Undeniably, the best CRM apps help businesses of all sizes identify missed opportunities, improve customer relationships, and ultimately maximize their bottom line. But with no shortage of options, thinning the herd can be a real challenge.

So, in this post, we’ve rounded up, reviewed, and compared 11 of the best CRM apps — from the almighty Salesforce to Pipedrive and Monday Sales CRM, continue reading to find which is best for your business.

The Best CRM Apps | Our Top 11 List

Based on criteria link ease of use, value for money, user reviews, scalability, and mobile app and integration support, we’ve ranked the market’s best CRM apps for businesses:

  1. Salesforce — The world’s best all-in-one CRM solution for any-sized business
  2. Pipedrive — Popular sales CRM solution for visual sales pipeline management
  3. Monday Sales CRM — One of the best CRM apps for small business needs
  4. Act! — Leading CRM app for automation
  5. Zoho CRM — Excellent CRM app for small businesses and Google users
  6. Freshsales — Affordable entry-level CRM solution for startups and small businesses
  7. Zendesk Sell — Great sales CRM solution for any-sized business
  8. HubSpot CRM — Powerful all-in-one CRM tool that’s best suited for larger businesses
  9. Less Annoying CRM — A simple but powerful tool, one of the best CRM apps for small business owners
  10. Capsule — Impressive feature-rich CRM for small, growing businesses
  11. Keap — Popular CRM solution for email and text message marketing

Our list includes only the best apps, and we’ve ensured that regardless of your particular needs and budget, you’ll find a top-notch CRM app to skyrocket your business. Interested to learn more about these tools?

The Top 11 CRM Apps | Reviewed

Our top 11 CRM tools have enough features to warrant an individual review for each, but for this guide, we’ll cover the key features, pricing, and their top pros and cons (as expressed by their customers).

From this, you’ll have a good idea of each CRM tool’s capabilities (and flaws) so that you can decide which is best suited for your business.

1. Salesforce — The World’s Best All-in-One CRM Solution for Any-Sized Business

Salesforce is one of the world’s most popular CRM apps trusted by major companies like Amazon. Why? Well, because it’s reliable and offers superior functionality to its rivals. With it, you’ll be able to track every last detail about your leads, customers, and deals — even on the go.

Salesforce's intuitive dashboard | Best CRM app

The mobile app lets you view important analytics, access your CRM data, save notes, identify hot leads with lead scoring, plus create tasks to help you stay on the ball.

Overall, Salesforce lets you deliver top-notch service and has everything you need, plus some extra bells and whistles. And although the competition is tough, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better CRM solution.

From managing your entire sales cycle to powerful process automation like automatic lead scoring and built-in task and email campaign management, Salesforce has it all.

Special Features:

  • Automatically route cases and work to the correct queue or agent
  • Prevent duplicate data from being stored in your database
  • Visualize important sales data with in-depth reports and calendar view
  • Get insight into what leads are doing on your website
  • Live chat, email, phone, and social media support features
  • Offer a self-service option to lower your inquiries


Salesforce has packages suitable for various needs, but the best value for money is the Sales & Service Cloud plans:

Salesforce's pricing plans

The Essentials plan gives you the necessities plus extras like mass email, task management, collaboration tools, and customer support features like live chat and phone. The Professional plan gives you some nice-to-haves like pipeline management, tracking, and managing sales and orders.


  • Superior functionality and user experience
  • Fantastic for automating the sales process
  • Seamless lead and campaign management
  • One of the best CRM apps for iPhone and Android


  • More expensive than other CRMs
  • The reporting feature can be buggy

Best For

Device Support Starting Price Users for Starting Price Free Version Guarantee/Refund
Any-sized business Web, Android, and iOS $25/month (annual) 1 14-day trial and demo


Pipedrive is a tool designed to help salespeople sell more. Its huge popularity is mainly due to how you can manage your sales funnel visually and on the go with an incredibly user-friendly and flexible web and mobile app.

Pipedrive's visual deal management system | Best CRM app

Your sales teams can set sales activity reminders, tell the stage a lead is in, when to follow up, and have critical details based on data collected to close more deals effectively.

With a comprehensive overview of your sales pipeline, you’ll be able to identify trends and areas of improvement to optimize your sales funnel and increase your revenue.

