AI text generators have been making waves in recent years, offering a new level of efficiency and creativity in online content creation. These AI tools can create content that closely mimics human writing and can be used for a wide range of applications – such as blogs, news articles, CVs, and even entire novels.

In this guide, we take a closer look at the best AI text generators available today – exploring their unique features, capabilities, pricing, and limitations. Let’s get started.

The 11 Best AI Text Writers to Use for Top Content

Here is a comprehensive list of the best AI text generators that can help writers streamline their digital content pipelines:

  1. – Overall Best AI Text Generator for All Types of Content
  2. ChatGPT– OpenAI’s Most Recent AI-Powered Chatbot Taking the World by Storm
  3. – Popular AI Content Writing Tool With 60+ Writing Templates
  4. Rytr – Generate Content with AI in 30+ Languages
  5. Scalenut – All-in-One Content Marketing Tool With AI Text Generator
  6. – Helpful Drag-n-Drop Blog Post Builder
  7. Copysmith – GPT-3 Based AI Copywriter Covering All Types of Content
  8. Hypotenuse AI – Streamlines Online Content Campaigns Using Fully-Fledged AI
  9. Writesonic – SEO-Optimized and Plagiarism-Free AI Generated Content
  10. Anyword – Eliminate the Guesswork From Marketing Copy With This Effective AI Copywriting Tool
  11. AI Writer – One of the Most Accurate Content Generation Platforms Backed by AI Software

Top AI Content Generators Reviewed 

In this section, we review the 10 best AI text generators based on their features and capabilities and discuss how they may be used to improve content creation and marketing.

1. – Overall Best AI Text Generator to Use in 2024 is a powerful tool that can generate text using artificial intelligence in the blink of an eye. It comes with a wide range of free templates for text generation – such as blogs, landing pages, email marketing content, thank-you notes, and more. Users can even utilize to write their resumes, cover letters, or testimonials. In other words, the possibilities are endless with

To get started, users only need to specify the title and provide some context about the type of content they want. will then instantly generate content that meets all the criteria set by the user. Moreover, we also found to be incredibly user-friendly – even beginners can use this tool to create content swiftly and effortlessly. also allows users to customize the tone, style, and length of their generated content to suit their specific needs. It is also possible to include keywords in order to craft an SEO-friendly article. Moreover, can also create content in over 25 languages. It also offers a set of free AI tools that can help users generate outlines, ideas, call-to-actions, subject lines, and more.

Aside from generating the content, can also be used to automate workflows – however, this feature is still in development. For instance, users will be able to send personalized emails on LinkedIn using and even schedule the tool to write and send follow-up messages depending on the responses.


In terms of pricing, our review found that it comes with a free trial plan, valid for seven days. During this free trial, users can access 90+ AI tools and create unlimited projects. The paid plan, on the other hand, costs $49 a month ($36 if paid annually).

Interestingly, unlike some of the other best AI text generators that we will discuss today, doesn’t impose any word limits with the paid plan – instead, users can develop unlimited content. As such this makes one of the best AI writers on the market. Enterprises or organizations can also contact to customize a plan that best fits their requirements. also offers excellent customer service, available via email and 24/7 live chat. There are also guides, tutorials, and a help center that users can refer to in case they need any guidance. Moreover, customer support is available in 25 languages, making an excellent AI text generation tool for users worldwide.

Plans & pricing Top features
Trial for 7 days – free, Pro – $49/ month Beginner-friendly platform, 90+ AI content templates, generate content in more than 25 languages


  • Overall best AI text generator
  • Free plan available
  • Write in 25+ Languages
  • Over 90 different content types
  • Comes with a wide range of writing templates
  • Unlimited word count with the paid plan


  • Free trial available only for 7 days

2. ChatGPT – OpenAI’s Most Recent AI-Powered Chatbot Taking the World by Storm

The second one on our list is a 2022-launched project that took the content writing world by storm by providing legitimate answers in natural language. After being introduced in 2022 as a way to answer queries in a human language, ChatGPT quickly became a $29 billion worth of technology capable of going toe to toe with Google.


ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI, an AI agency founded in 2025 by the likes of Sam Altman and Elon Musk. As such ChatGPT is an extension of OpenAI’s ideals, which is to use AI technology to help people.

Ever since its inception, ChatGPT has been heavily used by content marketers, researchers, and even in the field of medicine. In fact, the entire world got stunned when ChatGPT was able to pass a medical exam in recent times.

