PR is an important component of any firm’s success, regardless of industry or size. However, it is essential within the ultra-competitive finance sector, where companies are continually vying for clients and market share.

This guide will explore the best financial PR services agency available on the market, reviewing a selection of the top fintech marketing firms before highlighting why these companies are so sought after in today’s world.

The Best Financial PR Agencies in 2024

Like the best crypto marketing agencies, financial PR agencies can help drive awareness of new projects or promote products/services that have just launched. With that in mind, presented below are ten of the best finance PR agencies, which we’ll review in detail in the following section: 

  1. FinancePROverall Best Financial PR Services Agency in 2024
  2. The Marketing Eye – Top Financial PR Agency with a Strong Team
  3. Firecracker PR – Best Finance PR Agency for Various Industries
  4. Channel V Media – Reliable Finance PR Agency with Global Reach
  5. Headland Consultancy – Respected Financial PR Firm Featuring Impressive Client Portfolio
  6. Lansons – Best Financial PR Services Agency for Large Companies
  7. Weber Shandwick – Leading Finance PR Firm Offering Exclusive Software
  8. Brunswick Group – High-Profile Financial PR Agency for IPOs and M&A Activity
  9. Teamspirit – Best Financial PR Services Agency with Decades of Industry Experience
  10. Cicero/amo – Top PR Firm Specializing in Marketing for Fintech

Top Finance PR Agencies Reviewed

Marketing of financial services can be accomplished in many ways, whether that be the approach used by the best social media marketing agencies or any other strategy that has been shown to work. The financial services PR companies listed below all have experience in this type of marketing, making them the ideal choice for promoting a new or existing venture.

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1. FinancePR – Overall Best Financial PR Services Agency in 2024

FinancePR logoOur pick for the best financial marketing agency is FinancePR. FinancePR is an industry-leading public relations (PR) focusing on financial services firms. Although FinancePR has only been in operation for just over two years, the company has grown exponentially in that timeframe and now boasts over 100 employees.

FinancePR has proved to be adept at marketing financial services, evidenced by the work put in to promote DeFi Coins. By partnering with CryptoPR, a renowned crypto, NFT, and metaverse marketing agency, FinancePR was able to help the best DeFi Coins raise over $750,000 in funding. This included a remarkable 1,200 new customers in the first 30 days of launch.

FinancePR review

This reliable finance PR agency boasts a network of leading sites that allow firms to have their content reach as many people as possible. Many of these sites rank first on Google, meaning that clients’ products will be viewed by the specific demographic being targeted. A few websites that FinancePR works with include MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, and Cision.

Furthermore, FinancePR has already worked with many top brands, including eToro, Paybis, Nebeus, and more. The PR for financial services offered by FinancePR has proved to be appealing to these brands, helping them achieve their strategic goals. Let’s take a closer look at some of the services that FinancePR offers:

Financial PRs

PRs play a vital role in FinancePR’s service offering, allowing clients to get their content displayed on various industry-leading websites. Since many of FinancePR’s partners rank first on Google, clients will have the best chance of promoting their product or service to the broadest audience possible.

FinancePR services

Banner ads are an affordable form of digital advertising, helping firms reach their target audience quickly and easily. FinancePR can help formulate a banner ads campaign, dictating the size and placement that will result in the highest level of awareness.

Cofounder Interviews

Another reason FinancePR can be considered the best finance marketing agency is because they can arrange interviews with the cofounders of a project, which is one of the most popular ways to raise awareness of a project. Presenting the project’s founders to the target audience adds considerable credibility whilst also making the project more personable.

The services above scratch the surface of FinancePR’s full-suite offering, which is flexible enough to work with companies of any size. FinancePR also works with international clients and can operate in the UK, France, Germany, the U.S., Australia, and South Africa.

FinancePR portfolio

FinancePR’s website also details recent testimonials from clients, with Baby Doge and Learn2Trade both being featured. The former mentions explicitly FinancePR’s ability to get the project featured in Yahoo Finance, the Financial Times, and the Metro – dramatically boosting the project’s popularity.

