Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools to grow a business and create leads. The number of services that are accessible means that this can be quite an overwhelming sector to get started in.

In this article, we’re going to look at the best mass email service for 2024. We’ve taken a look at the 10 best on the market right now and included in-depth reviews about how they work and value for money.

Our Pick for the Best Mass Email Service 2024 – MailChimp

  • Massive brand and comes with one of the biggest and best reputations in the mass email sector.
  • Incredible “free” platform that allows you to send up to 10,000 emails per month to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers, making it one of the biggest free mailing services in the industry.
  • More than just an email service and as good a digital marketing platform as you will find with the inclusion of SMS marketing, online booking, and online stores.

Best Mass Email Service – Top Bulk Email Services 2024

Below we’ve included our top 10 best mass email service providers. This is a unique list that is ever-changing as we continue to test, and new products become available.

Within the list are brands that you’ve likely heard of and some that you’ve probably not heard of. The idea around the list is to provide a balanced look for businesses that each has a range of needs when it comes to sending bulk emails.

  1. MailChimpOverall best mass email service for 2024
  2. AweberBest value mass email service for 2024
  3. Stripo Best for HTML email templates
  4. SendinBlueBest free email service platform
  5. ConvertKitBest for email conversions and stats
  6. DripHuge range of free and premium templates to use
  7. Omnisend Best for clients looking to expand medium-large sized email lists
  8. HubspotGreat for email features that allow a company to grow
  9. MoosendBest user interface and platform to design custom emails
  10. Constant ContactBest for integrating with a range of online services

Best Mass Email Services for 2024 – Compared

We’ve taken the list of our best mass email services for 2024 and created a more in-depth look at how each of them works. Please note that the list is in the order of which we think is the best overall, but different platforms may suit different businesses more based on needs.

Use our reviews as a guide to finding the best bulk email service for your needs.

1. MailChimp – Overall Best Mass Email Service for 2024

mailchimp mass email


MailChimp is one of the biggest names in the email marketing sector and has been about since 2001. As an email platform, it’s been one that small to medium-sized businesses have flocked to, mainly because of the free platform for up to 2,000 emails to be sent at one time.

In terms of the email side of things, it performs well, with features such as split testing, geo-based sending times, autoresponders, app integrations, and contact segmentation. It also allows you to split the main list into segments to control who sees what emails, plus an excellent follow-up series that is imperative for large email lists.

MailChimp has not been without its critics over the last few years. It’s been known to have significant server downtime and struggles for large email databases. But from our testing for the purpose of this review, it appears these have been addressed.

What’s been most impressive to see from MailChimp is that it’s expanded beyond just being a mail service. It’s now able to cater as an excellent small business digital marketing portal, with features such as online booking and the creation of online stores.

A nice addition has been that of SMS marketing. Not only does this function work incredibly well, but it’s also included as part of your monthly cost for the email client, creating massive value.


As we mentioned, it’s possible to use up to 2,000 emails per day (10,000/month) for free with MailChimp, which includes access to creative assistance, website builder, domain names, and landing pages tools.

Paid versions start from $11/month and you get 10x your plan’s contact limit. To put that into context, a plan with 10,000 subscribers will cost $87/month, which is expensive if all you need is the email side of things.


  • Free to use for up to 2,000 emails per day (10,000 max per month)
  • Tons of features such as SMS marketing and autoresponders
  • Stunning templates to use
  • Integrates seamlessly with other services, such as WordPress


  • Expensive as you move away from the base packages

2. Aweber – Best Value Mass Email Service

Aweber mass email


Aweber is one of the biggest and most popular mass email services. One of the biggest selling points for the software is that you can get a 30-day trial which allows you unlimited access to all the tools within the platform.

We were impressed with Aweber’s ability to link to a range of platforms, including WordPress. Given that so many websites are created on WordPress, having a simple plugin to download and then use integrated email capture forms is going to be a huge benefit for a wide range of clients.

As part of Aweber’s drive to improve, it’s recently linked with Canva, which is a design platform that allows you to create stunning emails. Designs can get a little bulky if you start getting too intricate, so our advice would be to keep them simple.