Using ChatGPT is eerily simple. You only need to go to the website, click on ChatGPT, which is one of their projects, and type in whatever you want the AI to write. While the likes of take hints as you write about a topic, ChatGPT only takes cues from your questions. You can frame your questions in different ways to get different responses.

For instance, suppose you want to write about cryptocurrency, but you want the tone to be quirky. You can literally enter, “Please tell me about cryptocurrency. keep the tone quirky.” and get legitimate content in a great tone that can give novice content writers a run for their money.

ChatGPT is, therefore, heavily used by many copywriters and marketers to fine-tune their content without putting in much effort.


ChatGPT supports a wide range of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and more. However, for now, it only has data until 2021. So, the quality of responses based on the language will vary depending on the data available for the training model of that language. However, the OpenAI language is only available in English at the moment.

Many have touted ChatGPT to be the closest to coming to replace writers. However, therein lies the issue. Most of the responses it generates are linear. And quirky as the responses may be, sometimes, the tone is still robotic – which requires quite a bit of editing once it has written the content.

Furthermore, because it has access to old data – and its data management capabilities aren’t perfect, it can confidently show you false data in a manner that you might believe. Furthermore, how precise your question is, you might not get the hook of the content as you want.

ChatGPT has recently introduced ChatGPT plus, a pilot subscription plan. This feature will allow users to access new features and faster response speed. That said, this subscription plan is provided on an invitation basis.

ChatGPT also has live-chat customer service, which is available 24/7, and the response times are faster.

Plans & pricing Top Features
Chat GPT Plus Access on an invitation basis Beginner-friendly, quick response, error-free articles, better narration.


  • A great AI text generator
  • Free plan available
  • Quick response
  • Extremely simple to use – no coding necessary


  • Multiple languages are supported – but the best responses are available only in English right now
  • Relies on the old database
  • Invitation-based ChatGPT plus plan is another robust writing software that uses artificial intelligence to produce high-quality content. It can create high-converting marketing copy, brainstorm new ideas, generate email content, and more. This AI writing tool is also capable of writing content in 26 different languages.

One of the most attractive features of is its ‘Bossmode’. According to, this feature allows users to create custom content based on their unique requirements. Moreover, works with third-party tools such as Grammarly and, which can make the workflow more efficient. However, users will have to pay extra to avail of these integrations.

And what’s more, can even be used to create AI art. Users don’t even need to upload a reference to generate art via Instead, they only have to provide an image description, the medium, style, and other features, such as the mood. will then come up with royalty-free image options that can be used for commercial purposes. is also available as a Chrome extension – and can be used with Google Docs, WordPress, Notion, GMail, and more. This platform offers a five-day free trial for new users. For the paid plan, users can choose the word limit they prefer and get a package accordingly. The plan starts at $49 per month for 50,000 words. also offers reliable customer support via email.

Plans & pricing Top features
Free trial for 5 days, Bossmode – $49/ month Advanced AI writing platform, integration with third-party tools such as, 60+ AI content templates, generate content in 26 languages


  • Write in 26 Languages
  • 60 different content templates
  • Can be used across a wide variety of writing tasks
  • Third-party integrations such as Grammarly
  • Chrome extension available


  • Free AI content generator available only for 5 days
  • Paid plans come with a word limit

4. Rytr – Generate Content with AI in 30 Languages

Rytr is another popular AI text generator that caters to content writers. It generates content in over 30 languages and supports 18+ styles. For instance, Rytr can create AI-generated text that sounds convincing, awestruck, or inspirational – thus adding personality to the content.

Rytr also features 40+ templates, which include blog writing, business pitches, advertisement copies, social media posts, and more. Users can also generate answers to interview questions or even come up with reviews using this tool.


Like, Rytr also offers third-party integrations with Semrush and SERP Analysis. It is also possible to use Rytr as a browser extension. Moreover, Rytr has an in-built plagiarism checker, so users will be able to authenticate the content before publishing it.

Rytr offers three plans – free, saver, and unlimited. The free plan allows users to generate up to 10,000 characters a month and offers access to 40 use cases. The saver plan is best for those who want to generate up to 100,000 characters a month. There is also an unlimited plan available for $29 a month, which includes the services of a dedicated account manager.