Overall, FinancePR’s fast turnaround time and guaranteed placements make this firm an excellent option for finance projects of any size, with support for budgets ranging from £3,000 to £100,000. For those interested in partnering with FinancePR today, the following steps will highlight how to do so:

  • Step 1 – Submit Project: FinancePR has a handy form on their website where clients can make an initial enquiry. After enquiring, clients will hear back within 24 hours from a team member, who will then discuss the budget, strategy, and other campaign elements.
  • Step 2 – Distribute PR: FinancePR will distribute the client’s content to several top journalists, who will then formulate an informative and engaging PR.
  • Step 3 – Guaranteed Coverage: Finally, the client’s content will be published on numerous industry-leading sites, generating awareness and buzz around the project.

2. The Marketing Eye – Top Financial PR Agency with a Strong Team

Marketing Eye logoThe Marketing Eye is a Sussex-based marketing agency that offers ‘full journey’ services for financial firms and retail brands. The team contains eight people, each with in-depth experience in the industry and the requirements for a successful campaign. The Marketing Eye focuses on a three-pronged campaign approach – Concept, Content, and Conversion.

This financial PR firm provides various services, from content creation to marketing automation. The Marketing Eye will also help with data discovery and analytics, ensuring each client’s campaign works as well as it should. Clients can also benefit from The Marketing Eye’s email marketing services, which are incredibly successful.

Marketing Eye review

The Marketing Eye has worked with various leading brands, such as Primestox, PMX, Nudge, ArchOver, and more. These brands have dedicated case studies on the website, providing clients with information on what they can expect from The Marketing Eye’s campaigns. Finally, clients can get in touch with The Marketing Eye through the contact form, where a team member will respond in a quick fashion.

3. Firecracker PR – Best Finance PR Agency for Various Industries

Firecracker PR logoFirecracker PR is a public relations firm based in California that works with companies of all sizes. The main focus of this firm is to scale a company’s awareness as quickly as possible through Firecracker’s 5-step ‘Ignite’ process. This process aims to complete four press articles in each client’s first 30 days of working with the firm.

Firecracker PR’s services include PRs, content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO marketing. The latter two are particularly useful for finance firms in today’s digitized world, although Firecracker PR also works with firms in other industries. These include cybersecurity, healthcare, artificial intelligence, and more.

Firecracker PR review

This fintech marketing company has worked with several leading brands, including SRI International, Fujitsu, and Sparkcentral. The team can easily be contacted through social media or the Firecracker PR website, with a handy contact form for quick enquiries. Finally, Firecracker PR even has a dedicated blog section with free information for clients confused about the marketing process.

4. Channel V Media – Reliable Finance PR Agency with Global Reach

Channel V Media logoChannel V Media is a US-based strategic communications agency based in New York. This firm mainly focuses on growth companies with disruptive products or services. Founded in 2008, Channel V Media has extensive experience raising awareness of these companies and has worked with leading brands, such as Zoove.

Channel V Media doesn’t just work with US-based companies – it offers global campaigns. This includes many European countries, along with South America, Africa, China, and Japan. Channel V Media leverages its exciting network of top media outlets to provide the highest level of promotion possible, including Fortune, Reuters, Entrepreneur, Wired, and more.

Channel V Media review

Channel V’s financial service marketing extends to content strategy, where the company handles the campaign from start to finish. This includes website copy, editorial planning, bylines, eBooks, white papers, and branded emails. Channel V can even handle digital marketing, specifically website design and UI/UX elements.

5. Headland Consultancy – Respected Financial PR Firm Featuring Impressive Client Portfolio

Headland logoHeadland Consultancy is one of the best financial marketing agencies for purpose-built campaigns. This is one of the most established companies on our list, boasting 18 years of industry experience. Over those years, Headland has become a financial and corporate communications specialist and has worked with many household names.

These include Accenture, ASOS, eBay, Grosvenor, and more – meaning Headland Consultancy has the portfolio to back up its claims. Regarding service specifics, Headland Consultancy offers issues and crisis comms, public affairs, financial communications, leadership communication coaching, and sustainability communications. Due to the nature of these services, Headland’s target audience will likely be more ‘established’ companies.

Headland review

Contacting Headland Consultancy is easy, as the website provides a direct email to get in touch with the people that can begin formulating each client’s strategy. Headland also has a notable presence on social media, where they look to make the marketing process more ‘approachable’ and more straightforward for clients to understand.

