With the best trucking accounting software, you can forget inefficient Excel spreadsheets and automate your finances, keep track of your drivers and ensure efficient management of deliveries, and streamline your business to make it more effective and profitable.

With that said, finding the best trucking accounting software for your business is no simple feat. Here, we’ve narrowed down your options and ranked and reviewed the market’s leading options. From Rigbooks, Axon, and Q7, here’s all you need to know to make an informed decision on the best one for your trucker business.

The Best Trucking Accounting Software for 2024

With ample options on the market, finding the best trucking accounting software is no easy task. To help, we’ve ranked the cream of the crop. Here’s how they stack up against each other:

  1. Rigbooks – Affordable load-tracking system which is perfect for small trucking companies and has strong custom invoicing features. Easy to track travel information and spending.
  2. Axon – Great option for small-to-medium-sized trucking companies with powerful real-time reporting tools and great tracking and integrations.
  3. Oracle Netsuite – Powerful accounting software with huge scope for expansion and extension. Great for managing medium to large fleets.
  4. Q7 – Comprehensive product with a full suite of accounting and trucking features. Comes with double-entry trucking bookkeeping and a customized mileage interface.
  5. Trucking Office – Specifically built for firms operating fleets of 100+ trucks. Great security backup, excellent mobile app, and unlimited users permitted.
  6. Tailwind TMS – Easy-to-use system for tracking loads, drivers, and vendors with robust payment tools. Comes with great support, including feature requests.
  7. TruckBytes – The best free accounting software for trucking firms. It handles dispatching, scheduling, accounting, and fleet maintenance and provides free IFTA fuel tax reports every 3 months.
  8. FreshBooks –  Ideal for trucking companies with under 35 drivers needing accounting and invoicing tools. Great simplified financial reports.
  9. RAMA Logistics Software – Robust basic system for carrier settlements that’s quick and easy to use and comes with truly flexible tools.
  10. LogiPoint Web – Scalable system for managing the entire logistics process from terminal to door. Intuitive and accessible user interface and dashboard.
  11. QuickBooks Online – Ideal cloud accounting option for small companies that’s great for billing and reporting and has endless integrations available.

Best Trucking Accounting Software Reviewed

If you’re looking for accounting software that’s easy to use and has the features you need to run your trucking business, then look no further. We’ve ranked these picks according to key factors, including compatibility with major operating systems, ease of use, and cost.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our top 11 choices below.

1. Rigbooks – Affordable Load-Tracking System That’s Perfect for Small Trucking Companies

It’s possible to track and manage orders, trips, expenditures, and fuel mileage with Rigbooks, a cloud-based TMS that generates invoices and calculates IFTA taxes.

Rigbooks is a trucking application that tracks costs per mile, profits for miles traveled, and average kilometers traveled to identify the most profitable loads for owners and operators. 

This software was developed to help you figure out how much it costs to drive a certain distance with truckers in mind. However, it’s challenging to efficiently utilize spreadsheet tools like Excel with generic accounting software.

Who’s it Best For?

Rigbooks is an affordable load-tracking system perfect for small trucking companies. Whether you want to run your fleet from the office or on the road, Rigbooks keeps track of all jobs, dispatch, and drivers.

With a simple and reliable user interface, Rigbooks makes tracking loads simple.


  • The software supports an unlimited number of users
  • It’s simple to enter the travel information and correlate spending with each trip.
  • For simplified IFTA reporting, keep track of mileage per jurisdiction.


  • Expensive for businesses with more than five trucks
  • A complex way of entering detail for each trip


Rigbooks is an affordable trucking accounting solution that helps you eliminate manual data entry and paper logs. The software is free to use for 30 days and costs $19 per month.

2. Axon – Great Option for Small-to-Medium-Sized Trucking Companies

Axon is a cloud-based and on-premise fleet management software that enables trim to big transportation companies to monitor and simplify fleet operations such as maintenance, dispatching, invoicing, and fleet accounting.

Using equipment mapping allows users to monitor assets and get proximity warnings when entering or exiting essential places.

