Artificial intelligence has revolutionized many industries, including the world of writing. There are many powerful AI tools on the market right now that can write high-quality essays without any manual intervention.

This guide explores the best AI essay writer tools available in 2023. Our reviews cover the features and pricing of top AI text generators, as well as the risks to consider before proceeding.

The Best AI Writers Ranked

Looking for the best AI essay writers? The list below covers the top 13 essay writing AI tools for 2023:

  1. – Overall Best AI Essay Writer Tool for 2023
  2. – Popular AI Writer Platform With Over 60 Custom Tools
  3. Scalenut – User-friendly AI Writer for Publication-ready Blog Posts
  4. – Top AI Text Generator Supporting Over 110 Languages
  5. Hypotenuse – Generate Batch Content Instantly using AI
  6. Copysmith – Powerful AI Writer for Ecommerce Product Descriptions
  7. ChatGPT – OpenAI’s ChatBot With Advanced Text Generating Capabilities
  8. – User-Friendly AI Essay Generator for Students and Writers
  9. ShortlyAi – Write Comprehensive Essays Using Simple Commands
  10. Article Forge – Create Long and Engaging Essays From Scratch Effortlessly
  11. WriterX – All-in-One Content Writing Tool With GDocs-Like Interface
  12. – Solid Essay Writing AI Tool With In-Text Citations
  13. QuillBot – AI-Powered Writing Platform Offering Research Tools

Best AI Essay Writing Software Reviewed 

There is no shortage of AI writing tools in the market. For this reason, finding the best AI essay writer can be challenging.

We have tested a variety of AI essay writing tools to identify the best providers. Below, we provide reviews of the top AI writing tools we believe to be the best in 2023.

1. – Overall Best AI Essay Writer Tool For 2023 is one of the most user-friendly AI tools for creating essays. It helps users develop essay outlines and ideas with the help of in-built templates. Users can enter the main topic of the essay, and will instantly offer ideas. Moreover, users will be able to set the tone of their essay.

In addition to essays, can also be used to generate a variety of other content. With over 90+ tools and templates, is widely considered one of the best AI text generators in the market. Its templates allow users to create everything from blogs and website copy to cover letters and video scripts.

Furthermore, users can also create custom templates for unique content requirements. uses various language models to create content. This includes GPT-3, a state-of-the-art language model from OpenAI.

Another useful feature of this best essay writing AI is that it generates content in over 25 languages. In addition to this, we also found that can integrate keywords into the text. It even has tools that can suggest keyword ideas for better SEO optimization of the content.

All that being said, what sets apart in the market is its pricing structure. This is because is one of the few AI essay writers that offers a free plan. This plan allows users to generate up to 2,000 words for free every month.

When using the free account, users can also test the features of the ‘Pro’ package for seven days. The paid plan supports unlimited words at a competitive price of just $49 a month. This means that users can create as many projects as they want by paying a fixed fee.

On top of this, also caters to businesses by offering customized plans. This will appeal to firms that seek automated workflows to help streamline content creation strategies. For more details, read our in-depth review

Plans & pricing Top features
Free plan available, Pro – $49/ month Write essays with prompts, generate content in over 25 languages, access 90+ tools and content templates


  • Overall best AI essay writer tool
  • User-friendly AI writer with a free plan
  • Customize content with 90+ tools
  • The paid plan offers unlimited words


  • Free trial for the ‘Pro’ plan is only available for 7 days is also recognized as one of the best AI writer tools in the market. It allows users to generate high-converting marketing copy in multiple formats. For instance, comes with predesigned templates for blogs, emails, landing pages, and more. has also created a ‘Boss mode’ for working on long-form content like essays, articles, and blogs. This includes an in-built editor that lets users make changes to the AI-generated content. Additionally, works smoothly with third-party integrations such as SurferSEO and Grammarly.

Students and writers can also scan their essays via Copyscape to detect plagiarism – directly within As with many of the best AI essay writer tools in the market, uses GPT-3 as its language model. This allows the tool to create essays in over 29 languages.

