Focus on Being Social, not on how to do social media!

This is a great quote from Jay Baer from Convince & Convert that is spot on for most that are trying to conquer social media marketing.  We see so many people trying to figure out and build a system that will generate traffic to their site and leads for the sales team, but the forget about the most important component of social media and that is being social.

Everyone that tries to conform to what their competitors are doing or listens to the so-called social media guru is doing social wrong.  Heck, most of us even agencies are doing it wrong, so join the club.

The trick here is to not do it wrong and the only way to achieve this is to create your own voice and be trues to it everyday.  Sure, this may sound like the same crap you here all to often about engagement and creating a company voice, but this different.

Social Media Amnesia

I am telling to you to forget everything you think you know about social media and look inside, deep down to the inner soul of yourself or your business and figure what you love most about it.

Once you have figured this out then it is time to start the story.

Remember when your grandfather would sit you down on his knee and tell you a story about when he scored the winning touchdown in a high school football game 40 years ago?

How about your mother sharing a secret recipe with you for the first time that her mother or grandmother taught her many years ago?

These stories come from passion and usually tie right to the fiber of the person telling the story.

This is exactly what your social media strategy should be about.

Tell the story of your business and be down right passionate about it, but most importantly do it on your terms and deliver the content the way you would share it with a friend or family member to make a real impact.

There is no right or wrong way to do it. Just your way!

This may be the shortest blog article I have ever written, but I hope that is OK with you and I hope you get the point because I am going to have this exact conversation with my social media team first thing tomorrow morning.

The Best Jerry! The Best!

VaynerMedia’s Facebook Page is a great example. If you haven’t heard of VaynerMedia it is owned by Gary Vaynerchuk who I believe is one of the best social media guys around.  Now, check out there Facebook Page and you will see that they aren’t trying to sell you their social media services.  They are posting about their employees, company culture, and things that are important to the core values of the company.

I just went through a month’s worth of posts and could not see one link to a blog, landing page, or anything accept for content that is all about the culture of VaynerMedia.

So, you might be thinking then how do they sell their services?  Because these cool posts are what bring companies to them!  VaynerMedia has over 280 employees, probably does $20M in revenue, and mostly works with Fortune 500 companies because they rock at “REAL” content that connects with their prospects and don’t have to sell.

The same type of shit happens with HubSpot . Just check out their Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook page and you will why any marketer worth their salt wants to work there.  Why customers are flocking to purchase their software by the thousands, and why they are one of the coolest companies on the planet.  Who wouldn’t want to day drink our of a Sprocket tapped keg?

Sorry, had to work in the Seinfeld quote as I am watching reruns at 11pm while writing this post and will have to self edit because I missed my deadline so please excuse my typos and grammar.

Disclosure: Inbound Marketing Agents is a Platinum HubSpot Partner Agency. 

Photo Credit: Jay Baer,