Creating short, captivating videos of 6 to 15 seconds is the latest trend around social spheres these days. And, with over 40 million registered users on Vine and 150 million active users on Instagram, it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

How To Use Vine Or Instagram Videos To Sell Your Products

For business owners like yourself, this is a great opportunity. Various top brands are already including Vine and Instagram in their social media marketing campaigns and so should you. And, to help you do that, we’ve prepared a list of 10 different strategies that you can follow, which will show you how to utilize Vine and Instagram videos to build your brand awareness and sell your products to a wider audience.

Showcase your products

Granted that it’s only for 6 seconds (15 on Instagram) but if you can use that time wisely and create a visually appealing and engaging video, Vine and Instagram can be a great way to showcase and promote your current line of products to your followers.

Sephora, the cosmetic chain store, recently posted this Vine on its page where it does just that. The video manages to provide a snapshot of its latest cosmetic items and still be engaging by providing helpful gift ideas for the holidays.

And, it doesn’t always have to be physical products. World-renowned chef Jamie Oliver uses all of 15 seconds in his Instagram video to promote his TV show Jamie’s Money Saving Meals.

Product Launch

Videos are a great way to unveil a new product to the public and Vine and Instagram can be used for the same purpose to great effects. They create instant buzz and can be an inexpensive way to launch and market your latest product.

Jeni’s ice cream recently used Instagram video to announce the launch of a limited edition holiday sorbet – Feuerzangenbowle.

Meanwhile, Hewlett Packard, the technology corporation, created not only one but a series of Vine videos to promote its launch of new HP Office Jet Pro X printer.

Teasers for Products

If you want to create anticipation and get your audience excited about new products, Vine and Instagram can be the perfect medium to create video teasers and capture their attention. This strategy gets people talking about your brand and ensures that customers will revisit your social media websites in order to find more information about your products.

Taco Bell teased its customers with this clever Instagram video when it was launching its newest variant of Doritos Locos Tacos.

Rolling Stone magazine regularly uses this same strategy to give audiences a preview of the celebrity that will be featured on its next month’s cover.

How-to Videos

Another way to increase brand awareness and provide value to your customers is through creating helpful tips. Short and creative how-to videos showcasing unique ways in which people can use your products can be both very effective and popular.

Oreo uses this identical strategy and has managed to become a fan favorite on the social media scene. In this example, it uses a short clip to show how to make Oreo popcorn at home.

The how-to video doesn’t always have to be product related. You can also use it offer others simple helpful advice like Lowe’s does. Here, it shows users how to keep their plants warm in the winter with the help of bubble wrap and burlap.

Go behind the scenes

Providing behind the scenes videos of your company to your customers is always a good idea. It gets them to know your business on a more personal level and makes you seem more transparent and relatable. This is a very easy strategy that any company can use to their advantage.

Ben & Jerry’s uses Instagram to provide their followers with an exclusive behind the scenes tour into their flavor lab which shows how their products are made.

Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs uses Vine to take fans inside its store and shows off the stylish prints and patterns worn by its employees.

Celebrate the holidays

Getting into the holiday spirit and making fun videos is another way to promote your products on Vine and Instagram. These videos will resonate positively with fans that celebrate the holidays and will work towards increasing your brand awareness among people from various different backgrounds.

For Christmas this year, Lowe’s made this short and sweet video that also managed to showcase its products.

Similarly, Starbucks made this fun little video on Instagram that utilizes the Christmas theme but at the same time also promotes its coffee.

Engage Your Audience

Vine and Instagram can also be used as a platform to engage with your audience and get them to market your products. Businesses can do this by encouraging them to create a video using their product and share it under a unique hashtag.

UK’s online fashion retailer ASOS asks users to submit videos of them receiving ASOS packages under the hashtag #ASOSunbox and then features the best videos on its official account.

GoPro is another company that features its users’ videos on its Instagram account.

Run Video Contests

Another surefire way to increase customer engagement with your brand is to organize a video contest on Vine or Instagram. And, if you want your contest to generate lots of interest and engagement it helps if you choose a trending subject that interests many people.

Dunkin Donuts was one of the first brands to utilize Vine to organize a video contest. It asked the fans to “Create a Vine on how DD Iced Coffee puts a spring in your step” and the best video was to win a year’s supply of free coffee.

On Instagram, Virgin America created a contest where people needed to submit their best dance moves under a specific hashtag to win the grand prize, which was tickets to a Giants game.

Share sales and promotions

Every brand announces sales and promotions from their social media accounts. But, Vine and Instagram presents you with a rather unique medium to announce such promotions that sets your business apart and excites your followers.

Urban Outfitters uses Vine to show the collection of jeans that’s on sale on their website. It’s different, eye catching and an effective way of announcing sales.

Similarly, to promote their upcoming sale, Nordstrom created a great video to show a customer’s excitement for the sale in a fun way with an iPhone and a pair of sunglasses.

Secret coupon code

You can also reward your loyal fans with secret codes inside your Vine or Instagram videos. You can share either a promo code for online purchases, an SMS code or even a simple phone number for your customers to call to buy a product.

Peanut Butter Co. used Vine videos to share a six-second video that ended with a downloadable coupon. The clip went viral with more than 300,000 views and 6,000 coupon downloads.

Walgreen also used this strategy on Instagram video to great success. This video not only promotes the discount coupon but encourages users to download its Walgreen app as well. Two birds, one stone.

People might easily dismiss Vine or Instagram as a passing fad but the numbers don’t lie. And, for your growing business, these videos are a quick and inexpensive ways to market your products. You should definitely use it with your existing social media campaigns. Trust us. You’ll thank us later.

How are you using Vine or Instagram to promote your business? Post links to your best videos in the comments below…