In terms of pricing, offers a customizable plan. Users can choose how many words they wish to create a month and pay accordingly. It is also possible to get started with a free trial for five days.

Plans & pricing Top features
Free trial for 5 days, Bossmode – $59/ month, add-ons for further word limits Create essays from scratch, integration with third-party tools such as Grammarly and SurferSEO, write essays in 29 languages, over 60 different AI tools


  • 60+ writing tools and templates
  • Generate AI images
  • Check for plagiarism with Copyscape
  • Integrates with SurferSEO and Grammarly


  • Some third-party integrations require additional payments
  • No package for unlimited word counts

3. Scalenut – User-friendly AI Writer for Publication-ready Blog Posts

Scalenut is an AI-powered writing platform that makes it easy to craft publication-ready blog posts. This platform offers automated research tools to help bloggers find all the crticial keywords and SERPs for any search topic. It also handles competitor research and helps users build an initial outline for their post.

Once that’s done, Scalenut can go ahead and write a first draft, which users can then edit to make their own. There are more than 40 AI writing templates to help Scalenut match the tone and voice of any blog. Alternatively, writers can work on their own first draft using “Cruise Mode.” As users write, Scalenut’s AI will automatically make suggestions, clean up repetitive or uninspiring text, and point out places to include keywords.

Scalenut AI Copywriting

Scalenut offers post-writing SEO optimization tools to ensure that every blog post ranks as highly as possible. The platform also has a one-click publishing integration for WordPress, making it fast and easy to release new posts into the world. The platform’s Growth and Pro plans both offer unlimited words, making this AI writer a great choice for scaling up a blog quickly.

Plans & pricing Top features
Free trial for 7 days, Essential – $39/ month Keyword research, Cruise Mode, 40+ AI templates, SEO optimization


  • Upgrade plans include unlimited words
  • 40+ AI writing templates
  • Chrome extension
  • One-click WordPress publishing


  • Limited options for email or landing page copy
  • English is the only available language

4. – Top AI Text Generator Supporting Over 110 Languages is one of the best AI copywriting tools for generating marketing content. It supports text generation in 110+ languages and offers 45+ different tools. It will even craft blog ideas automatically based on trending topics and send them to users regularly. can also be used to create essays from scratch. This is because relies on GPT-3 to produce human-like text. In addition to this, there is also a plagiarism checker tool that can help writers assess the authenticity of AI-generated essays. Moreover, can also be downloaded as a plugin for WordPress.

In terms of pricing, users can opt for a prepaid plan at a rate of $1 per 1,000 words. Alternatively, there is also a monthly plan starting at $19. does not offer a free trial or an unlimited plan.

Plans & pricing Top features
Prepaid – $1 per 1,000 words, Starter – $19/month, Premium – $59/month, Premium+ – $99/month Suitable for many different types of content, uses GPT-3 for text generation, works as a plugin for WordPress


  • Over 45 writing tools
  • Support for 110+ languages
  • Rewrite text for repurposing


  • No free trials or unlimited plans

5. Hypotenuse – Generate Batch Content Instantly using AI

Hypotenuse is another popular AI writing platform that can create everything from blog posts to email campaigns to product descriptions. What’s great about this tool is that it’s designed to produce batch content. Users can pick a topic and generate dozens of blog posts around it simultaneously. They can also update descriptions for all of the products in an online store in just a few clicks.

Hypotenuse makes it easy to edit batch content quickly so that it perfectly fits any marketing need. It’s also possible to filter through the generated copy to find the best iterations. Blog posts and website content can be accompanied by AI-generated images, making this tool even more useful for getting new content online quickly.

Hypotenuse AI Copywriting Tool

This AI writing tool supports more than 25 languages and comes with helpful plagiarism checks. It also allows users to roll over unused credits from month to month, which can save a lot of money compared to other AI writing platforms.