Campaigns allow you to create a follow-up series for your subscribers. You’re able to set when each follow-up email is sent and even choose who it goes to by automatically separating lists based on where they have signed up from.

However, Aweber’s USP is that it’s more than “just” an email service. You’re able to create landing pages, forms, and funnels for your client lists, automation, segmentation, tagging, check a huge range of stats, and even broadcast blog posts automatically from your website.


Aweber has two plans, “Free” and “Pro”. The free version will give you up to 500 email subscribers, access to landing pages, drag and drop builder, email templates, sign-up forms and 3,000 email sends.

As you outgrow this package you’re going to need to move to the Pro package where pricing starts from just $16.15 per month. The more subscribers you have, the more you will pay. For up to 10,000 subscribers will cost $66.15 per month.


  • Free to access for up to 500 email subscribers
  • One of the biggest, most-trusted mass email services
  • Linked with Canva to make stunning email templates
  • Brilliant campaigns series for follow up emails


  • A bit dated in terms of the backend design

3. Stripo – Best for HTML Email Templates

Stripo email templates


If design and how your emails both look and function is important, then we would chose Stripo as our best mass email service. Even though it’s able to offer a wide range of services, Stripo excels when it comes to templates and how your email looks to its users.

Stripo has over 900 free templates that you can access, which each of them coded to HTML meaning that they can be opened on almost all platforms. One of the best things about the designs is that they are all lightweight, meaning that the emails you send are relatively small, given how good they look.

What’s been impressive to see from Stripo is the range of companies that now use the platform, including Netflix, Samsung, The New York Times, and Twitch. This means that there is a good chance you’ve seen a beautifully crafted land in your inbox made on Stripo already.

It’s not all style over substance and it’s able to keep pace with a lot of the best mass email services. Features include an in-depth testing and split testing section, integration tools for ESP and CRM platforms linked to design tools such as Canva, the ability to set up teams, automation such as follow-up series, and translation services meaning you can send to multiple lists in different languages.


With Stripo you’re going to get access to a free service that allows a single user to manage a single project. You only get 10 subscribers, so it’s more for personal use than anything else.

Paid projects start from $12.50 but again, subscribers are limited to just 50. Unlimited packages start from $79/month, although each package is much cheaper if you pay for 12 months upfront rather than on a per month basis.


  • Massive range of HTML templates to choose from
  • Great for design with links to Canva
  • One of the easiest drag and drop features to use
  • Fantastic customer support team


  • Expensive given the number of email subscribers you get for smaller packages
  • No form builder included

4. SendinBlue – Best “Free” Email Service Platform

Sendinblue mass email


SendinBlue may be one of the newer email services on the market but has already caused quite a stir by winning awards such as Martech Breakthrough Award in 2021 and the TSR Top 100 Software Companies of 2021.

The email campaign section is one of the best that we’ve tested and the ability to create campaigns for different sections of your list is a great feature. You’re even able to send automated and time-sensitive emails based on where people have subscribed from and what their needs are.

With the CRM you’re able to fine-tune the funnel that you want your customers to head down. This is a drag and drop feature and allows you to create paths for the emails that they then receive as follow-ups. You can track how successful each funnel has been within SendinBlue’s analytics section.

Live chat is one of many features that sets SendinBlue apart from the field and the ability to integrate this into both emails and your website is a game-changer. Chat functions are included as part of your package as well, meaning no extra costs.

Finally, the range of integrations that SendinBlue accept seems to be rising by the week. There are over 150 to choose from, which include payment series, lead generation forms, helpdesks, email creation, eCommerce, developer tools CRM, CMS, and automation platforms.


SendinBlue has the best free email service that you can access. It allows you to send up to 300 emails per day to an unlimited email list. To increase you need to move to one of its three paid packages which are Lite, Premium, and Enterprise.

These packages start from just $16.50 per month and with that, you get 20,000 email subscribers with no daily sending limits. As you move up in packages you begin to unlock more features, such as automation and landing pages.


