nutella1487702394_nNutella is more than just a great hazelnut spread. It’s social media fun – and Nutella knows it! With a greater emphasis on brand publishing and establishing an infectious social media persona, Nutella is the Oreo of spreads! Leveraging clever and uniquely seasonal visual content, the Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram efforts of the little hazelnut spread with a big social heart are captivating. Nutella is like happiness in a jar – on social media! More than a delicious hazelnut spread, it’s part of a creative marketing revolution demanding companies take another look at their services, expertise and philosophies and dare to be different for all the world to enjoy.

Here’s 5 social media lessons you can learn from Nutella.

Love Yourself! Nutella loves itself – it’s obvious. Who doesn’t love Nutella, it’s delicious! Visiting any of Nutella’s social media accounts while hungry is a massive mistake – especially if you are out of Nutella. The company features loads of great visuals – an ocular feast of Nutella on everything from cakes, croissants, ice cream, strawberries, waffles, pancakes and cookies to Nutella being drizzled into hot coffee. Nutella isn’t afraid to have fun with its yummy attributes. Nutella embraces the diversity with which its consumers enjoy it – in beverages, on desserts even as holiday ornaments. Nutella is not just a hazelnut spread – Nutella is a happy, happy brand with a love for itself and its fans.

68164_733487683366515_6680916226565203873_nSavor Your Brand! Nutella knows that it is destined for sandwiches and snacks, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an important part of your day. Nutella isn’t just a snack – it’s a way of life. Nutella knows its loyal fans are not just devoted to the sweet, rich flavor of Nutella, they are also devoted to the Nutella brand. They are proud Nutellians! They want to display their devotion to Nutella – by sharing visual content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Nutella savors the popularity of its quirky deliciousness – and the devotion of its Nutellians. Think like Nutella and savor your brand – promote it with timely social updates, engaging visual content and smart seasonal posts that speak to your target audience.

Have Fun! Be Fun! Make Fun! Nutella could be boring…it’s hazelnut spread! Instead, with Pinterest boards like Play With Your Food, Nutella has fun with its brand loyalists. While not every brand has the ability to be fun and funny, most actually do! Find the funny in your branding and share it on your social platforms – make it vivacious, timely and loaded with humanity. Your social ambassadors will respond with enthusiasm and your brand’s personality will be embraced. You may even recruit new brand ambassadors – everyone loves the funny guy!

Celebrate Holidays! Nutella is one very seasonal spread. Not only is it enjoyed all year long, it’s also enjoying the change of seasons and holiday celebrations right along with its fans by sharing recipes, memes and more that reflect and respect the four seasons. Nutella embraces the changing seasons with social media updates brimming with just the right flavors of holiday cheer. Nutella’s Twitter celebrates the holidays along with the brand’s family of social media platforms – keeping in season with its brand fans and recruiting new ones thanks to clever visual content that not only celebrates Nutella…but also the family, friends and memories that embrace beloved holidays. If your social media isn’t keeping in tune with not only your business trends and market news, but also the time of year, you are missing a great opportunity to connect with your social fans. Nutella is smart enough to embrace its social ambassadors with seasonal fun. Why not you?

Lead Your Market! If you are a hazelnut spread, be the best darn hazelnut spread you can be – and make sure your social media is fresher than your competitors. Brands win and lose based on tweets, shares, likes and pins – don’t let one of your competitors seize social fans over you because they understand the power of social media. Your social media platforms can be timely – loaded with industry perspectives and important updates. Your social media platforms can be creative, rich with visual content that creates social shares of your infographics, memes, videos and even inbound content marketing campaigns. Your social media can be all business, but it won’t be all powerful until it has a voice – one the fully supports and promotes not only your brand, but the issues, drives, passions and lives of your clients, customers and patrons. Your social media can be a market leader…you just have to spread it out just right.

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