You can also see your sales team’s progress at a glance and access a complete history, including calls, emails, meetings, and notes related to each lead or contact.

Special Features:

  • Create custom sales funnels and web forms
  • Collaborate on deals and activities with other team members
  • Set up sales activity reminders for your team
  • Segment leads for personalized campaigns
  • Get detailed sales and activity reports
  • Integrate with 300+ external apps, including email
  • Automate tasks like updating deals and sending emails


Pipedrive has these 4 plans:

Pipedrive's pricing

The Essential plan gives you all the lead, deal, calendar, and pipeline management features, but you’ll want to opt for the Advanced plan for the email and workflow capabilities. Although Pipedrive is limited to sales features, there’s no doubt that you get loads of value for money.


  • Fantastic mobile apps
  • Competitive pricing plans
  • Intuitive platform for automating your sales process
  • Great visual deal and lead management capabilities


  • Limited to sales teams
  • Customer support could be improved

Best For

Mobile Access Starting Price Users for Starting Price Free Version Guarantee/Refund
Sales teams Web, Android, and iOS $12.50/month (annual) 1 14-day trial


3. Monday Sales CRM — One of the Best CRM Apps for Small Business Needs

Monday.com’s CRM product offers businesses fantastic value for money with unlimited pipelines, contacts, and boards on the starter plan.

Monday.com Sales CRM app

As one of the best Kanban software tools, you can easily manage your tasks visually with boards, assign (or even auto-assign) work, and track your team’s progress and workload.

Plus, you can manage, monitor, and streamline your sales pipeline, post-sale processes, lead and contact data, marketing activities, and more, all in one place.

You can also create a custom dashboard to view where each deal stands, your team’s performance, and more at a glance.

Special Features:

  • Log and track customer interactions with your brand (on any channel)
  • Sync your email, and set up custom alerts and automation
  • Use templates for your lead, deal, and contact management
  • Automatically score leads based on custom criteria
  • Log any contact-related activity such as calls, notes, etc.
  • Automatically assign leads to reps and set activity reminders


The Monday Sales CRM has a free plan, plus these 4 paid options for 3 user seats:

Monday Sales CRM pricing

You get unlimited customizable pipelines, contacts, and boards on the Basic plan. But you’ll want to choose the Standard plan for advanced contact, deal, account, and activity management.

Unfortunately, features like email tracking and automations, sales forecasting and analytics, and lead scoring are only on the higher tier plans. Overall, Monday Sales CRM offers excellent value for money across its plans.


  • Highly user-friendly and fully customizable
  • Has excellent mobile app and integration support
  • Offers multiple ways to view customer data
  • Powerful CRM automation capabilities


  • Users report that the training videos feel like ads
  • Reporting capabilities could be improved

Best For

Mobile Access Starting Price Users for Starting Price Free Version Guarantee/Refund
Small businesses Web, Android, and iOS $10/month (annual) 1 Free plan + 14-day trial

Pro-rated refund

4. Act! CRM — Leading CRM App for Automation

Act! is one of the leading CRM and marketing automation platforms in the market, suitable for both small and midsize businesses.

Act! CRM tool

Our favorite thing about Act! is its intuitive calendar that’ll tell you what tasks are lined up for the day so that you don’t miss out on any important task.

On top of that, Act! also lets you keep a detailed history of all interactions with your customers. Beginning from the first email to the latest conversation, everything will be in one place for you to analyze their journey with your company and look for ways to improve customer experience.

This feature, along with the Call List, will help you gauge the engagement level of each lead and highlight your top customers based on past interactions. This way, you’ll be investing more of your time and resources in customers that are more likely to invest in your service.

Special Features:

  • Simplifies tracking and prioritizing calls
  • Real-time notifications all day long
  • Helps you organize similar contacts in a group
  • A list of tasks for the day on your dashboard every morning
  • Keeps a detailed record of all your interactions with the clients
  • Helps you take each contact with their respective companies for easier identification
  • Lets you record basic information about a contact in the same contact card


Act! has two plans on offer, an on-premise one and a cloud-based one:

Act! pricing

Both these plans aren’t very distant from each other in terms of pricing, but they rock a certain set of features that’ll be adequate for a particular group. For instance, if you want offline access and compatibility with desktop add-ons, the on-premise version will be the best for you.

