Are you looking for new ways to generate leads through Social Media? Over the last few years, social media has emerged as an effective tool for generating leads. Existing and potential customers are using social platforms to discover new offerings and also educating themselves.

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Businesses today have seen social media being a vital channel to engage with their customers, and amplify their messages across them to garner more qualified leads. In this article I am going to highlight how you can generate leads effectively through Social Media.

1. Create A Blog

Creating a blog is the easy part; you need to provide unique content about your company and industry to your readers. Your blogs content needs to empower the reader and deliver some value. It needs to educate them, solve their problems and queries, improve their situation and re-instate their belief that your brand is the one for them to trust.

You must have a ‘subscribe for this blog’, either on the right side of the blog or at the end of the article so when they are reading your content they can easily just type in their email address. Have valuable content on your blog that requires the user to provide information to access it – that’s where they can fill the form and continue viewing the information they were accessing.

2. Use Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are one of the best ways to interact easily with your audience. Twitter lead generation cards increase conversion rates by capturing in-app form-fills from your followers.

twitter lead generation cards

Given the fact that you will be able to achieve much greater sign up rates using these cards, compared to trying to get people to leave Twitter to visit your website. With this card it becomes like an embedded landing page on your tweet.

3. Facebook Offers and Custom Tabs

In order to generate leads, your Facebook page must be a steady source of helpful, shareable information. Facebook offers are a great way to promote products and services on this platform and collect quality leads. Very similar to Twitter Cards. Facebook Offers work well is because when someone claims your offer; it shows up in their News Feed. Friends of that person can then see that their friend just claimed your offer. You see the viral effect here?

facebook offers

Another way is to use Facebook Custom Tabs for your page. Use fan-tatting and other user details gating to allow your audience participate in contests, games, giveaways. Here are 6 kickass tools to create Facebook custom tabs.

4. Use Facebook Applications and Ads

Creating Facebook applications for your contest are great ways for lead generation. So when the user accepts to use a Facebook application you can fetch all their details like email address, interest and much more with just one click of theirs.

Running ads on Facebook today is like breathing on Facebook for businesses. Use Facebook’s promoted post feature to highlight the content from your Facebook page or website. Share a link to your blog posts, products and services and even about your campaigns. With the consistent visibility offered by Facebook Ads will help you garner more leads.

5. Linkedin

LinkedIn is the best way to attract leads when it comes to customers, investors, business partners, sponsors, affiliates, and more. You must begin with making sure that your profile on LinkedIn is completed and is impressive. Then you can start networking in various groups, browse the directory of groups and choose the one which matches your company’s interest.

Identify the key members of the group who are very active, ask questions and answer them as well which provide value. Add them to your network, keep networking with them on this platform religiously and turn the conversations you have with them into a potential lead-builder for your business.

6. Slideshare

There is a need for visual element on social media, as readers are constantly inundated with text. With 60 million visits per month, Slideshare provides the perfect visual element for your posts. This service can help with attracting audiences who normally ignore the text or just skim through it.

One of the most popular features in SlideShare PRO is the lead generation program called LeadShare. Using LeadShare it makes it possible to collect targeted leads by embedding contact forms inside presentations, documents and videos.

7. Clear CTAs (Call-To-Action)

Your call-to-action (CTA) has to be very effective and clear, as it is one of the most important parts of capturing potential consumers for your product or service. A strong CTA on landing pages entices the reader to your website for some value additions for them.

For example you can provide content which is so engaging and which provides value to them, that it entices them to click on the link to read more. Thus your CTA has to be concise and to the point, but also entices the reader to actively participate in what you’re trying to sell them.

8. Giveaways And Freebies

The word ‘Free’ is very powerful, when your audience see that they are getting some perks they will happily comply. Giveaways and freebies are a great and sure shot way to increase leads. Like we at Digital Insights have this free ebook to drive sales through social media.

For example you can have a giveaway promotion that requires a sign-up page. Not only will they have a chance to win a great gift or some other perks, they will also be signing themselves thus giving you a chance to showcase your brands product and services.

9. Social Listening

Most companies monitor online conversations to keep a track of the sentiment towards the brand, but social listening also reveals opportunities to generate leads. Thus you can make use of various third party applications to keep an ear out and monitor how your customers and prospects are behaving on social media. This can be a great research tool as well for your brand to generate leads.

Use tools like Talkwalker, Hoostsuite, Sprinklr, to get started.

10. Google Analytics -To Track, Analyse And Rework

Use Google Analytics to track, analyse and streamline the entire process of lead generation. Once you have set up all the valuable information with Google Analytics, you can start tracking your conversions. Make sure to understand where people are clicking more on your lead generation forms. Use ‘event tags’ read more here

You can monitor all the data and analyse if your marketing efforts are working towards your lead generation goal. If the results are not what you had anticipated, consider re-working on design/copy/strategy.

Lead generation is still the heart and soul of doing business, where the fact applies that eventually your audiences can be converted into your customers. With the above methods for generating leads online, should put your business at making headway and begin with generating substantial results according to your marketing plan.

Have any question about this? Need some suggestions to get started with Lead generation through social media? Let us know.

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