Here’s your straight-forward guide of the best free psychic reading apps for 2024. There are several online psychic sites that continually rise above the rest with great incentives, special offers and the best online psychics with a wide range of reading types. We rank and review the top 5 online psychic services available today along with feature of our favorite psychics, no matter what your question, you can get started with a free psychic chat today!

Where to Get an Absolutely Free Psychic Reading 2024

Try out some of our vetted and trusted psychics absolutely FREE and get your life-changing psychic reading in a snap.

  1. Keen Psychics – Transform Your Love Life Today – First 3 mins FREE/10 mins for $1.99
  2. Psychic Source – Get Clarity on Big Life Decisions and Fulfill Your Dreams – $1/min + 3 mins FREE
  3. Mysticsense – Find a Perfect Psychic Anywhere with This Standout Website – First 5 minutes FREE
  4. Kasamba – Get Your Psychic Reading in a Snap With This App – 3 Free Minutes + 50% off
  5. Oranum – Try A Personal Touch With a Live Video Reading – 10,000 Free Oranum Coins

1.Keen Psychics: Best Online Psychics 2024

Keen Best Free Psychic Reading Sites 2023

Quick Facts

  • Over 20 years in business (opened in 1999)
  • Over 20 unique reading styles including Mayan Astrology and Chakra Cleansing
  • Well known for excellent Love & Relationships readings
  • Choose from online psychic chat, email, and phone readings
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

Special Offers

  • First 3 Minutes FREE
  • 10 Minutes for Only $1.99

Why Keen Ranks First for Best Online Psychics for Chat

With over 20 years in the industry, Keen Psychics continues to rise up above the rest for their accurate psychics, special offers for first time customers and excellent customer service. Finding the perfect online psychic is pretty subjective because you never know if you will magically click with your psychic right away.

You might prefer a specific reading style and then discover that you like something else more. Or maybe you come in with the intention of getting a free love tarot reading and you discover that a clairvoyant can really get you the answers you need. That’s why Keen offers two bargain deals that give you a price break and flexibility to help get you started.

At Keen psychics you can get your first 3 minutes absolutely FREE. Just browse their top psychics (we will list our favorites for you below) and give it a shot. You’ll be able to schedule your reading instantly and pay zero.

Perhaps you’ve had online psychic readings before and you know what you are looking for, but want to try out a specific psychic before committing? In that case, take advantage of Keen’s bargain special offer of “10 minutes for $1.99.” You’ll have plenty of time to get to know the psychic reader you’re interested in without being on the clock with a price per minute set up.

Variety of Free Psychic Readings at Keen

Keen offers a wide selection of psychic readings ranging from psychic advisors that specialize in Love & Relationships to free tarot card readings, psychic mediums, astrology readings and more. In fact, most of their psychics have multiple skills and gifts, so they are able to really craft you a personalized experience.

However, what makes Keen rank first in our book in terms of variety, is that they even offer more unusual reading types such as Mayan, Chinese and Vedic astrology, Dream Interpretation and even Aura and Chakra Cleansing.

If you’re looking for answers about your love life, Keen is well known and respected for its fantastic Love & Relationships psychic advisors. Their experienced and professional psychics can guide you through heart-break and divorce, help you find out if your partner is cheating, or when that special someone is going to come into your life.

Keen Online Psychic Reading Delivery Options

One of the most popular psychic reading delivery methods by far these days is by online chat. The Keen Psychic Reading & Tarot app, available on Google Play and the Apple Store, makes finding your perfect psychic advisor easier and more convenient than ever.

The Keen app lets you filter through psychic advisors easily and also shows you who is currently available online. So, if you’re in a hurry, you can be sure to connect with a great psychic advisor right away without scheduling. And, the app also comes with a totally free daily horoscope for your enjoyment!

Keen Psychics Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Keen is so confident in the professionalism of its psychics and its business, that they have committed to a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Their customer service representatives are available 24/7, which is super important if you live on the other side of the globe. You will always find someone available to talk to you and help you with any issue you come across.

With a few clicks, you can easily request a reimbursement for your online psychic reading within 72 hours, if it didn’t meet your expectations. But keep in mind that this is only applied in the form of a credit with a limit of $25 Keen dollars, that you can use toward another reading. Additionally, this credit option doesn’t necessarily include promotional funds.