It has an IFTA calculator, enabling fleet managers to measure mileage via an in-cab satellite interface and report income or costs appropriately. You can also use business intelligence tools to store crucial data and provide staff access rights.

Who’s it Best For?

Axon Accounting software is specifically designed for small to medium size trucking companies. It can run a fully functioning accounting package with the ability to add additional features on its own.

Additionally, features like GPS integration allow you to interact with your truck company from your smartphone.


  • Integrates with third-party applications such as Omnitracs, Shaw Tracking, PeopleNet, etc.
  • Provides users 24/7 access to know where each truck’s location is
  • Axon updates its software regularly for the best experience


  • Axon provides a learning curve for some users
  • Prices are expensive based on the customer reviews
  • Only accessible through desktops 


Axon offers custom and specific pricing for its users; you have to contact Axon to get your particular price plan.

3. Oracle Netsuite – Power Accounting Solution That’s Perfect for Managing Large Fleets

Oracle Netsuite logo

Oracle NetSuite is a cloud-based accounting software product that provides one of the most comprehensive toolsets in the business. As well as addressing accounting, payroll, and HR requirements, NetSuite can also provide tools across CRM and eCommerce.

On the accounting side, NetSuite makes it easy to manage payables and receivables, track financial data in real-time, and reconcile statements, all from a single dashboard and without your team having to spend time on manual data entry.

Filing your taxes is equally painless, whether calculating GST, VAT, or materials costs, and the platform provides detailed reports so you can check every line item – ensuring you meet all the necessary financial compliance requirements.

NetSuite also has an intuitive mobile app, so you can access your reports from the office or from the road.

Oracle NetSuite

Who’s it Best For?

Oracle NetSuite is great for firms working at scale and overseeing complex operations, tracking loads, drivers, and vendors that need a comprehensive accounting product.

While it’s a great all-in-one solution, it can also directly integrate with a much wider toolset, and it’ll only continue adding value if you subscribe to additional NetSuite modules.


  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Numerous invoice templates
  • Huge potential for integration
  • Great for managing transactions and taxes


  • Priority customer support is charged
  • No free trial


Oracle doesn’t list its pricing online but tailors billing to its customers. Plans reportedly start at $99 per month, with the annual license fee charged based on core platform use, number of users, and optional modules selected, and with a one-time initial setup fee.

This may be relatively expensive, but it’s a secure, scalable product with a huge range of features – and it’s a great pick for managing medium-to-large fleets.

4. Q7 – Full-Suite of Accounting and Trucking Features Great for Larger Fleets

Q7 Trucking is a feature-rich fleet management solution that’s explicitly designed for start-ups and small enterprises. Q7 Trucking is a Windows-focused company that offers both cloud and on-premise versions.

Frontline Software Technology has developed a trucking management system that integrates fleet management and dispatches with accounting functions, including accounts payable and receivable.

Who’s it Best For?

Q7 is the most acceptable option for small and medium-sized trucking enterprises regarding tracking trucks and drivers. Furthermore, the implementation of this service is simple.


  • Double-entry trucking bookkeeping software 
  • All users will be instructed and assisted in the use of their computers. 
  • A customized mileage interface, for example, is offered for a fee.
  • Pricing plans are specified per your business.
  • The software provides the best package for small to medium-sized companies.


  • The desktop version is only available for Windows-based systems. 
  • A complicated system requires training and patience to learn.


The Q7 pricing plan is designed to meet the needs of every small business out there. Your requirements may alter from day to day, month to month, and year to year, but they should not obstruct or disrupt the smooth operation of your organization.

With that, Q7 offers customized pricing plans to fit your business requirements.

5. Trucking Office – Specifically Built for Firms Operating Fleets of 100 Trucks

Trucking Office is the world’s leading fleet management software. With over a million trucks in use, Trucking Office offers a comprehensive range of features, from simple vehicle tracking to comprehensive dispatcher and trip planner tools.

The software was designed for the trucking industry but worked equally well in any transportation business that needs to track its fleet of vehicles.

