How often do you find yourself over thinking your next social media marketing campaign to the point that you even find yourself underwhelmed by the result? Granted, not every product or cause is inherently exciting.  Seriously though, how often have we seen mobs flocking to buy the latest in nuts and bolts or extolling the social significance of yet another municipal project?

My advice is to start having some fun with it.  Okay, before you start commenting that not everything is a joke and the organization or company you market is serious business; I understand and agree with you. However, there comes a point in marketing when you need to step back and ask yourself if your posts would want you to find out more.

Having fun with your marketing strategy does not necessarily mean making everything a joke.  It is more about not taking yourself and your work product too seriously. We tend to be our biggest critics.

Now, back to those nuts and bolts.  From the following, which image is your eye initially drawn to?

This is a simplistic example of having some fun with your marketing content. It is definitely not a new concept, by any means. Major brands do this all the time.  However, when it comes to local businesses, nonprofits and governments; creativity tends to be lacking.

While the two paragraph post about your upcoming event or special is no less important than anyone else’s; does it garner the reach that you had envisioned? Ask yourself why others in your same industry seem to have a larger reach than you do.  What are their social media marketers doing that is so unique?

It is time to think outside the box and create your own way of marketing.  It may take several attempts; but as long as you are having fun doing it and you don’t offend anyone along the way, why not give it a shot?

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