If you’ve ever heard me talk about social networking then this will not be news to you because it comes up every single time I deliver a keynote or workshop. Without fail someone asks, “Is it worth it to upgrade my LinkedIn account?”

Yes. And no. Allow me to explain.

To be successful on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site requires first and foremost your time. And we all know that time is money. So the short answer is that if you’re not routinely using LinkedIn to make new connections, nurture currents contacts and research your sales targets than there is no point in upgrading. You’ll have more reach but not more time.

You’ll know it’s time to upgrade when you hit brick wall after brick wall. What’s a brick wall? It’s a profile you can’t see… a connection you can’t make. It’s road block on your path to networking nirvana. If you’re feeling short sheeted by what you can’t see on LinkedIn then perhaps it’s time to pull out your wallet.

But be forewarned, an upgraded LinkedIn account will not write on-brand status updates for you, or add new connections, participate in groups or drop off your dry-cleaning either. As my pal Leah is fond of saying, “It only works if you work it.”

Compare LinkedIn upgrade account types or watch these short videos on premium account features for more information. Or better yet, use the time to update your status instead.

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