It’s paramount for businesses of every kind to create a positive brand image, more so now than ever. This is because customers factor in the brand feel in their decision-making process.

And the same is true for fintech companies as well. There are a plethora of fintech companies in the market today, so it’s seemingly impossible to stand out amongst a cut-throat competition, isn’t it? The solution?

An innovative PR agency! It will help your fintech company become a brand, build profiles of your key spokesmen in the market, and help you establish your presence for good.

If you can’t wait to sign up with the best fintech PR agency, this guide is for you!

Top 10 FinTech PR Agencies of 2022

  1. Finance PR: Best PR Agency for Fintech
  2. Clarity PR: Best PR Agency Fintech for Communications Strategy
  3. Brunswick Group: Best for Worldwide PR
  4. Edelman: Best Fintech PR and Marketing Agency UK
  5. Weber Shandwick: Best for B2B Adaptive PR
  6. Headland Consultancy: Best PR Agency Fintech London for Financial and Corporate Communications
  7. Spark PR: Best for Tech-oriented Businesses
  8. 5W Public Relations: Best Fintech PR Agency for B2B & Digital Media
  9. Babel PR: Best for Tech Startups
  10. CCgroup: Best PR Agency for Fintech B2B Tech

1. FinancePR: Best Fintech PR and Marketing Agency for 2022

FinancePR helps fintech companies promote their services and products. It offers dedicated account managers and PR specialists to help you reach leading fintech publishers. This fintech PR agency also offers global outreach to help make announcements in multiple countries at the same time.

Within a short span of 2 years, FinancePR has built a team of over 100 expert PR professionals who have helped multiple fintech startups create awareness, earn customers, and raise funding.


Specialize in: Tailor-made fintech marketing campaigns to meet business objectives within a budget.


  • Publishes PR in over 100 media outlets
  • Offers engaging banners campaigns
  • High profile interviews of co-founders to increase media awareness


  • Relatively new PR firm

Price: £3,000

Address: NW1 8EE, Ferdinand Pl, Chalk Farm, London

2. Clarity PR: Best PR Agency Fintech for Communications Strategy

Clarity PR is a communications organization with a global presence. They operate in places like London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles with partners and employees in other major European cities.

The team of marketing professionals does not differentiate between a startup or a titan company and strives to provide the same level of PR services to each client. With awards like B2B Campaign of the Year, Stevie Awards, and SABRE Award, their global team understands how to build communication that has a tremendous initial impact and adds value to their clients.


Specialize in: Communications strategy, positioning & messaging, media & analyst relations, event & conferences, social media marketing, influencer relations, fintech, b2b tech, consumer tech.


  • Uses a mix of thoughtful questioning and insightful strategy
  • Delivers high-profile media relations campaigns
  • Collaboration with global companies


  • Not ideal for small businesses

Price: Undisclosed

Address: 636 6th Ave, Ste 410, New York City, New York 10011, US

3. Brunswick Group: Best for Worldwide PR

Brunswick is an advising firm founded in 1987 that caters to business-critical issues. It helps companies establish confidence with all stakeholders. They have years of experience in financial communication, which makes them adept at understanding business nerves.

Brunswick is a multinational company known for its experienced professionals with different backgrounds and skills. Expect nothing less than diligence, openness, and accuracy from them!


Specialize in: Creates communication strategies for various industries such as financial institutions, consumer industries, non-profit organizations, technology, media, and telecom.


  • Transparency and accuracy
  • Service delivery to any location
  • Establish and maintain trustworthy relationships with all stakeholders


  • The company is often criticized for its toxic work environment

Price: Undisclosed

Address: 16 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3ED, United Kingdom

4. Edelman: Best Fintech PR and Marketing Agency UK

Edelman is the largest public relations firm in the world in terms of revenue. It was founded in 1952 by Daniel Edelman and assists fintech organizations in evolving, promoting, and protecting their brands and reputations. It’s based in the United States with offices in London and 66 different international markets.


Specialize in: With offices in almost all major regions of the world, Edelman is well-known for international PR


  • Strong executive leadership
  • Dedication to improving society
  • Equal opportunity employer of all protected classifications
  • History of blue-chip clients


  • The company’s growth is on a negative trajectory and has been declining year after year

Price: Undisclosed

Address: Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QT

5. Weber Shandwick: Best for B2B Adaptive PR

Weber Shandwick is a worldwide communications and engagement agency founded in 2001. It has offices in 79 cities in 34 countries and a network of 127 cities in 81 countries.