Plans & pricing Top features
Free trial for 7 days, Starter – $29/month, Growth – $59/month Batch content generation, 25+ languages, image generation


  • Create multiple blog posts and product descriptions at once
  • Roll over credits from month to month
  • Includes AI image generation


  • No plans offer unlimited words

6. Copysmith – Powerful AI Writer for Ecommerce Product Descriptions

Copysmith is an AI writer optimized for ecommerce stores. It turns any dull product description into eye-catching copy that makes visitors want to buy. In addition, it incorporates keywords and SERP results right into the product descriptions to help users’ products rank higher in search results.

Copysmith works with almost all major ecommerce platforms, including Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. It also offers integrations for Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Zapier, and Chrome. These integrations make it easy to incorporate Copysmith into existing workflows and get the most of this platform.

Copysmith AI Copywriting Tool

All Copysmith plans support multiple users. That’s a plus because this tool can be shared between a company’s marketing manager, product manager, social media manager, and others. The interface is designed to promote collaboration, which is something a lot of other AI writers leave out.

Plans & pricing Top features
Free trial for 7 days, Starter – $19/month, Professional – $59/month, Start Up – $299/month Ecommerce product descriptions, 10+ integrations, multiple users


  • Integrates with most major ecommerce platforms
  • Incorporates SEO into product descriptions
  • Designed for collaboration within small teams


  • Relatively few plagiarism checks per month

7. ChatGPT – AI-Powered ChatBot With Advanced Text Generating Capabilities

ChatGPT is another AI writing tool that has taken the world by storm. This AI tool can generate human-like responses to a wide range of prompts. Unlike the majority of AI-based writing tools out there, ChatGPT doesn’t feature any templates or tools.

Instead, it has a simple, user-friendly chatbot. This chatbot can interpret and respond to a broad spectrum of inputs, including questions and statements. If a user wants a fully-fledged essay, they can type in a command to generate text on the selected topic. ChatGPT will then instantly offer a customized response to the prompt.


Moreover, ChatGPT is designed to be contextually aware. This means that it can consider the broader context of a conversation when generating a response. This AI tool can also understand and create essays in multiple languages.

And what’s more, ChatGPT is designed to learn and improve over time as it interacts with users. The tool is entirely free to use at the moment. There is also a paid plan that offers faster responses and early access to new features.

Plans & pricing Top features
Free plan available, Pro – $20/ month Generate ideas for essay topics, identify errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, receive suggestions for improving essays


  • User-friendly chatbot
  • Create long and short essays based on prompts
  • Caters to users’ individual needs
  • Free to use


  • No essay writing templates
  • Limited knowledge of events after 2021

8. – User-Friendly AI Essay Generator for Students and Writers is another AI essay writer that is worth considering. This AI platform comes with many different features that cater to essay writers and other content creators. For instance, with its ‘Author’ tool, users can develop essays from scratch. also has separate tools for rewriting and summarizing text.

Interestingly, features a citation generator, which can be handy for students when writing essays. The platform also comes with multi-lingual support.

And before submitting an essay, users can run them through the in-built plagiarism checker to establish its uniqueness. Aside from these predesigned tools, also integrates a chatbot. With this option, users can simply ask the tool to write an essay or answer questions. It can also include up-to-date content from Google data upon request.

We also found that offers affordable pricing plans. Users can open a free account but will be able to generate only 1,000 characters a month. There are two paid plans – at $10 and $29 a month, offering access to higher word counts.

Plans & pricing Top features
Limited – free, Essential – $10/ month, Productive – $29/ month In-built writing tools, rewrite and summarize content, chatbot to answer questions, multi-lingual support


  • Simple and user-friendly platform
  • Attractive tools for students, such as a citation generator
  • Write essays from scratch


  • Limited features compared to other AI essay writers

9. ShortlyAi – Write Essays and Other Content Using Simple Commands

ShortlyAi is an AI essay writer that takes advantage of the GPT-3 language model. However, it works differently from other AI text generators. Instead of using templates or tools, users will work with real-time commands. For instance, to paraphrase a sentence, users can highlight the text and use the ‘/rewrite’ command.