6. Lansons – Best Financial PR Services Agency for Large Companies

Lansons logoLarge companies interested in PR for financial services may wish to partner with Lansons. Lansons is a widely-respected PR agency based in London and New York that offers reputation management consultancy to companies worldwide. Founded in 1989, Lansons has over 30 years of industry experience, making it the longest-serving firm on our list.

Lansons works with both governmental and private clients, ranging from Aviva to The Isle of Man. This agency offers an array of in-depth services, such as crisis management and corporate communications. Lansons also focuses on content creation, with services related to film, podcasts, and live online events.

Lansons review

Public affairs is also an area that Lansons specializes in, helping with government engagement, political monitoring, party conference support, and more. Regarding finance, Lansons has worked with Nationwide Building Society to lobby the government about a new form of capital raising. Prospective clients can get in touch with Lansons through the contact form on the company’s official website.

7. Weber Shandwick – Leading Finance PR Firm Offering Exclusive Software

Weber Shandwick logoWeber Shandwick offers marketing of financial services to companies worldwide, boasting offices in six continents. This company has worked with various household names, including Bud Light, Chevrolet, and UNO. Much of Weber Shandwick’s service involves working with companies in multiple industries, although finance plays a significant role.

Weber Shandwick offers clients access to a suite of exclusive tools, providing unparalleled analysis of marketing activities. This includes tools like Code+ify, Workforce Re-Entry, PlanVx, and Cultural Vigilance – the latter being used to aid with crisis management. However, Weber Shandwick also works with designing the content strategy, whether written content or UI/UX.

Weber Shandwick review

Clients can also partner with Weber Shandwick for digital marketing, as the company offers influencer engagement and social media-based services. In terms of finance, Weber Shandwick can work with consumer and B2B customers, using data-driven insights to drive engagement. Clients can contact Weber Shandwick through the wide variety of phone numbers on the firm’s website.

8. Brunswick Group – High-Profile Financial PR Agency for IPOs and M&A Activity

Brunswick Group logoBrunswick Group describes itself as a ‘critical issues firm’, helping clients in the financial, social, and political arenas. Based in London, Brunswick Group looks to help firms build relationships with all stakeholders, whether that be clients or regulatory bodies. Brunswick Group has a background in financial communications, making them ideal for clients within the finance sector.

This firm provides services related to high-calibre areas of the sector, including investor engagement, IPOs, and M&A activity. IPOs are one of Brunswick Group’s leading focuses, as they can partner with companies as they go public, ensuring that all stakeholders understand the investment case and the firm’s prospects.

Brunswick Group review

Brunswick Group also operates worldwide, focusing on ‘larger’ companies. The company doesn’t just focus on finance firms, as it works in nine industries, including arts, healthcare, and technology. Brunswick Group also provides in-depth information on its website related to various fields, featuring interviews with industry leaders and governmental figures.

9. Teamspirit – Best Financial PR Services Agency with Decades of Industry Experience

Teamspirit logoTeamspirit is a London-based communications agency specializing in financial services firms. This agency offers a full suite of marketing services designed to work in an ever-changing market. Since launching in 1994, Teamspirit has worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK, including Vitality, Permira, and Fineco Bank.

Teamspirit has also won over 100 industry awards, with a 38% win rate – deemed incredibly high for a communications agency. Teamspirit’s suite of services includes corporate messaging solutions, media relations, creative campaigning, and strategic consultancy. Teamspirit also offers content creation and lead generation services for both B2C and B2B firms.

Teamspirit review

Another appealing facet of Teamspirit’s service is the company’s significant focus on ESG elements. Teamspirit believes that ESG will continue to be a crucial part of a company’s appeal, which is why they offer a free guidance booklet on their website. Like other financial PR firms, Teamspirit can be contacted through their website, or prospective clients can visit their office in Central London.

10. Cicero/amo – Top PR Firm Specializing in Marketing for Fintech

Cicero/amo logoRounding off our list of marketing financial services firms is Cicero/amo. Cicero/amo is a division of Havas Group, one of the world’s largest global communications firms. The main aim of Cicero/amo is to design and implement public affairs and communications campaigns for both new and established companies alike.

