How The Latest Twitter Audit of Accounts To Eliminate Spam Bots Impacts Your Business

Will The Latest Twitter Purge of Spam Affect Your Business?Have you taken a look at the number of followers are on your Twitter account lately? You might be surprised to learn that quite a few are now missing.

Too many spam followers can directly impact your level of influence online and have a negative persona for your brand. Twitter has taken notice of this trend with over 48 million users coming up as bots that are not actual people according to a technology report on CNBC.

The success of your social media presence is not based on large numbers, but rather the quality of your connections. Any account that has purchased fake followers not only attracts spam, but has deterred advertisers. This is bad business for Twitter, and produces a tainted image for brands.

In July of this year the social media giant began the process of eliminating fake or locked accounts. In order to bring back users who were not fake the company took an extra step and allowed those who were removed to re-authenticate themselves in order to prove they were actual people. Those who did not follow this process were blocked from making any tweets or responding to advertisements.

Follower counts are a visible feature, and we want everyone to have confidence that the numbers are meaningful and accurate. ~ Twitter

If you have purchased fake connections in the past, chances are you will find fake or spam accounts that have no relevancy to your brand, which are now being removed through an automation process.

In order to attract more high-quality leads and sales, the quality of your connections online is important to your branding strategy. Now is a great time to go through each social network — in the end your efforts will pay off as your fans and followers generate more interest in your content and updates.

Here are several ways your business or brand will benefit from the recent action and how you can be prepared for future growth on Twitter:

Continue organic growth

If your business has invested in advertising campaigns then you may have seen a decline in reach and sales. While the latest changes should help remedy this situation. It’s more important than ever to start engaging with your community. You can do this by replying to tweets, providing great content, retweets, live chats, and questions.

Grow your brand as an authentic influencer

There have been a large number of fake accounts removed from well known users, including celebrities. In order to project a trusted image online follow only those who are related to your niche and are active. Profiles that rely on automation or who have had too many non-relevant connections will now be perceived as a spam account by others as well as by Twitter.

Become supportive of the purge of spam accounts

As a business or author you can build better relationships by applauding the efforts from social media companies to maintain a safe, transparent, and valuable community. Use this latest change as an opportunity to show how this benefits you. Ask your followers on what you can improve upon.

Start tweeting out more content for SEO

After the “follower cleanse” brands should now start seeing more authentic users who are actually interested in your tweet. This enables you to hone in more on the right customers and influencers for your content. This is good news for search optimization and stronger social signals moving forward.

Twitter is still continuing it’s purge of fake accounts without a set date on when it will end. The new move may help improve the number of authentic, more targeted users. It’s an effort to make the service more trusted and profitable.

How has this change impacted your brand?