There are other commands for providing instructions and shortening or expanding text. While this might sound complicated at first glance, using commands is a simple task.

There are also shortcuts that writers can use. Crucially, this gives writers more flexibility when customizing the text. One of the most exciting features of Shortly.Ai is that it can help get past ‘writer’s block’. If the user hits a block when writing an essay, ShortlyAi will even pick up from where the cursor is placed.

However, ShortlyAi is an expensive AI tool. Its premium plan costs $79 per month and comes with unlimited words. A free trial is also available.

Plans & pricing Top features
$79 per month (free trial available) Use commands to rewrite, shorten, and expand your sentences instantly, AI tool will take over when writer’s block is discovered


  • Freestyle writing assistance
  • No word limit with the premium plan
  • Simple commands to control customization


  • No in-built content templates
  • Expensive pricing model

10. Article Forge – Create Long and Engaging Essays From Scratch Effortlessly

Article Forge is an AI tool for creating long-form content, such as essays and blogs. Give this tool just 60 seconds, and it will generate a unique and high-quality article. Users only have to enter the topic and the desired length, and Article Forge will handle the rest.

Once the article is created, users can extend it by adding as many headers, subheaders, and sections as they want. Article Forge is backed by an up-to-date database. This means that the essays will be relevant and accurate about current events.

Article Forge

With this tool, users can enable the ‘Avoid AI Detection’ feature to ensure that the essay reads well. Article Forge can also generate hundreds of articles or essays in bulk.

The paid plans start at $27 per month for 25,000 words. The platform also offers a five-day free trial, allowing users to test the service and its features before committing. Additionally, there is also a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee for users that proceed with a paid package.

Plans & pricing Top features
Trial for 5 days – free, Monthly plan starting at $27/ month Write long-form essays effortlessly, create multiple articles at once, internal AI detection tools to pass external scanners


  • Create SEO-optimized long-from articles
  • Improve AI generated essays with in-built tools
  • Takes into account current events when writing essays


  • No support for content other than essays and articles
  • Unlimited plans are expensive

11. WriterX – All-in-One Content Writing Tool With GDocs-Like Interface

WriterX has taken inspiration from Google Docs to build a user-friendly editor interface called ‘Canvas’. This editor integrates pre-made content templates for easy access. Moreover, users will be able to optimize essays and articles based on reading time, Flesch score, and other aspects.

The Canvas editor also allows users to expand and rewrite sentences. And interestingly, WriterX can also extract content from articles and essays and automatically convert them into engaging social media formats. It will even suggest hashtags and keywords to boost the visibility of the content.


WriterX can generate essays in over 25 languages. Users can choose between two plans. The first allows users to generate 50,000 words a month, and the other supports an unlimited number of articles. There is also a seven-day free trial and money-back guarantee offered.

Plans & pricing Top features
Free trial available, Standard – $29/ month, Pro – $59/ month In-built editor resembling Google Docs, plenty of features for creating unique essays, free trial available


  • Canvas for writing and editing essays
  • Comes with in-built content templates
  • Repurpose text into multiple formats
  • Generate essays in 25+ languages


  • Limited features with the standard plan

12. – Solid Essay Writing AI Tool With In-Text Citations

One of the biggest challenges of essay writing is organizing research.’s unique in-text citation feature makes it easy to add references while writing. This lets users save tons of time when writing essays and research papers. Moreover, this tool also has an ‘AI Autocomplete’ feature to help beat writer’s block. can be used to create essays as well as blogs, personal statements, stories, speeches, and emails. Users can also choose the desired tone for the text and specify other requirements. There are also paraphraser and rewriter tools included. allows users to customize their subscription based on the number of words they wish to generate. The price starts at $8 for 3,000 words a month. There is also a trial plan that allows users to create their first piece of content for free.

