With the best cold email software, you’ll be able to effortlessly create custom email sequences and drip campaigns, send automated follow-ups, and improve your email deliverability. Powerful features like these, plus native integrations and cold email templates, are all must-have tools for businesses.

However, finding the best of the bunch for your particular needs can be challenging. In this post, we review the market’s leading email service providers to help you find the best cold email outreach tool for your business. Let’s dive right in.

Our Pick for the Best Cold Email Software for 2024 | SmartReach

  • If you’re seeking a robust cold emailing tool, look no further than SmartReach. With hyper-personalization and advanced scheduling, you can send emails in the time zone of your prospective clients, increasing the likelihood of a response.
  • You can use SmartReach.io to send emails to all the top email clients such as Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, and more.
  • In addition, SmartReach offers built-in email validation/list cleansing, missing merge-tag check, CRM sync, and real-time prospect feed. Finally, it consolidates email accounts, giving you a 360-degree picture of all prospects.

Best Cold Email Software for 2024 | Top 10 List

  1. SmartReach.io – Best All-in-One Email Outreach Software | Try it Risk-Free for 14 Days with the Free Trial
  2. Woodpecker – Extremely Secure Software for Automated Campaigns | Test it Free for 2 Weeks Before Signing Up
  3. Snov – Collects Email Addresses from Prospect Website Automatically | Offers an Unlimited Free Trial
  4. Reply – Best Cold Email Software for Highly Detailed Reports
  5. UpLead – More Than 54 Million B2B Contact Directory
  6. AutoKlose – Powerful Integrations at Your Fingertips
  7. Outreach – Supercharge Your Team and Business Revenue
  8. GMass – Trusted by Google, Uber, and LinkedIn Teams
  9. Lemlist – Great Cold Email Outreach Software for Boosting Email Deliverability
  10. Yesware – Track How Prospects Interact with Attachments

The top 10 cold email tools listed above can help you automate email sequences and improve the success of your campaign to help you boost reply rates and close more sales.

Best Cold Email Marketing Software | Compared

These email outreach solutions automate your outreach campaigns, whilst ensuring best-in-class email deliverability rates. On top of this, these top 10 provide ample cold email tools to skyrocket, not only your email marketing efforts but your business as a whole.

Eager to learn more about what each of them can do for you? Let’s dive right in.

1. SmartReach.io – Best All-in-One Email Outreach Software

SmartReach | Best email outreach software

A simple B2B cold email solution, SmartReach lets you send customized emails with configurable merge tags. In addition, it has auto follow-up tools to remove the manual effort and enhance response rates. It also includes a SPAM tester to keep emails out of the spam folder. Plus, it enables the user to create effective campaigns using advanced analytics.

Key Features

  • Quickly Locate and Add Potential Clients – The ProspectDaddy Chrome Extension can help you find your target audience on LinkedIn, source their email addresses, and add them to your SmartReach account at no cost.
  • Powerful Integrations – Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, PipeDrive, and other CRMs can use this data natively. In addition, marketers may use Zapier to connect SmartReach to more than 2000 other apps.
  • Intuitive Reporting – Keep tabs on your campaigns’ metrics, including their open, click, respond, bounce, and unsubscribe rates. To further improve your campaigns and energize your team, you may take advantage of the detailed Prospect, List, Template, Best-time-to-send, and Team Leaderboard reports.


  • Users can send emails at a time that suits the recipient’s time zone
  • Emails that are tailored to the recipient
  • Several email clients are compatible
  • User-friendly interface
  • Agency-specific paid plans


  • Contact list filtering has limitations
  • Spam reports are limited to four per month

Pricing per Month per User

  • Standard – $24
  • Ultimate – $59

2. Woodpecker – Excellent Secure Software for Automated Campaigns

Woodpecker | Best cold email outreach tool for automated campaigns

Woodpecker is great for B2B companies looking to reach out to new clients via automated personalized emails. It allows cold emails to be sent from Gmail, Office 365, or Exchange, depending on your preferences.

