linkedin-911794_640In the midst of hundreds of sales messages each day it is important to send out LinkedIn communication the right way for your personal brand. In order to gain the respect and attention of your network you need to appear professional and establish authentic relationships first.

How can your personal brand attract more sales through InMail? Starting with meaningful communication and engagement is the key to being effective. LinkedIn makes it simple to connect with others through groups, their publishing platform, and user posts.

You need to think about being both authentic and in touch with your network as your brand nurtures relationships with helpful feedback, cross promotion, and a genuine interest. Here are several ways your personal brand can begin building a stronger network on LinkedIn for more success with your communication.

Sending Successful InMail Messages On LinkedIn

A fully optimized LinkedIn profile that stands out from the rest is a good place to start before crafting your message. An engaged and active network that is relevant to your industry is also important. Use these strategies to improve your brand’s response rate:

  • Build trust with your connections – Many InMail messages are overlooked or deleted because a meaningful connection has not been established first. It takes just a little extra time each day to leave valuable comments, interact in professional groups, and share your network’s content on LinkedIn and other social media channels. This shows that your personal brand has an interest in the needs and desires of your community without sending them direct sales messages.
  • Encourage conversation – Once your brand has established a solid foundation with the important members of your network you can begin your InMail message individually in a way that garners their attention. Begin with a question or conversation starter in your headline, without directly offering your product or service. This could include a referral’s name, an interesting article related to your industry, a helpful comment about their content, ect.
  • Provide a call-to-action – Creating a message that appeals to your network is just the first step in opening the doors of interest. Your brand should also include a CTA, which is invitational in nature, and seeks to find out more about how you can help their business.

The use of LinkedIn InMail communication can be beneficial for your personal brand’s sales and create opportunities to build better relationships with your connections. By selecting users who are active and have a strong network following you can improve your chances of getting a response. Keep your messages simple, and to the point in a well-planned way that does not approach your network in group messages, but is rather personalized to each contact.