As an Inbound Marketing Account Manager, I always find it interesting to hear stories on how the general public is using social media for personal use. My husband and I recently took a tour of the Birthing Center at the local hospital in the Cleveland area to get acquainted with the facility before our big due date in March. The birthing center was recently renovated with private suites, which along with the latest medical technology, also includes free wi-fi access from anywhere on the floor.

Facebook status update

Our tour guide told us a story during our visit that made my jaw-drop. A couple was in the delivery room at this facility and the wife was actively in labor. She wanted to take a break, where she immediately grabbed her phone, logged into her Facebook account and updated her status to say, “I’m pushing now!” – right in the middle of her delivery!

Is this the new normal?

Maybe some people find this normal behavior, but even as someone who is an advocate for Inbound Marketing and uses social media on a daily basis, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “What has this world come to?” In the middle of all the chaos, pain and excitement of bringing a new baby into the world, she found the most important thing for her to do in that moment was update her Facebook status.

Capturing life’s moments?

Stories like this, which to me seem a bit extreme, are perfect examples of the integral part we have allowed social media to play in our lives – capturing & recording our momentous life events for 550 million people to see. So my question to you, dear readers, is – do you feel like you are living & enjoying your life “in the moment”? Or does your desire to constantly update your status & record important events prevent you from actually experiencing life?

Image Credit: Walt Winchel

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