On the other hand, if you want automatic updates and sync plus nightly backups and cloud storage, the second plan is the one you should go for. Unsure? Act! offers a free trial, so try it today without risking any money. See if it’s for you.


  • Comes with email marketing features
  • Quick in-database search capabilities
  • Excellent data analytics and reporting
  • Easy to use and get started
  • Allows role-based access control


  • The UI is sticky and old fashioned
Best For Mobile Access Starting Price Users for Starting Price Free Version Guarantee/Refund
Small to mid-size business iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and BlackBerry $30/month 1 14-day free trial No

5. Zoho CRM — Excellent CRM App for Small Businesses and Google Users

Is Zoho the best CRM for Google apps? It’s undoubtedly up there. You can seamlessly integrate with Google Workspace and over 500 other external apps.

Zoho CRM's analytics | Best CRM app for small businesses

Zoho users also love the automation capabilities as your sales team can focus on selling and relationship-building by having what they need to better understand your customers’ needs and pain points.

You can automate workflows, processes, campaigns, and your sales funnel! Whether SMS notifications, saving contacts, or updating tasks, Zoho CRM lets you automate it.

You can also create custom sales funnels to optimize the journey your customers take with your brand, and you can clearly define your sales process so that your team knows what to do next.

Special Features:

  • Create quotes, invoices, and orders
  • Assign leads to the best sales rep based on criteria like location
  • Handle your email communications, plus get alerts when your brand is interacted with on social media
  • Build custom dashboards to visualize your CRM data
  • Use web-to-case forms to convert support tickets into cases


Zoho CRM has a free plan, a plan specific for small businesses (from $7/user/month), plus these 4 plans:

Zoho CRM's pricing options

What’s nice about the Standard plan is that you can manage multiple pipelines, send mass emails, create custom dashboards, and automate tasks. Overall, with pricing like this, Zoho CRM is undoubtedly one of the best CRM tools for small businesses.


  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Best CRM app for Google apps integration support
  • Fantastic workflow and sales funnel automation


  • There’s a bit of a learning curve
  • Customer support is lacking

Best For

Mobile Access Starting Price Users for Starting Price Free Version Guarantee/Refund
Small businesses Web, Android, and iOS $7/month (annual) 1 Free plan + 15-day trial

45-day refund policy

6. Freshsales — Affordable Entry-Level CRM Solution for Startups and Small Businesses

Freshsales has incredibly functional mobile apps to help your salespeople access crucial data and never miss an opportunity while on the go.

For example, you get the check-in feature that lets your team confirm their whereabouts, access and update the data (whether online or offline), and get alerts when a lead or customer contacts them or is assigned a new case.

Freshsales lead management interface | CRM app

With little effort, you can map out your entire sales process, manage your sales activities, automate processes, and connect with external apps for omnichannel communication with Freshsales.

Better yet, you can also connect your email, make, track, and record calls and SMSs, use the chat software for live customer support, and integrate with WhatsApp, all from within Freshsales to keep all your communications centralized.

Special Features:

  • Create and manage documents such as contracts and quotes
  • Manage multiple sales pipelines, and create your product catalog
  • Automatically assign leads to the most suitable reps
  • Run targeted chat campaigns to engage with leads at the most opportune moments
  • Track your deals in Kanban, timeline, or funnel view


Freshsales has a free plan plus 3 paid plans priced as follows:

Freshsales pricing plans

On the Growth plan, you get in-app chat, email, and phone to connect with your customers, contact and account management, visual sales pipeline tracking, and sales sequences to automate nurturing and converting leads into customers.

You’ll need to be on the Pro plan and higher to manage multiple sales pipelines, use workflow automations, and have the sales team collaboration features.


  • Superb omnichannel support
  • Robust reporting and automation capabilities
  • Great for contact and deal management


  • Lackluster customer support
  • Not the best option for mass email sending

Best For

Device Support Starting Price Users for Starting Price Free Version Guarantee/Refund
Startups and small businesses Web, Android, and iOS $15/month (annual) 1 Free plan + 21-day trial


7. Zendesk Sell — Great Sales CRM Solution for Any-Sized Business

Zendesk Sell is loaded with CRM features to help your sales teams have what they need to sell more.

