talks and emails in a single location. This sales marketing tool increases the number of quality meetings and demos by up to 300 percent. It also saves time by automating the development of estimated cadence.

Special Features

  • Robust Email Marketing Tools – Users may establish a workflow that allows sales development representatives to produce sales email templates and distribute them to the rest of the Team. Also, they can track, open, and reply to emails.
  • Manage Communications – The technology tracks emails and phone calls on a single platform. It automates call lists which makes sales call much easier and less time-consuming. Furthermore, it can also fill prospect time zones automatically so that you can contact during peak times.
  • Streamline Sales Engagement – SalesLoft helps organizations grow sales faster by giving actionable insights, monitoring, and analytics. Users can then use this data to gather practical insights, such as when the best time is to reach out to prospects – essentially driving conversion rates.
  • Build Robust Workflows – Users may construct a procedure that allows Sales Development representatives to develop sales email templates and distribute them to the Team. They can even measure open and response rates, connecting directly to the mail server so that every email sent by the user is tracked for open, click, and response rates.
  • Tracking – To track all communication interactions in one place, SalesLoft integrates email and phone. This saves time and money by automating call lists.


SalesLoft pricing is not readily available. Instead, you may contact their sales team to get a custom quote.

10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Generate Personalized Lead Recommendations

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an all-in-one sales platform for businesses, sales teams, and agencies. To expand your business, you may use this tool to find new customers, strengthen existing ones, and nurture those you’ve already found. The app aids you in streamlining your sales process, which in turn boosts your revenue.

Special Features

  • Direct Communication – Using this online sales tool, premium members may observe and track the activities of people and businesses who could be future clients. InMail is a function of LinkedIn Sales Navigator that allows users to communicate, connect, and professionally engage with their leads. As a result, you’ll be able to turn potential clients into long-term customers.
  • Extended Connections – When it comes to building connections and customer relationships, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a valuable tool. It broadens your search for possible candidates and aids throughout the entire process. Purchasing this product is an excellent investment to make your business more valuable.
  • Curate Engaging and Interactive Content – Creating engaging content help build brand recognition and reach online. With PointDrive Presentations, customers may produce compelling material to increase sales and networks. So, buyers can acquire all the information they need, and sellers can measure their target consumers’ interests. The application also lets vendors track their content visitors. So they may choose whether or not to connect.
  • Stay Updated – LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides real-time updates and notifications on changes to your leads’ status and other information. This tool helps you target and understand your target consumers’ demands. So you can adjust your branding and services to their demands.
  • Discover Similar Leads – LinkedIn Sales Navigator will offer you accounts similar to what you’re seeing, so you can uncover even more fresh leads with sales nav lead suggestions! Furthermore, you can also create custom lead lists for future projects.


  • Professional – $79.99 per month
  • Team – $134.99 per month
  • Enterprise – Contact sales for a custom quote

What Are LinkedIn Tools?

LinkedIn tools are platforms and software that are exclusively designed for sales professionals. The goal of these tools is to improve your sales performance and give you an enhanced experience.

Using LinkedIn tools makes it easier to plan and manage your marketing on LinkedIn. In addition, your LinkedIn accounts can all be managed from one spot, making it easy to stay on top of things.

Why Use Linked in Tools?

LinkedIn tools can help you make smarter decisions and increase your productivity. In addition, you’ll be able to connect with more potential clients and stay in touch with current ones. Here are all the reasons why you should use LinkedIn tools.

1. Track Sales Opportunities Based on Skills

LinkedIn tools make it easy to track opportunities and find ways to improve your sales results. For example, you can use these platforms to track leads or current clients based on their skills and what they need.

2. Create Sales Content Based on Interests

LinkedIn tools make it easy to track interests. They can help you create content based on your prospects’ needs. You won’t be reaching out to prospects that don’t fit your customers’ needs.

3. Get Personalized Recommendations Based on Skills and Locations

LinkedIn tools make it easy to get personalized recommendations based on skills, location, and other factors. You will be able to reach out to people that are a good fit for what you do.

4. Automatic Scheduling

You can set up automatic scheduling for your posts, which can help you promote your business without worrying about the details.

5. Measure Post Performances

Some tools can help you measure how much engagement each post gets. You can make adjustments to see what works the best.

6. Create Analytics Reports

Linkedin tools make it easy to create analytics reports. This makes it easier to track and manage your online presence.

7. Send Bulk Messages

You can send bulk messages to your prospects, which can help you reach out through a more personalized and targeted message.

How Can I Use LinkedIn for Marketing?

LinkedIn is a desirable platform for lead generation. There are many ways to use the platform, some of which include:

1. Using LinkedIn as an Online Resume

You may find more business opportunities as you start using LinkedIn and build your profile. Your profile acts as your resume, so keep it up to date. Having a well-written profile helps you get noticed by many potential employers and clients.

2. Leveraging LinkedIn for Marketing Automation

LinkedIn tools make it easy to automate the entire process. For example, you can set up automated campaigns that send your content and updates to your audience at predetermined times. This saves you time and increases your business’ efficiency.

3. Finding Your Prospects Using Targeted Messages

Studies have shown that those who engage with companies have greater interest and trust in the brand. Therefore, LinkedIn tools make it easier to reach out to potential clients and get in touch with them directly.

How To Use a Linkedin Tool To Promote My Business? Tutorial

Below, we walk you through how you can use Dux-Soup for LinkedIn:

Step 1: Try for Free

The first thing you need to do is sign up for the free trial. Then, click the green Try Free Now button on the homepage.

Step 2: Install

Next, install the Chrome extension. Once you’ve downloaded the extension, it’s time to move to the next step.

Step 3: Sign In with Google

Next, sign in with your Google account.

Step 4: Follow the Tutorial


Once you’re all set up, the app will walk you through the basics of how you can use it. It’s best to follow it through to grasp better how to use it.

Step 5: Go on LinkedIn

Next, go to LinkedIn. You’ll notice that the extension appears on your browser. 

Step 6: Start Using It

Simply click on the icon and choose from the drop-down to use it for LinkedIn.

Are LinkedIn Automation Tools Effective? 

LinkedIn is a very effective marketing tool because of the technologies that have been developed over the years through various years. As a result, LinkedIn has become one of the most popular networks for marketers, industry professionals and business owners.

The primary function of LinkedIn is to build a professional network for its users. Updating your profile on LinkedIn can help you get more leads or new customers and sell more products or services. These days you can use LinkedIn for professional networking and anything else.

LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful social media platforms because it has so many different profiles. So if you want to filter through a specific type of person, LinkedIn is a great way to do it. This can help you home in your target market and sell them something.

Conclusion: What Is the Best LinkedIn Tool for 2024?

Recruiters are always looking for new job applicants. Business owners are looking for potential clients. Both groups need to find each other and start a conversation. LinkedIn tools make it easy to connect with your audience and start a conversation.

The best tool is the one that works best for your situation, goals, and needs. Each of the platforms above has a lot to offer its users, so it may be difficult at first to decide which is best for you. However, we recommend Dex-Soup because it is an excellent choice. Let us know your thoughts on which LinkedIn tool is the best.


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