Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your sales, and if your business is not using it, you could be missing out. According to a recent study, email marketing is the most effective digital marketing strategy for small businesses: It’s been proven to account for 64% of product sales and can increase revenue by as much as 760%.

But email marketing can be hard to figure out all on your own—especially if you don’t know where to start. This is where email marketing agencies come into place. So, what are some of the best email marketing agencies? We’ve put together a list of our favorites that will help you start growing your business today!

Our Pick for the Best Email Marketing Agencies: Inbox Army

  • If you’re looking for an email marketing agency that focuses on data-driven, creative email marketing strategies, then look no further than Inbox Army.
  • The team at NP Digital has a reputation for being able to get results—they’ve worked with over 1,000 companies across all industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies to grow their email marketing strategies.
  • They’re also known for having a high success rate in increasing sales, growing traffic, and improving ROI through targeted marketing campaigns designed specifically for your business needs.

Best Email Marketing Agencies: Top 8 for 2022

If you’re looking for the best email marketing agency in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts have spent countless hours researching and interviewing top marketers from around the globe to bring you this list of the best email marketing agencies in 2022. You’ll find everything from small agencies with big ideas to significant players changing the game with innovative solutions.

  1. Inbox Army – Full-Service Email Marketing Agency
  2. Fix My Churn – Reduce SaaS and eCommerce Customer Churn
  3. Action Rocket – Custom-Tailored CSS and HTML Enterprise Emails
  4. Smart Mail – Best for eCommerce
  5. Ignite Visibility – Industry Leaders in Digital Marketing
  6. Disruptive Advertising – Best Email Marketing Agency for eCommerce
  7. DMi Partners – Full Service Email Marketing Management and Strategy
  8. MH Digital – Best Email Marketing Agency for SetUp & Audit Implementation

Best Email Marketing Agencies 2022: Compared 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of email marketing agencies out there? It’s no surprise. There are so many to choose from that it can be hard to determine which one is right for your business. Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you. We’ve compiled a list of the top email marketing agencies in 2022 and ranked them based on their features and services and their customer satisfaction rates.

1. Inbox Army – Full-Service Email Marketing Agency

InboxArmy is a full-service email marketing agency that provides a wide range of email marketing services. It collaborates with many brands, agencies, and email service providers to offer world-class service, production, and support. eBay,  Expedia, Airbnb, and Spotify are among InboxArmy’s most notable customers.

Inbox Army is one of the highest ranked email marketing agencies. Their service includes identifying the gaps in your email marketing strategy, and building a fresher, more conversion-oriented one. Their email marketing professionals begin by carrying out an in-depth audit of your existing strategy and an action plan, ideal for any business which does not know where to start.

They also offer a campaign management service for those who lack the time or ressources to take care of email marketing campaigns. Other services offered by Inbox Army include email marketing automation,  email template creation, deliverability audits, and help with Salesforce and ROI monitoring.

Pricing and Costs

Inbox Army has no defined prices or even pricing ranges for its services. Instead, all rates are determined individually, depending on the client’s specific circumstances and requirements.

2. Fix My Churn – Reduce SaaS and eCommerce Customer Churn

Fix My Churn is an email marketing firm specializing in developing fantastic email onboarding sequences that turn new trial sign-up users into satisfied paying clients. If a current client stops using your product or attempts to churn, this marketing agency will send them relevant churn emails to keep them on board.

This email marketing firm also works with IT firms that operate on a monthly subscription basis. They also use their superior SaaS copywriting talents to create relationship-based email sequences that satisfy your clients.

Pricing and Costs

Fix My Churn does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website

3. Action Rocket – Custom-Tailored CSS and HTML Enterprise Emails

Action Rocket has conceptualized and implemented bespoke HTML and CSS email and CRM development programs for numerous businesses for several years. Action Rocket is an email marketing business specializing in innovative strategy, design, and development. They collaborate with companies, agencies, and email platforms.

It’s a company where technology and data drive choices, yet it’s all too easy to overlook that the most crucial piece of the jigsaw — the receiver — is a human individual. Action Rocket thinks that the most successful work is created when a compelling message is accompanied by a visual design and a solid codebase that maximizes the channel’s potential. Marks & Spencer, Global Radio, The Body Shop, Sport England, and Zoopla are Action Rocket’s clientele. Working on a project or retainer basis with clients.

Pricing and Costs

Action Rocket does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website and does not offer a free trial period.