Keen Psychics Prices, Features and More

Welcome Offer Number of Psychics Reading Delivery Mobile App Satisfaction Guarantee
3 Mins Free and 10 mins for $1.99 150+ chat, email, phone

Pros & Cons


  • It Has a Mobile App
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Strict Psychic Advisors Screening
  • Cheap Psychic Readings Offers – $1.99 for 10 mins


  • Does not offer video readings

2. Psychic Source: Best Online Psychic Chat for Guidance on Big Life Decisions

Psychic Source Best Online Psychics for chat at best online psychic reading sites for 2023

Quick Facts

  • Established over 30 years ago
  • Offer competitive rates
  • Provide two-way audio live video readings
  • Feature authentic, thoroughly screened advisors
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

Special Offers

  • First 3 minutes FREE
  • Readings as low as $1 per minute
  • Get 30 minutes for $30
  • Get 20 minutes for $20
  • Get 10 minutes for $10

Why Psychic Source is A Highly Trusted Online Psychic Reading Provider

When comparing the best free psychic reading sites for 2023, Psychic Source comes in at a really close second. They have been in business for over 30 years and have always upheld the best practice standards for online psychic reading services. They personally screen and interview all of their psychics, so you know that you’ll be working with real professionals.

Psychic Source is well known for having accurate and compassionate psychic readers, which is why so many people LOVE them for guidance on major life decisions, career, finance and more. When you’re trying to decide whether to take the leap into an exciting new direction or looking to find the best way out of a challenging situation, Psychic Source offers you the best online psychics for chat, phone, video readings and more.

Another reason why Psychic Source has made the Top 5 of our free psychic reading sites for 2023, is their excellent special offers for new customers. With their generous $1 per minute discount, you can spend up to 30 minutes working with the psychic of your choice while still enjoying that great price break –  AND your first 3 minutes are FREE.

Variety of Free Psychic Readings at Psychic Source

Although we love Psychic Source for life decisions and career readings, the truth is you can find just about any kind of spiritual advisor on their platform. The top notch psychics at Psychic Source also specialize in love & relationships, mediumship, pet psychic readings and divination practices with tarot, astrology and more.

Psychic Source Online Psychic Reading Delivery Options

Psychic Source offers several stand out features. On the move a lot? Psychic Source has an excellent absolutely free psychic reading app that makes keeping in touch with your online psychic a breeze. Websites can be clunky on our phone’s browsers, so having a tailor made app for delivering your free online psychic reading is a huge plus. Let’s face it, most of us use our phones for everything these days, so we think it’s really great to have this other option available to you.

Of course, Psychic Source also provides more traditional methods ways of receiving your free psychic reading, such as phone psychic readings, email psychic readings, two-way audio live video readings, so you’re not just watching and listening to your psychic, but you can really interact with them in real time.

Psychic Source Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Another factor putting Psychic Source in the Top 5 free psychic reading sites for 2023 is their confident and generous 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your last paid reading, whether it was by phone, psychic chat, or video, they will give you up to 20 minutes of time back to try out another psychic advisor. Just request a credit within one day of your last reading and you’ll be able to try out another psychic advisor for free.

Psychic Source Prices, Features and More

Welcome Offer Number of Psychics Reading Delivery Mobile App Satisfaction Guarantee
3 Mins Free, $1/min up to 30 mins 275+ chat, phone, video

Pros & Cons


  • Longest running psychic service
  • Phone, chat and video readings
  • Great filters for finding a psychic
  • 24/7 customer service team


  • Free minutes for new customers only
  • Not all advisors offer video readings

3. Mysticsense – Find Your Perfect Psychic Anywhere in the World with This Standout Website

Mysticsense free psychic reading sites for 2023 - compare best online psychics for chat

Quick Facts

  • A Website that is a Cut Above the Rest
  • Great Filters You Can Use Simultaneously
  • Easily Find Psychic Advisors Available in YOUR Time Zone
  • Lots of Help with FAQ’s and Tips On Avoiding Scams
  • Solid Customer Service Guarantee
  • Straightforward Pricing Always

Special Offers

  • First 5 Minutes Free

Why Mysticsense is Climbing the Ranks

Mysticsense is the new kid on the block in the online psychic reading community, but they’ve made their debut with a bang. Their standout website and global selection of high level psychic readers allows you to effortlessly find that perfect online psychic reading anywhere, anytime.

By allowing you to apply multiple filters simultaneously, the Mysticsense website allows you to really narrow down your search to what you specifically want. Additionally, the website is able to filter the psychics available for you based on your time zone. For those of us who travel a lot and find ourselves in different time zones, this is a really great feature.