The firm believes in creating long-term impact by thinking beyond PR. It believes in not just grabbing the attention but forming a relationship of trust with prospective clientele. Their team has been bestowed with the world’s most prestigious accolades for their original, creative ideas and powerful work.


Specialize in: Business services, advertising, B2B marketing, change management, and corporate reputation.


  • Offers data-driven and technology-based solutions
  • Have a diverse team of developers, producers, designers, and other professionals.
  • Adapts PR campaign as per the media consumption trends


  • Focussed only on prominent clients


Address: Chambers of William Clegg, Waterhouse Square, 140 Holborn, London EC1N 2AE

6. Headland Consultancy: Best PR Agency Fintech London for Financial and Corporate Communications

Founded in 2004, Headland Consultancy provides a comprehensive range of traditional marketing and communications services and social and digital media management.

The agency works with customers of all kinds, from established technology corporations to financial institutions. They do not follow the ‘one size fits all” mantra. Instead, the right mix of skill and experience work together to create innovative solutions for clients.


Specialize in: Financial and corporate communications including design, strategy, marketing, and technology


  • Provide customized solutions to each client
  • Clients benefit from a lean, purpose-built team of professionals
  • Mix business knowledge and artistic talent to provide sound guidance and effective results


  • Relatively expensive than other PR firms

Price: Undisclosed

Address: 27 Bush Ln, London, Greater London EC4R 0AA, GB

7. Spark PR: Best for Tech-oriented Businesses

Spark is a PR firm that focuses on assisting technology-focused businesses through integrated marketing strategies. The company has vast experience in assisting startups like eBay, Nokia, Nvidia, etc. This speaks volumes of the entrepreneurship spirit of the organization.

The agency’s services include content creation, programmatic delivery, and other forms of paid media. It also focuses on data-driven deep insight for understanding customer response and building PR strategies.


Specialize in: Serves industries like consumer technology, marketing tech, venture capital, ai, gaming, education, food tech, quantum


  • Worldwide provision of highly specialized services
  • Strategic communications and marketing services
  • Serves the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry


  • Lacks strong media connections

Price: Undisclosed

Address: Century House, 100-102 Oxford St, London W1D 1LN

8. 5W Public Relations: Best Fintech PR Agency for B2B & Digital Media

Founded in 2003, 5WPR is a full-service PR agency known for its innovative PR solutions. The specialists at 5W deliver results-driven communication strategies to top brands.

The firm adopts a detailed-oriented approach and invests time in understanding client requirements. 5WPR is a fearless organization that allows its leadership group to adopt an entrepreneurial approach. This is why they are not afraid to try innovative and out-of-the-box solutions.


Specialize in: PR services for business-to-business, digital media, public affairs, government relations, and crisis communications


  • Helps clients navigate shifting media, financial, and consumer environments
  • Excellent communication with the client
  • Offers PR campaigns for SPACs and IPOs


  • Some brands might find it expensive

Price: $10,000+

Address: 3 Park Ave, Floor 19, New York City, New York 10016, US

9. Babel PR: Best for Tech Startups

Launched in 2006, Babel is a public relations agency focused solely on helping new and established tech startups scale. It has its headquarters in London, but you can find its consultants in Europe, the United States, and the Asia Pacific.

Babel PR will be perfect for you if you have a multi-market campaign in mind. They’ll provide you with teams that have adequate local knowledge and sector expertise.


Specialize in: Technology corporations, IoT, space tech, security, adetch, consumer technology, etc.


  • Offer blanket media coverage all over the globe
  • Multi-market campaigns
  • Experience in creating and executing effective campaigns
  • Centralized administration and billing


  • Deals majorly with B2B businesses

Price: $150-199/hr; $10,000+

Address: Bolsover House, Fourth Floor, London, England W1W 6BB, UK

10. CCgroup: Best PR Agency for Fintech B2B Tech

CCgroup, founded in 1985 and headquartered in London, is a B2B technology PR agency committed to helping its customers meet their commercial objectives.