  • One of the best “free” mass email packages in the business
  • Tons of integrations to access a wide range of sites
  • Brilliant funnel function
  • Live chat functionality that integrates on both email and websites


  • Better options for large, corporate lists

5. ConvertKit – Best for Email Conversions and Stats

Converkit email automation


With over 400,000 users, ConvertKit is one of the biggest and most-trusted mass email services on the market right now. Its seamless integration with the likes of WordPress has made this an incredibly popular choice for a lot of bloggers and businesses alike.

ConvertKit has some of the best landing page designs in the business. Its mantra of “growing your audience” means that it offers more features outside of simply email capture than most of its competitors. Landing pages can be set up to work on already established sites or used as standalone sites with their own server.

The email designer has been massively adopted over the last few years and ConvertKit has been able to flip what was once a weakness into one of its many strengths. The designer is a drag and drop program that allows you to create stunning emails and then save templates for use within follow-up series.

One of the highlights for us has been the integration of sales within the email package. You can sell products directly from your emails and you can automate sales funnels if people decide not to buy straight away. You can even track when they add to basket and don’t purchase, to then prompt them later to complete the checkout. Very cool!


ConvertKit offers a free feature that allows you to access up to 300 subscribers in your list. You get to use a limited range of features which includes unlimited landing pages, broadcasts, and selling digital products.

The paid tiers are “Creator” and “Creator Pro”. They start from just $9 but both packages only include up to 300 subs, all it does is unlock more features. 10,000 subscribers will cost from $100/month to give you an idea of the cost.


  • Easy to link to lots of blogs and established websites
  • More than just an email service works to convert users into sales
  • Great drag and drop template designer
  • Dedicated landing pages
  • Only pay for features that you use


  • Limited range of existing templates to choose from
  • Can be expensive as your list grows

Free Mass Email Service

There are several platforms that allow you access to free mass email services. This is ideal if you’re just starting out or if you’ve got a small blog/website that you want to start capturing email addresses.

There are two limitations that you’re going to find with most free mass email services. The first is the number of email subscribers you can have and the second is the number of emails you can send.

It’s common for the free platforms to give a little taste of how it works, but they will want to start charging you as your list grows. The platforms below highlight what we think are the best free mass email services on the market right now.

We wanted to highlight that all the free packages below have the ability to expand to larger, paid email services. At some point you’re likely going to need to expand and to do so you need the paid features as this is going to save you a lot of time in the long run.

1. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is about as good as your going to get when you’re looking for a free platform. You get to upload and add as many subscribers as you like, with the only limiting factor being the number of emails you can send, which is limited to 300 per day.

With this package, you still get access to full email campaigns, a mobile-friendly email designer, a full email template library, an email lookup tool-free, SMS marketing, personalization, and a live chat function that you can install on your website (limited to 1 user).

2. Aweber

Aweber are famed for its free plan and with this, you get access to up to 500 email subscribers and up to 3,000 email sends per month. You can only use a single profile with Aweber, so this is designed for use for smaller websites.

The number of email sends and the cap on users make it smaller than SendinBlue, but you get access to more features with Aweber, such as newsletters, email automation, RSS to email, email builder, 100’s of templates, HTML emails, dynamic content, AMP emails, hosted broadcast archive and thousands of royalty-free professional images.

3. MailChimp

MailChimp is another excellent option for your free bulk email provider. You get to include up to 2,000 contacts and get a massive 10,000 emails per month, with a daily limit of 2,000 sends.

Again, the only gripe here is that features are limited, but in terms of a basic free mass email provider, MailChimp is going to tick a lot of boxes for growing email lists.

What is a Mass Email Service?

A mass email service allows you to send a huge number of emails to a large network of email addresses. They range in how they are made up but can include email lists, subscriptions, newsletters, or simply notifications for new blog posts.

Platforms work by storing email addresses that have signed up to a list via a website. Once the user registers, they are now on the list, and they have essentially given their permission to be contacted by that email list (company) as often as they like.

Once someone has subscribed, they get added to a database. The company is then able to send a single email to an entire list, instead of having to send an email to each individual registrant.

If you’re familiar with email, it works in much the same way you would use a BCC connection to send the same email to multiple recipients. It does this, but on a much bigger scale which could include thousands of email addresses.