Invoice production, mileage computation, IFTA tracking/reporting, and more are all made easier with TruckingOffice software. In addition, staff at trucking businesses may utilize it without having sophisticated accounting expertise.

Who’s it Best For?

Trucking Office is the right tool for any company operating a fleet of trucks or trucking company management software.

It’s designed specifically for commercial transport companies that use over 100 vehicles through on-site desktops or remote access servers at the home, office, or small branch offices. 


  • Content security with automatic record backup
  • The maximum number of users is unlimited
  • Authorized access and a secure login
  • Tracks bills and invoices and notifies you if any are past due


  • It doesn’t provide online chat support for urgent concerns regarding the software.
  • It doesn’t provide integrations for Quickbooks
  • Prices are expensive, and it’s not cost-effective
  • Pertinent features that are needed in the trucking community are missing


Trucking Office Price Plan is a prepaid monthly plan that allows you to pay for the services and features you need for your business all at once. You can purchase up to 4 basic plans, three pro plans, and unlimited add-ons per month in the Trucking Office. 

  • Basic Owner — 1 to 2 trucks — $20/month + a $5 add-on which includes up to 2 trucks/month.
  • Basic Mid Size — 3 to 7 trucks — $45/month + a $15 add-on which includes up to 7 trucks per month.
  • Basic Fleet — More than 8 trucks — $45/month + a $25 add-on which includes up to 15 trucks, and $2 for every additional truck per month.
  • Basic Broker — Unlimited Dispatches — $35 a month.
  • Pro Owner — 1 to 2 trucks — $20/month + a $5 add-on which includes up to 2 trucks per month.
  • Pro Mid Size — 3 to 7 trucks — $45/month + a $15 add-on which includes up to 7 trucks per month.
  • Pro Fleet — More than 8 trucks — $45/month + a $25 add-on which includes up to 15 trucks, and $2 for every additional truck per month.

6. Tailwind TMS – Easy-to-Use System for Tracking Loads, Drivers, and Vendors

Tailwind Transportation Software is a cloud-based transportation management system designed for small- to medium-sized trucking enterprises and freight brokerages.

Tailwind has a database for customers and vendors and modules for quotes and orders, a dispatch system, and other features. Users may manage and maintain contact information in Tailwind’s customer and vendor database.

In addition, users may monitor equipment maintenance, claims, incidents, and accidents and manage quotations, repair orders, and accounts receivable. A dispatch and shipment tracking system, route management, and user notifications are all included in Tailwind.

Who’s it Best For?

Tailwind is best for trucking companies and freight brokerages that need to track loads, drivers, vendors, and more. It’s easy to use, flexible enough to meet your business’s unique needs, and includes the support you need to get your company up and running quickly.


  • The customer service is responsive and knowledgeable
  • The software is easy to navigate
  • Tailwind TMS integrates customer feedback into its regular software updates


  • The application for drivers doesn’t show enough information regarding pickups and deliveries
  • There are issues with the format and size of files when transferring to customers for invoicing


Tailwind Pricing Plans Tailwind offers four plans to choose from, all with different features.

  • Quick Start — Tailwind TMS implementation checklist, access to scheduled online group training, and assistance in uploading your data templates for $0 per month.
  • Sure Start — Tailwind TMS implementation checklist, access to scheduled online group training, and assistance in uploading your data templates and branded documents for $399 per month.
  • Business Accelerator — Tailwind TMS implementation checklist, access to scheduled online group training, assistance in uploading your data templates, branded documents, and two basic document customizations for $399 per month.
  • QuickBooks Config — Mapping and configuring all accounts, tax types, and Initial sync between Tailwind and QuickBooks for $199 per month.

7. TruckBytes – The Best Free Accounting Software for Trucking Firms

TruckBytes is a fleet management and accounting tool for small to medium trucking firms. Dispatching, scheduling, accounting, and fleet maintenance are all included in the solution. It’s also one of the best, if not THE best, free accounting software on the market today.

TruckBytes is available in both cloud and on-premise versions. Users may access essential papers and information from any device connected to the Internet, thanks to TruckByte’s cloud-based deployment.