The firm uses the perfect blend of SEO and social media to garner leads, drive awareness, and build the brand image of its clients. Moreover, CCgroup also has a sister brand named Escapade PR, which majorly handles tech and consumer lifestyle PR.


Specialize in: Financial technology, cleantech, and mobile & telecom PR


  • Impeccable blueprint for strategic planning
  • 70 agencies in 60 countries
  • Builds highly effective commercially oriented PR strategies


  • Campaigns are completely commercially focused

Price: Undisclosed

Address: 207-215 Kings Cross Rd, London, Greater London WC1X 9DN, GB

What Makes a FinTech PR Agency Good?

You’d want a PR agency that’s not only up to date with the recent developments in the fintech arena, such as the sudden rise of online-only banks but also has quite a number of branding and media strategies up their sleeves to help you mitigate any crisis.

A fintech PR agency is important now more so than ever, given the slew of changes the global financial services industry has experienced, including regulations around data privacy, money laundering, KYC processes, etc.

That said, here are 4 things you should look for in a PR agency:


Pick a PR firm that can create engaging media copies for your brand and roll out eye-catching narratives about your organization in the market. The narratives should be such that they complement whatever’s going on currently in the news, making it irresistible for journalists and end customers to ignore them.


Hiring a PR firm means hiring an expert who you can count on to curate your branding, media, and client strategies. So, it’s quite evident that your ideal PR agency should have tons of knowledge about your business and services, and the market you operate in.

Moreover, it should also be updated on what’s trending in the news. Sound knowledge of current affairs would mean that the PR agency could push the right narratives at the right publications at the right time, something that would bring you more goodwill.

Great Media Contacts & Relationships:

Your PR firm should be able to post your releases in reputed fintech media outlets all over the world to help you earn much-needed credibility and popularity. And whether or not they’ll be able to do so would depend on their ability to build relationships, especially with journalists and other media outlets. A good PR agency would normally have several media houses that they can rely on for regular coverage. What’s next, you should look for a PR firm that keeps your clients happy as well, meaning they strengthen your relationship with your clients.


There are a plethora of PR agency firms that will claim to transform your business through their work, but only a few are actually capable of pulling that off. And there are fewer ways better than client testimonials to zero in on a legit PR firm. We suggest you go with one that has not only worked with multiple companies but also some highly popular ones.

How Can Fintech PR Agency Help a Business

The modern fintech truth is that you can create the best products and offer the best deals and still find yourself on a declining growth trajectory. Why, you ask?

Well, we’re at that juncture of the 21st century where it’s non-negotiable for a business to be out there in the public. Your audience must regularly see you, hear you, hear people talk about you, and the like.

Here are 4 ways a fintech PR agency will act as a catalyst in your business growth:


A fintech PR agency is for you if you feel like your public exposure could do a little improvement. It’ll help you expand your target audience via regular speaking conferences and media meetings, a formidable social media presence, and tailor-made communications strategy to cater to specific demographics.

Trust Building:

Anything that has to do with money demands trust, and you as a financial services company will have to provide the same to your clients. A PR agency will make this task a breeze for you by enhancing your perception amongst the masses by using social media marketing and running positive narratives about your brand on reputed media outlets.

Public Enlightenment:

Although every individual needs some or the other sort of financial service, only a handful of the population is adept enough in navigating a fintech product. A PR agency will help you educate your audience on how to use your products and services better.

A PR agency will fill this knowledge gap in your audience by getting you on radio and TV programs where a key spokesman of your organization would talk about your services and how to use them. Not to mention they’ll also give valuable feedback that will improve your blogs, website, and social media posts in a way that simplifies your business to your target audience.

Crisis Management:

We live in a world of uncertainties where failure may befall you at any time, which is why you must always be prepared to handle a crisis. A fake rumor or a fact blown out of context can dampen your reputation. Your PR agency will lead the way in a reputation crisis and equip you with the correct remedial measures to tackle the situation.

Conclusion: What is the Best Fintech PR Agency for 2022?

Having gone through ten viable options for a PR agency for your business, it’s really up to you to decide the one that would satiate your needs the best. That said, if you were to ask us, we would recommend the #1 option in the list, i.e., FinancePR.

It’s an excellent PR agency firm loaded with dedicated and competent PR managers that will curate custom-made marketing campaigns to help you meet your fintech company objectives, and that too, without burning a hole in your pocket.

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