Facebook Lead Ads

Social media is not just for showing off your selfie-skills anymore.

Many businesses and nonprofits are already out there building awareness and keeping in contact with customers or supporters. You can even curate viable business for your company or organization from Facebook.

Now, with the integration of the Facebook lead ads tool you can create Facebook ads right from Constant Contact, where the lead information is automatically populated into your account and you can market to them using email.

Mixing business with social

Social ads are being credited with higher purchase influence, especially among Millennials where it’s the second-most influential paid media.

Using Facebook to collect business leads allows you to target your defined audience, both people and organizations interested in your business, who are willing to share their contact information with you.

One major benefit of Facebook for this purpose is that it supports mobile optimization, and offers the ease of submitting necessary information directly via Facebook. No new tabs, no leaving the Facebook page and no extra hassles. You also have the opportunity to:

  • Increase signups for newsletters/emails
    Grow your newsletter and email signups when contacts are added directly to your subscriber lists.
  • Pique interest
    Make users curious and interested in knowing more about your products and services by giving just enough information that converts them to leads.
  • Grow event attendance
    Increase the number of people interested in attending an event that you may be hosting.

The key to attracting Facebook leads

So, how do you use Facebook to get qualified and ready-to-use Facebook lead ads?

Facebook lead ads are a type of advertisement that allow you to generate leads via Facebook. Did you know, Facebook currently has 2.19 billion active users – and you can easily reach them.

Here’s how it works:

You collect the leads via a customized ad that shows up on Facebook and prompts the reader (of an audience you define) to fill out a brief form based on the promise of more info, content, etc. This way, not only do you fulfill your promise, but you can continue to nurture your relationship with them using email marketing.

Simply put, Facebook lead ads allow you to get your information in front of interested users, who in turn can reach you, say hello and take a step towards building a relationship with you; all that matters from there is how much you continue to nurture that relationship.

Leading the way with social

Constant Contact aims to help small businesses target their audience, grab their attention and grow their business with powerful email marketing. The new integration with Facebook lead ads helps your business to connect with and generate leads, and expand.

Target the right audience, reach out to them, make them interested and continue finding new and more customers.

Your potential customers are searching for you on Facebook… Are you there?