What’s more, this platform can connect to Zapier, Salesforce, and other business applications. They take pride in being one of the safest solutions in automated marketing. Teams who need to share contact lists or ban domains will find it very useful.

Key Features

  • High Focus on Deliverability – To avoid being labeled a spammer by your email provider, your emails will be sent out at random intervals, mimicking manual sending.
  • SPF and DKIM Reports – You’ll need to include SPF and DKIM information in their headers to ensure that your emails are sent without error. If they’re configured appropriately, Woodpecker will let you know.
  • Tailored Sending Parameters – Woodpecker proposes a per-mailbox default sending limit in line with email service provider constraints. The daily restriction guarantees that your emails are sent safely and arrive at their destination. It’s also possible to alter the delivery time by selecting various daily and hourly options.


  • Identifies and removes duplicate contacts from your cold-call campaigns
  • B2B lead-generating firms have their own set of specialized features
  • It has a Chrome add-on


  • There isn’t a free version at this time
  • Cannot send email attachments

Pricing per User per Month

  • Free Trial – 14 days
  • 50 Daily Contact Emails – from $40
  • 200 Daily Contact Emails – from $44
  • Unlimited Daily Contacts – from $49

3. Snov.io – Collects Email Addresses from Prospect Website Automatically

Snov.io | Leading email outreach tool for businesses

In addition to its user-friendly UI, Snov.io’s robust capabilities make it a popular tool for cold emailing. With Snov.io, you’ll save time and money by automating your email marketing strategy. The Chrome add-on allows you to search for an individual’s email address on a particular website. Using triggers, you can get alerts when someone opens your email. A follow-up email can be sent automatically if someone opens your email but doesn’t respond.

Key Features

  • Keep Track of Your Deals – Your sales transactions are conveniently organized using Snov.io CRM’s features. With the Deals tab open, you have two options for creating deals. Drag and drop is all that is needed to shift transactions from one stage to another. Once completed, it is possible to move an agreement to either Won or Lost. In this section, you can permanently remove an agreement.
  • Boundless Email Tracker – Gmail users can easily track who has opened and clicked on their emails. Using our email tracking tool, you can monitor interactions, schedule emails, and get follow-up reminders.
  • The Email Verifier – Keep your list fresh and deliverability high by verifying any new email addresses you come across while on the fly or in bulk from the extension.


  • Search engine for emails
  • User-friendly interface
  • Assembled drip marketing programs
  • Email Verifier that checks the validity of all e-mails


  • Has no “Unsubscribe” button
  • When several email accounts are provided, each contact’s most frequently used email address is not displayed.

Pricing per Month per User

  • Small – $29
  • Medium – $49
  • Large – $79
  • Extra Large – $139

4. Reply – Best Cold Email Software for Highly Detailed Reports

Reply | Best cold email software for detailed reporting

You’ll be able to reach more potential customers using Reply’s sales outreach. Using this dashboard, you can create an email campaign with follow-ups and then do split testing to increase your conversion rate. It’s hard to beat Reply’s robust reporting mechanism, one of its strongest suits. This solution has you covered in tracking your email marketing efforts.

Key Features

  • Find LinkedIn Prospects – Find certified email addresses on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator using our Chrome Extension. Then add them to your outreach sequence or store them on a list for later use.
  • Multiple Channel Engagement – Create and accomplish tasks across many channels, like emails, phone calls, LinkedIn messages, SMS, and WhatsApp messaging, to contact your prospects no matter where they are.
  • Powerful AI – Text quality scoring powered by AI may help you improve your emails. In contrast, their sophisticated system can help you keep a watch on your ‘Interested’ folder for the most promising prospects.