Using this system, users may produce and update invoices and manage cargo, customers, and other accounting information throughout their fleet.

Who’s it Best For?

TruckBytes is an excellent choice for any small to medium trucking company looking for a simple and affordable fleet management tool. In addition, it’s ideal for businesses that often have large fleets and need to track aspects of the whole fleet.


  • The support team is responsive and knowledgeable in handling customer concerns
  • The system can handle multiple currencies


  • Doesn’t offer any other type of customer support except for email
  • Continuous warning pop-ups in software cause inconvenience for users
  • The software runs slowly, with frequent system crashes
  • There’s no GPS integration for drivers
  • There are lacking features in the driver’s app’s functionality


TruckingBytes provides a completely free pricing plan with no hidden fees or setup charges for all of its services.

8. FreshBooks – Ideal for Trucking Companies With Under 35 Drivers

FreshBooks for business is a complete business management software for small to medium businesses. FreshBooks features powerful invoicing, accounting, and expense-tracking tools that can be put to use by any company.

Small businesses can choose from free or paid plans and feature sets, while larger firms typically opt for the “Select” plan, adding more functionality and advanced features. 

Who’s it Best For?

This solution is best for trucking companies with less than 35 drivers that need to get their accounting and invoicing done. It also helps manage inventory and other business processes like generating quotes, tracking time, sending reminders, etc.

Users may access essential papers and information from any device connected to the Internet, thanks to TruckByte’s cloud-based deployment.


  • User-friendly software and user interface
  • Software functions are easy to use and get used to


  • The software’s lags get worse per update
  • Limited bank options for the online payment option
  • Invoicing and applying software experiences a lot of errors


FreshBooks designed its pricing plans to be simple and easy to understand. They want you to be able to focus on running your business, so it provides all of the software tools you need. FreshBooks offers four different plans that fit your business needs.

  • Lite — 5 billable clients, client credits, and unlimited estimates and expenses for $4.50/month plus an extra $10/member/month
  • Plus — 50 billable clients, client credits, unlimited estimates and expenses, and access anywhere on iOS or Android for $7.50/month plus an extra $10/additional member/month and $20 for advanced payments.
  • Premium — Unlimited billable clients, client credits, unlimited estimates, and expenses, and access anywhere on iOS or Android and check out anywhere with checkout links for $15/month plus an extra $10/additional member/month and $20 for advanced payments
  • Select — Unlimited billable clients, client credits, unlimited estimates (and expenses), access anywhere on iOS or Android, check out anywhere with checkout links, and advanced payments for a specialized monthly price plus an extra $10/ additional member/month

9. RAMA Logistics Software – Robust Basic System for Carrier Settlements

RAMA Logistics Software is a transportation logistics management software that connects with QuickBooks for accounting. This very lightweight, essential, and economical option may be a suitable fit for smaller transportation enterprises.

Users enter logistical data into a simple dashboard, which is then linked to QuickBooks Online to facilitate bookkeeping. Load input, shipment tracking, carrier settlement, invoicing, and carrier insurance tracking are all possible with the program.

For trucking firms that have been handling most of these duties manually and are already using QuickBooks Online for accounting, this no-frills solution is an excellent start to logistics management.

Who’s it Best For?

RAMA Quick Logistics is best suited for trucking companies that handle their carrier settlements manually and want a basic system for managing the process. The software is simple, easy to learn, and excels in making reporting more straightforward.


  • Automatically integrates with QuickBooks Online
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Quickly accesses all data needed


  • The website interface isn’t efficient to use


RAMA Logistics Software has made it easy for you. Two pricing plans are available to choose from, Basic and Complete. Use either plan to start saving your time and money today:

  • Basic — 1 user, load entry, dispatch, carrier insurance tracking, invoice print, and load confirmations for $45/month
  • Complete — Everything in Basic Plan plus eight users, advance tracking, carrier settlement, and load Status for $80/month

10. LogiPoint Web – Scalable System for Managing the Entire Logistics Process

SISCO and Xenel Group, two recognized industry leaders, created LogiPoint. We are a well-established logistics service provider with a track record of significant logistics projects and 18 years of excellent client service across all crucial industrial areas. 