Plans & pricing Top features
Free plan, Saver – $9/month, Unlimited – $29/ month Text generator AI tool available in 30+ languages, over 40 different use cases, in-built plagiarism checker


  • Write in 30+ Languages
  • Comes with over 40 writing templates
  • Third-party integrations with Semrush and SERP analysis


  • Free plan has a very limited word count

5. Scalenut – All-in-One Content Marketing Tool With AI Text Generator

Scalenut is perhaps the best AI text generator for marketers and content creators. This is because this platform has a variety of tools developed exclusively for digital marketing. For instance, one notable feature is its AI text generator. Scalenut facilitates seamless content creation for blogs and articles while ensuring that they are SEO optimized.

Scalenut can also be used to rewrite existing articles to ensure that they follow the latest SEO guidelines, all with the help of AI tools. Marketers can use Scalenut to put together the best content outline for any topic. In fact, Scalenut claims to be an excellent tool for coming up with location-specific digital content that can cater to specific target groups.


Moreover, there are also 40+ writing templates available. We also found that Scalenut offers a variety of third-party integrations, such as WordPress publisher, CopyScape, Semrush, and more. Users can add Scalenut to their browser as an extension.

All that being said, we found Scalenut to be slightly on the expensive end. Although Scalenut offers a free trial for seven days, its basic plan starts at $39 per month and allows users to generate up to 100,000 AI words or five articles. There are two unlimited paid plans – the first comes with 30 SEO articles a month, and the second supports up to 150.

Plans & pricing Top features
Trial for 7 days – free, Essential – $49/month, Growth – $79/month, Pro – $149/month Generates SEO-optimized articles, best for long-form articles, can be used to create content briefs with SERP research


  • Best AI content generator for marketers 
  • Multiple third-party integrations
  • Over 40 writing templates
  • Comes with a wide range of writing templates


  • Paid plans are expensive when compared to other providers

6. – Helpful Drag-n-Drop Blog Post Builder comes with 45+ templates, allowing users to create everything from blog posts and tweets, to mail generators and marketing copy. Moreover, ContentBot.Ai is also equipped to write in 110 languages. However, its most interesting feature is the drag-n-drop style blog post builder.

Users can choose the type of content they want within the blog post – such as paragraphs, question-answers, listicles, titles, and more. Moreover, also has a ‘Discover’ feature offered by Semrush – which provides users with featured snippets from Google related to the main topic.


Using the ‘Discover’ tool, users can create SEO-optimized content effortlessly. also features a paraphrasing tool and an in-built plagiarism checker. Regarding pricing, users can sign up for a prepaid plan at the cost of $1 per 1,000 words.

On the other hand, users who tend to use AI generated content regularly might want to consider a monthly plan that starts at $19. However, the biggest drawback of is that there are no free trials or unlimited plans.

Plans & pricing Top features
Prepaid – $1 per 1,000 words, Starter – $19/month, Premium – $59/month, Premium+ – $99/month Drag-n-drop style blog post builder, ‘Discover’ feature offered by Semrush for SEO, 45+ templates and 110 languages


  • Best AI content generator for long-form blog articles
  • Write in 110 Languages
  • SEO optimization with Semrush
  • In-built plagiarism checker and paraphraser tool


  • No unlimited content plan

7. Copysmith – GPT-3 Based AI Copywriter Covering All Types of Content

Copysmith is an AI text generator that can help users create content for websites and social media. However, we found that this tool is best used for generating product descriptions for eCommerce websites such as Amazon. Copysmith can also develop product descriptions for Instagram, eBay, Etsy, Flipkart, and more.

Aside from product descriptions, Copysmith can also be used to develop article summaries, rewrite pieces of text, create business pitches, draft email marketing content, and more.


Copysmith also supports integrations with WooCommerce, Zapier, HootSuite, Frase, Google Docs, and more. Users can get started with Copysmith by signing up for an all-inclusive seven-day trial. The paid plan starts at $19 per month. Those who prefer an unlimited plan will have to pay $299 a month to take advantage of all the features.