  • Tons of features
  • Easy to set up and user-friendly interface
  • Robust AI functionality
  • Minimal campaign monitoring is necessary
  • Extensive collaborative tool for teams


  • Quite expensive
  • Lacks organizational tools
  • Significant learning curve

Pricing per Month

  • Up to 1,000 Contacts – $55
  • Up to 3,000 Contacts – $70
  • Up to 30,000 Contacts – $90

5. UpLead – The Most Extensive Cold Email Software with a Large B2B Contact Directory

UpLead | Phenomenal cold outreach email tool for B2B businesses

More than 54 million B2B contacts are available in UpLead’s database, so you can easily connect with highly qualified prospects. You may also utilize the data to update and improve an existing lead database, discover leads based on their CRM, and validate their contact information in real time. Again, the goal is more time spent selling to prospects and less spent seeking them.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Leads – Spend more time with leads and less time qualifying them when you access high-quality, current information.
  • Extensive Search Filters – Marketers may find over 85 million people’s profiles quickly and easily. To identify prospects that fit your desired profile, just use over 50 filters to narrow your search. Then, just go to their profile and obtain their direct phone number.
  • Lead Search Made Easy – The Chrome plugin from UpLead makes it quick and straightforward to locate B2B firms and contact information. When you’re on a company’s website, the software looks for important employees’ email addresses and phone numbers.


  • Extremely easy-to-navigate UI
  • Advanced search filters
  • Quick loading speed
  • Reliable email verification


  • No mobile app
  • Non-existent organizational charts

Pricing per Month

  • Free Trial – 5 credits
  • Essentials – $99 for 170 credits
  • Plus – $199 for 400 credits
  • Professional – $399 for 1000 credits

6. AutoKlose – Powerful Integrations at Your Fingertips

AutoKlose | Leading cold email software for integration support

Because AutoKlose automates all of your email duties, you can easily identify, target, and nurture your prospects. In addition to drip email marketing and lead creation, AutoKlose now offers CRM connectivity. Sending many emails at once is also possible.

With AutoKlose, you no longer have to bother about your email obligations. Some of AutoKlose’s many unique features and capabilities include lead generation and CRM connection. Another method is sending a large number of emails concurrently.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Reports – You’ll have fast access to your campaign’s statistics. Send, deliver, open, click-through, respond, and users may track bounce rates with a few clicks. Know when your leads are ready to buy by quickly predicting their engagement patterns and actions.
  • High-Converting Messages – Analyze AutoKlose’s extensive metrics to discover the most compelling subject lines, body content, and campaigns. AutoKlose will revolutionize your A/B testing and help you improve your marketing.
  • Powerful Dashboard – Open rate and hours are shown, along with the top three warmest prospects, the clicked links, and the converting templates. This service tracks the top three most popular job titles in the United States and the top three most famous companies.


  • Exceptional pipeline management tools
  • It can be customized to fit your brand’s needs
  • Free trial


  • It doesn’t capture leads
  • Only offers cloud storage

Price per User per Month

  • Starter – $49.99
  • Small – $149.95
  • Business – N/A
  • Enterprise: Custom

7. Outreach – Best Cold Email Software for Driving Revenue

Outreach | Popular business outreach tool

As an all-in-one technology, outreach helps sales teams grow their operations more effectively. Outreach allows salespeople to contact or text customers from anywhere in the country, and Marketers may integrate social media into their sales strategy.

Key Features

  • The Ultimate Sales Tool – Outreach.io is a sales outreach platform with sophisticated sequences for lead creation. These sequences, also known as sales cadences, are broken down into sub-tasks. You may allocate these responsibilities to your marketing and sales teams, who can prospect methodically using each sales cycle.
  • Customer Service Management – Outreach.io is a SaaS application for managing thousands of contacts quickly. For example, account executives may upload sales contacts straight from a CSV file, eliminating the need to enter each one manually. This saves time sorting prospects and allows you to focus on the conversation.
  • In-depth Analytic Reports – Outreach.io is a real-time email engagement tool that provides precise insights on your cold email campaigns. To improve client success rates, users may track the performance of email campaigns and adjust prospecting and outreach techniques.


  • Excellent chat support
  • Can handle tons of integrations
  • Allows users to make calls to other countries
  • Designed for driving sales


  • Sending bulk emails takes a while
  • Gmail and Salesforce integration could be improved


Outreach.io does not display pricing information publicly. Instead, they have a dedicated sales team that will discuss your options before giving you a custom quote.