Zendesk Sell's in-app communication

Your team can collaborate on and gain insight into the progress of every deal; plus, Zendesk has one of the best CRM apps for Android and iPhone to help your teams excel when they’re out of the office.

The mobile app has additional features like geolocation to log visits. You can also view all sales KPIs, place calls and texts, add notes to contacts, and communicate with customers, managers, and team members using the in-app messenger.

Special Features:

  • Manage tasks for leads, deals, and contacts
  • Create custom deal pipelines with custom fields, filters, and tags
  • Lead and deal scoring to prioritize contacts most likely to convert
  • Nurture contacts with timed email campaigns
  • Set trigger-based workflow rules to automate task creation and assigning
  • Integrate your preferred call center software with Zendesk
  • Create custom dashboards by dragging and dropping widgets


Zendesk Sell has these 3 plans:

Zendesk Sell's pricing

The first plan lets you create up to 2 custom sales pipelines, integrate with your email and Google calendar, track and record calls and SMS messages, and have offline mobile access.

You’ll need to be on the Growth or Professional plan for features like custom sales dashboards and reports, sales forecasting, lead and deal scoring, task automations, and advanced permission setting.


  • Low learning curve and affordable entry-level plan
  • Define your own sales process categories
  • Works well to keep lead and customer data centralized


  • Onboarding documents could be improved
  • Steep price jump after starter plan

Best For

Device Support Starting Price Users for Starting Price Free Version Guarantee/Refund
Businesses of all sizes Web, iOS, and Android $19/month (annual) 1 14-day trial


8. HubSpot CRM — Powerful All-in-One CRM Tool That’s Best Suited for Larger Businesses

HubSpot is well-known for being one of the best email marketing software solutions, but it’s also our top pick for the best free CRM for Google apps integration support. Overall, it has every possible need covered in its 5 CRM hubs — although the complete package does come at a price.

HubSpot is the best free CRM tool

You can launch marketing campaigns, create automatic email sequences, manage multiple customer ticket and deal pipelines, and automate your sales tasks, among much more.

You can also cross off your to-dos, create reminders and deals, add notes and attachments to contacts, and access your CRM data with HubSpot’s mobile apps.

Special Features:

  • Create landing pages and forms
  • Offer live chat and ticketing support
  • Send bulk emails with a shared company inbox
  • Easily manage all your contacts and data
  • In-app calendar, tasks, and commenting for collaboration
  • Create static or dynamic contact lists that update automatically

Plus, much more.


Although it offers one of the best free CRM apps, it’s limited. That said, the marketing, sales CRM, and customer support hubs start at $45/month for 2 users.

You can purchase these hubs individually, or you can opt for the bundle CRM suite that includes features from all 5 hubs:

HubSpot bundle CRM Suite pricing

Unfortunately, for the best value in terms of functionality, the Professional plan is the way to go — whether you opt for the individual hubs or the bundle offer.


  • Great in-app collaboration and automation capabilities
  • Fantastic for company-wide visibility into your customer journey
  • Easy contact, lead, and data organization and filtering
  • It offers loads of CRM features


  • Mobile functionality could be improved
  • It can be expensive for small businesses

Best For

Device Support Starting Price Users for Starting Price Free Version Guarantee/Refund
Larger businesses Web, iOS, and Android $45/month (annual) 2 Free plan


9. Less Annoying CRM — A Simple but Powerful Tool, One of the Best CRM Apps for Small Business Owners

As the name suggests, this CRM app is among the few that are incredibly user-friendly and economical. Yet, that’s not to say it isn’t a powerful app.

Less Annoying CRM apps user-friendly interface

It’s one of the best client relationship management tools for startups and small businesses because of its gentle learning curve and customization capabilities.

You can add as many custom fields and steps as you need to your sales process, manage your contacts and follow-ups, and more, completely hassle-free.

Less Annoying CRM is an innovative tool designed to help small businesses simplify and organize their contacts and deals, making it easier to focus on maximizing revenue and building solid customer relationships.