LogiPoint integrates with QuickBooks Online, making it simple to collaborate with your accountant. 

Who’s it Best For?

This solution can efficiently manage the entire logistics process from terminal to door. Therefore, it is suitable for a large number of drivers and also for companies that have a large number of vehicles. 


  • Integrates with QuickBooks Online
  • Appealing and easy-to-use UI
  • Offers single-window payments


  • Not much data is available for LogiPoint Web
  • Pricing isn’t disclosed on their website; users don’t know if it’s fixed pricing or tailored pricing


LogiPoint Web doesn’t disclose its pricing on its website.

11. QuickBooks Online – Ideal Cloud Accounting Solution for Small Companies

QuickBooks is the most widely used small company accounting software for measuring financial health and managing revenue and expenses. Billing customers, paying bills, generating reports, and preparing tax returns are all possible with it.

In addition, QuickBooks has various options that anybody, from a freelancer to a small business, may utilize.

Who’s it Best For?

For most small companies, QuickBooks Online is the ideal cloud accounting option. You can set it up with ease, and it’s the perfect way to manage your business on the go.


  • Integrates with QuickBooks Online and other third-party apps
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Affordable and generous pricing plans


  • There aren’t many customization options or templates available
  • Incorrectly uses due dates automatically for their next invoice
  • It has limited inventory management


Even if you’re starting, it’s essential to know your options for business software. QuickBooks Online offers a range of plans that have been designed with different needs in mind. 

  • Simple Start — Track income and expenses, allowing one user plus your accountant for only $8/month
  • Essentials — Track income and expenses, allows three users plus your accountant, insights, reports, and multi-currency for only $8/month
  • Plus — Track income and expenses, allow five users plus your accountant, insights, reports,multi-currency, and track projects and locations for only $8/month

What is Trucking Accounting Software?

Trucking accounting software is a bookkeeping management system used by transportation carriers and freight forwarders. This program is designed for those going solo or those who have limited staff available to them.

How Does Trucking Account Software Work?

Bookkeeping can be a tedious and stressful experience, especially if you’re working on a deadline and have thousands of receipts and invoices coming at you from all angles.

A great trucking accounting software will automate your bookkeeping process and make it easier to manage your paperwork by itself. The following are the key functions of trucking accounting software:

  • First, enter shipment details into a database, which can be connected to your QuickBooks finance module
  • Answering invoices, entering payments, and retrieving payment reports
  • Preparing customer and customer service reports
  • Generating data reports, custom fields, and tax files in your QuickBooks finance module
  • Reconciling bank accounts and reconciling bills with customer balances

What Are the Advantages of Using Trucking Accounting Software?

Managing your freight accounts becomes much easier with trucking accounting software. The software allows you to access all the documents needed for invoicing without having to do them manually.

Streamlined Financial Tracking

This program provides the best bookkeeping and financial management for trucking companies. It facilitates the documentation, tracking, and reconciliation of all your financial transactions. This way, you’ll be able to maximize the efficiency of your accounting process.

Automatic Reconciliation

The financial statement is generated automatically from the data entered in the demo version. As a result, you’ll no longer need any manual input for tracking your accounts receivable and payable transactions.

A Singular Dashboard

This software can consolidate all your financial data into a single dashboard. This eliminates the need to open many different modules and applications.

Advanced Invoice Tracking

This program has an advanced invoice tracking system that enables you to keep track of all invoices. You’ll be able to write off expenses and tax deductions, making it easier to manage your finances.

Conclusion — What’s the Best Trucking Accounting Software?

The best trucking accounting software is the one that you feel will help you in managing your trucking business, regardless of your company’s size. 

With that said, the one you choose should be flexible enough to adapt to your business needs and provide the features and functions that make bookkeeping a breeze for you daily. It shouldn’t take long to set up and use if you have limited resources.


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