8. GMass – Trusted by Tech Giant Employees

GMass | Reputable cold email outreach software for businesses

GMass is a robust cold email program that runs directly from your Gmail account. Its sophisticated mail-merging features have made it a favorite among Uber, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn employees.

Anyone who wants to utilize Gmail to cold contact should use GMass. With GMass, you can quickly get started by downloading the Chrome extension and signing up with your Google account.

Key Features

  • Build Your Email Lists Building large email lists is a breeze with GMass’ Build Email List function. GMass automatically generates an email list based on the IDs found in a Gmail search using a keyword.
  • In-Depth Campaign Reports – Each time you launch a cold emailing campaign, GMass automatically provides a Campaign Report with a thorough analysis of crucial email statistics.
  • Schedule Bulk Emails – Schedule mass emails to arrive at the right moment using GMass. All you need to do is write an email and schedule it. GMass will then send the email at the set time–no need to be online. You can also change the timetable from the Gmail Drafts folder.


  • Easy to set up
  • User-friendly interface
  • Can create mass email lists using Gmail search criteria


  • It only works with Gmail and Google Workspace
  • Works with Chrome only

Pricing per Month

GMass offers a free plan which makes it the best free cold email software on this list.

  • Free cold email software – send up to 50 emails per day
  • Individual
    • Standard $12.95
    • Premium $19.95
  • Teams
    • From $89 for teams of five

9. Lemlist – Great Cold Email Outreach Software with Guaranteed Email Deliverability

Lemlist cold email software for superb email deliverability

Lemlist is an outreach tool that aims to offer something fresh and distinctive. Through the intelligent use of dynamic pictures and videos that help you develop a relationship with your prospects, it emphasizes personalization. If you’d like to try out the tool’s capabilities before making a purchase, you may do so for 14 days without paying anything.

Key Features

  • Email Customization – Cold email outreach may be made more effective by using Lemlist’s sophisticated email customization tools, which allow you to send personalized emails via mail merge. Adding recipient information from a CSV file to an email template is how Lemlist works, as it does with most other programs for cold emailing.
  • Automate Email Sequences – You may also automate responses depending on consumer activities. For example, this application can also respond to emails from pre-made templates or respond to a person who answers your email.
  • Boost Deliverability – The tool’s “lemwarm” function lets you set the email volume and daily ramp-up. For example, start with ten emails and let the software add five daily. If you’re using an existing email address, start with 100 and increase by 50 each day.


  • Handy A/B testing feature
  • Customize and use templates
  • Seamless integration with Zapier and CRMs


  • No free cold email marketing software plan
  • A bit tricky to navigate


A single user may send unlimited cold outreach emails for $29 per month.

10. Yesware – Track How Prospects Interact with Your Attachments

Yesware | Best email outreach software for scaling your business

Sales agents and enterprises may use Yesware to sell smarter. Users may interact with their target market and sell directly from their Gmail or Outlook inbox. This technology helps sales reps and teams perform better. Users may upload data faster, and the system will automatically sync.

Key Features

  • Boost Team Efficiency – Yesware increases sales team efficiency by saving and resending communication. Users can also develop themes with rich content and links.
  • Monitor Your Staff – Yesware is useful for both salespeople and team managers. It helps them to assess the sales team’s effectiveness swiftly.
  • Automate Data Entry – The technology automatically syncs all customer and prospect interactions, eliminating human data entry. In addition to presentations, Yesware can monitor emails and phone calls.


  • Handy and well-organized dashboard
  • Track how your prospects are interacting with your email attachments
  • Integrates with Salesforce


  • No free plan
  • No mobile apps


  • Email monitoring, productivity tools, and reporting are included in the $19/month per user price.

What is Cold Email Marketing?

Cold emailing is when you take the time to send a message without being requested or without any prior personal contact. It’s a lot like cold calling, but instead of speaking with a salesperson or telemarketer, you reach out to an individual who has expressed interest in your product or service.

Often confused with spam, cold emailing is a very effective lead generation strategy.

The power of cold emailing lies in the personalization and customization of the message. You have something to sell, but if you don’t know how to communicate your message uniquely, that resonates with the reader, you’re wasting your time.

How to Choose a Cold Email Marketing Software?