Special Features:

  • Link tasks to contacts and allocate them to team members
  • See notes, files, tasks, events, and your pipeline data from your dashboard
  • Sync with Google Calendar and access the data from your phone
  • Always know the status (and priority) of a lead or deal
  • Connect to your email provider and track emails within the app


As with everything Less Annoying CRM stands for, their pricing is as simple as their platform:

Less Annoying CRM's pricing

Unlike most, this means you get everything on offer for just $15/month. If you have more than 10 users, you can contact the fantastic support team for a tailored package specific to your needs.


  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • It’s completely customizable
  • Great customer support
  • Affordable CRM solution


  • No recurring task capability
  • Lacks comprehensive reporting and filtering
  • It’s missing some crucial features

Best For

Device Support Starting Price Users for Starting Price Free Version Guarantee/Refund
Startups and small businesses Web, iOS, and Android $15/month 1 30-day trial


10. Capsule — Impressive Feature-Rich CRM for Small, Growing Businesses

Capsule is nothing short of remarkable. It offers excellent functionality and allows you to integrate seamlessly with external apps like Google Suite, Zapier, and some of the best cloud-based accounting software tools.

Capsule's contact organization

You can customize your processes with multiple pipelines and visually track your sales opportunities as they progress through your stages. The platform, in general, is also highly customizable, which allows you to store and track information that’s important to you.

But what’s most noteworthy is the task management capabilities as it rivals some of the best project tracking tools on the market. You can create tasks (and repeat tasks) for things like meetings and appointments and set up automations and deadline reminders.

Special Features:

  • Log all events and tasks
  • Access activity and pipeline growth reports
  • Analyze important business metrics
  • Record every email, call, note, and file related to your contacts
  • Save emails as templates for re-use
  • Use calendar view for an overview of your tasks


Capsule has a limited free plan plus 3 paid options for various needs and budgets:

Capsule's pricing plans

The Professional plan allows for a whopping 50,000 contacts and includes the sales pipeline and project management capabilities. The higher-tier plans give you a greater contact limit, plus features like the ability to manage multiple sales pipelines and advanced sales reporting.


  • Budget-friendly CRM for growing businesses
  • Great mobile application and integration compatibility
  • An impressive suite of features


  • Lacks marketing essentials and integration support
  • The free plan is super basic

Best For

Device Support Starting Price Users for Starting Price Free Version Guarantee/Refund
Small, growing businesses Web, iOS, and Android $18/month 1 30-day trial + free plan


Keap has everything you’d need to collect, organize, track, and nurture your leads to the end of your funnel. You’ll know where every deal stands and have the means to make your customers feel valued throughout the journey with personalized, automatic campaigns.

Keap's integrated interface

You also get a free business phone number to keep your private and company data separate, plus you can also create tasks, schedule appointments, take notes, and more from the mobile app.

The dashboard is also highly flexible — allowing you to plan, manage, and track your processes and leads in a way that best suits you.

Special Features:

  • Create invoices, quotes, and checkout pages, and accept payments online
  • IF/THEN automations for welcome emails, follow-ups, nurture campaigns, etc.
  • In-app email and text message marketing capabilities
  • Tag and segment your contacts for personalized campaigns
  • Automatically collect and organize leads with custom forms and landing pages
  • View essential metrics like marketing and campaign performance, click-through rates, etc.


As you can see below, because of Keap’s pricing structure, growing with this CRM tool can get costly quickly:

Keap's pricing

With the Max plan, you have just 1 more user and a higher contact limit. Still, you also get marketing analytics and e-commerce features like promo codes and upsells to boost customer loyalty and increase your average checkout value.


  • Fantastic email marketing and contact management
  • Countless automation capabilities
  • Constantly getting upgrades and additional functionality


  • Expensive for small businesses
  • There’s a learning curve

Best For

Device Support Starting Price Users for Starting Price Free Version Guarantee/Refund
Mid-sized businesses Web, iOS, and Android $129/month (annual) 2 14-day trial


Top CRM Apps: Comparison Table

Processing a bunch of information is hard, so we’ve outlined the necessary details for a quick overview of how these tools compare in terms of price, suitability, and more:

Best CRM Apps

Best For Mobile Access Starting Price Users for Starting Price Free Version Guarantee/Refund
Salesforce Any-sized business Web, Android, and iOS $25/month (annual) 1 14-day trial and demo