4. Smart Mail – Built for eCommerce

SmartMail is a top-notch email marketing firm that comes highly recommended by ecommerce companies. Using automatic triggers, this firm manages all aspects of email marketing for online retailers. SmartMail blends direct mail with seven digital technologies to provide an omnichannel experience that boosts your ROI by concurrently reaching your target demographic across numerous channels. Direct mail from the past only works on one channel.

SmartMail is excellent for creating and implementing effective email marketing campaigns for ecommerce organizations. This may be shown in their outstanding track records.

Pricing and Costs

SmartMail does not disclose its official pricing on its website but provides a price range of $350 up to $2,000 for its service. 

5. Ignite Visibility – Industry Leaders in Digital Marketing

Ignite Visibility is directed by John Lincoln, an industry specialist and a professor at the University of California, San Diego. Over 160 fantastic clients, including Tony Robbins, The General, The Knot Worldwide, Experian, Morgan Stanley, Oprah, and smaller clients, are represented by the firm. Relationships, reactivity, and outcomes are the emphasis of Ignite Visibility.

Pricing and Costs

Ignite Visibility does not disclose its pricing on its website but has a minimum budget of $1,000 – $10,000. 

6. Disruptive Digital Agency – Best Email Marketing Agency for eCommerce

Disruptive Advertising is a tech-enabled firm that assists businesses in developing and implementing digital marketing growth strategies. It assists businesses in progressing to the next level by building and executing a dynamic digital marketing plan that enables you to generate the proper traffic from Google and Facebook, analyze what connects with your target audience, and create the ideal website experience.

Pricing and Costs

Disruptive Advertising does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website.

7. DMi Partners -Full Service Email Marketing Management and Strategy

DMi Partners is a Philadelphia-based full-service digital marketing business. We’ve been offering growth solutions to our clientele for over 16 years. By offering program consultation, strategy, and execution, DMi Partners assists companies in establishing a presence in lead generation, SEO, e-mail marketing, brand building, and affiliate marketing.

Pricing and Costs: DMi Partners does not disclose its pricing and costs on its website.

8. MH Digital – Best Email Marketing Agency for SetUp & Audit Implementation

MH Digital is dedicated to integrating email into your marketing and sales strategy. We seek to send the appropriate message, to the right audience, at the right time, whether we’re generating new leads, nurturing current connections, or driving retention and referrals from prior customers.

With more than a decade of experience in email marketing and marketing automation, including time spent working behind the scenes at email marketing platforms, MH Digital is well-positioned to offer audit, consulting, and continuing management of email strategy and content, as well as how it fits into wider sales, marketing, and customer journey objectives.

Pricing and Costs

MH Digital offers three pricing plans for its email marketing services. Below is a detailed overview:

  • Basic Plan – 1 email and basic creative graphics for visual engagement for $300 a month.
  • Market Leader Plan – 2 emails and monthly/quarterly lead generation reports for $600 a month.
  • Enterprise Plan – 4 emails and campaign & target strategy for $1,200 a month.

What Types of Email Marketing Agencies Are There?

The email marketing sector is constantly changing and evolving. Email marketing agencies can choose to specialize in specific areas like B2B or eCommerce, while some agencies try everything they can get their hands on.

Small businesses must decide whether they want their firm to be an all-in-one company or specialize in a specific area like reducing customer churn, email advertising, marketing automation, running platform-specific email campaigns, etc. 

Here’s a quick guide to email marketing agency types:

B2B Email Marketing Agencies

B2B email marketing agencies focus on B2B campaigns more than anything. They are usually very good at running an email campaign and managing a company’s email blast but may not have expertise in other areas.

B2B agencies are usually staffed with people who have worked in marketing and sales for years but do not necessarily have an extensive background in technology.

It’s wise to ask if they employ any developers or designers before you decide. This will ensure that you will not deal with poorly designed or developed emails.

B2C Email Marketing Agencies

B2C agencies are specifically designed for businesses that directly sell products or services to the average consumer. Their main aim is to sell your item or service and bring in new customers.

They usually have a team of experienced marketers who know their way around technology.

Full-Service Email Marketing Agencies

Full-service email marketing agencies are the ones who take care of everything. They can handle all of your email marketing needs.

They will send your newsletters, run promotions, create emails, and even manage your CRM database. They offer a great deal of flexibility and allow you to dedicate time to other tasks. However, they are not the cheapest option, costing a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Email Advertising Companies

Email advertising companies focus on creating and sending a targeted email blast to your chosen audience. For example, they can send out massive emails to thousands of people, target a specific type of customer, build an email list, etc.

Email Advertising agencies usually work with businesses that want to promote their product or service through an email marketing campaign. However, they’re not the best option for you if you want to build lasting customer relationships or reduce customer churn.