Plans & pricing Top features
Trial for 7 days – free, Starter – $19/month, Professional –
$59/month, Start Up – $299/month
Generate product descriptions for top eCommerce websites, multiple integrations, option to rewrite and paraphrase content


  • 10+ third-party integrations
  • Best AI text generator for product descriptions
  • SEO optimization for blog content


  • Fewer content templates compared to other providers

8. Hypotenuse AI – Streamlines Online Content Campaigns Using Fully-Fledged AI

Hypotenuse AI is a tool that creators can use to produce content that closely resembles human writing – while addressing user intent. In fact, this AI text generator comes with a unique ‘content detective’ tool that allows users to extract key insights from other published pages. Writers can then use these points to create a first working draft of an article instantly.

Hypotenuse AI also offers other useful tools to create blog posts, headlines, social media captions, and more. It also includes an AI image generator and a bulk content feature that is particularly effective for creating product descriptions.

Hypoteneuse Ai

Moreover, with Hypotenuse AI, users can also instantly generate images and art for any context. In terms of pricing, Hypotenuse AI comes with two paid plans. The starter package offers up to 25,000 words a month at the price of $29. The growth plan allows users to create around 87,500 words a month by paying $49 monthly.

Plans & pricing Top features
Trial for 7 days – free, Starter – $29/month, Growth – $49/month Research factual content for articles, instantly generate AI images, bulk production of text


  • Content detective tool for research
  • Integrates with Shopify
  • Generate content in batches


  • No unlimited plans

9. Writesonic – SEO-Optimized and Plagiarism-Free AI Generated Content

Writesonic is an AI text generator that caters to writers, eCommerce stores, entrepreneurs, and marketing teams. It can be used to create long-form blogs and articles, to write sales emails, essays, reports, and even ebooks. This best AI essay writer can also instantly generate engaging SEO-optimized titles, descriptions, and bullet points for eCommerce products.

Moreover, Writesonic also has additional AI-driven editing tools, such as paraphraser, expander, and shortener. Its latest Chatsonic feature even generates content based on voice commands.


Users can also publish articles directly to platforms such as WordPress and Zapier, with direct integrations. Writesonic comes with a free plan that allows users to generate up to 25,000 words. The paid plan can be customized based on the number of words required – starting at $19 per month.

Plans & pricing Top features
Free plan available, paid plan starts at $19/month Supports AI-generated content for blogs, essays, product descriptions, and more, integrates with WordPress, Zapier, and other platforms, latest Chatsonic feature


  • Comes with a powerful AI chatbot
  • Customizable plans
  • Bulk processing of content


  • No unlimited plans are available

10. Anyword – Eliminate the Guesswork From Marketing Copy With This Effective AI Copywriting Tool

Anyword has a wide range of marketing tools that can generate content based on predictive analysis. In other words, Anyword offers multiple variations of text and provides insight into how different demographics will react to each option. This way, content creators can choose the right type of AI copy for the best affiliate marketing programs depending on their target audience.


Anyword also features different content templates, such as blog posts, email copy, product descriptions, social media, and more. On Anyword, Individuals can get started with a basic plan that costs $24 a month. However, if they need access to predictive analytical tools, the plan will cost $83 a month.

Plans & pricing Top features
Trial for 7 days – free, Starter – $29/per month, Data-driven – $83/month Predictive analytical tools for content, multiple variations of the same content, wide range of templates


  • Offers predictive analysis for SEO
  • Users can choose the best version of AI generated text
  • Supports multiple templates


  • Data-driven plan is expensive
  • Content can sound too artificial at times

11. AI Writer – One of the Most Accurate Content Generation Platforms Backed by AI Software

AI Writer is not as embellished as the other AI text generators that we have reviewed here. Its website is minimalistic, yet it offers most features hosted by other AI content generators. Individuals can use AI Write to generate unique articles from just a headline. It can also rephrase articles in under two minutes to develop fresh content that can be reused.

Ai Writer

Moreover, AI Writer provides a list of citations and sources that users can manually verify for accuracy if needed. The tool can also be used to create SEO-optimized content in order to develop articles that will rank well on Google’s SERP. AI Writer has three paid plans – with varying article limits.

Plans & pricing Top features
Free trial for seven days, basic plan at $29/month, standard plan at $59/month, power plan $375/month Minimalistic platform, full article drafts in minutes, text rewording using AI assistant


  • Simple AI text generator with all core features
  • Article paraphrasing in minutes
  • Provides sources of references
  • SEO-optimized content available


  • No unlimited plan

How do AI Text Generators Work?

In simple terms, AI text writers are software programs designed to generate content automatically. These applications use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to develop human-like text from data sources.