Sales teams Web, Android, and iOS $12.50/month (annual) 1 14-day trial No
Monday Sales CRM Small businesses Web, Android, and iOS $10/month (annual) 1 Free plan + 14-day trial

Pro-rated refund

Act! Small to mid-size business iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and BlackBerry $30/month 1 14-day trial No
Zoho CRM Small businesses Web, Android, and iOS $7/month (annual) 1 Free plan + 15-day trial

45-day refund policy


Startups and small businesses Web, Android, and iOS $15/month (annual) 1 Free plan + 21-day trial No
Zendesk Sell Businesses of all sizes Web, iOS, and Android $19/month (annual) 1 14-day trial


HubSpot CRM

Larger businesses Web, iOS, and Android $45/month (annual) 2 Free plan No
Less Annoying CRM Startups and small businesses Web, iOS, and Android $15/month 1 30-day trial



Small, growing businesses Web, iOS, and Android $18/month 1 30-day trial + free plan No
Keap Mid-sized businesses Web, iOS, and Android $129/month (annual) 2 14-day trial


What Do CRM Apps Do?

CRM (or customer relationship management) tools help businesses and salespeople manage their contacts and customer and sales data in one centralized location.

The best CRM apps for iPhone and Android devices allow you to access and manage leads, communications, and things like tracking deals, logging communications and data, and more while you’re on the move.

These tools are invaluable to sales teams and businesses looking to improve their customer support and pinpoint areas of opportunity as you have data like all customer interactions at your fingertips.

What Are the Advantages of Using CRM Apps?

This section will outline only 5 of the most important benefits of CRM tools, and yet, we’re confident it’ll be enough to prove just how much CRM software can help businesses of all sizes:

Saves Time

The best CRM apps come with built-in automation capabilities that allow you to streamline your sales process and other workflows for complete efficiency — whether it be automating your email campaigns, case assigning, or anything in between.

By automating mundane tasks and ensuring all necessary communications happen when they should in your customer lifecycle, you improve productivity by allowing your team to focus on more critical work.

This also reduces the risk of human error in these repetitive tasks and improves your customer support and retention rate.

Build Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

Because the best CRM software tools give you crucial insight and information into each customer, you can tailor your approach to enforce long-lasting relationships with existing customers and accurately pinpoint opportunities with potential customers.

These insights mean that your salespeople will know where every lead and customer is in their journey, so they’ll know what steps to take next to nurture them to the end of your sales cycle.

Retain Customers

As a follow-up to our previous benefit, these tools allow you to retain your customers and increase brand loyalty and profitability. But another benefit of this is that it increases the likelihood of referrals — which is one of the best ways to boost brand awareness and gain customers.

By keeping your existing customers happy with superb customer support, you’ll set the stage for more.

Access Important Data On the Go

In today’s world, salespeople are always on their feet and rarely bound to one location.

With reliable CRM apps, it’s easy to stay organized and access essential data on the go. Plus, you’ll be able to communicate with leads and customers and maintain a good record of everything without being in the office.

Gain Valuable Insight

The best customer relationship management tools give you valuable metrics into what matters most, plus you get accurate forecasts based on past records.

The Best Free CRM Apps

There are ample free CRM software options, including Zoho, Freshsales, HubSpot, and Capsule. But, overall, we believe that Monday.com’s Sales CRM free plan offers the most value.

However, it’s worth noting that although a free CRM won’t cost you a cent, it may cost you in other ways because even the best are limited in functionality.

Of course, free plans can be a great way to learn whether or not the software is your cup of tea, and the limitations might be okay for startups. Still, we recommend that you instead opt for the complimentary trials, as this gives you insight into the tool’s full potential.

We’re confident that you’ll find the paid version worth the investment because of the benefits you’ll reap from the increased capabilities — regardless of the size of your business.

Conclusion | What’s the Best CRM App in 2024?

For a good reason, Salesforce is the world’s No. 1 CRM app — regardless of your business size, you can handle your every need with this intuitive platform.

From marketing to sales and service, it has every solution — plus the option to integrate with all the apps that your business already uses. You can’t go wrong with Salesforce, but deciding whether it’s your top pick will be up to you.

Pipedrive and Monday.com’s Sales CRM are also killer choices worthy of consideration.

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