Customer Churn Email Marketing Agencies!

Customer churn email marketing agencies focus on reducing customer churn and creating a positive customer experience through emails. They can include all of your customers in an email blast to help you retain them and make them remember your company.

As customers move from one company to another, they sometimes leave behind a negative reviews on your website. An email campaign will help you remove these negative reviews and bring in new customers interested in what you have to offer. In addition, customer churn email marketing agencies can allow you to create targeted content that resonates with specific groups of people.

Email List Building Agencies

Email list-building agencies are focused on growing and maintaining your email list. They can send out emails, collect emails, and even offer special incentives to people who sign up for your list.

Some companies want to build an email list of potential customers so they can send them newsletters or promotions focused on their product or service. By signing up for a newsletter or newsletter subscription box, people will let you know what they’re interested in and increase the likelihood of purchasing your product or service.

Email Marketing Consultants

A business’s email marketing consultant is an expert in email marketing. They can handle maintaining existing emails and building new emails that reach specific groups of people.

They are good at analyzing a business’s current operations and offering suggestions for improving it. They can also provide recommendations on using different apps and their features to bring in more customers and improve your brand.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Agencies

Ecommerce email marketing agencies will focus on creating emails for your store that triggers sales. They will create emails to improve the customer’s experience on your site and drive them to buy a specific product or service.

They might create emails that focus on specific types of products, give recommendations for new products, or even bring back customers who have previously purchased from your store.

Creative Email Marketing Agencies

Creative email marketing agencies are focused on making your email stand out from all the other emails in your customers’ inboxes.

The key is to get an email that will stand out when people open messages.

They can customize your customer’s experience by sending out a newsletter but only to specific customers, sending out a welcome email, or creating custom emails in the form of newsletters for particular customer groups.

Many other types of email marketing agencies exist, but most businesses should be able to find a firm that fits their needs.

How To Choose an Email Marketing Agency?

Email marketing is a valuable addition to the marketing strategy of any business or organization. It has proven effective in terms of enhanced customer engagement, improved customer loyalty and better ROI on a company’s marketing investment. Just as every other marketing strategy, however, email marketing also comes with its own set of mistakes that most businesses make when they try it out for the first time. 

To select the right email marketing agency, consider certain factors and understand what your business needs. Here are some factors to take into consideration:


The most important factor while choosing a service provider is their price. It is advisable to choose an email marketing agency that offers great value for the cost you are paying for. That said, no one will know your business better than you do and hence, it is important to choose an email marketing agency that works according to your needs and value for money.

Email Marketing Agency Experience

A highly experienced email marketing agency will always have a proven track record of growing the email marketing strategy of businesses similar to yours. Hence, it is important to choose an agency that has handled organizations with similar industry or business platforms.

If this is the case, you can expect them to be aware of the latest trends and challenges in your industry. This reflects their experience in the market and will help you better manage your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Agency Reputation

Reputation is something that takes years to build. However, it can easily be destroyed in days or weeks. Hence, make sure you choose an email marketing agency with the right reputation and fantastic testimonials.

Preferably, opt for an  email marketing agency that is well-known in the industry and among its competitors. This way, you can be sure that you will be in good hands, and up to speed with your competition.

Industry Expertise

It is essential to choose an email marketing agency with a strong command over the industry. If you are looking for an agency to handle your email marketing campaign, expect them to know the industry they are operating in and how they can help you further.

A good agency will understand and work according to your demands. They will also have valuable suggestions and recommendations for you, which will help you get better results.


The email marketing agency should be willing to partner with your organization. However, they should also have the expertise and knowledge of your industry and plan the email marketing campaign accordingly.

This will help you analyze the potential customer behavior and track customer conversion rate accurately.

Services and Offers

Apart from all the factors mentioned above, a business needs to choose an email marketing agency that can offer valuable services and offers in addition to just email marketing. 

While choosing an email marketing agency, make sure you consider each of the factors mentioned above. In addition, be wise enough to understand what value your organization expects from the service provider and choose one accordingly.

Conclusion: What Is the Best Email Marketing Agency for 2022?

Email marketing has become one of the fastest-growing and most powerful marketing tools for generating leads and converting them into paying customers and any business must take their email marketing strategy seriously in their CRM strategy.

If you don’t know where to start, a great choice is opting for expert help by hiring an email marketing agency. Inbox Army in particularly is very well versed with the latest developments in email marketing trends and offers an all-encompassing solution to your email marketing strategy, with sales and ROI in mind.  From email marketing strategy down to implementation and tech support, we believe any business can benefit from Inbox Army.


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