Germany’s performance throughout the World Cup has gained them more than just a few fans. Their nail-biting goal at the final caused (on average) a massive 618,725 tweets per minute.

We decided to take a look at how us B2B marketers can win fans on social like the World Cup winners themselves. So here’s 3 goal scoring techniques (get it?) you can use to increase your social fan base.

1. Share useful content and engage with the fans

‘Interesting content’ is one of the top 3 reasons people follow brands on social media. So if you want to gain more followers, you need to have something worth following in the first place.

As well as sharing awesome content, you should also be interacting with followers and influencers too. Say hi when your followers engage with you, ask questions and get involved in ongoing discussions – it’s all about taking part!

TIP: Set up Lead Forensics real-time triggers to alert you when a business visits your website. Triggers will alert you to which channel your visitor arrived from. Plus, it’ll show you what your visitor was searching for and looking at on your website. Use this knowledge to reach out to these visitors via social and provide them with useful and valuable content. You’ll increase your fan base AND generate high-quality leads at the same time.

2. Score a hat-trick with storytelling

What’s the story behind your business and company culture? Who are your employees? What makes your working day amazing? Stories form a part of our human nature, we just can’t help but love them.

Share your company’s story with your followers. Put together a day in the life of, or even share some day to day office photos.

It helps make your brand personable and allows you to show what makes your company different. The more interesting your stories are, the more your audience will share them. And if they’re shared, your brand will reach more potential fans.

3. Get ahead of the game with video

A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, meaning that video as a media tool is more powerful than the written word. And video shares happen 12x more than links and text combined, so it’s definitely something that will help to grow your fan base.

Think about how your business can use video to improve your social following across all your platforms. Make the most of Youtube, add video to your existing social platforms or just increasing the amount of video content you share.

Try making some of your own videos too, all you need is a smartphone and some creative thinking – no budget required. And with platforms like Vine, Vimeo and youtube, you have the opportunity to reach out to even more new fans…

…you never know, your marketing department could hold the next Steven Spielberg!