Signing up is quick and easy at Mysticsense, and you can discover your destiny within minutes. Their tested and experienced psychics offer you readings of all kinds. Connect with a specialist in Affairs & Cheating Hearts, Breakups & Divorce, Life Path & Destiny, or use their great filters to find an online psychic advisor that has gifts in clairvoyance, tarot, astrology, mediumship and more.

Another great perk at Mysticsense is that they offer the First 5 minutes FREE. That’s the longest free-minute offer out there among the leading providers, so it’s definitely worth giving this company a shot!

Variety of Free Psychic Readings at Mysticsense

When it comes to the variety of psychic reading types and styles, Mysticsense seems to have found the sweet spot in terms of offering enough options without being overwhelming. Some of the longstanding online psychic reading sites have so many advisors with a million skills and tools, that it can be a little overwhelming to find your perfect combination.

On the other hand, some providers limit themselves to certain areas, which can leave you out of luck it that’s not what you happen to be looking for. Mysticsense seems to have struck the balance between options and ease of use, which is one of the reasons this new online psychic reading website has made our Top 5.

Mysticsense Online Psychic Reading Delivery Options

Mysticsense offers all three of the main and traditional online psychic reading delivery methods: phone, chat and video. However, one thing that is not immediately apparent on this otherwise excellent website, is how to filter for advisors offering readings using one or any of those methods.

If you are specifically looking to compare best online psychics for chat, then Mysicsense’s filters won’t be helping much. You’ll just have to eyeball it once you’ve found the psychic advisor that’s available in your time zone and offers the specialty and skills that you are looking for.

Mysticsense Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Mysticsense does offer a pretty straightforward customer satisfaction guarantee, and the terms are clearly spelled out on the website without any confusing or tricky language. We love that!

If you are unhappy with your psychic reading, you can request a refund within 48 hours, as long as you haven’t had another reading in the meantime. You’ll be eligible to receive a credit to your account of up to 10 minutes of your time, which, if eligible, should arrive in your Mysticsense account within two business days.

Mysticsense Prices, Features and More

Welcome Offer Number of Psychics Reading Delivery Mobile App Satisfaction Guarantee
5 Mins Free 170+ chat, phone, video

Pros & Cons


  • User friendly website
  • Phone, chat and video readings
  • 5 minutes free
  • Easy registration and pricing


  • No mobile app
  • Not all advisors offer video readings

4. Kasamba – Best Psychic Reading Chat App

Kasamba free psychic reading sites for 2023 - compare best online psychics for chat

Quick Facts

  • One of the most trusted sites with over 4-million users
  • Provides excellent transparency
  • First three minutes of every session is free
  • Offers live chat and email consultations
  • Psychic profiles are available for each psychic advisor

Special Offers

  • First 3 minutes ALWAYS FREE, not just for new customers
  • Save 70% (max $50 discount) with the Kasamba discount code

Why Kasamba Has Stood the Test of Time

Kasamba has been in the market for over 20 years, and in that time, this online psychic network has gained over 4 million clients and an average of 94% high ratings from its users! Kasamba is known and loved for having a big selection of psychics to choose from, in fact they have over 1000 contracted professional psychics.

Kasamba’s psychics have a pretty wide range of skills so you won’t have any trouble finding an advisor in every category. But, by far the most exciting thing about Kasamba is their free psychic reading app.

The Kasamba Live Psychic Reading App is available on Google Play for Android and at the Apple Store for your iPhone or Tablet. The Kasamba app has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 7,400 + ratings on the Apple store, which means that it’s been tried and tested and customers are generally pretty happy with it! What’s more, your first three minutes are free on the app as well!.

Variety of Free Psychic Readings at Kasamba

Kasamba offers a huge variety of psychic readings. From Tarot to Astrology, a wide range of traditional psychic readings, to dream analysis, fortune telling and more, you are not likely to run out of options at Kasamba. You can refine your search for your psychic by filtering for certain categories such as love & romance or career & finance. Thereafter, you can further refine your search according to price or ranking.

Kasamba Online Psychic Reading Delivery Options

Kasamba has psychic advisors available 24/7 due in large part to its super sized selection of online psychics. Not every psychic offers readings in all formats – some will offer psychic chat, phone readings and offline readings via email, and some will offer only one or two of those options.

Unfortunately, Kasamba does not offer video readings, a feature which we would like to see added in the future!