Cold email marketing software

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right cold emailing software. After all, picking the wrong one could waste time and resources, especially if your efforts end up in the spam folder. Here are some of the benchmarks we’ve considered when choosing candidates for the list above.

1. Personalization

When choosing cold emailing software for your marketing campaigns, this is the most crucial factor. If your email marketing message isn’t personal and customized with the information of your prospects, then you’re doing yourself a great disservice.

2. Multiple Domain Tracking and Sending Limits

If you have multiple domains set up, you might want to consider an email-sending tool that allows you to track how many emails go out per domain and how many emails are sent within a specific period.

3. Email Tracking

You should be able to monitor your email delivery and bounce rate. You can easily track which cold emailing software is worth your time and effort.

#3 has a good deal to do with tracking the success of your email marketing campaign, but email tracking also tells you how many emails are opened, how far the reader scrolls down, when the reader interacted with your email, and much more.

4. Insights and Reports

Email outreach software analytics

This is a nice feature to have if you’re keeping an eye on your ROI, but more importantly, it’s a convenient way to keep track of your contact base and their interactions with your emails. For example, you can see how many people viewed your email, how many clicked on your links, when the reader clicked on one of your links, and the bounce rate.

5. Deliverability

Cold emailing software can damage your email deliverability if you use cold emailing software that spams the recipient’s mailbox. This is exactly why being able to choose a provider that offers a high deliverability rate is essential. Some tools send out emails in segmented batches to help avoid spike deliverability.

How to Succeed With Cold Email Marketing

Creating successful campaigns with cold email marketing tools

Cold email marketing can be hard to master, especially if you don’t have experience. Even if you chose an excellent cold email campaign software to help you streamline the process, the same is true. Below, we’ve outlined some tips to help you ensure success.

1. Pay Close Attention to Your Subject Line

The moment the recipient sees your subject line, they can decide whether to open your email. And if the subject line is mundane or generic, you can just forget about it because hundreds of other emails are being sent simultaneously.

It’s a good idea to use a catchy and personalized subject line that helps to spark an interest in your email. For example, instead of using “Email marketing guide” as your subject line, why not try something like “How to create a successful email marketing campaign.”

2. Personalize Your Emails

You must take the time to personalize your emails to succeed with cold email marketing. Avoid using stock templates and make sure that your recipients feel like their life matters to you.

This plays a massive role in how your prospects will perceive you. If they feel that your emails are impersonal, they’ll tend to ignore them. Keep this in mind and ensure that every message you send is intended for the right person.

3. Make the Email About Your Prospect

No matter how nice or well-crafted your subject line might be, if it doesn’t capture your reader’s attention, you won’t find any success with cold emails.

Your emails should be about what your reader wants or needs. If you can make them smile, laugh, or get excited about your offer, they’ll pay more attention to your message and take action.

Conclusion — What’s the Best Cold Email Marketing Software for 2024?

Cold email outreach software doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can help you construct profitable campaigns with simplicity. While all these solutions have great offerings on the table:

  1. SmartReach.io – Best All-in-One Email Outreach Software | Try it Risk-Free for 14 Days with the Free Trial
  2. Woodpecker – Extremely Secure Software for Automated Campaigns | Test it Free for 2 Weeks Before Signing Up
  3. Snov – Collects Email Addresses from Prospect Website Automatically | Offers an Unlimited Free Trial
  4. Reply – Best Cold Email Software for Highly Detailed Reports
  5. UpLead – More Than 54 Million B2B Contact Directory
  6. AutoKlose – Powerful Integrations at Your Fingertips
  7. Outreach – Supercharge Your Team and Business Revenue
  8. GMass – Trusted by Google, Uber, and LinkedIn Teams
  9. Lemlist – Great Cold Email Outreach Software for Boosting Email Deliverability
  10. Yesware – Track How Prospects Interact with Attachments

SmartReach stands out due to its straightforward user interface and robust cold email outreach capabilities. It has all the tools you need to create efficient cold email campaigns.

Try it completely risk-free now with the 14-day free trial — what have you got to lose?

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