Today, I’ve taken Words with Friends to a new place. No longer are we playing a game of modern-day Scrabble. The words I’m learning and sharing are relative to the mantras I need to live by every day in my new job. In the world of social media and community management, metrics are crucial. So come play with me friends, as we decipher the following metrics.

Share of Voice. This is the amount of weight your brand has in the marketplace. What impact are you making and are you breaking through?

Share of Conversation. Conversations are rampant in the social space. This metric looks at the percentage of conversations around your brand. Radian6 CEO, Marcel Lebrun defines it on his blog as “…The degree to which a brand is associated with the problem or need that it is setting out to help with.”

Buzz Over Time. Chatter is buzz. When looking at the social landscape, this metric focuses on the chatter around your brand over a period of time.

Net Promoter Score. This is a loyalty metric. It’s gauges how brands treat their customers. has a specific calculation process for determining brands’ scores.

Advocate. Say hello to your brand ambassadors. These are your happy customers who promote your brand and share their feverish joy with the social world. Well, they may not be that happy but they are on the positive side.

Detractor. These could be perceived as the bad guys. Or as opportunities to make your brand better. Detractors are the unhappy customers. They can be damaging with public complaints and negative word of mouth.

Consider these terms when looking at the social media space and when thinking about a smart social strategy. Is your goal to increase share of voice? Is it about action now or buzz over time? Of course, you could also use these words when playing Words with Friends. Detractor would be a boatload of points.