What are the Benefits of Using a Mass Email Service?

Below we’ve listed some of the many benefits of using a mass email service and why we think they are a must-have for any business looking to expand its outreach.

Huge outreach

Outreach must be the driving factor behind any mass email list. You want to be able to contact your audience quickly and, in a manner, that suits them. When someone signs up to an email list, they do so knowing they will be contacted at times via email, which means you’re not simply cold calling.

The ability to contact hundreds or thousands of subscribers and potential sales within a matter of minutes is an incredibly powerful tool. You get your message or pitch sent in a timely manner and can choose when you target your audience.

Better insights

An email service allows you to track what works and what doesn’t work. Each email should be sent with a goal in mind. This might be to buy a product, or it could just be to get people back on your website.

Whatever that goal is, the best mass email services will allow you to track and analyze how the email has performed. This might be open rates, read time, sales, or even clicks to the website. You’re then able to take this actionable data and improve for next time. Eventually, you will have a dialed-in process that knows what your audience wants and how best to target that via email.

Personalized emails

Most email services will allow you to split your lists into segments. This might be based on their interests or simply how they have signed up in the first place.

By doing this you’re then able to target what’s going to be best for them. For example, if someone has signed up to get the latest NFL news, you know that’s the information they want and you feed them accordingly.

Return on investment (ROI)

Email should be seen as an investment and there are tons of companies that make huge sums of money on the back of their email lists. Every time you send an email you should be looking at how that email is going to earn you money.

For example, if you own an online store and run a 20% voucher for your email list, will the uptake in sales from the voucher offset the reduced price of the product? If you can get the volume, the answer is usually, yes.

Save time

Time is something that we all want more of and by using a mass email service you’re able to save a ton of time. One of the easiest ways is by creating campaigns or automated follow-up series. These are emails that you’ve already created and are set up to be sent at intervals that you’ve made.

Even if you send emails manually, you’re creating one email for your whole list, instead of hundreds or thousands of emails for each subscriber.

How to Choose a Bulk Email Service? Top Criteria to Look For

We realize that the range of bulk email services is vast these days and if you’re new, it can be a bit of a minefield as to where to start. Use our list below as a checkpoint for things to look out for when you’re making your own pick.


An obvious but important place to start. Everyone is going to start with a budget, but one of the best things about most of the best mass email services is that they come with a free trial.

However, to expand, you’re going to need to pay for it. Value will depend on what features you need and how that then works for your list. Try and find platforms that only cover features you’re going to use.

For example, SendinBlue has a live chat function for your website and it’s great, but if you don’t need this, then you’re likely paying over the odds for something that is useless to you.

We can’t say that X is better than Y when it comes to cost, but you can work out what sort of ROI you’re getting from your list. If you make an extra $1,000/month from your list then a pricey package of $200/month will be more than worth it. If you only make $50/month, then look at cheaper packages.


You need to know where your email list is and where it’s heading. The email service provider needs to be able to grow with your list as the last thing you want is to have to up and move because you’ve outgrown your provider.

This can also lead back to costing, so you need to see how much the provider will be as you increase your subscribers. If you’re on an automated sign-up process from your website, as soon as you tick over the threshold for users on that price bracket, you will be charged the higher rate.

Make sure that you’re comfortable with the increase in costs that come with larger lists. In theory, your list should become more valuable as it increases, which should offset these costs.


Most of the best mass email services come littered with features. Some are going to be more applicable to your business than others, but most have their place somewhere down the line.

Take the time to see how these services can work for you. A lot of them include things like landing pages and sign-up forms, meaning you can a single platform for multiple uses.

When it comes to features, things like well-designed templates, campaigns and follow-up series, a wide range of integrations, and the ability to get extensive reports and split tests should be high up on your list.

Conclusion – What is the Best Mass Email Service for 2024?

MailChimp takes the top spot on our list of the best mass email service for 2024. The company is one of the oldest and biggest email providers and comes littered with a range of features that extends beyond simply email capture.

Its free package allows you to send up to 10,000 emails per month to a list of up to 2,000, which is huge. Paid platforms than start from just $11/month, making them incredible value.


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