Kasamba Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Kasamba has a great customer satisfaction guarantee built right into its FIRST 3 MINUTES FREE offer for each and every new psychic you try. You don’t need to be a returning customer for this great ongoing deal.

The reason Kasamba offers you this is to support what they call their “Best Psychic Match Guarantee.” The thinking goes that if you can try out a few psychics for free before committing, you are likely to find that perfect match for you and be more satisfied in the long run.

In the event that you are dissatisfied with your reading, Kasamba does offer a full or partial refund of up to $50, provided you make your refund request within 7 days of receiving your reading and follow the instructions correctly. However, Kasamba does reserve the right to refuse your request.

Kasamba Prices, Features and More

Welcome Offer Number of Psychics Reading Delivery Mobile App Satisfaction Guarantee
First 3 Mins Always Free, 70% discount OFF your first reading 300+ chat, phone, email

Pros & Cons


  • Largest selection of psychics
  • User friendly app
  • 3 minutes always free, save 70% for new customers
  • Wide selection of reading types


  • No video readings
  • Huge selection can be overwhelming


5. Oranum – For Lovers of Face to Face Video Psychic Readings

Oranum free psychic reading sites for 2023 - compare best online psychics for chat

Quick Facts

  • Watch your psychic do a live reading absolutely free
  • Live webcam readings available
  • Two way audio option
  • Unique, niche psychic reading categories

Special Offers

  • New users get 10,000 Oranum coins for free upon registration

Why People Love Oranum

If you like the idea of getting to know your psychic advisor personally via a live video session before paying for a reading, then you will love Oranum. This no-strings attached feature sets Oranum apart from other online psychic networks, because you don’t even have to sign up for an account to watch a live session.

Each week, all Oranum psychics host a free, live video session that anyone can watch, so once you have your eye on someone, it’s a great opportunity to see if their reading style suits you. Although Oranum doesn’t offer other kinds of psychic readings, such as chat, email and phone psychic readings, they do have some interesting options such as two-way audio, video call, group sessions and mobile live.

Oranum will give you 10,000 Oranum coins the moment you sign up and validate your credit card. A psychic reading with an Oranum psychic ranges from 1,000 and 3,000 coins per minute, so you can get about a ten minute reading for free with one of their cheap psychics.

Variety of Free Psychic Readings at Oranum

Oranum has recently narrowed down its categories for online psychic readings and now offers you twelve different types: love, clairvoyant, tarot, astrology, dreams, guides, family, career, fortune teller, numerology, sound paths, and pet psychics.

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t have any filtering options beyond these categories, you will be limited to them. However, Oranum psychics do offer an interesting selection of cards in their readings, from tarot to gypsy to rune cards and more.

Oranum Online Psychic Reading Delivery Options

Oranum’s psychic readings are all video based. You do have the option of keeping your own camera off when you get your psychic reading, which means you can then interact with your psychic by live chat. You will be able to hear and see your psychic advisor at work, and can ask questions via chat along the way.

If you prefer to have a face to face interaction, you can obviously enable your camera and audio and have a live conversation!

Oranum Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Although you can cancel your subscription with Oranum at any time, they do not offer a clear customer service guarantee, although if you are unhappy with your online psychic reading for any reason, if you contact customer support within 24 hours, there is a good chance that you will receive a credit toward another reading.

Additionally, Oranum’s pricing can be a little confusing given that everything is based on Oranum coins, and you must make a depost into your account before you can see a particular psychic’s rate. But all in all, once you get used to it, it tends to work smoothly.

Oranum Prices, Features and More

Welcome Offer Number of Psychics Reading Delivery Mobile App Satisfaction Guarantee
$10,000 free Oranum Coins 200+ video readings with audio, chat limited


Pros & Cons


  • Free live chat with a psychic w/o sign up
  • Huge variety of specialties and filters
  • 10,000 free Oranum coins
  • Live chat rooms for user


  • No ratings reviews for individual psychics
  • Limited refund policy

Frequently Asked Questions about Psychic Readings

Why Do Sites Offer Free Online Psychic Readings?

How Can I Be Sure These Psychics Are Real?

What Type of Psychic Reading is Best for Me?

How Can I Prepare for My Reading?

Comparing Free Psychic Reading Sites No Credit Required for 2024

Check out the table below for a quick comparison of each site’s key features, including special offers and psychic reading delivery options.

