Will social media marketing work for you? Will it work for me?

I get this a lot when pitching our services, and even with established clients.

“Convince me social media marketing works.”

So I’ll launch into case studies for myself and our clients, stats, facts and a barrage of other “social media marketing is glorious” tales.

But last night, sitting on my couch cross-legged and pondering our growth and success, I had an epiphany about convincing people social media marketing will work.

And I feel pretty darn good about it.


It’s Not My Job To Convince You

That’s right. I said it.

It’s not my job to convince you social media marketing (SMM) will work for you.

It’s my job to show you:

  • How it’s worked for us
  • How it’s worked for our clients
  • How other companies in your industry are using it successfully

But it’s not my job to convince you to use or not use it.

Nope. That’s on you.

If and if and when you decide to use it, it’s my job to:

So, no, when it comes to trying to talk you into to using social media, I’m comfortable with you having that argument without me.

I’d like to spend that time and energy finding out what stories bring you awareness, or which ads have the highest conversions.

Will social media marketing work for you?

Only if you work for it; put some faith in it; give it some stock, weight, and do some testing.

If you’re still hemming and hawing on whether SMM is worth your time, you’re probably not ready for the wild west social media frontier.

Just my .2 cents. :-)

Will Social Media Marketing Work For You?

Here’s what I know … there is no plug and play approach for every industry when it comes to social media marketing.

You have to have an open mind and be ready for some testing; we’ve found the clients who use social media to:

  • Test ideas
  • Test campaigns
  • Listen to the customers for feedback and ideation
  • Use social media as a place to experiment and then hone in on campaign ideas

are often the most successful.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself when wondering if social media marketing will work for you:

  1. Do I know why I’m using social media to reach potential customers?
  2. Do I have clear goals defined for tying my social media goals to business outcomes?
  3. Do we understand each social media platform we want to be present on and how it differs from the others?
  4. Are we able to produce enough relevant, entertaining but informative content for each platform we want a presence on?
  5. We understand social media is NOT FREE; how much money do we have allocated to social media marketing?
  6. Do we have the time and talent to manage social media on our own, or do we need to outsource it and form a hybrid team?
  7. Can our employees help us make an impact online?
  8. Will we be active 24/7? Only five days a week? Can we monitor weekends?
  9. How will we entice conversation and input from our communities?
  10. How can we get conversions — sign ups, downloads, etc. — from our social media marketing efforts?

Will social media marketing work for you? I can’t promise you that.

What I absolutely, positively CAN promise you is that if you give it a half-hearted, half-assed, full-of-demands in the middle of a project to “convince you” it works, that your results are probably gonna suck.

And ain’t nobody got time for that!


Whose job do you think it is to convince a company they should or shouldn’t use social media marketing? Be honest! We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.