Cicero/amo offers pretty much every service a finance-based company might need, including corporate communications, market research, political monitoring, strategic counsel, and crisis-based comms. Although Cicero/amo doesn’t offer direct financial ad placement, the firm does provide social media strategy and graphic design.

Cicero/amo review

This PR firm is one of the largest on our list, employing over 19,000 people across more than 100 countries. Cicero/amo also has a stellar portfolio of previous clients, including PayPal, eToro, Accenture, and DHL. Cicero/amo has offices in London and Dublin for prospective clients to enquire, although it also accepts enquiries through its website.

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Best Financial PR Firms Comparison

Clients interested in marketing for fintech (or any other area of the finance sector) can partner with the firms reviewed above to ensure their project reaches as many interested parties as possible. To help streamline the decision-making process further, the table below details the primary services offered by firms discussed in the previous section:

PR Firm Services Offered
  • Financial PRs
  • Advertorials & Features
  • Banner Ads Campaigns
  • Cofounder Interviews
  • Performance Marketing Campaigns
  • International Outreach
The Marketing Eye
  • Marketing Automation
  • Consultancy
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing Analytics
Firecracker PR
  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
Channel V Media
  • Strategic Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
Headland Consultancy
  • Issues/Crisis Comms
  • Financial Communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • Public Affairs
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Content Creation
  • Public Affairs
Weber Shandwick
  • Exclusive Software Tools
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Social Media Strategies
  • ESG-based Services
Brunswick Group
  • IPO Support
  • M&A Activity Communications
  • Investor Engagement
  • Employee Engagement
  • ESG Guidance
  • Content Creation
  • Corporate Messaging
  • Media Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Crisis-based Comms
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Graphic Design

What Services Do Financial PR Service Agencies Offer?

Determining the best financial PR services agency to partner with can be challenging, especially since each project has unique challenges and goals. With that in mind, presented below are some of the main services these agencies offer – and how they can help a project grow.

Press Releases (PRs)

According to Statista, the global PR market is expected to value over $129 billion by 2025. This figure highlights the importance of sending a strong brand message, which can be accomplished through press releases (PRs).

Press releases are pieces of written content from a company that aims to promote a product or service. These articles can be posted on leading media outlets, ensuring as many people see them as possible. Furthermore, the websites that PRs are posted on tend to be viewed by the target demographic that the client is interested in – allowing for more ‘effective’ marketing.

International Outreach

Today’s society is inherently globalized, meaning local marketing is no longer as effective. Thus, financial service marketing firms will now offer scope to create international campaigns that target people from around the world.

International outreach

An example is the International Outreach service offered by FinancePR, which allows clients to gain exposure in other countries. Since FinancePR operates in more than six geo-locations, it’s easy for clients to have their content viewed by various demographics.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is crucial in today’s environment, allowing a brand message to be displayed across various channels. This could include websites, video content, social media, and more – all of which provide scope for people to view the content and engage with the company. Financial PR agencies can help with these campaigns, formulating a strategy consistent with the message that must be delivered.


Although launching a financial ad is undoubtedly effective, some finance PR agencies will also provide an interview service. This usually involves sitting down with the founder (or cofounders) or the company in question and interviewing them to present the information to a broad audience. These interviews are a great idea from an information standpoint and add vast levels of credibility to a project. 

Marketing Analytics

Finally, financial services PR agencies can also handle the analysis of a campaign. Analysis is a crucial component in determining the effectiveness of a campaign, allowing the marketer to make any adjustments that may be necessary. Analytics can also help clients identify who is interested in their project, allowing for more targeted marketing in the future.

Best Financial PR Services Agency – Conclusion

In summary, this guide has presented an in-depth discussion of the best financial PR services agencies on the market, highlighting their features and the brands they’ve worked with. These agencies are ideal partners for small and large firms, helping drive awareness and produce quantifiable results.

Our pick for the best financial PR services agency is FinancePR due to the company’s notable results and extensive network of leading media outlets. FinancePR has helped raise $750,000 in funding for projects over the past year, thanks to the suite of effective services the firm offers.

FinancePR logo


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