Psychic network Special Offer Reading Deliveries Psychics Available Mobile App Satisfaction Guarantee?
Keen 3 FREE Minutes/10 mins for $1.99 Chat/Email/Phone 150+
Psychic Source 3 Mins Free, $1/min up to 30 mins Chat/Phone/Video 275+
Mysticsense 5 FREE Minutes Chat/Phone/Video 175+
Kasamba First 3 Mins Always Free, 70% discount OFF your first reading Chat/Phone/Email 300+
Oranum $10,000 free Oranum Coins Video Readings with audio/chat 200+

Best Online Psychics for Chat On Our Favorite Websites

Just to get you started, here are our favorite, professional and dependable online psychics that you can try out absolutely FREE! All of them have a great track record with excellent ratings and reviews. Plus, every single one of these companies offers fantastic deals for first time customers, so you can find that perfect psychic reading guilt-free.

Top 3 Psychics at Keen

All of these top-notch Keen psychics have 5-star ratings and reviews, so it’s really just about finding the personality and skill set that will click with your needs. You can’t go wrong with these best online psychics for chat, especially if you’re looking for guidance in Love & Relationships. And remember, you’ll receive your First 3 Minutes for FREE!

1. Nora Joyce-King for Love and Relationship Clarity

Nora Joyce-King Keen psychics free psychic reading

Are you confused about a soulmate connection? Are you trying to figure out if your relationship might be toxic? With Nora, you’ll be lovingly guided onto the right path in your love life, always with your best interest in mind. With her gentle clarity and wisdom, you will be in good hands to move your life forward in the best possible way.


2. Lotus Rising Will Guide You Through Tough Times

Lotus Rising Keen Psychics


Struggling with a recent break-up or divorce? Need to find out what your person is thinking or doing behind the scenes? Lotus Rising and her clairaudient abilities will get you the answers you need. She will help you get through the tough times, make the right choices and find happiness again.


3. Brian Mason – Empathic Love Advice From a Man’s Perspective

Brian Mason Keen Psychics

Trying to figure out the man in your life? Or maybe you just need advice from someone who understands love and relationships from a man’s perspective? Brian Mason from Keen psychics is there to listen and give you sage advice on relationships, love, infidelity and grief.


Top 3 Genuine Psychics at Psychic Source

All of these 5-star rated and reviewed best online psychics for chat will give you excellent guidance on career matters, your life path, manifesting wealth and abundance, among other specialties such as love and romance. Try out some of these excellent psychic advisors today and receive your FIRST 3 MINUTES FREE with readings as low as $1/MINUTE!

1. Psychic Joshua x4713 at Psychic Source

Psychic Source Joshua x4713 best online psychics for chat 2023

Get Inspirational and Inclusive Guidance with Psychic Joshua x4713! He’s a Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Intuitive/Empath who will inspire you with his angel card readings which has been described as “beautiful, colorful and magical stories” by his clients.

2. Psychic Source Angela x9978

Psychic Angela best online psychic reading for chat 2023 at psychic source

Shamanic priestess, Love Psychic, Pet Psychic, Clairvoyant, Career Psychic, and Clairaudient Angela, has inspired and guided hundreds of people to make real life changes to manifest abundance and success in their lives. She’s been a spiritual counselor for over 52 years and has dedicated her life to helping people find their inner peace and divine love.

3. Psychic Nisa x4865

psychic Nisa from psychic source best online psychic reading for chat 2023
Psychic Nisa is a Prophetic Empath who is dedicated to helping anyone who needs clarity and spiritual guidance. With her prophetic powers, she will pull out messages that have been hidden, buried or ignored so that you can get back onto your life path. Her readings are loving, laid back, and full of wisdom, and she will always be truthful and honest with you.

3 Best Online Psychics for Chat at Mysticsense

Here’s your go to list of the top psychic advisors at Mysticsense. All of these psychic readers have 5-star ratings and excellent reviews, and they work in all areas. Try one of them out today and receive your First 5 Minutes FREE!

1. Advisor Holly at Mysticsense

Advisor Holly best online psychics for chat 2023 Mysticsense

Holly is known for being compassionate and professional and specializes in soulmates and life coaching using her tarot cards, as well as her natural-born psychic ability .“I love Holly’s honesty , her clear and detailed readings, she is truly gifted!!!!!”