Plans & pricing Top features
Free trial available, Monthly plan starts at $8 Paraphrase any text in any tone, generate citations, combat writer’s block with autocomplete feature


  • Get past writer’s block with the AI Autocomplete feature
  • Customized text styles
  • In-text citations for essays


  • No plan offering unlimited words
  • No multi-lingual support

13. QuillBot – AI-Powered Writing Platform Offering Research Tools

QuillBot is one of the best AI essay writer tools for those who prefer a minimalistic interface. It has many valuable tools, such as a citation generator and summarizer. QuillBot even features search results related to the essay topic. This means that writers can carry out research without leaving the QuillBot platform.

Additionally, it also has an in-built editor called ‘Co-writer’. With this editor, users can create an essay from scratch, conduct research, and make edits from a single interface.


QuillBot is also available as an extension for Chrome and Microsoft Word. Users can access the full suite of tools by paying a monthly fee of $19.95. It is also possible to get started with a free plan, but this comes with limited features.

Plans & pricing Top features
Free plan available, Premium – $19.95/ month AI write essay tool with in-built research option, translate text in over 30 languages,


  • Citation generator for essays
  • In-built paraphraser and summarizer
  • Plugin for Microsoft Word


  • Limited features on the free plan

How do AI Essay Writing Tools Work?

Most AI writers function using the same concept. They use natural language models and process vast amounts of data to generate human-like responses.

From the user’s perspective, an AI essay writer tool works as follows:

  • The user inputs the topic or prompt for the essay into the AI tool.
  • Some tools may require additional information, such as the type of essay or the desired word count.
  • The AI tool will use algorithms and machine learning to generate an essay based on the information provided.
  • Once the essay is generated, users can edit it for accuracy, relevance, and style.

It’s that simple.

However, the catch is that essay writing AI tools generate text based on existing data. This means that they may not create truly original content that reflects creativity and uniqueness.

Moreover, even the best AI essay writer tools might not be able to understand the nuances of language and context. Therefore, AI-generated essays must be manually reviewed before submission.

Benefits of AI Essay Writer Software

Wondering how essay writer AI tools can streamline the content creation process?

Here are some of the most notable benefits offered by the best AI essay writer tools.

Improved Writing Quality

AI writing tools can check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Moreover, these tools can also help the writer ensure that the essay remains consistent in terms of tone, style, and formatting. This helps to make the essay more readable and coherent.

Assistance With Research 

AI writing tools use algorithms to analyze large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. These tools can help to identify relevant sources, extract critical information, and organize research findings in a structured and coherent manner.

This can save users a significant amount of time and effort. Some AI essay writer tools are also equipped to suggest new ideas and topics based on the user’s initial research. This way, AI tools can help writers broaden their perspectives and identify new insights.

Create Customized Essays

The best AI essay writer tools offer plenty of customization features. For instance, users can provide context to the essay topic and even ask the tool to include specific ideas.

Moreover, these tools allow users to set the desired writing style and tone. This will help to create essays that are suitable for the intended audience.

Reduce Stress

Finally, essay writer tools are most commonly used by students. And needless to say, writing essays can be stressful, especially with a fast-approaching deadline.

By speeding up the writing process, AI tools can help reduce deadline-based anxiety.

Can AI Written Essays be Detected by Plagiarism Scanners?

The best AI essay writer tools are capable of creating unique and original content. However, if the AI-written essay is similar to existing text databases, the plagiarism scanner may flag it.

This is why writers must manually review the essay developed by AI tools. Moreover, the essay should also be properly cited to avoid any potential plagiarism issues.

Conclusion — What is the Best Essay Writer AI?

The best AI essay writers can be incredibly helpful to students and professionals. These tools can help save time with research, writing, editing, and proofreading.

However, the challenging part is finding the best AI tool that offers suitable features at the most competitive pricing.

From our findings, is the best AI essay writer tool. It packs useful features such as essay templates and multi-lingual support. We also like that users can create an unlimited number of essays with the paid plan.


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