As we noted above, the best AI text generators can create virtually any type of content. This includes short pieces – such as social media captions or product descriptions, and longer-form content – like articles or reports.

Here is an overview of how the best AI content generators work:

  • AI text generators analyze large datasets of human-written text to learn patterns in language and writing styles.
  • To get started with an AI text generator, users will have to create an account with their chosen provider and select the type of content they want.
  • Then, users have to input prompt and other specific requirements – such as the context, keyword, word count, and such.
  • AI text generators will then use various methods – such as neural networks, Markov chains, and decision trees, to create new text based on the patterns and structures it knows.
  • Depending on the chosen platform, users will also be able to customize their content with specific styles, tones, and themes to suit different purposes and audiences.

The AI content writing niche is constantly improving. This is because AI text generators rely on vast amounts of data to learn and create text.

As AI tools are exposed to more data and given additional context and training, they can become better and more efficient.

What Content Can an AI Text Generator Produce?

With the increasing demand for content in various industries, AI text generators have become more popular and sophisticated, offering a range of features and capabilities to suit different needs.

Here are the most common types of content formats supported by the best AI text generators.

Blogs and Articles

AI text generators can assist in developing blogs by providing topic ideas, creating outlines, generating first drafts, and improving readability. By using AI tools, content writers can generate fresh ideas and even combat writer’s block.

Moreover, AI text generators are widely used by the best SEO agencies to analyze and suggest changes to improve their content, making the blog post more engaging and discoverable.

Product Descriptions

An AI text generator can produce product descriptions that are informative and engaging. These descriptions can be used on e-commerce websites to showcase their products and convince potential customers to make a purchase.

Social Media Posts

Another use of AI text generators is to produce social media posts that are witty, engaging, and shareable. These tools can also help brands maintain a consistent voice and tone across their social media posts.

With third-party integrations, it is also possible to automate social media marketing posts – which can be especially helpful for those who have a busy schedule or need to post frequently to keep their audience engaged.

Resumes and Cover Letters 

AI tools can analyze a job posting and suggest relevant skills and experiences to include in a resume and cover letter. Furthermore, many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes and cover letters for specific keywords.

AI-powered tools can help identify and optimize the use of these keywords, increasing the likelihood of a resume and cover letter being selected by an ATS and, consequently, the recruiter.

Benefits of AI Text Writers

Wondering whether AI copywriting tools are worth the time? Below, we have outlined a number of core benefits when using AI text writers:

  • Increased efficiency – AI text generators can increase efficiency by automating the process of generating content, which can save time and effort for businesses and individuals.
  • Cost savings: AI text writers can help reduce costs associated with manual writing, such as salaries, research time, and editing.
  • Automation: The best AI text generators, such as, can also automate the process of generating text and publishing them, freeing up time for other tasks.
  • Reduced research time: AI text writers are also capable of generating content quickly, reducing the need for research and fact-checking. Some tools can also include citations for sources, provide references, and even offer insights on how the content would appeal to different demographics.
  • Scalability: The best AI text generators can easily scale up as needed. For instance, there are AI text generators that can produce content in batches for product descriptions and such, saving time and effort for writers and companies. 

In a nutshell, AI-generated text can be an efficient and cost-effective solution for creating large amounts of content.

Can AI Written Content be Detected?

Yes, it is indeed possible to detect AI generated text – albeit it can be difficult to tell with absolute certainty whether or not a piece of content was created using artificial intelligence.

For instance, typically, writing tools that use AI generate text that is grammatically correct and coherent; however, these applications might struggle to replicate the unique voice and writing style of a human writer.

Moreover, some AI writing tools rely heavily on pre-programmed templates or phrases, which can result in content that feels repetitive or formulaic.

Therefore, to identify AI-written content, individuals can look for inconsistencies in tone or style. There are also software programs available that can help in detecting AI-generated content – however, it isn’t clear whether they offer accurate results.

Conclusion — What is the Best AI Text Generator?

AI content creation tools can help businesses and individuals create high-quality content efficiently in less time. Although there are numerous AI text generators out there in the market, we found that offers the overall best package.

It supports a wide range of content formats, including blog articles, social media posts, product descriptions, and more. Users can also generate text in over 25 languages with this tool.

And crucially, does not charge users based on the word count. Instead, by signing up for the paid plan, users can generate unlimited content and gain access to all features of the platform.


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