2. Spiritual Counselor D

Spiritual Counselor D best online psychics for chat 2023 Mysticsense

Spiritual Counselor D specializes in AFFAIRS & CHEATING HEARTS and is always honest and direct with the psychic readings. As a fifth generation psychic with over 35 years of experience, Spiritual Counselor D can also help you with meditation that will cleanse you of negativity in your daily life. “I got the guidance I needed to focus on my career path. He was gentle and direct and helped me see what I needed to do to move forward.”


3. Love Readings by Eva

Love Readings by Evabest online psychics for chat 2023 Mysticsense

If you’re tired of being mislead and want to find the truth, compassionate psychic medium
Eva is the Mysticsense psychic advisor for you! Her clairvoyant and psychic abilities give her the accurate answers you desire regarding all types of relationships such as love, lost love, divorces, and breakups, toxic relationships, LGBTQ, affairs, and more.


Kasamba’s 3 Best Online Psychics for Chat

Since Kasamba has so many online psychics to choose from, this short list of their best online psychics for chat is a real short cut. Kasamba offers a wide range of readings types and styles, from love and romance to fortune telling and astrology. And remember you can try out every single one of these psychic advisors absolutely free because of their great unlimited First 3 Minutes FREE offer!

1. Truth and Light Love Psychic at Kasamba

Truth and Light Best Online Psychics for Chat kasamba

This sensitive and caring online psychic reader will help you find direction in love and in your life in general. With almost 15,000 excellent reviews, Truth and Light is sure to help you find and keep that special someone!


2. Love Specialist Isabelle

Love Specialist Isabelle Best Online Psychics for Chat Kasamba

Looking for an astrology reading? Love Specialist Isabelle at Kasamba is a professional astrologer but also has psychic abilities. She can help you with numerology, tarot and spell casting as well, so find out what your love life and career have in store for you today!


3. Psychic Futures Told

Psychic Futures Told Best Online Psychics for Chat Kasamba

Need some help with your furry friend? Psychic Futures Told is a top rated pet psychic. He can cross the human / animal divide and connect with your cherished pet so that you can understand their thoughts and feelings.


3 Best Psychics for Your Video Psychic Reading at Oranum

These 3 psychics stand out at Oranum as the most popular and highly rated psychic advisors. Check them out in the absolutely free live video sessions before you purchase anything, and receive your 10,000 uranium coins absolutely free once you register for your account and select a reader.

1. AlyciaRose

AlyciaRose Best Online Psychics for Chat Oranum 2023

Clients love AlyciaRose for her honesty. She has been giving readings at Oranum for over 8 years and has a 5-star rating.

2. Sensei

Sensei Best Online Psychics for Chat Oranum 2023

With over 229 reviews giving him a 5-star rating, Sensei is popular for his clairvoyance and angel readings.

3. nourevoyance

nourevoyance Best Online Psychics for Chat Oranum 2023

Nourevoyance is respected for his accurate readings and also boasts a 5-star rating from over 218 reviews.


How We Chose the Best Psychic Reading Sites for 2024

There are several really important factors that go into choosing the best psychic reading sites for 2023. If you want to avoid scams, and we all do, there are some simple best practices that you can follow. When deciding which psychic reading online sites made the top 5 for 2023, we considered the following factors:

Selection of Psychics

All of our Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites offer a brad selection of psychic advisors so that you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Psychic Screening Process

All of the sites represented in our Best Free Psychic Reading Sites for 2023 thoroughly screen and vet their psychic advisors, so that you can be sure you are working with real, accurate psychics.


The Online Psychic Networks we have presented in this review all have good reputations, lots of transparency with ratings and reviews clearly posted, customer service guarantees, and websites that have been online for a substantial amount of time.

Price per Minute

A big part of making the Best Free Psychic Reading Sites for 2023 list is the price! All of the reviewed providers offer bargain deals for first time customers, so that you can try out your favorite psychic reading without breaking the bank!

Types of Readings Offered

Naturally, having multiple ways of receiving your online psychic reading is also really important. That’s why our list of Best Free Psychic Reading Sites for 2023 includes providers who offer readings via online psychic chat, phone psychic readings, email psychic readings and live video psychic readings as well!

Best Psychic Reading Site for Chat 2024

Keen Psychics makes the top of our list for the all around best psychic reading site for 2023. Because of its long history of happy customers, its transparency with clearly posted reviews and ratings, a solid customer satisfaction guarantee, as well as great deals for new customers, Keen is definitely our favorite.

Choose from any of their excellent and accurate online psychics today and receive 3 Minutes FREE and a 10 Minute Reading for only $1.99!